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2006 American computer-animated sports comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures Website

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    Fri Oct 18 2013

    I liked Cars the movie. Even if it was meant for kids I highly recommend it for adults as well

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    Sat Feb 09 2013

    The best part of the movie was the first 30 seconds when the guy motivates himself. After that it was really just a child movie, nothing exciting or new unfortunately. Was really bored to be honest by the end.

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    Mon May 14 2012

    I always loved cars so when i heard a movie about cars i was totally sold but then again when i heard it's a pixar movie i hade my doubt, but happy to say the movie was awesome their is anything i hate about this movie the sory was the voice actor did a good job i loved the animation style the humor amazing movie

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    Mon Mar 12 2012

    Very special and there by a number of great cars Thank you.

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    Wed Jul 06 2011

    Cars is one of my favorite Pixar films. It is so charming because Lightning McQueen learns that there is a whole lot more to racing than just winning and that there is a whole lot more to life that just racing. The movie is also exciting because you want Lightning to win the race. Also, Lightning's last race was amazing because Doc and the crew came to cheer Lightning on. Overall, I think it is a great movie for kids because you learn people, and cars, can change.

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    Sun May 29 2011

    It's very sneaky of Disney to include a Toy Story short with their Cars sequel. But I would rather watch Finding Nemo ll: Dory gets lost in a California sushi bar on youtube.

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    I hate this movie so much i hope this movie gets cancelled on tv its retarded and boring

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    Thu Oct 14 2010

    Really good movie. It really kept my interest.

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    Tue Jul 06 2010

    Cute movie and fun for all ages. Grandpa will love it as much as Junior. IT has comic relief but within a story that teaches a moral.

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    Car is very useful for very one.

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    Tue Feb 23 2010

    My son has watched Cars about 100 times in the last month and I don't completely hate it yet. That has to say something for this movie. Now before I get judged for my son watching a single movie so many times in a short amount of time...the snow storms here in the Mid-Atlantic and the inability of local government to plow our streets gave us very few options in terms of keeping our sanity recently.

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    Sat Jan 30 2010

    Maybe I like Pixar movies too much...but Cars was again a great movie idea. Talking Cards...Mader the tow truck. Everything about the movie I found interesting, entertaining and as usual has a good moral message for kids too.

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    Mon Oct 26 2009

    This was also a good movie

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    Fri Oct 16 2009

    This movie was fun to watch, but it was a bit cookie cutter Pixar animation to me.

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    Fri Aug 14 2009

    Didn't see it but I'm sure it was great.

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    Mon Jul 20 2009

    good for kids,

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    This is one that was much better on the big screen. Although I can still watch it on DVD, it just wasn't the same as seeing it in the theater. I have to give it credit for stirring up a lot of interest in Route 66.

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    Tue Jun 23 2009

    This was a great little kids movie.

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    I absolutely LOVE this movie. When i first saw the commercials i thought it looked kinda dumb but i saw it and LOVED it! It was funny and sad and heartwarming and makes you think that you don't always have to be a winner or anything. It's hilarious and even if you thought this movie looked dumb or stupid just give it a chance and you will like it. Even if you don't love it like me...i still think anyone would like it if they watched it.

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    The weakest of the pixar films, doesn't bring the characters and heart felt stories that make pixar the leader of animation studios.

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    Mon Jun 08 2009

    cars is such a cute movie i love it

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    Thu Jun 04 2009

    I thought it was another cute movie for everyone of all ages. Generally though the games they come up with to match the movies.. this 1 had a damn near unbeatable game [at least for me LOL] Couldn't win on this darn thing! but ya the story line was nice, showing that you don't always have to be 1st to be a winner :)

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    Thu Jun 04 2009

    Their was a lot of hype with this movie. It was decent. Especially with lil boys like my 2 and 3 yr old nephews. They absolutely love this movie, and will still watch it hours on end.

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    Wed Jun 03 2009

    This is the Pixar movie I can watch over and over. There are so many embedded adult jokes, the vocal cast in phenomenal and it just brings the loveably redneck sport of Nascar to a pretty, patriotic allegory that I love.

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    Love this movie! Mater was the best of course, what do you expect when you Larry the Cable Guy doing his voice :D Oh and the "tramp stamp" on the porsche, so many innuendos that even adults would like this one.

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    Sat May 30 2009

    A little misplaced in this era of gas-consumption related problems, but great anyway

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    Fri May 29 2009

    The only word that comes to mind here is "imbecilic"

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    Fri May 29 2009

    Not their best movie.

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    Fri May 29 2009

    The movie I least expected to like, but was very happily surprised.

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    Wed Jul 30 2008

    A boring walkthrough.  By the time this came out I think that Pixar was not only using computers for the animation, but also for the story writing and character creation.  Not an origianl idea or frame of film in the whole thing.

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    Tue Jul 29 2008

    I saw Cars in theaters with my girlfriend.  We saw it in a very rundown theater (my armrest was missing its pad entirely, and there was trash on the floor), yet that almost seemed to add to the casual atmosphere and fun.  This was especially enhanced by the movie's characteristic Pixar lightheartedness and the simple enjoyment that comes from well-written scripts and creative settings and characters.  I was a bit skeptical that a movie about talking cars would be able to convey enough humanity without being cheesy, yet Cars shines in this area.  Each character has a very distinct personality and the voice acting is spot on.  Despite its generic title, Cars is anything but a generic movie.  Increase your AdSense revenue by posting your blogs/reviews HERE as well!