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    Wed Jun 29 2011

    The shows they air on this channel are absolutely abysmal , its like CN doesn't even care what the hell they air on this channel anymore. In fact, it isn't even CARTOON network anymore, its more reality than anything now. They ditched almost every original show they ever had on that for something that doesn't even live up to what it replaced in the first place, I mean really nothing on this channel is even worth wasting your time on at all because all the shows suck so damn bad. I mean what the hell were the writers thinking when they made all these half assed excuse for a show? Were they high on crack or something because it seems like that to me based on the fact that almost every show on CN today looks so screwed up. For example, the PROBLEM SOLVERZ looks like your on crack the whole time your watching that show. I mean even not that, but your probably actually lose brain cells because you have to put up with these shows and your brain cells can't handle how stupid and ridiculous t... Read more

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    Tue Jun 28 2011

    All I can say is what happened? Good shows: Codename: Kids Next Door Powerpuff Girls Samurai Jack Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends Courage the Cowardly Dog Dexter's Laboratory Johnny Bravo If you notice, most of these aren't shown anymore and were replaced by shows like Adventure Time, Mad, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Chowder, Regular Show and other garbage. Most of the new shows look as if they were drawn by babies and their plots serve no educational value (or any value for that matter) whatsoever. Cartoon Network used to be only channel I watched, but now it is extremely rare that I even think about it. After 2004, Cartoon Network slowly made it's downfall. I believe this happened to a lot of cartoon channels due to the lack of new ideas to base a show off of. The best thing they could do now is show reruns of the old shows that made Cartoon Network so popular.

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    Sat Apr 23 2011

    Cartoon Network is a great way to entertain kids. If parents are complaining that it's too adult like and not good for kids, they should take the time to pay attention to what their kids are watching! Also, if these shows get banned, the people who like them, such as myself, are going to be punished. Shouldn't we try to find a way that benefits us all such as parents simply just watching their kids?

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    there was an anime show i used to watch on CN back in the 1990's. i dont rember the name of it, and all i remember abt the show is high school boy meets a girl who is only a spirt kinda, i have abt the plot. ive been trying to find a listing of early anime shows from CN and toonami, but have no luck. if someone can help, just send me an email at [email protected]

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    Tue Sep 21 2010

    cn is completely inappropriat especially for young children. they should not be watching this network at all unless its reruns of tom and jerry and boomerang. with that whole total drama island y do children need to watch reality shows its redicoulus. they swear lose their clothes and have crude violance. its just not nice. i wish we could watch old shows that used to be on. like fosters and courage they dont play that and its sad. to think that the next generation of children are going to be exposed to this and not watch what was so special to us.

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    Sun Sep 12 2010

    Please put cardcaptor sakura series in cartoon network it ll be azeeza

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    Mon Sep 06 2010

    this channel sucks so bad used to be the best with shows like samuri jack and dragonball and whats with adult swim? toonami was the best thing cartoon network ever had and all these new shows that are coming up on cartoon network are horrible like chowder and flapjack. they look like they were drawn by a kid and i also just saw the regular show and it does not look kid appropriate and mad looks just the same

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    I just wanted to suggest that you put on some of the old shows like Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab, Zoids!!, etc..

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    Sun Aug 08 2010

    AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thu Aug 05 2010

    Sometimes I need my fix. Still, the wonderful world of cartoons is in steady decline. You have occasional flashes of brilliance, but for the most part that is supplied by the anime lineup on Saturday night. The Adult Swim lineup is a train wreck apart from that and the wickedly funny Metalocalypse, and the daytime lineup is ho-hum and just not redeeming for old bastards like myself. *sigh*

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    Thu Aug 05 2010

    Okay. I was born in 2000 and I used to watch shows like, PPG, Samauri Jack, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and all of that stuff. I was three and watched Looney Tunes and all of those shows and loved them! I am nine years old now and I hate Cartoon Network now. All of this CN Real stuff is driving me crazy. But, some of the new shows are okay, though. I personally like Adventure Time and Generator Rex and stuff. But, I can't stand the idea of airing reality shows on CARTOON Network. Get it in your head Stuart Snyder! Cartoon Network! That guy has been starting to ruin Cartoon Network ever since he was hired. Yeah, the shows during 2003-2008 were okay. But, since 2009-present things are really going downhill. You know, I used to watch 'Cartoon Cartoon Fridays' every Friday night when I was 3 years old. I loved all of those shows. I run into my room, turn on the TV, and sit there until most of those shows went off. I really liked the PowerPuff Girls and Samauri Jack (and his theme ... Read more

