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    Thu Jul 11 2013

    Cindy was awesome! Great Experience!

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    Tue Mar 24 2009

    I went to Matt Castrucci and was treated with the utmost respect. I had a brake problem and received the lowest price and a full understanding of what was to be done. It was quick, the people were very knowledgable and friendly. I have bought 4 used vehicles and 1 new from them and never had a problem in sales or service. I highly recommend this dealership.

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    Wed Feb 11 2009

    I could never describe the horrible experience that I was and am being put through. They lie about the sale, they lie about the history of the vehicle, they give a new meaning to the word shady. If I had any hope that the people that ran that "joke" could have a ounce of morals, I would say they would be ashamed. It is a SCAM!!! I have an 8 month old vehicle that has had problems since I drove it off the lot. I left in tears the day I bought the "peice" They said they did work on the car and fabricated paperwork because the work was never done. Now I have a car with a blown engine and 4 yrs of a loan left. Please listen to me and everyone else that reviews that horrible place and tell everyone you know to save themselves from a nightmare and run away!

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    Tue Jul 15 2008

    We bought our Sedona in California and then about 6 months later moved to Georgia, car was purchased brand new so full warranties were in tact. Never once was ripped off and required to pay for warranty coverage even though KIA was horrible to begin with at least I didn't have to pay for the warranty issues. That is until moving to Wright Patt AFB and having to use Castrucci Kia because we were told it was the only one around by KIA themselves! What a joke the tranny was acting weird but Castrucci continuously told me it was in my head and charged me $75 each time and wouldn't even touch it unless I agreed to the minimum! Talk about a rip off! We finally had enough after 3 years of owning the KIA and after the run ins at Castrucci that we went to Indiana to by our Pacifica which has yet to give us any issues and been great! Now we arelooking at purchasing a Versa and even with gas prices we will be returning to Indiana for all of our needs as Castrucci is a rip off!!!!

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    Sun Apr 13 2008

    My husband and I have bought 3 cars from Castrucci's and will NEVER EVER purchase another one from them. Our initial purchase of a 2005 Mazda tribute went quite well. The salesperson wasn't smarmy and we got a good deal so when it came to be that we needed another car, we went back them. My next purchase was a 2000 VW Beetle. The salesman was the typical double talking salesman. However, the car was cheap so I was able to look past the smarminess. Our final car that we bought from them was a 2008 Mazda tribute only because it is the only Mazda dealer in the area and having just been in a car accident at 8 1/2 months pregnant, I wanted something I felt safe in. We have been taken for a ride since then. Their service department couldn't tell us what was wrong with the 2005 went it suddenly start to sound like it was coming lose from its frame but still charged us $100 to hook it up to their machines. They overcharged us to much on the 2008 that we will never be able to catch u... Read more

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    Fri Apr 27 2007

    4/23/07 Automotive News Magazine, trade magazine for dealers, by Paul Brown <heavily edited> Email to Matt Castrucci of Matt Castrucci Honda, one of four Matt Castrucci import-brand dealerships at the Matt Castrucci Auto Mall Guthrie-customer: I sent a request for an Internet quotation on the new CR-V over a week ago after I received a promo email from Honda. After I sent in the request, I received a notice from your Internet Sales Manager that I would hear from someone shortly. Over a week later ... not a peep. Funny way to run a new car sales group, let alone an Internet sales effort.... I forgot to say that I've purchased 3 cars in the past 5 or 6 years and have used your service area. Castrucci: What's so funny about it Guthrie: Huh? Internet leads in the car sales business are known to be hotter than most. Dealerships which follow Internet lead process ... following up within hours-not days- <edited...>close more business But, I guess you are correct. Your dealership's lack ... Read more

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    Fri Apr 13 2007

    Castrucci Auto Mall took car of my family. I was greeted professionally with manners. The sales pro sat my wife and I down, found out what our wants and needs, entertained our children and we are happy customers and will be repeat customers in the future. Thanks for taking care of our families transportations needs.

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    Wed Jul 21 2004

    We recently shopped for a 2005 Altima and found Castrucci Nissan to have terrible customer service. They could not provide a quote initially, so they told us they'd call us back in 10 min. It took them 25+ hours to return a simple call. We called Beau Townsend Nissan (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and they answered all of our questions in about 10 minutes total! We went ahead and purchased thru Beau Townsend. During the next week, Castrucci left 4 messages (but called numerous other times w/o leaving messages - I saw them on caller ID). To sum it up, they didn't respond when we asked them, and then harrassed us with unnecessary phone calls. When I finally called Castrucci to ask them to stop calling us because we'd purchased a vehicle, the man (who had called us all the other times) hung up on me! Very representative of our experience.