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    Mon Jun 20 2011

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    Mon Jun 20 2011

    I started my three beagles on Canidae All Life Stages just this year, after being advised by a local beagle breeder that it is a good brand. It's not as well known around here, but I'd seen it being sold in some places, so I decided to give it a go. Our dogs are doing very well, didn't have any digestive problems even though our transition period was rushed. And the bonus is that our dam just had a puppy this year, who I've put on the same food as the older beagles now that she's 2 months old, and she's also benefiting from the high quality of Canidae ALS. We just came from the vet this morning for the puppy's shots, and he commented on how beautiful her skin is. Our vet usually pushes Royal Canin or Science Diet because that's what they sell, but he didn't try to sway me from giving Canidae since he could see how good it was for our dogs. This is a great formulation, and my dogs really love it!

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    Sat Apr 09 2011

    I used to swear by Sensible Choice but Royal Canon bought them and changed the ingredients to grains and corns and by-products. So I have had to find another brand. Used Natural Balance Limited Ingredients for about a year now and the dogs still have ear problems and dry skin. I tried Wellness and they wouldn't eat it. Most of the products out there are a joke. I just started Canidae All Stage and the dogs like it and so far they are doing ok. A little bit of loose stool with the transition but the stools are firming up now. Can't rate frequency yet. Think we are still at a stool per feeding or stool a day. That's not bad. Any time you start a new food or deal with a change in formula, you have to do a transition. Some dogs might skate right into the new formula just fine but many dogs will get sick. I have a brand new litter of puppies that are getting the Canidae through mom and their stools are not yellow or loose. They are normal, small and formed. They look good. ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 01 2010

    Canidae is an over all decent food, all life stages is filled with a good amount of protein. Most of that protein comes from named meat meal like Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal and Lamb Meal. Although it would be a much better quality food if the first ingredient was a Protein that was not a "meal" it still is overall a good dog food. I got most of my information from 1800Petmeds new comparison chart @ They have a wide range of food you can pick through that gives you a good idea of just what you’re feeding your pet.

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    Ive used INNOVA, SOLID GOLD,NUTRO NATURAL, & CANIDAE....... CANIDAE is the best food Ive used to date. Dont get me wrong all are great feeds, but with CANIDAE my dogs coat is a lot shinier, they have a lot more muscle, and they love the taste. I like it because i can feed it to my big dog as well as my puppy's. I just got two pit bull puppy's about two months ago and they are twice the size of there litter mates. They all ask me what I'm feeding my dogs and i tell them i use CANIDAE!!!!

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    Sat Sep 25 2010

    I have two Golden Retrievers one older than a year and one under. I made the switch to the all stages dry food just a week ago in order to save money from buying two different types and had no problems as of yet. They both seem to eat it well and their energy has increased almost overnight especially in the female who used to be on the lazy side has been more active and more attentive. I have not had any problems with what others are saying that are negetive so I consider this to be a great quality food that I will continue to feed them as long as they continue to eat up. I also notice that they don't eat as much as the other food. Just wonder if it is because of the better ingrediants that they are getting more full or if it is not as tasty? They seem to like it but don't eat as much as other brand. So I am giving this 4 stars for now. Will now more as time goes on.

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    Thu Aug 26 2010

    i gave lamb and rice ALS to my lab, thinking it was good food, and ohh boy... i have never seen a dog scratch and bite itself so much.. she actually cries while she scratches and bites her tail and her back... i feel so bad for her.. she seems to be in pain and uncorfortable... her stool is firm and fine, but the itchy and scrartch... woww.... terrible... i was feeding her nutro lamb natural choice, she was doing great on it, but i heard about their recall and got me concerned.. what a mistake... i hope she stops scratching soon.. i only fed her this canidae for 2 days, and its unberable... hope she gets better soon... never again!!! any ideas of a good quality food? low protein level, she cant tolerate high protein...