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    Sat Jul 31 2010

    this channel is terrible. I can't even mention the name of some shows, because I dislike them so much. I understand how some viewers would think that flapjack and chowder are completeley pointless and disturbing, but I personally enjoyed the first episodes. I feel that they are a dissapointment. I know that you have to move on with shows and update them, but I wish they did it better. All good shows must come to an end, or eventually they will be as bad as the new ones. I think that they really under estimate the viewers, and expect them to go along with these terrible shows. Pretty much everything is more disgusting or dumb. Also more inapropriate. Adventure time is TERRIBLE and completley bad for kids to watch, if you want my opinion. They swear in it. I don't really care how mild the words are, but I think that it's stupid if they expect me and other kids to think thats good. As i can see, the audience thinks that adventure time is entertaining, and I agree. But I don't even let mys... Read more

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    Mon Jul 05 2010

    Wow there is really nothing I can say about this channel because it's just that bad. My fav's were: Foster's home for imaginary friends Courage, the cowardly dog Cow and Chicken Beast wars Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy Bleach Naruto and The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy. The only decent shows today are code name: kids next door and that's just it.

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    Thu Jul 01 2010

    weeeell. i'm 13 years old & i've been watching it since i was like 5. & things have been changing alot. for the worst. but there are some good shows on it. well. they used to play stuff like. cow & chicken. ed,ed & eddy. courage the cowardly dog. dexter! stuff like that & now it's all. total drama island? my gym partner is a monkey. codename kids next door? it's getting just out of hand. it's changing alot. -love- heather.

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    Fri Jun 25 2010

    First just to let everyone know, I'm probably older than any of you and have loved cartoons all my life. I was happy as hell when my first son was born so I could have someone to watch them with! He's probably you guys age and grew up with the same toons. Powerpuff had one good episode (theDBZ SPOOF). Courage, Bravo, ed edd and Eddie, and the lot all were mindless and droll. I hear you slamming all the new toons on and I have to disagree with most of you. First of all NO American cartoon has EVER had a series "plot". Their all animated sitcoms. Second, toons like chowder and flapjack have wit and are smarter and more clever than anything in the 90's. C'mon, Ed edd and Eddie was probably the most dumbed down cartoon I've ever seen!!! And you can't lump any amine in with these toons, the Japanese are in A whole different league with their animation. If you can't see the underlying joke in these new cartoons maybe you should stick with the simpler ones. BTW, Total drama island/Action ... Read more

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    Thu Jun 17 2010

    Cartoon Network was one good, but dropped serverly in Humor/Plotting. Their new stuff is crap, when they try to restore old shows such as tom and jerry, they fail as well. What when wrong? Did the writers not see what they made? The shows are more childish, gross, and stupid. I would rate Cartoon Network ( A.K.A Cartoon Crap) as -Infinity / Infinity ( Actual Rating / Highest Rating)

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    Wed Jun 16 2010

    I am a HUGE cartoons nerd. Almost as much so as I am for movies. Which is saying something. I've watched CN since I was 4.... which was 1999. So I've really noticed how things have changed. And, admittedly, for the worst. My favorite shows were (and are) PPG, KND, Foster's, Dexter, and Billy & Mandy. Out of the current shows, I actually do like Flapjack and Adventure Time. (though the original Adventure Time short was much much much much MUCH better than the show.) I can see that the humor these days leans more towards 'random', which I can respect, but only so much of it. A good cartoon would throw in humor from ALL angles, and appeal to everyone. However, cartoons in this day and age definitely lean too much towards the 'random' and 'bathroom humor' categories. Toonami, though I didn't watch it myself (I'm not into anime really. I used to love Pokemon, but other than that, I prefer humor over action and original drawing styles over anime styles.), was DEFINITELY something that sh... Read more

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    Tue Jun 08 2010

    What happened, Cartoon Network? Damn, it's a good thing I'm old enough to watch Adult Swim, cuz that's the only thing I watch now lol. Unless something from the past I used to watch comes on in the daytime. (Which is rare). Maybe my interests are progressing? Idk. But most of the current shows just don't do it for me. Chowder is tolerable, tho.

