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    Thu Sep 01 2011

    I have no idea how they stay open I just recently went to the canadian tire store Gabian Way and Eglington Ave. Very Very poor customer service. The lady was yelling at me from accross the floor not to open the box. She said all the dispalys are there from 20 feet away she did not come to see what i need. Finally she came over when i became frustrated. what she said was "sorry no display and walked away". I wanted to buy an iron. I just left. Same day the was another lady center aisle heard her saying where the " F' do they want us to put it. Lady the didi not help me a bit was a short lady in the kitchen department"iron Department'..... VERY VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. IF THEY WANT TO STAY OPEN MANY YEARS THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. They have a lot of competition thank god for that Home Depot, Rona, Home hardware, Lowes, all a few blocks away. Caledonia Ave. Car part who cares about that i just go to the dealership they are just about the same price.

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    Mon Aug 22 2011

    Absolutely awful - Canadian Tire Ironwood, Steveston Hwy, Richmond, BC. I'm so done. I will admit, I have had a few less than satisfactory experiences at Canadian Tire over the years, however I enjoy some of their product selection and the fact it is close to Ladner and Tsawwassen where we have very few stores to choose from. I went to buy my Husband a bike for Fathers day. Unfortunately, I went to esthetics and not functionality, so without a single ride on the bike, I loaded it back up and returned it to Canadian Tire, Ironwood Mall, Richmond, BC. I explained to customer service the problem and the fact that I would like to purchase a different bike instead. There was absolutely no problem in doing so, although while at customer service I realized that at the top of the receipt (that prints AFTER) you have paid, it states that there are NO returns on bikes. After I had selected the bike of choice, I went back to customer service and pointed out the fact that my receipt ... Read more

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    Wed Jul 27 2011

    We got a mild squel in our car and we brought it to canadian tire for repair. They put oil on the belt and told us to wait for a week for the noise to stop. After a week, the noise got a bit louder and we brought the car back to be checked by the mechanic. They told us that the serpentine belt and the v-belt need to be replaced and they were sure that the noise will disappear. They charged us for 130 dollars. Unfurtunately, the noise was still there and it was even louder. After four days we brought the car back to canadian tire and the mechanic tightened the tensioner and told us again to wait for 2 days for the noise to stop. After two days the noise got even worst, it was much louder than before. Every time you start the car it squel louldly and it became very loud when you stepped on the accelerator. We brought the car back to canadian tire again and told them that the problem was getting worst and they told us to replace the idler pulley and tensioner assembly. We were so disapp... Read more

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    Sun Jul 10 2011

    I purchased a yardman hose reel from canadian tire the steel kind because I'm tired of replacing the plastic ones. On sale for 89.99 , so I get home put the thing 3/4 of the way together look in the box wouldn't you know it no crank, back to canadian tire , the girl gives me a crank from another reel go home put it on.Try to connect hose from reel to faucet on house only goes on 2 threads can't even turn it with wrench leaks like a sive. Doesn't anybody do quality control anymore

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    Tue Jul 05 2011

    Let me begin by saying I like Canadian Tire and I do most of my hardware shopping at their stores. The only real problem I've had is with their automotive service department. I decided to submit this commentary because of a recent attempt by Canadian Tire to try and upsell me. A couple of years ago, I was on my way to Canadian Tire to buy tires when the brake warning light on my dash board lit up,. When I got to Canadian Tire, I had their service department check my brakes and give me a repair estimate.. They quoted me more than $1300 to fix the problem, which included replacing brake parts on all four wheels;. What are the chances of the individual brake parts on all four wheels failing at the same time? I'm betting it's never happened in the history of automobile manufacturing/. But I'm sure there must have been a perfectly reasonable explanation for the quote, probably something to do with safety and/or higher overhead costs!. To make a long story short, I bought my tires, kept my... Read more

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    Thu May 26 2011

    Flyer advertises sale on a specific brand of work boots (up to June 1 / 11). Even shows brand on the boot in the photo. When I went in to purchase, the regular price was charged, when I enquired they said it was a different boot. I went back and scanned the shelves to find the boot of that stock number. It was a completely different boot, not at all as advertised, and there were a total of three of them on the shelf. I've had several similar frustrating experiences at Canadian Tire over the past couple of years. I've tried to support Canadian businesses, but when treated so awful by them I won't go back. I'm done shopping at Canadian Tire.

