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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    Class...And so diverse,as a good actoer should be,Comedy,Drama,You name it Cary Grant did it.And did it GREAT.

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    Sun Apr 20 2008

    Cary Grant invented the personna that he used in virtually every movie he was in. (after he became a star) He showed a good deal more range in his early films but I have to say he was wonderful to watch on the big screen. Some of my faves: "Father Goose", "Operation Petticoat", "Charade" with the lovely Audrey Hepburn, "North by Northwest", and a less stellar film but one I enjoy is "Arsenic and Old Lace". Also the only way you could be sure of someones' sexual orientation is if you had an encounter with them. Otherwise, you are just passing along rumors.

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    Tue Jul 03 2007

    Cary Grant was a class act! Wether it was in comedy or in something serious he was just class!!

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    Thu Mar 08 2007

    The epitome of class.

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    Thu Mar 08 2007

    He usually played the same character; however, I must bump him to 5 stars because of his presence, bearing and appearance.

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    Sat Sep 23 2006

    Even with his understated mannerisms and often self-deprecating aura, Cary Grant certainly had a strong screen presence. Grant's style and delivery was always witty, cerebral, and "I'm above all of this" (situational), but at the same time he almost always related to the average Joe. In some ways, Cary Grant and Hugh Grant are similar in this regard. Clearly from my comments, I consider the elder Grant a five star classical actor.

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    Mon Nov 14 2005

    I haven't seen a tremendous amount of his work, but just finished watching "The Bishop's Wife" which was a charming holiday fairy-tale for adults (not that it's germane to a critique of Grant, but Loretta Young is absolutely lovely in the film). I can't say that Grant was a great actor based on the work of his that I've seen, but he did light comedy very well, and had an insouciant charm that's still irresistable all these years later. And I can safely guess that he was second only to Clark Gable as a favorite of the female viewership. Wonder if there was anything to those rumors about him and Randolph Scott...(not that there's anything wrong with it if they're true...)

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    Thu Aug 18 2005

    Suave, debonair, funny but oh so good! Grant personified himself in many ranges throughout his long career. A talent for the ages.

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    Sun Aug 07 2005

    Don't get me wrong, I love Cary's films and was a handsome and capable actor. I just choke on the irony that many people adored him, and his awesome image, and he was a homosexual (or at least bisexual). The rumours were very much substantiated, and (for the record) someone marrying a woman doesn't make them straight, just married. Just goes to show how Hollywood can hide elements of actor from the public. Anyway, he should be remembered as the great performer he was.

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    Tue Apr 12 2005

    My very favorite classical actor!

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    Mon Apr 11 2005

    Grant had this sort of suave, classic appeal that no one else has been able to put across the screen. He was smolderingly sexy, wonderfully handsome and fantastically classy and dignified. His performance was always true and never comprimised. In other words, incredibly attractive, amazingly great actor.

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    Sun Mar 13 2005

    I enjoyed the Flintstones version of Cary much more than the always-the-same characteristics of this so-so actor.

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    Wed Feb 09 2005

    Could never get on with this actor, too sloppy just like David Niven.....

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    Fri Jan 21 2005

    I like Cary Grant, he's handsome and funny. He's a good actor but he doesn't really have much of a range. He usually plays the same kind of character all the time. But whenever there's a Cary Grant movie on I watch it. I wish they were on more often.

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    Fri Sep 17 2004

    You've got to give credit where credit is due. This guy was a class act. Every woman adored him, every man wanted to be him. And he could act too. Comedies, dramas, thrillers (i.e. Hitchcock). Not the every man that Jimmy Stewart was, who is my other favorite actor of the classic era. Seeing them together in The Philadelphia Story remains a total joy.

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    Thu Jul 29 2004

    Cary Grant invented coolness. It was once said that everybody wanted to be like Cary Grant, even Cary Grant. I must also add that he had a very good taste for women and was married to some of the most youngest and beautiful women of the time, despite the rumors of his bi-sexualness.

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    Thu Jul 08 2004

    How cool was this guy? Watch 'Charade'. In short, Cary Grant was among the greatest actors ever to grace the silver screen. Blessed not only with style, Grant was a natural at his craft, eliciting a wide range of emotions from moviegoers. Epitomizing suave, he was who Ian Fleming imagined James Bond should be and hoped for to fill the legendary role.