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    Fri Aug 20 2010

    HORRIBLE food!! We adopted Oliver in Feb of 2010 and have had him on Canidae since. He has had SEVERAL episodes of EXPLOSIVE diarraha,fever, lots of bad gas and panting. We took him to the vet about 1 1/2 months ago and the vet couldn't explain it, he just gave him an antibotic. Well after several "events" in the middle of the night with having to clean diarraha off the walls and carpets and give the dog a bath, I'M DONE WITH IT!! I have done a lot of research on the internet and found I'm not the only one with the EXACT same issue! So today I bought a new kind and am starting the transition to the new food. Hopefully, this will fix the HUGE problem! By the way, Oliver DOES NOT eat human food-EVER!!

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    Sat Aug 14 2010

    I have a 14 yo Parson Jack Russel that I "rescued" 13 years ago-I have been feeding him Canidae for 12 years, either the lamb and rice or chicken and rice (dry) and he hasn't had one "sick" day his entire time with me and has never had runny, bloody, etc. stools-generally one (occasionally 2) well formed solid ones a day. He is alert, energetic and always ready for a walk (keeps me young). And no, I am not a shill-this has been my (and my dogs) experience-your mileage may vary.

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    Wed Jul 21 2010

    OK value for your hard earned dollar.

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    Thu Jul 15 2010

    I have a 2 year old boxer and a 4 month old cane corso. I switched to the all stage formula so I could just buy one bag of food. I just finished with my third bag and my boxer still has runny stools. She also scratches at her face and bites her paws a lot! The only plus side for her was that the food made her coat beautiful. My cane corso does okay on the food. I am not impressed enough to keep him on it. He poops a million times a day with it. Too! We are switching back to solid gold as of today. I would not recommend this food to anyone.

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    Thu Jul 08 2010

    I fed this for a little more than two years. I did lots of research and decided to switch. One of my dogs never did very well on it, the others did ok. Then the formula changed and all bout two or three of my dogs have massive pools of bloody stool. When it happened to the first dog, there was so much blood I rushed her to the ER. I mean pools of it. After that, I had three of my dogs doing poorly on it. One in particular had bloody stools every other time I opened a bag of it. Usually it was not solid either. I was constantly hosing her kennel and the whole place smelled like bloody stool. I took this dog to the vet numerous times and checked her for everything, I wormed her several times, though we never found any worms in any stool samples. She became worse and worse. Finally my suspician started to rest on the five star food that I was buying ten bags at a time. Then my whole group lost between five and nine pounds. I figure I got a bad run of the food. At tha... Read more

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    Sat May 01 2010

    Canidae used to be an awesome food, but a couple of years ago they changed their ingredients....the fish. My dog literally looked at me like I was stupid for serving it to her. It was at that time I moved to grain-free and my dog and I have been with that choice

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    Thu Apr 22 2010

    I stopped selling Canidae in my store because of numerous complaints of my customers regarding quality of new formula. It was one of the most popular dog food before.

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    Sun Apr 18 2010

    My maltipoo wasn't too excited about eating this brand.But when she did eat it.we unfortunately set a setback for the first time ever...she regurgitated the Canidae..As usual I have never done "those one week switches"it's always a very quick switch.Bowels & behavior plays a big part on how she does on it..The first try tells it all with my dog.As I looked & read testimonies on the Canidae site I have seen more large breed reviews than smaller breeds.Good thing I didn't pick it up last November when Lacey was starting healthier dog food.It was between Canidae ALS & Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit.I think price had a play in it but in the end both backfired:Canidae:vomit & Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit:recurrent UTI's

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    Fri Apr 09 2010

    I fed this for the first year that I found out about holistic options. He did pretty well on it I'd say. I'm still a bit mad at them for selling to Diamond and adding more grain to the regular food. I think I'll look into grainfree.

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    Tue Mar 30 2010

    It started off to be a good food then all hell broke loose. Their stools turned yellow and runny. Got them on cottage cheese and eggs immediately. Not sure what the company did or if we got a bad batch but they will loose more customers if this spreads.