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    Thu May 05 2011

    I know what everyone says about Canadian Tire Repair shops. However, my experience has been nothing less than satisfactory and pleasant. I started bringing my newer VW, which I babied, to my local Cantire shop after much dissatisfaction with my local VW dealership. Kenn the service manager, has always been patient, helpful, accommodating and above all honest. I sold my VW and bought an older domestic car. I should have brought it to Kenn but I was in a hurry for an oil change and took it somewhere else. BIG MISTAKE!!! The lube place ruined my car so I took it to Kenn at Canadian Tire, Kamloops, BC North Shore and he went to bat for me to get the other guys to fix what they had damaged. Now my car is fixed and as good as new. I would like to commend Kenn Moore of Canadian Tire, Kamloops, BC, North Shore and all of the staff there for their help!

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    Sat Mar 19 2011

    I understand now why Canadian Tire is called Crappy Tire. The Service Department at the Dalhousie Canadian Tire in Calgary is crap. The customer service from the bottom right up to the manager, Ken is crap! I took my Ford Explorer in to have the Power Steering Pump replaced because my truck was making a squealing noise. I even brought the part in. The service advisor agreed that it was probably the power steering pump making the noise. When my husband picked the truck up it was still squealing. He was livid. Their excuse was, get this - "We did exactly what you said sir! We replaced the power steering pump." I guess if we told them to jump off a bridge, they would do that too. We did find a really good local mechanic in Ranchlands. They fixed the squealing noise which was just a belt tensioner and a pulley that needed to be replaced. It cost a $150 less than Crappy Tire charged to not even fix the problem. I wouldn't suggest this Crappy Tire to my worst enemy. The staff is verbally abu... Read more

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    Thu Feb 03 2011

    THANK YOU. Canadian Tire Oakville. From Alin(Ford Taurus X)

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    Tue Nov 23 2010

    I went to Canadian Tire in Richmond a few weeks ago, and a guy with canadian tire uniform approached me and want me to fill out a form that earns canadian tire money, he covers the top of the page and insist he filled it out for me, so I didn't know it's a mastercard application. when I find it out I told him I don't want a mastercard and I crossed out my signiture, but now I find out he still put my information in to apply. I really don't like the way they trick the customers into this mastercard, and I would never shop there again!!!

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    Tue Jul 27 2010

    Canadian Tire, like many retailers, feature on-line reviews of their products that they elicit from customers. Clearly, they cherry-pick which reviews they publish, if my experience is anything to go by. After waiting several weeks for this review of an air conditioner to appear I finally gave up and present it here, in that hope it will be of benefit to others. NOMA Portable Air Conditioner, 7,000 BTU I was new to this type of portable AC, but it seemed a good solution for a small window. My overall complaint is that the problem of water drainage is poorly implemented. So poorly in fact, that it is never mentioned in the set-up instructions. I think the manufacturer knew this could be a big pain in the a**, so why trouble the customer with such trivia. So, having got the thing installed, I discovered that I was left with a narrow piece of white hose. I also noticed two little ports with rubber stoppers at the back of the unit, about the same size. It doesn't take Sherlock Holm... Read more

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    Wed Mar 31 2010

    I have had a terrible experience with Sarnia Ontario's automotive dept of Canadian Tire! I was required to take my car there for the safety and etest of my car when I imported it from the US to Canada. The government states you can only go to Canadian Tire for this, or trust me I would have went elsewhere! Well I had to have daytime running lights installed, and the cost to do the safety, parts and labor for just that was $200 -- and I saved about a thousand dollars taking it to my own place to have the other repairs done!! With my car being a 98 Tauras, and not the most reliable car, I hated to have to put this money into it, but really had no choice. Well this took place in September. It is now March, and I just noticed my daytime running lights were not even working! And I only noticed because my husband was driving my car behind me, so who knows how long they have been not working, and it was lucky I even found out now!! So I contacted Canadian Tire and they said that the part may ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 24 2010

