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    Thu Apr 26 2012

    better than marb lights but im not much of a lights smoker.

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    Fri Jul 22 2011

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    Thu May 12 2011

    Started out smoking Marlboro Reds at age 12; later switched to Camel Lights.Reds are still some of the best but my personal favorite is Camel Lights.good full,toasted flavor and not too harsh.but I got to the point where I was smoking 2 to 3 packs a day and I knew it was time to quit.though I gotta say,I do miss those ole Camels sometimes!

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    Sun Jan 23 2011

    I used to smoke Camel Lights religiously. In many attempts to quit smoking I have found myself switching brand on a regular basis, does not make much sense but keeps me busy. Anyways these are great light cigs. I never felt like I was smoking a light cig with these. Great full flavor, I would almost say it is a toasty flavor compared to Marbs. I highly recommend this smoke. They are fairly priced and well worth the cash.

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    these are truly wonderful cigs, the taste is great and distinctive, i actually have more than20 different cigarettes boxes in my drawer all from different brands; meaning i smoke many many brands daily, but right now i'm sticking with camel lights, i smoke sobranie captain black marlboro winston newport dunhill kent davidoff gauloises kool gitanes karelia, Camel lights for me truly is better and felt better then all of these other brands... you should try them!!!

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    Tue Sep 14 2010

    Camel lights taste good! I first smoked them more than a decade ago in Spain on a school trip as a teenager. IME the European brand of Camel's Turkish tobacco has less additives than the American brand of Camels do and they taste better than U.S. made camels which don't taste as good. I've heard the Camel Turkish Gold cigs are more like the European brand of camels and they don't mask the taste of the Turkish tobacco as much.

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    Mon Jul 05 2010

    Hay guys.... at least you share[ mostly] the same brand.... me? I smoke camel origanal blend [non-filtered] , and just about every other day i hear some story about how I'm the first one they ever sold one too ;P........ In fact just about every time I hit town I get told about how long its been since they sold another pack lol Figure I'm one of a dieing breed.... for one I'm a smoker in the first place lol and two i smoke non check it.... NON- fitered cigs lol welcome to gastopo-land...... smoke'em wile you still can ;P

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    Thu Jul 01 2010

    I say its a disgrace. Yes, I opt for filter flow....but this new blend is harsh and does not compare with the mildness and sweet flavour of the old blend...I like it smooth, not harsh. Now I know filter blend means better taste,and mildness, but I surely need a treatment after one of these. My old Camels were like old friends that I reily miss badly now. Yes I smoke,,,and I enjoy it. I seek tobacco pleasure in my cigarette but the new Camel puts a damper on the good wholesome smoke I knew from years back. Please Mr Renoylds...heed the clarion call. I want my old blend back. I love to gossip on the phone and go thru half a pack...but not with this new blend, I had a Benson and hedges at the local bar yesterday..and it suits me fine, I ll have you know, I may even go on to Nat Shermans...if those RJ Reynolds folk don t listen to common sense. Please return the old blend,

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    Fri Jun 25 2010

    Ok I'm redoing this review. I reviewed Camel Lights after bumming a cig, but this time I got a pack and I've smoked like half of it. The taste is kind of sweet and has that distinctive "camel" taste. Also these are not quite lights they're sort of mediums probably because of the brown filter (which usually means a full flavor cig). The buzz is in the middle too. The buzz isn't strong but it really relaxes you and its really nice. 4/5.

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    Tue Mar 23 2010

    in terms of best to worst for light cigarettes it would be: parliament lights, camel lights, marlboro lights.

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    Wed Mar 03 2010

    I've only been smoking for a little over a year, so I'm not as critical to the apparently horrendous change Camel has done to these. My uncle tells me he smoked them all the time when he was younger, and I gave him one of mine to try and he enjoyed it. He said it wasn't the same but he really liked the flavor. See? It's not that hard to actually open your mind to new things, and my uncle is a very stubborn person. I really enjoy these cigarettes. Call me inexperienced but in this past year I've smoked a pack a day and always change my brand every few days or so to try something new. And this is the only one I keep coming back to. It fires on all cylinders: Great tobacco taste, Easy draw, Not too strong but not really a light, Even burn, Good buzz, Sleek box design. To all the veteran smokers out there: Either give it a chance or find a different brand of smokes. Stop crying about it. There's plenty of great brands out there.

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    Wed Feb 17 2010

    the best light non- menthol cig out there......but thats kind like saying the most confortable and healthy STD out there, it still kind of sucks.

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    Sat Nov 07 2009

    come on man, what the fuck! Everyone of my cigarettes is going out before i can finish it. Fuck, if i want a cigarette that goes out befor i finish it, i can but cheap shit mavericks. Your quality is going down hill. Wake up and provide me with quality or i'm switching to Marlboro!

