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    Fri Feb 04 2011

    3 stars ( 5 stars) Caribou coffees are the BEST around

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    Pretty good coffee, does not always taste as burnt as $tarbuck$ coffee is. Is also not as expensive I get it when I have cupons which you can easily get.

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    Sun Apr 18 2010

    Delicious! Both in packaged varieties and in the shop. I tried many kinds, but I always come back to Caribou. The only kind that's better is Illy, but it's like $16 a can, so can't really compare

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    Tue Oct 14 2008

    While I knew of their existence, my first experience with Caribou  this weekend in Raleigh was a good one. The coffee was exceptionally good, they don't require bizarre coffee-speak, and I'm sure it would have been a comfortable place to hang around if I were one prone to do such a thing.

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    Sun Aug 31 2008

    I'm visiting from Toronto, and to be honest I found the coffee to be very bland and flat. The service was fine and the cafe itself is quite nice (Halsted/Cornelia). I just could not fall in love with this cuppa for my morning joe!

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    This was the primary chain coffe house in my area until just last year when Starbucks came to town.  I've still not been to the local Starbucks and if I'm going to get coffee somewhere,will usually swing into Caribou.  I've never had a bad experience at any Caribou I've been to.  Good coffee, cheerful friendly staff, relaxed comfortable atmosphere...what more could you want from a large scale chain coffee place.  Although it lack the indie charm of the local non-chain establishments (which I also frequent) it is reliable, provides consistently good coffee and has always been a pleasurable place to stop by and get a coffee to go or to sit a while and chat with friends.

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    Thu Jun 05 2008

    Fresh, great quality and laid-back atmosphere. And you only they use language that everyone can understand on their menu.

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    Thu Apr 03 2008

    Obsidian blend. Dark roast. Oh yeah.

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    Sun Jan 20 2008

    Caribou is always clean with very hot coffee, with good specialty offerings. The only problem is that you can fall in love with a item... eg heath bar cooler and it is gone after only a few weeks. That os why i have 4 stars

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    Sun Feb 18 2007

    As a non-biased employee I give it 5 stars. I have to point out that it really isn't that expensive, in fact, it is roughly $1.50 for a 16 oz coffee with infinite refills. It is also quality coffee, unlike that $1.25 tar at the local diner. We brew new coffee every hour and are very strict on expiration dates. The atmosphere and variety is also a step above, in my opinion, that of Starbucks. But hey, take it for what it's worth.

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    Mon Feb 05 2007

    The coffee may be high quality but the price left a bad taste in my mouth. Ultimately I felt cheated. they also offer to many choices. This makes it difficult to order.

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    Sun Dec 17 2006

    This is the best roaster around, as I the true barista have tested the product free of sugars or creams ( I hear a lot of people talkig about triple fudge mocha blah blah ech) is that even coffee? Anyway, my superior senses and taste buds combine to tell that this coffee is top notch

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    Wed Jul 12 2006

    Domestic Partnership benefits are available, don't know if the person who said that was wrong or if it's new. I work there, I would know...people are super friendly, awesome atmosphere, great coffee, highly trained employees, and even higher standards of quality and freshness. You can't beat our Coolers or our Wild drinks!

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    Wed Jun 28 2006

    I'm practicaly living in this place. I adore Caribou coffee. I was introduce to it by my cousins about 4 years ago and since that time I have been hooked on it. My favorite drinks are Turtle Mocha, Raspberry Mocha, and Mochanut. I don't want to compare it to Starbucks like many people do. i think Every place has something special and different to offer.

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    Wed May 03 2006

    hmmm. I wonder how much Peet's pays for people to post "reviews" about Caribou ownership; I could use some of that easy income. As for the "middle eastern fellow", it's actually a company, and they also own Church's,Sunrise Retirement HOmes, Loehmann's retail stores, TLC Health Care svcs, The Essex Hotel in NYC, Longwood Towers in Brookline, Mass., Elysian HOtels in chicago, and apt. communities in San Diego, and Orlando. So, what's new.

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    Wed Apr 19 2006

    The coffee is good but the staff doesn't go out of their way to be friendly.

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    Thu Jan 05 2006

    Wow, brand new in Des Moines and a cut above Starbucks anyday. The comfortable feeling starts when you walk through the door with the smell of great coffee [duh], the warm fire and huge leather chairs sitting around the living room type set-up. All the employees were friendly [it is still new] and I walked away wanting to come back which is half the battle for a new establishment - especially the first one in a market.

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    Mon Dec 12 2005

    Good Midwestern born alternative for coffee chain coffee. Their coffee is averagely priced, while the quality is above average. Caribou hails from the Twin Cities, Minnesota and has quite a few stores there. For more info on their current ownership, consult their own website, where you can also find franchise locations and buy coffee and accessories online.

