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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    Hollywood slop passed off as artistic and experimentive filmmaking. Mix in the gratuitous product placement and you have a terrible film that some people actually sat through.

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    A volleyball upstaged Tom Hanks in this dreadful film. I didn't make it beyond the first hour, and I'm happy not to have wasted my time on the rest.

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    Thu Jan 21 2010

    Cast Away? I thought I was reviewing the Cleveland Browns. Anyway, I really disliked this movie and don't understand why it's so high on the list. First, the movie was much too long. Anyway, Hanks' character, Chuck, gets stranded on an island and makes advances in self-carpentry and fishing....god, I don't even want to type anymore.

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    Tue Nov 10 2009

    Only a slightly interesting take on an old subject but there was too much Hanks. I got the feeling that because Hanks was the star he would have to do some icky thngs to keep people's attention.

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    I enjoyed it but it could have been better.

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    I'm much more impressed by the positive attitude and assistance of 'Amazon' than the item I purchased...thanks again...

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    Sun Jun 14 2009

    If you add any more blu-rays to your collection make sure this is one! The view of the island is just gorgeous on blu-ray!

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    Thu May 21 2009

    The first disconnect involved the physics of the jet hitting the water and the resultant vectors of anything with mass, which certainly included our hero. OK, the film's director/advisers never took physics in school. However, the major flaw was the volleyball, "Wilson" and all of the invested emotions surrounding it. What a spiritual tragedy when it is lost at sea! WHAT? Why not have the protagonist adopt an orphaned (deformed) baby bird, for instance. Imagine a fragile and utterly dependent entity filled with energy, song, and the joy of each new sunrise. Think of the difference if this crippled little life that you'd grown to love and cherish had been blown out to sea and lost in the maelstrom, vis-a-vis the volleyball! His solitude could have sown a deep spirituality and profound respect for all life. Did he grow to honor the lives that gave him life? Obviously not, as he callously throws down the crab's leg and takes no notice of the other wasted lives at the company's banquet... Read more

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    Thu May 14 2009

    Anyone that says it's long and monotone, let me tell you, you know nothing. Worth all the time in the world and if it could be longer, I'd prefer it. How Tom Hanks performed this role is sublime. If you get yourself into the movie you'll see. Recommend a tissue.

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    Fri May 08 2009

    I think it's sad that the movie industry is all about money and the public gets treated like ADD nation. They don't think anyone can possibly sit through a whole movie without violence or sex in it and still be interested enough to watch it. I'll lump the 42 reviewers here into ADD nation as not having an attention span longer than 3 minutes. No one seems to care about being able to educate anyone or move anyone emotionally. Movies can mean so much to us. They can educate, change opinions, or move a person to do something positive in there lives. The last great movie I've seen in the theater was this one. Tom Hanks deserved an Oscar for this one.

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    Sun Dec 28 2008

    seen i once

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    Thu Sep 06 2007

    Watched part of it, and quickly lost interest. Bloated Tom Hanks in a sweater just didn't hold my interest for long.

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    Sat Jun 16 2007

    Tiresome. I did like the range of emotions shown by the volleyball though.

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    Wed Sep 21 2005

    Really funny movie. WILSON!!!! That's probably my favourite part.

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    Wed Aug 17 2005

    I didn't like the actual sitting down and watching this movie.. it was too long of a movie for so little blood pumping action, but after watching it, you realize that tom hanks really did a great job of putting you in the mind of man so lonely he wanted to commit suicide and became friends with a volleyball. this movie gets you thinking, and any movie that does that, especially in this day and age, is a very good movie. I do take 1 point away because like I said, to actually sit and watch this for the length of time it was, is just a bit too long. A lot of classic moments in this movie also.

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    Wed Aug 17 2005

    I respect Tom Hanks as an actor. I like many of his movies. But, c'mon... what were you thinking Tom? The movie was 2 1/2 hours long, and 2 hours of it was just YOU on the island. It could have been a better flick but, should've cut out most of the volleyball Wilson crap. HORRIBLE!!!

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    Sun May 15 2005

    i thought this movie was boring except for the volleyball thing that was cool. i didnt like the way it ended and it just didnt grab you enuf to care

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    Sun Feb 27 2005

    This is nothing but a I'm Tom Hans give me another oscar performance. I'm sorry, but that is all I can think of. Yes it is great that he can interact with a Volleyball, but it was just not good enough to keep me entertained. Tom Hanks is a good actor but I feel that this was too much.

