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    Thu Jun 14 2007

    She used to be ok, but folks be realistic, the woman has become so full of herself, and she is like so completely shallow. Don't you find people who think so highly of themselves completely annoying?

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    Tue May 29 2007

    If there were an award for the best, current, popular music female vocal, I think Celine Dion would not only be the recipent, but the winner. Her voice is incredible. She is also extremely univeral and versatile, as well as, flexible, which proves she can sing just about anything. She possesses great power, control, and range, as well as, authenticity. Her voice is natural (untrained) yet effortless. Even though her voice is effortless, she still connects with the song and not only makes it original, but manages to prove she can project and still deliver what she is selling. She makes you believe what she is singing. Celine is not the highest selling female artist of all time for no reason. There is a reason and that reason alone proves she is talented and worthy of such a reward.

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    Mon Feb 19 2007

    Being popular and selling millions of cds doesn't make you a great singer.  Janet Jackson and Madonna sold millions and won tons of awards but does that make them 2 of the greatest singers of all time?  Please!! Give me a break.  Nasal singing is not good to my ears.  Give me Sarah Vaughn, Kathleen Battle, Carmen McCrae, Ella or even Barbara Streisand any day.

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    Sun Apr 02 2006

    I really really really don't like this singer at all, and it feels so good to have a place to say that without being made to feel like I am Un-American! She has great control over her voice but I can't get past the nasal quality, in both her singing and speaking. The worst was My HearTwill Go On. And on. And on and on and on.....Whew. I feel lighter already :-)

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    Sun Feb 26 2006

    She has a wonderful voice. Her Vegas Show is always sold out. However, she is not the most attractive performer, but I will catch her show in Vegas when I can get the damn tickets!

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    Fri Jan 20 2006

    Best female voice.

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    Sun Nov 27 2005

    Nice voice...really emotes.

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    One of those people that I just can't stand to look at. Everything about her is commercial. It's all about the money baby!!!

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    Thu Aug 11 2005

    Sure, technically she has a great ,pitch perfect voice so I'd give her 5/5 for that. She might also be a nice down to earth person. It's just that the genre she specialises in, the power ballad, is just so fecking well nauseatingly saccharine, bland, predictable, unimaginative, formulaic, cynical and safe. Maybe that's the fault of her producers and the publishers. Still, she's not the only one who purveys this sort of tosh. At least she's always being doing this and hasn't jumped on the ballad wagon just to get a top 10 hit like so many hard rock bands do, so a plus point there.

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    Mon Dec 06 2004


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    Tue Nov 02 2004

    Why could she have not stayed retired and had more kids. On second thoughts that would be a bad idea as she should not be allowed to breed. I find her voice annoying and the only thing more annoying is when she speaks.

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    Wed May 12 2004

    I'm ashamed to share the title of canadian with you, you old hag!! STAY IN VEGAS with the rest of the has-beens.

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    Mon Apr 26 2004

    Undeniably one of the best singers in the world! Wow does this girl ever have pipes!

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    Thu Jan 15 2004

    her music just revolves arount her voice and her songs have lost thier meaning in their repetitive lack of depth.

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    Mon Jan 05 2004

    That woman should have stayed in Canada where she belongs... We have enough Female singers here who think they are the second coming of christ.

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    Fri Dec 19 2003

    For all those idiots out there who are saying how much Celine sucks, GET A LIFE! Just take a look at her achievements. She has sold more than 200 million albums and won more than 112 different awards over the last 10 years. How can someone like this be a bad singer. Jealousy makes you nasty is all I have to say. Celine's music saved me from suicide. She is the best female singer of our time. No Doubts About It !!

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    Wed Dec 17 2003

    Awful, just awful stuff. not only is she unspeakably repulsive but she also has the most disgraceful songs. When she isn't torching our souls with ballads that go on, (and on), she tries singing pop songs like a new day has come- one of the most thouroghly irritating songs that i've ever heard to be sure. she sounds so stuck up and looks so stuck up, and full of herself and full of sh*t and i could go on, (and on), about how much i despise celine dion. but i won't. i think scar71 said it best if it wasn't for hopeless phrases like forever, and ever or powerful dreams, bah! she'd have no material. Which is the way i'm sure most would prefer it.

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    Thu Dec 04 2003

    ugly woman. and i hear very arrogant(from good sources in vegas).

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    Fri Nov 14 2003

    Celine is my favorite female artist! She's got a tremendous voice and her lyrics are great... I almost died when she annonced she was taking a break... It's wonderful to have her back out there!

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    Wed Oct 15 2003

    Face it, if she didn't hire good writers, she would be nowhere. That album of the year grammy she won, she owe's that all to Jim Stienman. Don't think so? Then what do you call MEATLOAF and BAT OUT OF HELL (one of the ten best selling albums of all time)!? She has a voice (no one can deny that). However, that's where her talent ends.

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    Tue Aug 19 2003

    Oh Celine, why such a long face?

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    Thu Jul 17 2003

    The worst, can actually say there is not one song of her's I have ever liked, and HATE seeing her on talk shows with that fake accent (I know she speaks french, but hey, Canada DOES speak english too, and she has been in the business long enough not to have to say in a fake accent "how do you say in english...."), she is phoney, fake and way too skinny!!! Try a hamburger, food is good!

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    Tue Jun 10 2003

    Celine rules!!! And to axlrod2003, Wiggum, Flano, magellan and all the rest of you. Get a life!

