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Casino Royale

2006 spy film, the twenty-first in the Eon Productions James Bond series, and the third screen adaptation of Ian Fleming's 1953 novel of the same name Website

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    Sun Jan 31 2010

    Daniel Craig...I find him to be a horrible James Bond and a very good action star. I love the movie Casio Royale, I enjoy it...I just do not find it to be an enjoyable James Bond movie. I think it's a great action flick. Thus the mediocre reading.

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    Wed Dec 23 2009

    I'm late to the party, but this movie was excellent. I thought "Quantum Of Solace" was a bit better, but this was still outstanding. Two interesting sidenotes: I was unaware that Director Martin Campbell also directed "Goldeneye"- my favorite Bond film, prior to these. Secondly, this may be easier for women to watch.....given the torture scene. Guys, if you've seen know what I am talking about.

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    Thu Dec 17 2009

    Echoing the thoughts of many on this thread: Craig is my #2 Bond behind Connery, the film was the best since some of the earlier Connery Bond films, and the opening chase sequence was one of the best I've ever seen. When I watched a lot of the Moore/Dalton/Brosnan films (the Moore and Dalton films later, as some were released before I was born) I always had a bad taste in my mouth afterward, like they were tarnishing and caricaturing James Bond and I was helpless to stop it. With each progressing film (sans Goldeneye, which was a moderate exception), I enjoyed Bond less and less. Thank God, Zeus, or whomever for Casino Royale, which could have been the final nail in the coffin. Craig's Bond (credit also to the director/writers) is a raw and intense, real Bond with whom the audience can feel connected. The other Bond's were surreal and unattainable, but Craig gives the audience someone that is emotional and feels pain, guilt, and even love. The film outside of Craig is top notch, wit... Read more

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    Thu Jan 15 2009

    The best of the Bond movies in my opinion. Daniel Craig brings a refreshing new take to the character of James Bond, and is more "human". He doesn't get everything right, things go wrong for him and he suffers because of them which makes it a character people can now connect with.

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    Tue Sep 23 2008


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    Sat Sep 20 2008


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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    james bond is hot

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    Excellent new Bond adventure. Best Bond since Connery. Heart stopping action throughout. Am looking forward to some more.

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    Sat Jul 05 2008

    Love the comedy by this name, hated the recent remake

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    Wed Jun 18 2008

    Love the cars in it.

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    I won't watch this one...this guy isn't James Bond and never will be !!!

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    Wed May 28 2008

    Bond James Bond... Daniel Craig is right up there with Sean Connery & Roger Moore.

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    awsome movie

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    Mon Mar 24 2008

    Not so much the movie was bad...I just can't get into James Bond movies.

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    Tue Mar 18 2008

    The recent flick is adequate with the new Bond. The old Casino Royale of about thirty five years ago wasn't that good.

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    Sat Mar 15 2008

    I found myself very entertained with this action packed film. I much prefer Sean Connery though.

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    Fri Mar 14 2008

    I've just never been that big on Bond movies in general. They're all relatively entertaining, but nothing that special.

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    Fri Mar 07 2008

    I loved it. I thought this movie really envigorated the James Bond series.

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    Sat Nov 10 2007

    A great Bond film. Cars, gadgets, women, and action...the requisites for a 007 film never change, yet they keep managing to come back strong.

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    Fri May 18 2007

    I whole-heartedly agree that Daniel Craig is the 2nd-best Bond ever, Connery being the best. This film was terrific and was helped by the absence of some shticks that marred even the Connery films. First, there wasn't one single supposedly funny, but to me unfunny, throw-away aside uttered by Bond as he killed someone, etc. Even Connery had to suffer through those (which I don't recall being in the books, and I read them all, but 30 years ago). I always thought they were cheap and not befitting Bond. IMHO the whole series degenerated from attempts to "lighten up" Bond into a near-comedian, starting with the goofy Roger Moore films. I preferred Bond as a serious, menacing character. Connery did that best, and Craig, while not necessarily menacing, definitely was serious and more believable. Not the suave always-in-control Bond, but rougher, a bit dangerous and unpredictable. Second, as others have noted, there were none of the hi-tech gimmicks. In sum, they played this straight and retu... Read more

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    Mon May 07 2007

    I'm with Alpepper on all his points, except the knock on the first Casino Royale comedy. That old flick was a classic send-up of James Bond. Admittedly, I don't think anyone tales Bond too seriously, but the comedy was great and what a cast! The latest Casino Royale as really quite good. Excellent story really made it. That opening chase scene was one of the better I have ever seen - even given that I saw it on an airplane screen from a fairly great distance.

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    Thu Apr 26 2007

    This movie, without the poker scene would've been more like "Transporter", some mindless running around, fighting, blowing things up, and cheap romance scenes. Good thing this movie was pulled off with still some style left to spare. The series can go on for another sequel if they dared.

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    Thu Apr 12 2007

    Craig is the best Bond since Connery.  Casino Royale is the best Bond since "From Russia with Love".   Craig plays a menancing Bond who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.  Casino Royale was more gritty than Bond has been in 30 years at least.  The series had gotten really silly since the Roger Moore days; although I enjoyed "Live & Let Die".  It also had the best Bond music score ever.

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    Mon Apr 09 2007

    The new bond certently is good, a little ify sometimes but hes still plays the role well. the movie also had a very good plot and a lot of action, a lot of texas hold em too.

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    Mon Apr 02 2007

    I much prefer the previous James Bonds i.e. Pierce Bronson, Timothy Dalton, & Roger Moore.  This new Bond was to rough and sloppy

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    Sat Mar 31 2007

    great movie Daniel Craig best bond since Connery

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    Thu Feb 22 2007

    Probably the best James Bond yet. Only problem is that James Bond is supposed to be a brunette.

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    Wed Jan 17 2007

    Great movie! Daniel Craig makes a fantastic bond i believe.

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    Tue Jan 02 2007

    A fantastic action movie. The opening chase scene is stunning - possibly the best action sequence that I have ever seen. Daniel Craig has an edge to him in his portrayal of James Bond - he's rough and physical, and captures a menacing "whatever it takes" aspect that Pierce Brosnan was not equipped to deliver. Casino Royale was the most enjoyable movie that I've seen in a while.

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    Tue Jan 02 2007

    Easily the best Bond movie since the early Connery films. Forget the idiotic blonde/black "debate". Craig can flat out act, which is more than most of the guys in this character could do, and unlike all his predecessors except Connery, he brings a sense of menace and danger to the role. That, a decent plot, and a general abandonment of the cliched series of "gadgets" makes for the first movie in this franchise worth a second look in nearly 40 years.