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    Mon Oct 19 2009

    ive been smoking camel lights for a long time now, and i like alot of other people were really mad over rjr's decision to mess with the blend, but ive really gotten to like the new blend. ive even found some of the old bend in a few gas stations, and have bought them (knowing they were prob stale/whatever) and after smoking them, i think the new blend IS actually better, and didnt really miss them as much as i thought i would, and was happy to smoke the new blend again after i finshed the pack of the old blend. 5/5

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    Fri Sep 11 2009

    The new camel lights are just terrible, enough said

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    Thu Jul 30 2009

    i like them they are light like they say and have a good taste.

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    Thu Jul 30 2009

    At first they seemed ok, but later on I started feeling light headed. The only reason I smoked Camel was for the old blend. The old Camel Lights had a cool package and design, and never gave me a problem or made my house smell. If you feel like me about your old favs call RJreynolds please

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    Wed Jul 01 2009

    The new Camels Lights SUCK, 25 years of smoking the old ones, I called RJR @ 1-877-265-1913 last night and the guy on the line said; that they have been getting a lot of calls by people pissed off about the new brand. PLEASE CALL THEM! SO, PLEASE IF YOU WANT THE OLD BRAND BACK CALL:RJR @ 1-877-265-1913 I miss my old brand :(

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    I came across these in a weird way. Me and my friend were walking down an alley and all of a sudden we saw a pack laying on the ground. I picked it up and it was a brand new un-opened package. Lucky me. Camel lights are probably the best light cigarette I have ever tasted. The taste is great because it's not strong like a regular camel and it's a lot better than a marb light. I would recommend these to any smoker.

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    Tue Apr 21 2009

    This USED to be my every day dedicated smoke, but why the hell did they change the old blend and packaging??? The new ones hurt my throat in a way not comparable to "harsh" cigarettes, it's a different feeling. Not only does the new tobacco suck, but the new pack looks HIDEOUS. It reminds me of the candy chewing gum cigarette packs that little kids buy at candy stores. Maybe this is Rj Reynolds' marketing method to get younger people smoking, but I loathe carrying around this new pack, it's too flamboyant for a pack of cigs. I've changed brands as many others have, because the new camel cigs SUCK. It seems like Rj Reynolds is feeling this loss as well, because they never have buy one or buy two get 1 FREE anymore... at least where I live, instead they have the crappy $2.50 savings deal. I just buy Parliament Lights now cause they're almost always buy one get one, in the meantime I don't support RjRt anymore, they ruined a masterpiece.

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    taste good at first, but if you keep smoking them they dont taste good at all.

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    Fri Jan 16 2009

    These are my smoke. Hopefully I'll be quitting soon but we all know how that goes. I can't really smoke anything else other than these, and besides I'm just a Camel person.

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    Mon Jan 05 2009

    i hate new camel lights, they have inspired me to hate everything about RJ Reynolds and i am disgusted by the horrible taste. old camel lights were the only reason i used to breathe, thanks a lot you bastards.

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    Thu Jan 01 2009

    I was a completely loyal buyer of the old camel lights. The sad thing is when they first came out, I was in the middle of a quitting session. I didn't even get to savor the last remaining camel lights until the taste when to shit! "Richer, smoother blend of tobacco" my ass!! I'd rather smoke DORALS than even think about buying any Camel brand.

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    Fri Dec 05 2008

    I do not know what you did to your cigarettes. I have smoked Camel Lights for 17 years. I was shocked with the "new" taste, gross!!!! Then I got a pack and the dang cigarettes kept going out on me. I heard you made them to do that on purpose!!! WTF!!! I use to go out of my way to get Camel Lights. IF a gas station ran out I went somewhere else. Well, You just lost about $2,ooo a year from me. I roll my own now. Why fix something that wasn't broke?!!!!

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    Wed Dec 03 2008

    I used to smoke Camel Lights but after being betrayed by RJReynolds with the "new and improved" blend, it's time to find a new brand or better yet quit. I called and complained and they told me that the new blend is better. The lady on the phone did not care whatsoever that they had betrayed so many loyal customers! I am disgusted. I will not smoke another Camel cigarette until they bring back the old awesome blend. If they don't bring it back they will lose a ton of customers, myself included. F U Camel.

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    Fri Nov 14 2008

    Recently, when I couldn't get a hold of my regular smokes, I opted for Camel Lights. Halfway through my third cigarette that day, I began feeling nauseous and queasy. After I threw up, I felt a lot better. The same thing happened after I had another cigarette later that day. I started thinking maybe I was experiencing an allergic reaction to the things (I was desperate for an excuse) so I decided to do a little research. I'm very surprised that I'm not the only one feeling this way. What in the HELL did they do to those things? And has anyone else heard the issue being blamed on the self-extinguishing thing?

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    Tue Sep 23 2008

    i was also disgusted by the new camel lights, but i found out if you pick up a soft pack it is the old camel light. i recommend anyone to go pick up a soft pack.

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    Thu Sep 18 2008

    After reading many of these comments and smoking this brand for a while one can assume that almost everyone has noticed their "new blend". To be honest, I hardly smoke (which I might as well quit)...but I do love the occasional smoke with a beer or coffee. Since I am a light smoker (1 pack every 2 weeks give or take)...I can hardly taste the difference. I have been loyal to camel lights every since I cannot find any filtered lucky strikes. I did notice their change but smoke no so often that it really doesnt bother me. I do agree however that their older version did feel smoother.

