Carlos Santana

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    Sun Feb 20 2011

    Carlos Santana a one man show, his Music has a very Mystical sound, unlike any other Musician. His music screams with World wide Culture, that is enjoyed universally!

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    Sat Dec 18 2010

    big time lame duck

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    Tue Nov 16 2010

    I like Satana. Never blew me away,but a talent that cant be denied .

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    Sat Aug 14 2010

    When I first saw him play back in the 70`s, I was in shock from what I saw & heard, He has changed my life around as I was headed for disaster, I`m Santana all the way to my soul, I even met Him once ....what a true human, I listen to alot of music as there is alot of talent out there but I`m so glad this band is part of me always.......SANTANA FOREVER !!!

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    Sat Feb 20 2010

    Carlos plays, and has always played, with Heart, Soul and Spirit. He is an absolute guitar genious and has the ability to blend his immeasurable talent with his immeasurable Heart, Soul, and Spirit. Keep on playing forever Carlos, and never change. You're the best that ever lived. A living legend. God bless Carlos.

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    Mon Jul 20 2009

    Rock mixed with Spanish/flamenco guitar

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    Mon May 18 2009

    He is a good guitarist with great tunes.

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    Fri Jan 23 2009

    It seems like Santana has teamed up with everyone!

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    Mon Jan 19 2009

    Although his jazzy style and samba licks are pretty snazzy, and his music is nothing short of fantastic, the guitar pieces that he plays aren't particularly groundbreaking or technically difficult, so as much as I like Santana, I can't really give him more than three stars.

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    Sat Oct 25 2008

    The best guitarist ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Tue Oct 14 2008

    His tone is the same for the past 30yrs. Never have a real band. He's one without addition,change or dicontinuance. More of the same.

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    Wed Oct 08 2008

    love his roots and originality

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    Sun Sep 07 2008

    Carlos and his bands brought latin-funk-jazz rock to the mainstream... I would say he is one of the most innovative guitarists of our time...I've followed him since the days of Evil Ways and BMW/Oye Como Va. I do agree that some of his recent grammy winning stuff is tame compared to the old stuff from the '70s...there is some excellent guitar work on Caravanserai (Song of the Wind) and Samba Pa Ti (check out new version) and Europa are classics. Also Toussaint L'Overture from Santana III has passionate, beautiful guitar lines (google the history; it's interested) There may be those technically better, but no one puts feeling and emotion and plays the shit out of the thing like him. His guitar lines searing over whirling keyboards (Rolie, Coster or Thompson) and perculating latin rhythms need to be included in a time capsule representing the sounds of our generations...

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    Mon Sep 01 2008

    As much as I enjoy music, I am certainly no expert. That being said Carlos Santana is pretty damned good. His unique style is instantly recognizable. He has had a stellar career.

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    Mon Sep 01 2008

    Great guitarist, wonderful sound.

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    Fri Aug 22 2008

    Brought the soul of Mexico to the U.S. hould have stayed with the Woodstock group.

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    Tue Aug 19 2008

    another guy who's time has passed

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    Carlos the most boring Santana. Played the same tone for the past 1000yrs.

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    Mon Aug 11 2008

    I've seen Santana twice.  The first time was at the the Texas Jam, an all day concert with lots of bands.  The second time was at an outdoor concert near Cleveland.   It was great, I was able to move to a different spot if I wanted to just get a better view of Carlos.   He's amazing to watch!

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    Tue Jul 29 2008

    Not too big on him.

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    Mon Jul 21 2008


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    Sun Jul 20 2008

    a very lame, the same tone player. He does the same things for the past 40yrs.

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    Fri Jul 18 2008

    Carlos 'the lame duck' Santana

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    Tue Jul 15 2008

    Santana has been great for a long time.  "Black Magic Woman" is just one highlight among many.

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    Sun Jul 13 2008

    good but amusing...

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    Sat Jul 12 2008

    simply the best damn guitarist of all time!

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    Fri Jul 11 2008

    One of the best!!!!!

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    Thu Jul 10 2008

    another lame duck!

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    Fri Jul 04 2008

    FUCKIN cool

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    Wed Jul 02 2008

    3 chord wonder

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    Mon Jun 30 2008


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    Wed Jun 25 2008


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    Mon Jun 23 2008

    SANTANA ROCKS!!!!! \,,/

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    Sun Jun 22 2008

    one word Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tue May 06 2008

    Hard to believe people have Peter Frampton and a bunch of others ahead of him!

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    Mon Dec 31 2007

    Lacks versatility but capable.

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    Wed Dec 12 2007

    He does good work and he's not afraid to work with a lot of different artists.

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    Wed Dec 12 2007

    A highly expressive guitarist and a pioneer in introducing world music into the realm of rock and pop.  While his playing may be in a comfortably and somewhat limited groove, I still think he can make people move when he lets his guitar cry and sing.

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    Wed Dec 12 2007

    Its hilarious when kids come in here thinkin' they know something... where did the 'new' guys get their inspiration?? And when did SPEED become criteria for expert guitar playing? What planet are YOU from?? Sad!

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    Wed Sep 05 2007

    very very good,has his own style thats for sure.fave:she's not there

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    Sat Jun 23 2007

    Now a tragic figure in his dotage.

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    Wed Jun 13 2007

    First off Carlos live is always ass kicking and all this nonsense about changing his style is just plain frigging stupid and shows that many rateit all reviewers know squat about guitar players.

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    Tue Jun 12 2007

    Haa Haa! Does not change his sound?   Why should he.   He has one of the most DISTINCTIVE  sounds in rock guitar.  Has Clapton changed his sound?  Eddie van halen? etc, etc. Eddie van halen is a gooood example-sounds the same.  What bothers people is that Carlos just became very popular in the last few years.  (well 2nd or 3rd time around)  In the years of mindless guitar playing 90's-2000's I'll take him  over the others.

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    Sat Jan 13 2007

    personaly i think he has changed his sound, i liked the old stuff but songs like smooth and just feel better have these weak little 15 second guitar solos, nothing like the old him.

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    Sat Jan 13 2007

    No longer credible. He didnot mature.