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    Fri Mar 26 2010

    All of my dogs (four at the time) ate this food. My older dog (Joey) ate it very well. The canned food actually smelled pretty good to me compared to Precise, which my mom had them on for years. But in late 2009 we bought a case of the soft food, the packaging looked slightly different and the food smelled different; definitely not how it was before. Well, when I went to go feed my dogs the new food, my Joey was about to eat it when he sniffed it for a few seconds and absolutely REFUSED to eat it. He is a smart little guy; who, unfortunately, has just been diagnosed with Kidney Disease :(, he knew there was something different with it. My other dog, who is half his age, will usually eat anything we give him and can tolerate any type of food for the most part, ate it right up even though it was different. My Chihuahua also was not interested in the food, but it is hard to go by her, she is very picky. I did not think there was anything wrong with the different looking food, and thought... Read more

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    Tue Mar 23 2010

    It's hard to rate if you don't eat it

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    Wed Mar 17 2010

    I have just invested literally 3 hours on my computer investigating CANIDAE and all of it's products. I have an english bulldog who is currently eating ZD Ultra as recommended by my Vet. Now if you have ever boughten ZD Ultra you know that it runs about $100 for an 18 pound bag. My husband has been out of work for a while now so to invest $100 for a bag of dog food is quite an expense. I have rated this brand of food 3 stars as I have not yet started the transition yet but I will keep you all posted as to how it goes. I am obviously hoping for the best and am going to take into consideration both all the bad and good comments. Thanks to you all who have commented on this food. It was very helpful. Talk to you soon.

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    Tue Mar 02 2010

    Many of the dozens of dry dog foods on the market, especially most "top selling" brands, are very unhealthy, with some even being unfit for consumption. There's actually only a handful of foods out there that contain mostly, if not all, healthful and nutritious ingredients.What dogs need first and foremost in their diets, more than anything else, is meat protein. Good quality meat protein. Canidae provides that and more. Of the first five ingredients listed, three of these are meat-based proteins (chicken, turkey and lamb) in meal form. Fish meal rounds out the list of proteins. That's four meat proteins listed among the first seven ingredients. Also included are other healthful ingredients which seem to make this food a fair choice.I also like the price. Because less food is used per meal Canidae is economical as well.The reason I did not rate this food "5 stars" is because it contains two "questionable" ingredients,  yucca schidigera and fish meal.Yucca is a natural herb use... Read more

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    Sun Feb 28 2010

    I used Solid Gold for about 6-8 months, for my 5 dog household. 2 of the 5 CONSTANTLY had runny stools. They've been checked for parasites and have a clean bill of health. Both are around 1 year old. One was also rather itchy, and we tried both the beef based version (Mmillenium) and the lamb. Still itchy and runny stools. I thought we had found a great food, but for the price, and the problems we had, we decided to go elsewhere. We switched to Canidae, and everyone is doing GREAT. No runs, no itching, and when we were switching they specifically dug out the Canidae pieces from the Solid Gold/Canidae mix to eat them! I think we found a new dog food. It's much cheaper also. Also, I emailed Canidae to ask for free samples and some coupons, and they responded quickly and sent them out quickly. Another plus! I highly recommend this food and company (so far!).

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    Wed Feb 17 2010

    Canidae is a great brand of food that I recommend for anyone who is on a budget but wants high quality nutrition for their dog. I have to laugh at those who give it a one star rating. Perhaps it isn't as good as it was before the formula change, but does it really deserve just one star? One of the most recommended dog food ratings websites,, gives Canidae All Life Stages a five out of six star rating. I'm inclined to agree with them. The first five ingredients are chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meal, brown rice, and white rice. That is very good, especially when you consider that some of the best rated foods contain only one or two meat ingredients in the top five. Every dog is different. Some do very well on Canidae while others do not. Also, the idea that all of the good reviews are written by Canidae employees is ridiculous. Other premium brands get good ratings, too. I do not work for Canidae, I am simply a happy customer.