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    Mon May 26 2003

    Can this woman sing ANYTHING other than sappy love songs?! No depth whatsoever.

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    Mon Apr 21 2003

    World's biggest GIRAFFE NECK

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    Mon Mar 31 2003

    She is a fantastic singer but now she looks horrible with very short blond hair and tons of make up (looks like she's trying to look like Siegfried & Roy). She still deserves to be much higher on the list. Uh btw, she never did retire. She just took time off to have a baby.

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    Thu Mar 27 2003

    Would someone please tell me what they like about her. I find her piercing yo=do-ling voice un appealing even after she stopped singing everyone else's recordings , beyond that she's a dog with a phony bitch attitude for no reason. I just can't like her or understand the appeal. Caesar's palace and Chrysler does so Now that explain's it all to me..

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    Sat Mar 22 2003

    good luck in vegas 5 amazing songs &15+yrs in the biz you go girl!

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    Sun Mar 16 2003

    She is a fantastic singer and a very down to earth person. What you see is what you get with her.

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    Wed Mar 12 2003

    She defines talent. Her voice sounds as if it was send by God. her whole persona stands out among her rivals. She is a wonderful role model for a younger generation. She has skillful, trained, gifted voice. She has longevity and power. She's a true businesswoman. Good and genuine human being. I don't understand why it's so hard for some of you to give a singer a second look, or second chance. You may not like her genre of music ,her songs, her looks, but it doesn't matter. All you do is judge, it would be helpful for your own sake ,before you write your opinion , to look in the mirror and see some of your flows, some of you imperfection. You can't critisize another in such a manner as if you lived next to them forerver, or as if you were her family, critisize yourself.

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    Sun Jan 26 2003

    I agree 100% with axlrod2003 and wiggum. She looks like a stick insect and screams like a banchee.

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    Sun Jan 26 2003

    this emaciated french gutter skank insists on coming back out of "retirement" every other month. ever notice how if it weren't for words like "love", "dreams", "power", "forever" and other over-the-top sappy phrases, she'd have no songs? maybe she'll starve to death and give our eardrums and stomachs a break.

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    Tue Jan 07 2003

    Repetitive, meaningless lyrics + irritating voice = Need I say more?

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    Sat Jan 04 2003

    Celion is the best female vocalist and shes always been compared to the britneys and the christinas she would blow both of them out the water without a doubt plus her music is real and not some bull that we dont need to be hearing.

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    Thu Jan 02 2003

    What an embarrassment to the good people of Canada. She should have done like the other Quebec separatists and not learned English so then the rest of us wouldn't have to stomach her bilge. And what is it about this "miracle baby"?

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    Tue Oct 29 2002

    a powerfully beautiful voice. i only recommend it as soft music, because when celine gets too loud, she can cause migraines. (and yes, the titanic theme was definitely forced down our throats over, and over and over and....)

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    Mon Oct 28 2002

    Snobby! A good voice, I can't lie but she's so artificial and animated, I can't watch without either laughing or get sick. Plus, that Titanic song, "My Heart Will Go On", was punched in our faces too much during 1997-98, don't you agree?

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    Thu Oct 17 2002

    If GOD had a voice he would have a voice of Celine. She is the most genuine artist out there. She doesn't try to impress with her clothes or hair, but rather with her voice and talent and she is truly talented person. Dedicated to her profession and family. For anybody out there who doesn't see it doesn't see many things in life because not seeing talent is like being blindfolded in life.

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    Tue Apr 30 2002

    Forget everything else about her. She has an outstanding voice and pretty songs. Also she has been around for the last decade releasing hit songs on a consistent basis.

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    Wed Apr 24 2002


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    Sat Feb 23 2002

    She was alright when she first started, but then Titanic came out and ever since 'My Heart Will Go On', I just can't stand her.

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    Mon Feb 18 2002

    her voice is fabulous.

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    Thu Jan 31 2002

    i love celine!! shes so wonderful, i love all her music..it makes me believe in love and caring and hope, i hope she sings forever!! Celine you are the greatest!!! keep up the wonderful signing!!

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    Sun Jan 27 2002

    Love. Wow. Do you have anything new or meaningful to say in your songs Celine? Didn't think so. Not surprising coming from a spoiled, phony, stuck up "diva". Am I the only one who's sick and tired of hearing this crap?

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    Fri Dec 14 2001

    She is a very gifted and talented singer, but Celine Dion needs to find something else to sing about other than love. I'm not sure, but I think just about every one of her song titles has the word "love" or "heart" in it. Pick a different theme for a change! Her vocals have good range and she can even sound kind of soulful sometimes. I really like her earlier stuff - "Where Does My Heart Beat Now?" and I don't care what people say, I'll never get tired of "My Heart Will Go On." I think she hogs the camera a bit much and draws too much attention to herself despite the fact she doesn't really need to after selling millions of albums! I loved the imitation of her by Ana Gasteyer on "Sat. Night Live" - hilarious!

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    Thu Oct 25 2001

    Her music makes me want to regurgitate. It is so painfully boring.

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    Thu Oct 25 2001

    I guess Celine is okay. She has a nice singing voice. I am not a fan of hers though. I think like some other singers she is overated. Like that song "My heart will go on" I got so sick of hearing that song.She seems like a nice enough person. but ever since she has taken a "retirement" I really do not miss her.

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    Wed Oct 17 2001

    I personally can not stand her. Her songs are OK, but I can't tolerate the way she practically screeches them out. She also seems so full of herself.