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    Tue May 04 2004

    He is just so awsome, what more can i say?

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    Wed Jan 21 2004

    Suave and sophisticated, a great one.

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    Sun Dec 28 2003

    I can't believe that people don't rate Cary Grant higher than this. He is probably the best and most diverse of Classic Actor ever. I mean I could watch Philadelphia Story, Notorius (sp?) and North By Northwest forever and never get tired of them and always find something new to appreciate about Cary Grant's acting and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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    Thu Dec 04 2003

    Great comedic actor. I admit, I haven't seen him in any of his dramatic roles, but he was brilliantly funny in the classic comedy, Arsenic and Old Lace and was also good in That Touch of Mink.

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    Sat Nov 22 2003

    stylish, fun to watch... hilarious

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    Mon Nov 17 2003

    Nota bad actor but certainly not better than others listed below like Cagney, Bogart and Edward G. Robinson...lets get serious...

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    Sun Nov 09 2003

    An actor who was best at comedy or at instilling a comic element into dramatic roles. Very strong.

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    Wed Jul 23 2003

    im not a big fan of actors who died decades before was born but Cary Grant really has something special about him that makes him stand out above the others- and hes pretty hot too.

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    Thu Jul 17 2003

    Cary Grant was a very talented actor.

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    Wed Jun 25 2003

    He is kinda wierd.

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    Sat Jun 21 2003

    this guy was everything--charming, funny, handsome, romantic, classy...everything a woman would want. he always puts a smile to my face when i watch one of his movies

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    Tue Jun 03 2003

    This guy was good looking and very suave, adroit at light comedy and convincing at times in dramatic roles, but he's one of the most overrated actors in Hollywood history. He appeared in alot of undistinguished crap, and was undistinguished in doing so: his agent should have gotten him some better roles. Very good in "Notorious" and "North By Northwest" and "Father Goose." One of the biggest closet cases in Tinsel Town: he could take it or snake it, and that was career-threatening conduct back in the primitive and unenlightened past. But he wasn't alone in this...

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    Mon Mar 17 2003

    Just watched Indiscreet... So Suave and Debonaire. A+++++

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    Mon Mar 10 2003

    Great actor and so handsome

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    Sun Dec 15 2002

    If you don't see him in anything else, see him with Mae West in the film adaptation of Diamond Lil called _She Done Him Wrong_. AMAZING!

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    Tue Nov 12 2002

    He was a man that all other men should be judged by. There has not been anyone close to the gentleman that was Cary Grant.

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    Tue Nov 05 2002

    "North By Northwest", "To Catch A Thief", "Notorious", "Father Goose", "Charade" and he never won an Oscar for any of these? What a shame! He was THE leading man of all leading men, a great photogenic actor.

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    Thu Sep 26 2002

    Cary Grant was one of the best actors of our time and always will be.

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    Tue Aug 06 2002

    Even now, after all these years, and after countless other handsome faces have come and gone, Cary Grant is still the one Hollywood actor I want to be most like. He knew how to handle the verbal barrages of beautiful women with a smile and a witty comeback, and it seemed as though he ALWAYS got to the woman rather than vice versa. The personification of style and class, he knew the importance of "never letting them see him sweat," even while carrying out timeless comedy. I'm sure that as we speak, he's making the angels blush in Heaven.

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    Sun Jun 23 2002

    One of many great white actors and actresses who never won an academy award. Halle, what exactly is your problem?

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    Sun Mar 10 2002

    Super handsome, very classy. Rare these days.

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    Sat Jan 12 2002

    Hard to choose between Grant and Stewart as to which would be my favourite all-time "classic" actor, although Grant is probably JUST in front, since he looked so much like my grandfather who I loved to bits. Grant was charismatic, classy and a true gentleman, unfortunately, they don't make them like him any more!

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    Sun Dec 30 2001

    Always in character with an added witty twist.

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    Wed Nov 07 2001

    A very classy man

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    Tue Jul 10 2001

    The best actor of all time. From "His Girl Friday" and "Arsenic and Old Lace" to "North by Northwest" and "Charade" there is no one better. Comedy, drama, or action - he could do it all.