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

    Another example of a TV channel that did their best in the 90's and then died. They currently are 'All the VIOLENCE you can want in a Cartoon Network'. Most of the dialogues are mind boggling and the concept and the the scripts are BAD. Too bad.

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    Mon May 03 2010

    This channel is fucking bull shit. I'd rather fuck a cow than watch this channel. Cartoon Network lost all their good shows like, Edd Ed and Eddy, Curage the dog, Naruto, Camp Lazlo, Kids Next Door, Dexters Lab, Dragon Ball Z, Fosters home, Teen Titants and much more! Carton Network is a shit load of fuck. Watching Cartoon Network is like sticking your hands up a dogs asshole, all you'll find, is shit.

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    Thu Apr 15 2010

    Cartoon Network 1992-2004 : 10/10 -- Excellent 2005-present : 1/10 -- Unwatchable Remember when television didn't have to be so politically correct and dumbed down? This channel is a great example of authority gone horribly wrong. Apparently, Cartoon Network went straight to hell soon after it got new corporate management and now we have shows like Johnny Test and Total Drama Island/Action to thank for insulting the intelligence of its own viewers. Personally, I don't think any channel that is (supposedly) dedicated to animation is complete without the Warner bros. cartoons. Seeing something as innovative for its time (not to mention timeless) like Looney Tunes brutally kicked out for the current trash is so nauseating it's just painful. I don't want to imagine what my kids will be watching many years from now. My younger brother doesn't even watch cartoons anymore...which is a blessing for me otherwise he'd be watching horribly animated garbage made by complete retards who clearly ha... Read more

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    Mon Apr 05 2010

    The shows that from Cartoon Network that are airing in Canada, on Teletoon, are ok. Right now, I watch Teletoon Retro, they air episodes of Thundercats, G.I, Joe, Transformers, and Banana Splits. Your best bet, for old school cartoons, would be Boomerang Network, in the States.

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    i completely agree with anyone who gave this a bad review. this channel is completely messed up now. the people at cartoon network dont even know what to do anymore. ive seen some shows like flapjack and chowder, which are the worst, and its really inapropriate like chowder when chowder is shirtless and you see his chest , its obious that cartoon network is trying to show female breasts. its really disapointing. the only shows that didnt disapoint me at all were some shows from like the 1990's like: pokemon(i dont really watch) ed edd and eddy dexters laboratory tom and jerry and even though its like 2004 new, but fosters home for imagunary friends and transformers :animated wich is actually a good remake of the origionals. but yeah cartoon network is very depressing.

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    Wed Feb 24 2010

    What has this channel become? I remember what it used to be. Back in the late 90s, it was amazing. Courage the Cowardly Dog, PowerPuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, Ed Edd and Eddy, Scooby Doo. All were such great shows. They each had a quirkiness to them while maintaining a strong plot both in the particular episode and the overall show. Toonami was also excellent. It helped bridge the middle school teen to the high school teen. They put up a BUNCH of anime, and shows like Samari Jack, which was probably one of the best shows I've ever watched. But now what has the show turned to? Churning out mindless shows that only care about humor rather than a good plot, and they fail even at that. Cowder? The first time I saw it, I thought I was on an acid trip. It tires to go for cheap laughs and random yucks without caring about anything else. Flapjack? Weak meh at best. If I had a show that I could just turn my mind off too, this would be it. Much like Chowder with a stronger plot... Read more

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    Sun Feb 21 2010

    cartoons are not what they used to be neither will anything ppl face it i cannot face it that be true good bye 1975-2003 we miss those years

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    HORRRIBLE!!!! Cartoon Network is very bad! I mean they got rid of Toonami, the only thing that kept me watching the channel after it sucked. And the new tom was bad. Chowder is an ok show, but flap crap sucks. The channel used to be for everyone, but now its for 17 year old fan boys! I hate it now, and it should go back to the way it was. Kids should watch something usefull, not stupid >:P I mean, dbz, naruto, sailormoon, tenchi, kenshin, yu yu hakusho, zatch bell, card captors, ALL THOSE TOONAMI SHOWS WERE GOOD! Pokemon was the best thing in the frekin 90's! (it did get kinda bad after Ash's new dub...) They dont even have toonamit anymore. Total drama island is to mature. Flap jack is retarded. CN real.......CN real... CN REEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!????!!!!! ARE U KIDDING ME CARTOONNETWORK!!!? WHAT THE HECK!!!??? *enough said*