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    Thu Aug 28 2008

    Perhaps I should be thankful of the change (haven't smoked in 36 days so far). Whether it was the filter, tobacco, whatever, the taste went bad, cough started, and throat/lungs started hurting in the morning.

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    I love smoking and I loved Camel Lights. I am horrified by their "new blend". It tastes disgusting - like Marlboro Lights meet a dirty toilet. Not only is the new taste revolting, but they stink horribly. I could chain smoke the old Camel Lights in my apartment and it didn't make the place smell bad. I have ONE of the new Camel Lights and I am grossed out of my own home. The second I put it out my apt smells like stale wet nasty moldy cigarette. I have written to Camel on their website and they just keep parroting back that it's a "higher quality smoke". If this is high quality, then I want the low back! What surprizes me the most is that they call it a "smoother" blend. It's not. The new Camel Lights are very bitter and much more harsh. My hubby and I have been driving all over town buying up all the last packs of old Camels. We're even smoking wide lights and 100's lights because that's all that's left. When I can't get my old Camels anymore, I am totally switching brands.

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    Wed Aug 06 2008

    *updated rating*Although i am VERY loyal to the old camels, i dont think these are nearly as bad as everyone is saying they are. Yes i do wish very much that RJR will stop producing these new camels and start remaking the old ones again, but i just know they wont, so im trying to deal with these the best i can :(

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    I'm lucky - I stocked up on four cartons of the old Camel lights a few weeks ago and am savoring them right now. I'm keeping them in the fridge and will ration them over the next few months until they are gone forever. The new Camels don't work for me either.

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    Wed Jul 30 2008

    new camels are gross, bring back the other ones. I may quit just because of the new formula

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    Fri Jul 25 2008

    I agree the new "flavor" is terrible. It is clearly a chemical additive, some kind of perfume or something. I feel like I am smoking incense or potpourri. And the taste does not go away for a long long time. I also agree about the harshness. I always like camel light because they were smooth. The new "formula" is not smooth at all. I might have to switch to American Spirits or something that is perfume free. RJReynold's what were you thinking? You actually think people will like having perfumes in their cigs?

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    Wed Jul 23 2008

    I think the bad taste of the new Camel lights is a secondary issue. I've smoked Camel Lights for over twenty years and thought them the best cigarette on the market. The new ones not only taste awful, but give me a persistent cough. Thinking that it was mind over matter, I switched brands for a few weeks (opting for Benson and Hedges) and my cough subsided. I tried Camel Lights again and my cough also returned. Obviously you are filling the new lights with more crap than just bad taste. You have lost me as a customer.

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    My wife and I have smoked Camel lights and ulta lights for years, these NEW ones are CRAP we are trying all the others now to see if there is any others we like. When we find one I hope they are not made by RJR. This is terrible

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    Sun Jul 13 2008

    i love these cigs!

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    Mon Jun 16 2008

    I hate the new camel lights, I'm craving an old one right now. Dammit RJR!!!

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    Mon Jun 16 2008

    I switched to Winstons after the new Camel lights were forced on me. Then I quit smoking entirely. Thanks, guys, for helping me quit! Here's hoping cig and big oil companies go outta business.

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    Sun Jun 15 2008

    my go to pack, just an all around winner in flavor/harshness/price

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    Sat Jun 14 2008

    I've smoked camel lights for 15 years, after a month of the new "improved" I'm going to have to find another brand. The change was a horrible idea, no doubt the company did - whatever they did to increase profit and masked it by saying it was an improvement in flavor. Hey, those that smoked them did so because they liked the flavor the way it was. The new cigs hurt my throat and I'm coughing more than I ever did before. Thanks Camel - you suck.

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    Wed Jun 04 2008

    WOW. The New Camel Light. I can't think of a better way to get a headache.

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    Wed May 14 2008

    Although there is clearly great discontent with the new Camel Lights, I for one did not like the old Camel Lights but find the new blend decent. The mellow aftertaste is reminiscent of the old blend of Camel Turkish Gold, and there is not the "sweetness" that I found unpleasant in the old blend. Though given there is a change, I am of course not surprised that those who liked the old Camel Lights seem, for the most part, to be unhappy. I wish RJR would sell both blends to appease both camps.

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    Tue May 13 2008

    I find it very ironic that a company that pushes "smokers rights" doesn't even listen to their customers. Pretty pathetic. I was a loyal smoker of Camel Light 100s for almost 13 years. Its time to move on. If I don't enjoy the cigarettes, why keep the hobby. It's impossible to savor this new blend. Its harsh, bitter and burns your throat. Terrible. If I wanted to smoke a cigar, I BUY A CIGAR, NOT CIGARETTES! Get you head out the toilet camel, or otherwise you will be no more soon. Piss off you loyal customers and who you have left? No one. But maybe thats their plan. Maybe they just want to go bankrupt before having to pay for all the cancer lawsuits...