    First of all please don't ever go to this canadian tire. It all starts with my alignment in a surrey canadian tire store and they did not do the job well. Then I come to kelowna and ask these guys and they say they can't do anything about it. Next I have a gas leak and I go there, the mechanic inspects and say that a gasket has to be changed in the fuel connecter which is on the side of the fuel tank. he checks with someone else and says that the part is not available and says that I have to replace the whole fuel pump ($850) for a 98 neon. I have my own doubts and go to another local mechanic and they find the part from chrysler and finish the job for $160. While I was in the canadian store , there was another customer who was duped by these guys and did unnecessary repairs. Lucky I was not duped. Take this as a serious warning and reconsider your decision about canadian tire. These guys repair existing ones and charge you again for fixing them. Just google about canadian tire and you... Read more

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    Wed Jan 20 2010

    What is with the deal of having a piece of ID in order to return something? I purchased a phone cord on Tuesday January 19th and realized I didn't need it after all. I go in on Wednesday the next day to return it and was asked for picture ID. I didn't need ID to buy the damn thing. I didn't even get a cashier to ring it through, as they didn't have any at that particular time, so I scanned it myself and paid cash for it. Is there a sign that says you need picture ID upon returning a stupid plastic cord? I didn't see one.. I have just read many other bad comments on this company and let me tell you, it will be a cold day in hell before I buy anything, and I do mean anything from Canadian Tire ever again. Now I know why so many people call it "Crappy Tire". They sure live up to that name. Very disgruntled and not amused at all

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    Wed Jan 13 2010

    Canadian Tire: is it really worth the frustration and the waste of time? In my 30 year experience with Canadian Tire stores in my area (Montreal and Laurentians, QC), I have had over all acceptable service. It should be understood that most of their products are low-end. Just don't expect any service from their sales staff. In fact, some products are good and, I would say, do classify as best buys in terms of quality for the dollar (their premium mechanics hand tools are usually excellent, but they are also outlandishly expensive and only classify as good investments when on sale). But that quality is drowned by the junk that fills the front aisles and that attract people to their stores... And if you want information about the products, you are basically on your own. Service or the lack thereof is is probably the most frustrating aspect of shopping at Canadian Tire. If you need information about a product, you're basically on your own: the sales clerk simply do not have sufficient ... Read more

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    Sun Sep 06 2009

    Canadian Tire on Cambie and 7th Ave Vancouver. I took my car in for a seasonal service for 38 dollars, which was to include an oil change, tire rotation, fluid top up and a vehicle inspection. I received a call to inform me my battery cables were coroded and I approved there replacement. The customer service was as uncaring as it gets, but other than that everything else was fine. I picked up the vehicle and took it home. I look under the hood at home and notice the cap from my windsheid wiper fluid is missing and there is no wiper fluid. I try to call to complain but I am hung up on after waiting for ten minutes on hold. Upon inspecting the receipt I notice they didnt rotate the tires. The next day I go out to my car and there is a large rusty puddle under my car, in the area of the battery. I take a picture of the puddle and take the car back. They look at the car again. After inspecting it they tell me that the cap to my wiper fluid was broken and the tech forgot to report this. H... Read more

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    Canadian Tire south Albert st in Regina - the service center is totally incompetent and dishonest. Don't go near this place- took our vehicle in to get winter tires swapped off and they lost one of the locking wheel nuts and badly scratched all 4 wheels. My complaint was answered with them saying obviously I am just stupid and didn't notice that the wheels were already damaged and missing a nut. When I went to pick up the vehicle they tried saying it really only needs 4 lug nuts anyway so just leave it like that.

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    Mon Apr 13 2009

    I will never EVER shop at Canadian Tire again. They are absolutely horrible. I purchased a bike there on April 8 (before the Easter long weekend). I rode it once around my block and discovered that it shifted very badly. This was not really a huge surprise considering that it's a $100 bike (Supercycle 1800). So today (April 13), I went back to the store with the intention of exchanging the bike for a better one (I was willing to upgrade to a more expensive brand). I was told there are no refunds or exchanges on bikes!!! The cashier and the supervisor were absolutely rude and unsympathetic so I asked to speak to the General Manager. The supervisor called him saying, "the customer wants to go over my head. Can you come deal with her?". Lovely. Anyway, so the manager came out and like the supervisor before him, told me, "you should've ridden the bike around the store if you wanted to get a feel for it." I asked him if he thought it was reasonable to ride a bike up and down store aisles an... Read more