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    Tue Jan 19 2010


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    Thu Jan 14 2010

    This channel's shit. Every since they got rid of Toonami and the lineup in 'o7 it's gotten so gay. I use to think shows like Camp Lazlo and The Grim Adventures of Grim and Mandy piss me off, but now I have to sit through freakin' Flapjack and crap. Some of the cartoons in Boomerang like Dexter's Laboratory and the PowerPuff Girls don't even belong there. I mean, my generation's not that old, geez. Dx I mean I grew up with Tenchi, Gundam Wing and DBZ and I turned out just fine. At least in those old imported shows they had morals. What do newer American cartoons teach you nowadays? Oh. That's right. It's "how to be a retard". Sadly to say, the only thing that keeps me goin' is "Adult Swim". Nickelodeon's beating these guys with shows I never thought I would watch in my life like iCarly and cruddy Avatar the Last Airbender. How sad.

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    Sat Jan 09 2010

    Cartoon Network used to be really good, but low budget reality series and unsuccessful movies have ruined the network thanks to Stuart Snyder. Kids of the new decade will not know good cartoons like Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Kids Next Door, Billy and Mandy,Courage the Cowardly Dog, and other shows that made Cartoon Network the best TOON NETWORK on the air. I guess If you want good toons watch Boomerang from (9:00 to 11:30) weeknights with PPG, Dexter's Lab, Courage, and Samurai Jack. Weekends with Dexter, Johnny Bravo, Courage, and Cow and chicken. Chowder and flapjack are good but I think they are getting cancelled so cartoon network is doomed unless things change and they bring back more reruns of the good shows "they" made Total drama is crap and Johnny Test is a bad remake of Dexter's lab. Stoked, and 6teen make me want to kill myself. 6teen aired on CN a few years back and did horribly and they dropped the show. So why bring back the ba... Read more

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    Thu Dec 24 2009

    Whatever happened to all the great shows that they uesd to have? They have axed shows like Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, and the short-lived Samurai Jack series which only aired for three years (they didn't even get to the ending!) now all they have is stupid, run-of-the-mill, sorry excuses for entertainment, like chowder which isn't even funny, and flapjack which is just plain disturbing. And as for Live action shows such as destroy build destroy and dude, what would happen? Total ripoffs of other shows on discovery channel! Ben 10 is okay-ish. But Johnny test is a complete mocking of Dexter's laboratory. They say that Courage the cowardly dog, and Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy are still on but I don't even know if that's true anymore. Cartoon Network had it all, and it lost it all. Craig McCracken creator of The Powerpuff girls and Foster's once said" It's a little sad...Cartoon Network Had something unique." He left Cartoon Network probably out of disgust with the dir... Read more

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    Sat Dec 19 2009


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    Sat Dec 19 2009

    I really loved Cartoon Networks, ever since I was a little kid in Korea. But it started sucking as soon as I entered middle school T.T BRING THE LOONEY TOONS BACK!

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    Mon Dec 14 2009

    What has Cartoon Network become? It was good, it was great, with Looney toons (the best comedy show EVER!),Tom and Jerry, Johnny Bravo,Powerpuff girls,Time squad, Dexter's Laboratory, Ed Edd'n'Eddy, Teen Titans,Codename: Kids next door, Fosters home, Yu yu hakuso, Yugioh gx, Voltron, Cow and chicken, Xialion showdown ,Naruto, Courage the cowardly dog,and Billy and mandy. The best era, however, was the city scene. It makes totally unrelated cartoon characters interact with each other so that they look not just shows. In that time, also, some of the Cartoon Network shows have darker, edgier tones. Today, however, Cartoon Network sucks so horribly. They even reduced the anime content by cancelling Toonami!!! chop socky chooks flapjack transformers animated series chowder secret saturdays and star wars clone wars. WTF? I will now review the shows: Flapjack: WHO THE HELL WOULD PRAISE UGLINESS? It was so repulsive, I can barely watch the commercial. Chowder: Entertaining, with their ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 09 2009

    What happen with cartoon network it used to be one of the best network, i used to watch it everyday since i was 12 years old, and now i dont feel like watch it no more....because they put some stupid reality show and i bet you nobody even watch those stupid show at leats the should it put naruto shippuden........cause i dont get it they put naruto and they not even put in the shippuden chronicles i hate cartoon network....... i used to like it and now i dont