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    Mon Feb 08 2010

    No Thanks. Going back to Blue Buffalo!!! We have two GSD's, two Husky, Healer mix & one small mixed breed. The first bag of Canidae they seemed to like. When I got the second bag they ran to their dishes, stopped, smelled and turned away. They began to eat less and often I had half full bowls left. That happened again with the next bag. Their coats have become dull and the worst part is my GSD who is almost 1 year old has a hot spot and very very loose stools.

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    Sat Feb 06 2010

    I want to share some info with consumers who are skeptical about Canidae. I started using Canidae AFTER their formula change. I have 6 dogs and they are did MARVELOUS on it. If you were feeding the old formula, ran out, bought a new bag and the formula changed of course your dogs are going to have issues! Any quick food switch can cause stomach issues for some dogs. I love Canidae. They have a breeder/rescue program and also a frequent buyer program (only participating stores). If you are a rescue or a breeder, you just apply on their website and they will send you the info you need to get started. You get every 6th bag for free. I use Canidae for part of the year. I do rotation feeding because it is the healthiest for your pets, so I use other foods as well. The other brands that I like are Blue Buffalo and Solid Gold. These three brands are the best natural foods on the market for your money in my opinion. They have a good, high, calorie content and they are nutritious and heal... Read more

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    Sun Jan 17 2010

    I bought 2 bags of Canidae from an Liz All-Natural Pet store in Chicago. The first bag was ok. I was hooked on the idea of all natural dog food and my dog became vivrant and healthy because of it. But the second bag, apparently made after the company changed their formula, was horrible. My 5 month of Pit has had diarhea for 2 days now and has probably lost 3-4 pounds. I did some more research on the internet and sure enough, I wasn't the only one with the problem. I am slowly killing my dog with this new stuff and I will switch to something else.

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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    Excellent food with human grade meat containing no antibiotics or hormones. My 10-year-old dog, who is a Border Collie/German Shepard mix, has been eating Canidae (with a few homemade meals every few weeks or so) since I adopted him four years ago. He has a healthy, shiny, and soft coat and zero joint problems. I recommend this food highly, but as you would make sure a baby agrees with a new food, watch your dog to see how his/her system takes it. Everybody's system is different!

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    My boxer used to get Canidae all life stages and did really well on it. Then after the formula change she refused to eat it and got really sick. My other little dog still did well on it but I had to switch. I still think that it is a good food. The ingredients are great just doesnt get long with my boxer any more.

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    Wed Nov 04 2009

    My dogs are doing great with it. I started my Boston Terrier pup, 2yr old JackRT and Chihuahua on it about 1month ago and they all have had healthy stools and saved my Boston from the horrible reactions he was having from the Beneful crap the breeder was feeding him. Although, he is the only one that has lost interst in it and only takes a few bites throughout the day until the evening when he realizes he is really hungry... Overall, it seems to work great for all my dogs.

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    Thu Oct 22 2009

    I have I ST Bernard puppy and a 10yr old Boxer, they both love the food and do really well on it. A little gas but we get that no matter what food we use. Plus it gives me someone to blame it on... ;-)

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    Tue Oct 06 2009

    My sweet girl, Oreo, is presently spending the night at the vet's office, as they are trying to get her hydrated. She has had explosive/violent diarrhea and vomiting since I started her on this crappy food. I feel so bad for even trying this product, which I bought from a local pet warehouse. I will be letting them know what has happened to her and will be looking into legal action. This corporation should be ashamed.