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    Tue Mar 31 2009

    I have had my car serviced at Canadian Tire on Cambie and 7th in Vancouver three times now - all three times I have had an oil change, and the 2nd time I also had a fuel injector cleaning as well as replacement of my oxygen sensor and a couple of other things. Today I took my car for a simple oil change and after dropping my car off I got a phone call from the service technician telling me that I had carbon build up on my valves which needed to be taken care of. I asked him what causes this and he tells me that I need to have my fuel injection system cleaned. Hmmm.. I ask him why would this be since I had just had a fuel injection cleaning done a few months ago... after he hums and haws.. he puts me on hold to go ask the mechanic. He comes back on the phone to tell me that it was only a recommendation based on my kilometer reading. If that was truly the case, would he not have said - based on the KM on your car we recommend getting your fuel injection system cleaned instead of tell... Read more

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    Fri Feb 27 2009

    I have had one too many bad experiences with the Canadian Tire Store at Eglinton and Laird location, particularly when returning any item. i. I purchased a mitre-saw. I had no need for this item and when the sealed and unopened box was returned, I was given back a 70% value of a credit note which apparently expires in 6 months! ii. I recently purchased 2 vanity lights for my bathroom renovation as we were undecided which one would be give the final appeal. One of the vanity light was purchased on a credit note and the second on a credit card. We decided to keep the one we purchased on our credit card and asked to apply the store credit towards this purchase. The store manager refused to do this for us. She refused to look any alternative to help the customer. Instead, we now have another credit note for the returned item which will of course expire in 6 months. My conversation to pursue this further with Customer Relations at Head Office was in vain. Dianne asked me to foll... Read more

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    Wed Jan 07 2009

    I will NEVER go back to ANY Canadian Tire Auto Center to service my cars anymore, NEVER, EVER.I bought a set of winter tires (Goodyear) at this Lasalle store and have them installed and I felt the vibrationg on the steering wheel. I went to Honda's dealership to check, and I was told that three out of four tires needed to redo balance, the other one (the right rear tire)"has wobble", not workable, have to be replaced. The mechanicians at Canadian Tire not only did bad job on balancing but also failed to notice the tire defect.There are some good reasons that the mechanicians at Canadian Tire are SOOOOO bad on both experiences and skills. First of all, many of them are trainees, they just started to learn to repair, and they learn their skills and making errors right on your car. Just like Canadian Tire's Commercial says "I will start with you!". Second, they work on many different cars, cars that made in different countries, different brands, different models, how can you expect them t... Read more

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    Fri Nov 14 2008

    I will never go to Canadian Tire auto service at Main street east,Hamilton. First, I found a coolant leak in my car. Then I got my car checked there. They said that the intake manifold gasket broken. I need pay 150$ for the checking and another 500$ for replacing the gasket. I agreed. However, after they open the intake manifold, they said every thing is ok. the problem is in the cylinder head, and I need pay 1200$ to fix the problem. I said:" The reason that I want you do this job is your checking report which i paid 150$.Now your report is wrong,so it is your responsibility to get my car fixed."The manager said that it is their mechanic's fault, they will do further job without charging me. However, after they checked the cylinder head, they said there still no problem there. The problem is in cylinder block. I need rebuilt my engine with 1700$. I asked them to show me the solid proof of the cylinder crack. but they declined. So they finally result is that they simply put everythin... Read more

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    Fri Nov 14 2008

    I have been 'saved' by Canadian  Tire on a few occassions and the service has been great, but I'm pretty sure that i could have shopped around for some better prices and I'm rather irritated that I now have to make an appointment to have my oil changed- given my schedule it's not practical for me to rely on them.  Okay, okay, several male friends have told me I've been 'reemed' which I presume means fleeced.. :: sigh :: But hey were really nice about it : :laughs ::I love their seasonal products- good selection in summer and at Christmas, the Martha Stewart line of paints is amazing.  I can always return things without fuss or muss if I need to.  Great place to go when I want to 'pimp' my car on a budget, grab some gardening materials, pool chemicals, and tenting supplies.

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    Thu Aug 07 2008

    Terrible auto service at the Sarnia location - Borders fraud - quote one price, charge another - wouldn't have gone there, but car broke down in the parking lot - I like the store (3/5), but the service department in Sarnia is BEYOND BAD!!!

