Carter-Finley Stadium (North Carolina State)

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    Fri Sep 29 2006

    Carter-Finley is officially a full bowl now. So anyone talking about the Carter being "run down" - come see a game now. 61,000 capacity with more expansion planned. we aren't the biggest nor the loudest, but we are no pushover. and we DO fill the stands - 58,000 avg. and we DO wear RED Unlike some in the ACC, NC Staters TAILGATE. I only wish our fanbase was as strong as Clemson's or Virginia Tech's. We may have lost to chapel hill the last two years, which should never EVER EVER happen EVVVERR, but I'll swear on my life our school has 10X the pride in our football program than unc does. or duke or WF Keep talkin up that basketball season, chapel hill. We (and ECU) will continue to be the real football fans in North Carolina

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    Sun Jan 08 2006

    Have been here many times as a fan of the visiting team. Fans are fun; you can have intelligent conversation about the teams without fear of fights. The upgrades moved this from a dump to a good stadium. Can be loud and fans stick it out till the end (unlike some who will leave when the home team is losing).

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    Wed Sep 14 2005

    Very nice stadium and very great fans that were all wearing there school colors proudly, just weren't loud fans though. Can't wait for future visits.

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    Mon Aug 29 2005

    Leads the nation in attendance to capacity ratio (>107%). It's not the biggest, but it's RED and LOUD - new facilities abound (maybe the best football operations building in the country). Easy access and exit after the game.

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    Sat Aug 13 2005

    Made for dumbasses, hey look who plays there

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    Sat Aug 06 2005

    OK as long as you don't get shot before the game.

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    Wed Feb 09 2005

    Just a few years ago it was an ugly, old, worn down, and empty stadium. But recently, the sorounding area has developed (including a state-of-the-art basketball arena next door), and the stadium has recived one of the nations largest scorboards, a new fieldhouse, new restrooms, more parking, better concessions, and a new pressbox. The team has improved, and every game has sold out since 2000. Unfortunatly, it will have lost a lot of it's character when the grassy knoll was covered with seats, and with the old fieldhouseand trees to be torn down for the same purpose this offseason. But it is becoming one of the nations top places to see a football game.

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    Sat Oct 16 2004

    thank you wolfpack for the use of your facilities when we beat miami when ours was underwater. and thank you wolfpack fans, who hate us, but understood that we needed this win, needed to play throughout our disaster just east of you. thanks for coming out just to see a good football game, we knew deep down you were pulling for the pirates. we made that old stadium rock, didnt we? i'll never forget that win over miami in our temporary home. sorry about the goalposts.

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    Fri Jul 23 2004

    With the recent update to the stadium it's much more spectator friendly, but nothing special. There is plenty of parking. The concession stands are fair. The major negative about the place are the people. It seems as if the all/most have a chip on their shoulder, and are in a bad mood. Just ruins the atmosphere of trying to enjoy the game and weekend. I've been twice , and won't go again...Just not worth the hassle.

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    Tue Jun 29 2004

    Carter-Finley Stadium at North Carolina State is one of the worst college football facilities I have ever visited. The stadium itself is ugly and worn down, the sound system is garbled and distorted, and the stadium is in a depressed area of the city and off campus. On the plus side, the students are energetic and there is plenty of parking.

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    Wed Apr 14 2004

    Is thare any other stadium with a hill inside with trees included? I thought not! This stadium can be a step of having nature coexist with sport- just like Lillehammer, Norway in the 1994 Winter Olympics.