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    Sun Dec 05 2010

    I like the style but their service is really really really terrible. The shipment was delayed... didn't respond to my inquiry emails... Not until I called to complain did they ship 3 of the 4 items I ordered (within one hour though), but canceled the fourth one saying it is out of stock. In addition to this, they already canceled another 3 items I ordered on Thanks-giving weekend. Since I was using a debit card, I will not be able to get my money back for a while. In general, CK's website promise is not trustworthy at all- they went back on their own words. I will not do online shopping of this brand again.

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    Worst customer service evah! My shipping address was entered incorrectly, so I called CK to adjust the mistake. Even though I called a minute after receiving my confirmation, CK refused to make the change. I called UPS and they requested a conference call with CK to confirm the change. CK flat out refused to get on the phone claiming they don't make changes once it enters the system. I went to the other house after the package was delivered but someone stole it before those people came home. Now CK won't refund my money or send me new product. They said it was my fault for entering the shipping inaccurately in the first place. If I hadn't called to change address, I could have said the package never arrived and they would have sent a new shipment out. If CK had been willing to get on the phone with UPS I would have receive the package. The customer service supervisor seemed to take pleasure in denying my request for a new shipment. I'll never shop on this site again. Zero stars.

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    Thu Jul 15 2010

    CK is an very expensive brand with poor quality products. Caution for the same price you can get better quality from brands like Picante, Male Power, N2N, 2xist, Joe Snyder - my favorite. This is a decent department store brand but if good quality underwear with a proper fit is what you want go looking for other brands online. Don't waist you money on this brand name. If you like to through money away send me $10 I'll send you one of my old pairs of CK. Shredded around the legs and waist band and you can see what your new CK underwear will look like in 6 months. Like most men I expect to get at least 2 years out of a pair of underwear. Especially when I'm paying top dollar. DON'T DO IT, JUST DON'T, IT'S NOT WORTH IT DUDE.

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    Thu Nov 26 2009

    Calvin Klein underclothing lasts a really long time. CK runs a little big, especially with bras. It is expensive, but definately worth it if you can snag some at a discount price.

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    Sun Mar 30 2008

    Most have a great fit. Good quality and suprizing comfort.

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    Sat Mar 24 2007

    i find the package areas are too big for me - having only a small penis and balls I find all CK always looks really baggy and makes me look even smaller. best for 'big' boys only!!!

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    Sun Jan 07 2007

    Calvin Klein produce top quality underwear and they are as SEXY AS HELL!!! Their logo (name printed on the band) on their underwear is iconic. They are very comfortable and they fit brilliantly, showing off all the right aspects (i.e. the crotch/bulge;) and ass).

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    Fri May 26 2006

    Calvin Klein is defenitely one of the best men's underwear. I personally love their boxer-briefs. Calvin knows how to keep it sexy and still masculant. However the down fall to CK's is that after one wash you will notice shrinkage, and a large amount of it. At this point you will have to create a CK underwear budget. I spend about $100 a month on CK underwear alone, not to mention 1 or 2 other brands I like. Go get a few you'll love them

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    Tue Jun 14 2005

    These are the greatest buy the 1000's which arethe origial low rise briefs. Look and feel great and withstand many washings.

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    Wed Jun 08 2005

    These babies will make your buttocks look sublime!

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    Wed Apr 13 2005

    Not bad,but for what they cost they should last MUCH longer.

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    Tue Feb 15 2005

    I like that they are roomy in the crotch. My balls don't get all scrunched up like some other brands that I have worn

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    Fri Jun 11 2004

    I've worn hanes all my life. Some people complain about the price for buying the brand, but they can be found for a bargain at places like Marshall's. That is where i got mine. Just about the same price for a three pack of these as for hanes of ftl. These are so much more comfortable and durable! They simply cannot be beat.

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    Mon Feb 02 2004

    I have always been real pleased with Calvin Klein underwear. The quality, durability and comfort are excellent. (We men hold on to all old clothes.) The styling is varied and attractive, apparently at least to many ladies if the other comments are to be believed. And the colors are masculine (ie no neon and feminine pastels). I personally prefer the boxer briefs and the gripper jams; however, I have not seen the latter for some time. The gripper jams were longer than boxer briefs which is important to someone tall like myself.

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    Thu Jan 29 2004

    If you wear these you might be a little gay.

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    Thu Oct 09 2003

    they always hurt. Hanes rock

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    Tue Jun 17 2003

    Wedgies galore! Have you ever got a CKW2K? That's the wedgie for the new millenium, and Calvin, that is not a compliment!

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    Tue Jun 03 2003

    Well most men like them but my Dad can never get ones big enough to fit him!

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    Mon May 26 2003

    Pricey yes. But I am telling you - they are great fitting underwear. They look sexy. They have a low rise cut and they are very flattering.

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    Wed May 21 2003

    They are alright, but all of the tags on the back of the boxers irritate me when I walk. It's really annoying...

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    Sat Mar 22 2003

    As high fashion as underwear comes, uhh, gets. Good quality and fairly durable, if old underwear isn't a concern.

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    Tue Jan 28 2003

    Although I was raised in the "You're Calvin Klein, no friend of mine, don't want nobody's name on my behind" mentality, I have to say CK makes superior underwear. Expensive, but worth every penny.

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    Sat Jan 25 2003

    If you make a million a year they are great, if not try hanes or fruit of the loom same thing.

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    Mon Jan 06 2003

    Great Quality, fantastic fit & always in fashion, cant beat my calvins

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    Thu Jan 02 2003

    My partner usually wears boxer shorts - and my favourite on him is definately his Calvin Kleins, they look to be a really good fit and they make his lower body look really, really good. Fantastic!