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    Sun Nov 27 2005

    After the first time I visited a Caribou here in the Twin Cities I never went back to another coffee place again! Starbucks,etc. do not compare to the rich blends of Caribou. The atmosphere is very warm and relaxing and they offer the best cocoa for kids imaginable. I have ordered on line for gifts for those friends not fortunate enough to have one close by. I get the same question every year.... Am I getting Caribou for Christmas? I love to get the gift cards from others as well. It is a true treat, especially the Turtle Mocha!!! Absolutely heavenly!!

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    Wed Nov 23 2005

    . . .Holy Yeshua, could it be any more expensive?

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    Wed Nov 23 2005

    I first discovered Caribou in Atlanta, which now has about a dozen stores in it's metro area. Drink selection is almost identical to all other coffee shops. Like most coffee houses, they serve a wide selection of "umbrella drinks" for the coffee set, which has lots of appeal to the masses who can get their sugar fix and caffeine fix in one item. Yeah, the drinks are expensive and maybe not for coffee purists who like it black, but you're basically paying for dessert and coffee in one drink (although they do, of course, serve it black, and in several different roasts). The food is almost identical to other cafes as well, with mostly expensive pastries and individual tea cookies, choc. dipped pretzel sticks, muffins, and bagels being the norm, however, the newest store I visited also had sandwiches. The one thing that I believe makes Caribou stand out over Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, and other small cafe's is the ambiance. When it's cold and icy or snowy outside, nothing beats a toasty... Read more

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    Mon Oct 24 2005

    Caribou was a 5. Then they introduced a new chai tea! It contains an overwhelming cinammon taste that one of the Baristas described as "cheap bubble gum".

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    Fri Sep 30 2005

    I loved the rich tasting coffee (not burnt tasting like Starbucks). Service was very friendly. Atmosphere was cozy - nice change of pace from Starbucks - this place had more of a "hole in the wall" feel.

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    Mon May 23 2005

    Love this place. Always have to stop here when I'm in Atlanta...Excellent coffee, I also order it online. Why are you guys not in South Florida?

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    Sun Apr 03 2005

    staff is very friendly, at least in the Milwaukee area stores. coffee good enough. great atmosphere.

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    Wed Mar 30 2005

    One of the best emerging coffee shops - a better atmosphere than Starbucks if you visit, and the coffee itself is excellent as well, with many different varieties.

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    Wed Dec 01 2004

    The locations I have been to the barristas are very friendly & service is good. I also love the decor with nice wood floors & comfortable chairs & tables.

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    Wed Oct 20 2004

    Purchased from founders by a Middle Eastern fellow with oil money. Coffee prepackaged became more and more aged on the shelf. Now he has expiry date on bags (his concept - not industry concept) and refuses to show roasting date. The only fresh roasted product in the U.S is Peets. Caribou is becoming like Walmart of coffee. So long, Mr. Sheik.

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    Thu Feb 26 2004

    The best place in Atlanta for a cup of coffee. The best people and the BEST atmosphere to relax by yourself or with a friend. A great meeting place with terrific coffee!

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    Tue Apr 15 2003

    Caribou does not offer domestic partner benefits. Starbucks does and has for a long time. When asked why they don't, Caribou's corporate office offers nothing but very weak excuses.

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    Fri Feb 28 2003

    Caribou Coffee is awesome! The coffee is never burnt-tasting like some "other" major coffee chains. And the staff is super friendly.

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    Fri Sep 27 2002

    Caribou is the best out there! Any of there Coolers are awesome!

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    Mon Mar 11 2002

    The service is horrid. The people are snotty,especially when you ask what is similar to a drink from a different retailer. The only thing going for this company is the ambiance, which by the way, does not justify me spending $5 on a cup of coffee that I am walking out the door with anyhow. It's no wonder they are the 2nd top retailer and not the first.-

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    Sun Oct 07 2001

    Very good atmosphere..a place to relax...the coffee isn't so good...but it's relaxing.

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    Mon Sep 03 2001

    I have been to 2 locations of Caribou Coffee- one in an airport in Minneapolis and one in Dayton, OH. The one in Dayton was pure heaven. Not only is the coffee good, but the atmosphere is extremely relaxing and comfortable. They have big comfy chairs, books and games (like chess) and a fire place. Not at all what you'd expect from a coffee shop. After I was done drinking my coffee I didnt want to leave!

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    Thu Mar 01 2001

    i am pleased that caribou is the #1 agreed upon coffee. i was in minnesota one and got hooked on it. now i live nowhere near there but have it sent to me. definetly worh it.

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    Tue Feb 15 2000

    Comfy atmosphere and friendly baristas (coffee servers). The best drink is a Turtle Mocha - Yum!!!!

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    Sat Nov 13 1999

    Caribou's standards aren't decreased in any cup of coffee. Even with such a variety they support their great taste.

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    Sat Nov 06 1999

    Caribou is great. Not only for their coffee, but their specialty drinks as well.

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    Tue Oct 26 1999

    Caribou coffee's Raspberry Lite is the best.