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    Thu Oct 01 2009

    well cartoon network has just declined here are the qualities of a good cartoon charecter: 1.Has to be heroic for example:samuri jack 2.has to be funny/lovable for example:power puff girls funny: edd 3.has to be entertaining for example:johny bravo you see cartoonnetwork is just plain bad now the shows are bad visual comedy gross out humor (with out the humor) idiotic teen drama and horrible live action knock offs like: Destroy build destroy=junk yard wars (im puting the origional show 2nd) Othersiders=ghost hunters Brain rush=cash cab Bobbe says=AFV (except AFV is funny) Dude what would happen=myth busters (dude what would happen is ok but still it shouldn't be on cartoon network) Also there infamously horrible show blocks Example:har har tharsdays. And now how i rate the cartoons themselves: Chowder:0/10 Flapjack:1/10 6teen:0/10 stoked:0/10 tda/tdi:4/10 ben10 alien force:9/10 secret saturdays:9/10 batman B&B:9/10 Starwars:10/10 (the animation and fighting style pays hommage to samuri... Read more

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    Wed Sep 16 2009

    I like plenty of the shows, especially adult swim. This guy talks about how the cartoons now have no good morals. First of all kids should learn morals from their parents, not the T.V. Second turn off your T.V. and actually pay attention to your kids! or give them up for adoption if you don't feel like paying attention to them because you are lousy parents!

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    i don't even need to explain because everyone already know the thousands of reasons of why it sucks now. they got these shitty live actions shows and reality shows on a CARTOON network. all of their new shows suck, they have bad morals for children which is why kids are so fucking retarded today, because of this kind of shit they watch. their major problem though is they put too much of their focus on ratings and not enough focus on actually entertaining people. they think they can just throw together a poorly drawn, unfunny cartoon and call it entertainment for kids. but sadly this once great channel has turned to shit and is now dyeing off slowly.

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    Sat Aug 15 2009

    Ok, seriously. what the crap happend to cn!?!?!?!?!?? its suck like crud! The checkord logo board was SOOO much better! When it first came out,(when i was little), it was great. it had Loony toons,Tom and Jerry,all those classic stuff.And it had Cartoon cartoon fridays, which was great. Then came some new stuff like Johnny Bravo,Powerpuff girls,Time squad,Dexter's Laboratory, and Ed Edd'n'Eddy. Then came the new fridays. it wasent as bad. But it was human.It had my fave shows though. Then came the 2nd era. Its when cn started to go down.It was good, but not as good as the originals. The new era stuff was Teen Titans,Codename: Kids next door, Fosters home, and Billy and mandy.Some new blocks came like Miguzi. It had Teen Titans, Winx club (that dint last long because its a girl show and more boys watch cn),Ninja Turtles( i thought 4Kids had the right to own Ninja Turtles), and diff stuff that i cant name right now.Then they started to go down when they cancelled dexters lab and re... Read more

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    if you want to dis cartoon network go on asp?deptID=5458 then you click submit feedback and then you can write to cartoon network it self

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    Mon Aug 10 2009

    There were a number of shows that I liked on Cartoon Network, especially Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, but they were thrown away at a moment's notice and it's impossible to follow the network's scheduling. It's hard to feel any loyalty to a channel that seems more interested in following trends than creating them.

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    Sun Aug 09 2009

    Cartoon Network = epic failure. I grew up with Cartoon Network as a 90's kid, and it was honestly my favorite channel. I watched it all the freaking time. My favorites were Johnny Bravo, Ed Edd n' Eddy, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, and Time Squad (doesn't anybody remember that one? It ruled!). I loved the bumpers in between with the word 'Next' being squashed by a piano and an anvil. I espacially loved the 'Cartoon Cartoon' ones and the 'Cartoon Cartoon Fridays!' one. I'd say when the new friday night show came, 'Fridays', that's when it started going downhill. By the way, what ever happened to friday nights on kids' networks? Friday nights used to be fun, since it's the first part of the weekend, a.k.a freedom! Nobody cares about Friday nights anymore! But anyway, near the beginning of 'Fridays' it was tolerable. I remember complaining that it was hosted by real people and not cartoons (because Cartoon Cartoon Fridays was 'hosted' by cartoons), but sometimes I watched... Read more