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    Thu Jan 20 2005

    A very good movie. I know that they made part of it long and drawn out so that we would get a feel for how Hanks was feeling on the island, it was hard not to fall asleep during that but the emotions and frustrations of a man trapped alone on an uninhabited island was excellent. The airplane crashing scene was terrifying and Hanks taking care of his own dental work was grusome and sickening but it all added to the movie. I think it was very realistic down to Hanks choosing Wilson for a companion-anything rather than to be alone. Tom Hanks rarely lets me down-I give the movie a 4 and Hanks a 5.

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    Mon Dec 06 2004

    I usually adore Tom Hanks -- he's a fantastic actor and very talented in all areas of movie-making. But other than Tom's usual stellar performance, I was not terribly impressed by this one. The long shots of the sea and the unending silences drove me to boredom and sleepiness.

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    Thu Dec 18 2003

    An ok film, not a bad film. Tom Hanks is good as a man trapped on a deserted island. If it was someone else, I think I would have pulled my hair out. But Hanks as usual has a way of keeping it human while mixing in a touch of humor. I'm just glad that Wilson did not remain Tom Hanks little buddy for long.

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    Thu Nov 06 2003

    The only reason people say they don't like this movie is beacuse it's either boring or stupid because he talks to a volleyball. Those people obviously can't sit for a couple of hours and witness an excellent movie. Tom Hanks gives another huge performance. Much of the film contains no dialogue, but still delivers a powerful and memorable experience.

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    Thu Jul 10 2003

    Boring, heartless, mean-sprited and too dark and headachey to be of any entertainment value to any one. Maybe Tom Hanks should consider doing a Bosom Buddies movie or Toy Story 3!!!!

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    Fri Jun 06 2003

    stupid movie tom hanks should be sorry he made this movie good thing he is such a big star or it could of hurt his career

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    Sat May 24 2003

    This is probably the only movie of Tom Hanks' that I did not get 4 or 5 stars from me. I really looked forward to seeing this film, but left very, very disappointed. I was mildly interested while Hanks was stranded on the island, but perhaps its just that I'm not into the whole "Survivor"-type thing. Nothing against Tom Hanks- he still gave a great performance as usual, but I just thought that most of the movie was a long, boring waste of time.

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    Sun Jan 19 2003

    Most movies Tom Hanks is in are great. This was outstanding. Possibly not so much for his acting, per se, but the reality of the movie. It pretty much showed what would happen if someone was stranded on a deserted island. Gilligan's Island it wasn't. I enjoyed the movie and the realism portrayed. I can also see how even a volley ball could become one's best friend in such a situation. (I'll bet the Wilson company paid a lot for that one, eh? Not quite as much as Fed Ex did though)

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    Sat Nov 16 2002

    I expected more from this movie than I got. I cared a lot about him, but the character development of Helen Hunt was lacking. I didn't get caught up in their relationship as much as I think was intended. I also wish the movie would have been longer so we would have known what happened to him and how he adjusted to life over the long-term. The psychological implications of his experience were worth exploring. They could have shaved off about 20 or more minutes from his alone time and gave us more after he got back and before he left.

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    Tue Jun 04 2002

    An exceptional movie. After all of the lukewarm comments on this page, I didn't have very high expectations for this film. What Cast Away delivered was a phenomenal performance by Tom Hanks, a couple of chilling action scenes, and a very un-Hollywood ending. The storyline of a man stripped of everything but his survival instincts pitted against the awesome and unpredictable power of nature is a powerful one. If you haven't gotten around to seeing this movie because of all the hype / mixed press it received, you should wait no longer - Cast Away is a real winner.

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    Sat May 11 2002

    Long is a word you could describe it with. So is frightening, amazing, breath-taking and fabulous. Tom Hanks gives another great performance of course, Robert Zemeckis working hard to make a good film, and it turned out good. From the plane crashing and the dark sea at night, to Hanks'es DIY dentistry, this film is a real thrill from beginning to end. Absolute must-see. Summary: TERRIFYING, AMAZING, BREATH-TAKING, LONG FILM.

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    Sun Mar 10 2002

    Cast Away was an excellent movie, although some of the scenes with the waves didn't look that great, I thought Tom Hanks did an excellent part in this movie.

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    Sat Feb 16 2002

    All around good movie. Tom Hanks was excellent with this role. The only thing I can't figure out is the ending.

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    Mon Dec 17 2001

    i could care less about what happened to any of the characters. Thats not a good sign.

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    Fri Dec 14 2001

    The plane crash scene was so realistic it made me sick to my stomach. The movie was really good, but I kind of wish it had a different ending.