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    Mon Oct 05 2009

    This dog food has been wonderful for my 3 dogs. They have beautifully healthy and shiny coats and never have any health related issues

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    Sat Oct 03 2009

    Well, my english bulldog has been eating Canidae all stages for the last two years. I didn't even know about the formula change until last week. The only thing I can say is that I suspect that the formula change may have caused some vomiting of my bully last year. The vomiting was sporadic and we did see a vet. I can only assume the problems didn't persist because he became accustomed to the new formula. The reason I gave Canidae a low score is due to the fact that it did not convey to consumers what they were up to when they made the formula change. A responsible company(which I used to think they were) would advise its consumers of what is going on, especially if some dogs may possibly have a negative reaction to any dietary changes. With the new formula being produced in the Diamond factory, I don't feel like supporting a company that is less than forthright especially when it comes to health matters. I switched over to a "California Natural" which is a much more transparent company... Read more

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    Mon Aug 31 2009

    Black lab's having lots of loose stools and seems reluctant to eat Canidae. Good thing I checked complaints against Canidae now, with all from different posts at different websites complaining about the same thing. Thank God for your warnings, and to those who lost their pets due to Canidae under Diamond, my condolences.

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    Fri Aug 28 2009

    Canidae is a good premium dog food for a good price. I can't take most of these exaggerated negative posts seriously and have to suspect some of the motives... they're just silly! I've been using Canidae before and after the ingredient change. My dogs are healthy and have never had any problems with this food. My dogs have healthy normal blood work. If the food was poison like some of these ridiculous posts claim, then my dogs would of been sick too. My Moms four dogs have been using Canidae as long as mine have and her dogs are also healthy and well.

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    Here's my 2 cents. I'm using the new formula btw. Like any dog food, each dog does different on it. In my case, I have two dogs. One dog does really great on this food. After a couple days of having it, his hair got really thick and shiny. He use to shed heavily, but it has tone down quite alot. But for my other dog everything is completly opposite. She started to shed, her hair got really dull and flaky. The price is reasonable compared to other foods in it's category. To bad it didn't work out well for one of my dogs.

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    Thu Aug 20 2009

    A FAR above average food, Canidae isn't one of my favorites, and hasn't been since their reformulation last year. Although the first three ingredients in this food are good quality meats (all different species of meats, too), the next three in a row are all rice. And because all three of the meat ingredients are high protein but low weight meals, the three meats could be only marginally more than the three rice ingredients. After rice comes peas, usually included in dog foods as a cheap protein source... but dogs are carnivores, and need their protein meat-based. Since the formula change and the inclusion of peas and more rice, many dogs (including mine and those of several clients) have found the food to be unpalateable and/or problematic. Canidae is still a good food... it's just not the GREAT food it once was.

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    Mon Jul 20 2009

    I have a 4 year old lab/dane mix who has never had problems with soft stools. Over the last 5 or 6 months he has had the worst gas and always has diarrhea. It hasn't gotten any better even after adding protein recommended by vet. We have tried mixing his food with yogurt with no luck. I have spent several hundred dollars on vet visits only to be told he has a sensitive stomach. I was interested to discover others complaining of similar symptoms. I plan on slowly switching him off this poison. Do not recommend to anyone with a dog that has sensitive stomach.

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    Mon Jul 20 2009

    My three Chihuahuas did eat the All Life Stages Canidae. I started them on this over a year ago. BUT, my female started itching very bad and losing lots of hair. After all vet tests have been performed with no sign of parasites, etc., the conclusion has been that it's probably the food. And now that I've read countless stories of how many other dogs have been negatively effected by Canidae's formula change, I will not buy any more. I've just read about the formula change. I read at other website message boards that they sacrificed quality for cheaper costs. And that the company was not responding to some people inquiring about the change. (Not a good idea. It makes me believe they don't care about the dog.) It would have been nice if the company notified of this change on their bags. TO NOTE! Bcs all dog food is NOT regulated by the gov't, there is no way of knowing if the companies are putting safe and correct amounts of ingredients in the food. I think how my body could not live ... Read more

