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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

2007 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision Website

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    Sun Jan 31 2010

    This is the ultimate Wow factor! I still play it till this day although I have Modern Warfare 2 which is another excellent game. If I was to give it a marking out of 10 I would give both games full rating. The game mechanics, level design and sound FX are all breath taking and real. I sit in my room and can hear bullets, footsteps and right down to knife stabs from left to right on my 5.1 surround system. The maps on this game compared to modern Warfare 2 I have to say are much better, CRASH is the best map ever alongside BLOC and the BOG map just to name a few. The support for nightvision is also dominant in the game that you can switch to at anytime in the night set maps which Modern Warfare 2 has no night fight maps which is a bit bogus. Well all in all I would still play COD4 and MW2 on years to come and say they are both good in there own ways. An FPS of the centuary one to keep till you can pass it on to your grandkids.

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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    What can you say about Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare that could describe the experience to someone who has never played the game? Stunning is the closest thing I can come up with. The realism of the graphics makes you feel as if you are at war in your own living room (minus the imminent threat of death). The scenarios give you everything you could possibly ask for in a modern warfare experience ranging from intense street battles to stealth bombardment with pinpoint accuracy. for the advanced gamer, you will find that you can get through the main campaign in under a day but the online multiplayer is where this game really stands out.

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    Tue Oct 20 2009

    (IMHO) I think this has to be the best FPS out there. This is just a game that you keep coming back to. The single player mode is a little repetitive, but none the less very enjoyable. The further you get the harder it gets to stop playing. The online mode, well what can i say but WOW!!!!! The maps are great, the match-ups are even better. I have been known to sit for 4 to5 hours playing and not even realize that i had been playing that long. This is a must have game for any fan of FPS!!!!!!

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    Wed Oct 07 2009

    I already own this game on the XBOX 360, and have paid for the additional maps. Recently, I purchased a PS3, and bought this game (again) to play with my friends on the PSNetwork. As some of the others here have mentioned, this version does not come with a token to download the maps. It's only $10, but I feel like Activision has scammed the consumers. When this Game Of The Year Edition came out, it came with a code to download the map. Meanwhile, they've quietly pulled the download token from the boxes, while most everyone - including me, believed that this version contains said token. [...] Well, there you have it. Buyer beware.

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    Sat Oct 03 2009

    the case cleen and the CD ALSO but i did not found the maps that should be included with the game

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    I never played video games really until now. This game is the S#@%^!$% I enjoy playing it whenever I get a chance!

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    Mon Sep 28 2009

    got it when it first came out, still playing it and still fun. just need this fps and nothing else

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    Sun Sep 20 2009

    No need to say much but "simply astonishing" in every category that I judge a game by... Most important to me is "immersive quality" - one of the best I've seen. This one takes definitely takes you for a ride!

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    Sun Sep 20 2009

    This game was for my husband. I really enjoyed it. He is fairly new to PS3, so he sometimes has trouble figuring out what to do in games, but this one was easy to pick up. The drawback is he completed the game fairly quickly.

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    Thu Sep 03 2009

    overall the best call of duty to date best graphics best weapons best levels best everything. cant wait for modern warfare 2.

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    Thu Sep 03 2009

    Awesome extras like AC-130 and helicopter levels. Fun and well-paced. The only drawback is that the game is somewhat short.

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    Sat Aug 29 2009

    Awesome game! One of the BEST xbox live games available! PERFECT CONDITION, although it was used. Fast shipping! Thank you!

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    Awesome game! If you love a challenge play it on veteran. Classic CoD in modern day warfare!

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    Fri Jun 12 2009

    Well worth picking up, if you love FPS'ers than don't miss a chance at "owning" your enemies and making them punch their cabbage patch dolls in frustration. Great graphics, once again a smoothly ran game with little to no faults or than stupid AI.

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    Thu Jun 11 2009

    fantastic. even a year and a half after its release its still fun to play. the 'all ghillied up' mission is my favorite and fun to play at night. =D i look forward to the sequel by the end of the year

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    Tue Jan 13 2009

    One of the best games I've played in a long time, the graphics, gameplay and story are all great and were a huge improvement over COD3

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    Fri Jan 02 2009

    Best multi-player war game to date in my opinion

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    Mon Jan 21 2008

    Amazing story, a lot of twists and turns.  Gameplay is difficult on higher levels.  The Single player campaign is short, about 6-7 hours, but Multiplayer, especially on XBOX Live is excellent.

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    Mon Jan 14 2008

    One of the most awe inspiring games I've played ... the hours tick by like minutes playing this game.  So, time flies when having fun really holds here.  Five stars with a caveat:  the patch issues.  Or, rather, the issues that need to be patched.  Infinityward/Activision patched their XBL servers to add some maps to certain match types so a part "A" is in place already.  The XBL holiday nightmare only heightened the otherwise minor issues left for a part "B" patch.  We'll see if they're waiting for the XBL dust to settle before patching anything.  The work arounds they put in place just so people could play via XBL over the holidays and just subsequent aren't really great but, at least, we can play.  The Headquarters matches have an odd behavior of simply bypassing the lobbies and throwing you into the middle of a game.  Usually, you end up on the losing side, which is a whole other issue.  The matches appear to be severely lop-sided.  One team is moping up with the other where it was... Read more