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    Mon Dec 10 2001

    Didn't disappoint me- I thought "Cast Away" was excellent. I really got into it- felt the agony of losing Wilson that Tom did, and when walking out, thought "that's insane- crying about losing a volleyball?" I hear that Tom had to lose some weight for the latter part of the movie. I loved this one.

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    Mon Oct 29 2001

    I was totally surprised by how much I liked this movie. I've grown to be a bit tired of Tom Hanks' image as his generation's Jimmy Stewart. But damn, the guy can carry a movie on his own.

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    Sun Sep 09 2001

    Excellent film! Hanks is brilliant! Not many people can act under such conditions as the ones in CAST AWAY. Overall, it is a pretty solid picture and, aside from CROUCHING TIGER, this is the best film of 2000, even though, technically it mada miost of its money in 2001.

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    Sat Sep 08 2001

    It's a great movie!

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    Mon Jul 30 2001

    Great movie! Tom Hanks did a fantastic job! Wilson was cool--- though silent. The plane crash was awesome. The island part was a good touch. It showed the harshness that can be encountered by a man that has very little survival skills. I liked the ending. The crossroads idea was great! Of the 4 choices, I believe that I would have followed the pick-up truck. This is definitely a 'must see' movie!

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    Sun Jul 29 2001

    Kinda slow, a little long, sucky ending. But Wilson is the bomb

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    Sun Jul 29 2001

    Cast Away is a really good movie, it's first hour. It's very calm, and exciting, and romantic at times. Then something happened. I felt like I was watching a rerun of Survivor.

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    Sun Jul 22 2001

    I just rented this movie and I have to say that I was underwhelmed and disappointed. Maybe it was because of all the hype surrounding Cast Away but I think that a large part of it was the fact that Cast Away was way too long. At over two hours, Cast Away rambled on and on trying to tie up too many loose ends about Chuck Nolands's (Tom Hanks) and Kelly Frear's (Helen Hunt) relationship after Chuck was rescued. I didn't find the premise to be groundbreaking or original and I turned off the DVD player scratching my head. What was all the hubbub about?

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    Mon Jul 16 2001

    Suffer..Suffer...! God it got to the point where I was literally squirming in my seat...! Enough is enough...! It showed much intelligence in a city boy turned primal man on a deserted island however. Tom Hanks surprized me on this a bunch...! Didn't even begin to think a dude like he could handle it. The relationship he had going was so good in the movie. And even tho it required tremendous strength on Tom's part to do as he did towards the end....that really pissed me off to see her where she ended up and in doing so put Tom after all he'd been through. The ending really bozzled me......a bunch!

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    Sat Jul 14 2001

    This film definetly made me cry. It's effort and thought really payed off! However, it did have a similarity to the story "Hatchet" that I've seen and read. But this story leads you to a big surprize. I just wish they didn't leave ya hanging at the end.

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    Tue Jul 10 2001

    Good film. Tom Hanks plays as Chuck, A guy who works for FedEx. His plane crashes and ends up on a deserted island and must survive for 4 years on it. He finds a FedEx box with a volleyball in it. He puts a face on it and calls it "Wilson" This film is a little too long but it has a lot of good scenes in it. It's more of a drama-like film with a little bit of humor in it. It was enjoyable to me

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    Mon Jul 09 2001

    What the hell were they thinking when they came up with this movie idea, Its sucks ,one of the most boring movie I have seen

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    Sat Jul 07 2001

    Not Tom Hanks greatest flim, but it was o.k. If his stupid girlfriend knew he was alive, then why did she married that other guy? It was so sad when he lost Wilson, it was he best friend for 4 years.

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    Wed Jul 04 2001


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    Sat Jun 30 2001

    Awesome plot! A movie that grows on you. You wanna know what happens next. I would reccommend this movie to just about anyone.

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    Tue Jun 26 2001

    I put seeing this movie off for a while because of its length, finally saw it this past weekend. It certainly falls in the category of “different”. Other than the plane crash, it doesn’t really have any true action or suspense, but for some strange reason I couldn’t pull myself away from wondering what was going to happen next. Now you might say, well that’s suspense, it was and it wasn’t. There have been a lot of films put out that tried to tap human suffering, or the “human condition”. Cast Away didn’t just tap it, it tapped a main line feed from the core. Tom Hanks was brilliant, how many actors can take up over half of a movie solo and never loose an audience? Not many. I see some questioning the ending, at first I was a little miffed at its, seemingly cliché who knows how what decision will be made ending. However, the more I thought about it, how else could it end. Anything else would have been considered predictable, too convenient, too wrapped up in a pretty bow. I t... Read more

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    Mon Jun 25 2001

    I think if you like adventure movies you would love this!! I think this is a great movie but itcan be a lil too intense!!