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    TERRIBLE -- wish I could give negative stars, especially with all of the Canidae shills posting 5-start reviews to try to rig the rating system. Short synopsis -- have a 2yo Boston Terrier (about 1.3yo during the Canidae disaster), was doing GREAT under the old formula. Lo and behold, Canidae makes their notorious formula switch, and over the course of a week, my BT starts getting extremely runny stools, followed by VOMITING and BLOODY runny stools in weeks 2 and 3. Fortunately, I discovered in other forums the nature of the formula switch and the similar issues that other owners were experiencing with their pets. I IMMEDIATELY took my BT completely off of Canidae and to a different brand that I know I could trust. He got better almost immediately. I am nothing but livid over Canidae's formula switchover, their denial of any problems despite widespread empirical evidence to the contrary, and the fact they are trying to rig consumer ratings such as in this forum.

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    Wed Jun 17 2009

    Savannah our collie has been on Canidae since we brought her home from Collie Rescue. The Candidae formula changed recently and she is now having trouble when she eats it. Our little girl has bad tummy aches, just paces and has diarrhea. Our vet put her on Presciption food and she got better, as soon as I returned to Canidae she became ill again. We used the Lamb and Rice All Stages, and Chicken all stage. I am now going to put her on Prescription food again and will not return to Canidae but another Holistic type of Chicken Dog food. Any good comments or suggestions will be welcomed. My suggestion, Canidae has a problem with their new formula that is making her ill...we have heard other dogs having a problem also.

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    Fri May 08 2009

    Since the formula change - my two dogs have become very ill and required over $700.00 in vet bills - I would never risk their health again by using canidae of any kind - there are a lot of us out there - so I know my two dogs are not the only ones. There was no need for the company to make the change except to save money - have they changed companys or manufacturers?? The company did return my calls and said they were sorry to hear of my dogs problem with their food - but that the company made the food better and they weren't aware of any other dogs having problems. Do not use Canidae - I have switched to Orijens - it costs more - and I called Canada to talk to the company and was impressed - my dogs are starting to feel better. Orijens may cost more - but what I save on vet bills and keeping my dogs healthy is worth it. Canidae made it sound as if I should have know about the formula change (Oh! - just because a company redesigns the packaging I am supposed to know that means the... Read more

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    Fri May 01 2009

    I've used Canidae for 3 of my whippets ever since the original dog food scare because of their quality US ingredients. Although I was NOT made aware of the first formula change last year, my girls all made it thru fine with some soft stools as first, and then were just fine. The last bag I bought evidently had a HUGE formula change with NO notice whatsoever. Believe me, I have whippets -- they are very sensitive to food changes. I know how to introduce a new food. However, if the dog food company does NOT tell us they changed the formula, how are we supposed to know? 2 of my girls had some runny stools and eventually got more solid, but always soft. My most sensitive whippet got violent diarrhea and I had to take her to the vet. I'm STILL working on getting her all well. I switched the food from Canidae slowly, and my 2 girls' stools are now firm. I'm still working with my more sensitive whippet, her intestines have been badly damaged. I'm afraid I can not trust the compan... Read more

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    Thu Apr 30 2009

    Awesome food. Been feeding it for years without a problem to two rescue greyhounds. Read the ingredients. All good stuff. I moved my boys over from the old Canidae VERY SLOWLY and everything went fine. The new formulas have a little more protein and little less carbs then before. I've recommended it to people whose dogs love it and do great on it. If it doesn't work for your dog, try something else. SHEESH. If some of you think it's not good, why do my dogs do fantastic on it? Please.

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    Thu Apr 23 2009

    I didn't introduce my dog to Canidae until after the formula change. He absolutely loves it. I'm sure that those who have had problems with the new formula never knew that the formula had changed - or else they don't understand that dogs must be gradually transitioned to new diets. (Yes, the formula changed THAT much!) Last June, Canidae posted this tip on transitioning your dog from the old formula to the new. If you didn't do this, then I'm sorry but you are more to blame than them. This is your dog! You should make an effort to know what you are feeding him/her! And if he/she has a bad reaction, you should make an effort to find out why! It's a little late now, but here is Canidae's tip: The new formula is better than the old, and this stuff is one of the top dog foods out there. There are other good foods (aka Fromm), but none as affordable as Canidae.