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    Sun Aug 02 2009

    im 12 so i grew up with cartoon network.But wtf happened theworst is 6 teen! heres an entire episode: "oh hi" "im dating" hes not rgh for you" "i lost my job" girl dumps boy gets new job then gets fired! wtH!!!!!!chowder: they make somefod or go somwhere chowder ruins it then lame frickin joke! then stupid ending! the sad thing is think about it i have a four year old neighbor he never got to watch looney toons or johny bravo he is growing up wih this crap! even sader my cousin likes chowder she realydoes!!!!and toonami is gone! adult swim just gets stupider! tim andeic suck big time!when they ended ed edd n eddy i just dided inside. so nowll the good show have beenreplaced by out of jms ass and 6 dumbasses an diarea chowder! clone wars secret saturdays and ben 10 are decent hey so is batman so basicly 4 is the number of good shows cartoon network has andthere live action minies= meh. so if you rate this1 star your either a 7 year old or a sensitive parrent who just cares if its goo... Read more

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    Wed Jul 22 2009

    I got cable in late 1999. I also could not wait to see cartoon network. It had, Dexter, Courage the cowardly dog, Ed, Ed, and Eddy and more. I know look at cartoon network and think what the fuck happend. I mean look at the freakin logo. It's terrible. I liked the checkerboard they used to have. And the cartoons, god I would rather look at the crap in my toilet. Because the crap in there looks better than the crap i see on cartoon network. On a scale to 1-10, I'd give channel a horrible 5. Flapjack=2 points on the scale. This show replaced Ed, Ed, and Eddy. Chowder=4 points. And thats being nice to it. 6Teen=1 point. Really? who was high when they made that piece of crap. Out of Jimmys head=0 points. I know the show got cancelled, but it sucks. I mean who wants to see a boy who finds creatures that look retarded that he can only see. Out of Jimmys Head I am so glad you are burning in hell. Cartoon Network needs to ... Read more

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    Fri Jul 17 2009

    Cartoon Network was once a great channel that could appeal to a wide audience. I am thankful that I had my childhood during its golden age. A time when cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, and latter on Teen Titans, were on. A time when, every Friday, I’d stay up watching the Friday night marathon of cartoons. A time when they had Toonami with all the great shows that appeared on it. It was not only a channel ideal for kids; it even had stuff that adults could like. Those days have now passed, and the Cartoon Network of today is a weak shadow of its former glory. All its classic quality shows are gone (or shown rarely as reruns). Cartoon Network Fridays is gone. Toonami is gone. In their place is a lineup that is simply unfit for America’s kids. Some of Cartoon Networks current shows Chowder: mediocre 6teen: worthless Bakugan Battle Brawlers: worthless Ben 10: okay Johny Test: okay Flapjack: Absolute garbage. This show is not only bad, it’s at times disturbing. Po... Read more

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    Mon Jul 13 2009

    This channel does not deserve to be on the air. I cant believe its a part of a paid cable package. I think once a station takes the turn it has taken it should be removed from the line up. I have 3 kids. 7, 5, and 4. I will not let them watch anything on this "cartoon" network except Star Wars the Clone Wars. The only thing I watch on this station is Venture Brothers. I know. Stupid show but I do find it slightly amusing. The crap they have loaded onto this station is raunchy adult based humor and fart jokes. No where near being fit for a child to watch. Now the so called "reality block" these brilliant execs have come up with give straight proof they should be off the air. Why is it that a station for kids has lost every aspect of what is decent and entertaining to kids? They have come so far from the days of DBZ, dexter, Power Puff, Superman. Now its Total Drama Island, Chowder, Squidbillys (wtf) Can we say SELL SELL SELL. Just get some compitent actual parents in there to either... Read more

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    Wed Jul 08 2009

    I really can't believe how far Cartoon Network has fallen. My biggest frustration is with the show "The Misadventures of Flapjack." It's not funny, it's just disturbing. Maybe they were shooting for gross-out humor with the giant disgusting monsters and the discussions of scurvy and disease, but they missed the humor and nailed the gross-out. The character of Captain K'Nuckles epitomizes rudeness, manipulation, lying, cheating, and stealing. What's with Captain K'Nuckles drinking maple syrup too? Seems like a metaphor for alcoholism . . . on a network targeted for kids. Great! The plot line takes way too long to get . . . they're going to Candy Island but only a handful of the episodes are about the actual plot. Seriously, how did this cartoon get approved to be aired!? My second complaint, live action. It's Cartoon Network . . . not Some Crappy Cartoons and Live Action Filler Network. Destroy Build Destroy, Brain Rush, and The Othersiders, all terrible, none should be on this network... Read more