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    Thu May 15 2008

    Went in to buy an air filter for my car. Following is the dialogue with the rep at the automotive desk: Me: I'm looking for an air filter for a 2000 Civic SE. Rep: Is that a Chrysler Civic? Me: No, it's a Honda. ...after having waited for 10 minutes, and telling the rep that I'll look for it elsewhere: Rep: Yeah, that's probably your best bet. The computer doesn't show any batteries for a 2000 Civic. There are block heaters though... Batteries?? I never even remotely mentioned looking for a battery... It's pretty much the same horrible service at every visit.

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    Fri Feb 22 2008

    Terrible! Ordered an item online which stated was available. Then received a call in the wee hours of a Sunday morning telling me it wasn't available and would be shipped out two weeks later. Annoyance at this point but nothing major. Then the shipping date comes and goes, no item, no phone call even. I phone in and they tell me it wasn't shipped (no, really?) and they don't know when it will be. What? So it takes three more phone calls, speaking with managers who say it will be "escalated" and I will receive a phone call that day with an update. Nothing happens. Another day I receive an email from UPS with a tracking number, suddenly it's shipped. It took almost a week to be delivered, at this point it's been a month. Finally get the item, open everything up and the very last panel (furniture item, flat-pack) has a big chunk out of it. I call Crappy Tire and they tell me I have to wait for them to mail me shipping labels and when they "investigate" everything, I will have my credit ca... Read more

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    Sat Dec 29 2007

    AS USUAL, stinking awful rudeness by snotty dorks, at the "Customer Service" desk, at the Church St., at Yonge St. store, in Toronto's Rosedale store. I have shopped here for many, many years (only because it's close) and have NEVER had a rudeness-free experience! Today, I purchased almost $400. worth of goods, in an hour-long visit, and was surprised at how polite all the sales staff had been (except for the pimply, scraggly-haired young fellow at the Paint Desk). Then, when I asked the twerps at the Customer Service desk how to arrange for delivery (they actually had a sign at the front door OFFERING delivery!), I got the usual irritated insolence from two rather unattractive young boobs, one wearing a "manager's" white shirt, the other a pink bow in her unkempt hair, who after telling me to pass through a BLOCKED area, unblocked it, saying "THAT's how you unblock it!". I have HAD it with this store. There is nothing they have there that I cannot get elsewhere, and at a... Read more

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    Tue Nov 13 2007

    I had an absolutely terrible experience with Canadian Tire. I registered there for my wedding, and apparently they do not give gift receipts and they do not always take things off the registry after they are purchased. We ended up with more than 1 duplicate item. We tried to return them to Canadian Tire and were told that we could only get store credit for the last "sale" price. This does not mean the latest price for the item, but rather, the LOWEST price the item has EVER sold for. They do not provide verification that the item was ever on sale for that price either; you just have to trust them - which I do not. We lost about $100 this way. I would strongly recommend that people do NOT register at Canadian Tire. I tried to register a complaint via the Canadian Tire website, but of course, that portion of the site does not work.

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    Mon Sep 24 2007

    Canadian Tire stuck to their estimate on my vehicle repair even though it took longer than expected. They also paid for my rental car to get to work the next day. They lost alot of money on me and I really appreciated their A-1 service!

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    Mon Sep 17 2007

    It's a great place for hardware, not much else.

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    Tue Dec 19 2006

    My local CTC store is of the bait and switch variety. Large sign says price 'A', the merchandise is of course not marked; when you get to the till and ask about the price difference, the story is always the same, "Oh we're out of the advertised special". The WHY is the old price still posted. Did this not used to be illegal? I'm willing to document their activity, and join the class action! This happens to me every time I fall for one of their 'specials', dispite the fact I only go there now to redeem my CTC mastercard points. I also noticed they have recently joined in the 'mailin rebate scam'.

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    Tue Oct 04 2005

    As a store, in terms of selection, pricing, staff etc not bad. However, they are in love with bait and switch marketing, and due to that I won't set foot in the place unless necessary.

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    Tue Aug 09 2005

    I work for Can. Tire and just recently became an assistant manager. With this store it all depends on the one you are in and in what Province. They are so vastly different. I enjoy most of them, just not the one I happen to work for...mostly due to upper echelon issues. But don't judge them all by just one.