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    Tue Mar 17 2009

    Canidae should admit they have a problem with their dog food and recall it, rather than continuing to make dogs sick, making owners pay hundreds of dollars in vet bills, not to mention the constant worry regarding their pet's well-being. A woman from the Canidae company told me anything could be making my dog sick. Funny how my dog was perfectly healthy until opening this one bag of Canidae ALS dog food. We had been buying Canidae ALS for two years. My dog has eaten at least four different brands of dog food in his life without any bad reactions. There was an instant change for the better when we tossed the Canidae and switched to another dog food. Now my dog is getting better day-by-day. Canidae, how can you live with yourselves knowing the truth?

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    Fri Mar 13 2009

    I started my dog, a 6 year old mixed breed, on Canidae All Life Stages kibble a year ago. Prior to that she has been on Nutro Naturals Lamb & Rice kibble with no issues, but when MARS bought Nutro, I felt the need to switch as it was likely that the food would soon be downgraded in quality. All pet food companies owned by people food companies ruin the quality of their foods (Purina, Eukanuba, Science Diet, etc.). Nutro Naturals Lamb & Rice significantly decreased the quality of ingredients soon after the purchase by MARS, so I was right about that. My dog has done very well on both the original Canidae ALS kibble and the new formula. I was one of the dog owners who was aware that the change was coming and was able to gradually introduce the new food. My dog has shown no sensitivity to food items excepting corn and dyes, and the Canidae has never had either. She does just as well on the new formula as she did on the old (we're about 6 months on each now). My dog is healthy, energ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 25 2009

    I have a Weimaraner. She will be 2yrs old in May 2009. I feed her Canidae all life stages for about a year without any issues or complaints.  Then in Aug 2008 I noticed the color of the bites of Canidae looked lighter. At the same time, Miley started scratching (to the point of hair loss)  Biting all 4 paws raw. Her ears got red and swelled. Bloody Vomit twice. Sores in her mouth (My Vet said the sores looked like she got into rat poisoning). After about $500 or more in vet bills and 3 months later, we switched her food. She is doing great and has stayed away from the Vet. We could not figure out what it was and boiled it down to, (She must have a grass allergy?) We don't have rat poisoning around the yard or house and when she goes outside we went with her. After switching her food and taking her off the Canidae, she is better. Now it all makes since that the new formula has caused it ALL.

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    Mon Feb 23 2009

    We own a West Highland Terrier (Westie). This breed tends to have issues with a variety of problems. Our little fella (Bailey) is now almost 4 and has been a great dog and gives us lots of love! We actually baby him a little more than we should but he is definately worth all that we do for him. That includes getting him groomed on a timely mannor and watching after his health. We take him to the Vet for his sceduled checkups and always ask questions pertaining to changes with Bailey as he ages. Bailey is lucky enough to go to a Vet that has three Westies of his own and is also a board member with a national Westie foundation. To make a long story short, Bailey was recently begining to show signs of a yeast infection around the upper inner ears. It looked like small soars that would not heal. Bailey was also begining to lick his front and back paws which caused redness. Bailey also had the begining of hair loss on his right front leg and chest. We say yeast infection because the Vet was... Read more

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    Mon Feb 02 2009

    All 5 of my dogs have been on Canidae for years!! It is a great product and they have all done very well on it! Any time Canidae would make any changes in their products would only be to better the food. Any time that I have had any questions their customer service people have been more than helpful. I think that it is a shame that people jump on band wagons so quick before they find out the facts. People need to be really careful what they listen to and believe. Anyone can get on the internet and bash anyone or anything without any proof.