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Cairo, Egypt

Capital of Egypt and the city-state Cairo Governorate, and is the country's largest city, home to 10 million people Website

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    Sat Aug 08 2009

    Filthier than both Beijing and Dennis Rodman's mouth after sex, Cairo is a mixed bag at best. . . Not as cheap as the guidebooks claim, Cairo is easy if you do the hotel-tour package thing- go from air-conditioned hotel to pyramids like many tourists. This is fine. I would recommend guided tours if you're not a hearty traveler. If you fly solo- Cairo can be challenging. -Taxi drivers vary from nice guys to outright criminals. Fares aren't fixed. (I have a friend who taught me appropriate fares) Worse, when you know the 'right' fare the cabbie will be pissed off that you're not some idiot foreigner who doesn't know what he's doing. -Water bottles only. Don't touch the water. -Cairo museum was a shocking disappointment. No air conditioning and no benches. Great relics in what amounts to an oversized warehouse. -Foreigners are seen as $ on legs. Everyone will have a hand out if you travel solo. . . -Married couples who travel will be treated better than singles. Also- m... Read more

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    Tue Jun 23 2009

    I had always wanted to go to Egypt to see the Pyramids, and in 2007 I finally made it there. I stayed at the Oasis hotel out on the desert road not far from the pyramids. From the moment we arrived in Cairo it was blatantly obvious how hot it was going to be. We arrived just after midnight and the heat was amazing even at that late hour. For the majority of the time there it was in the fifties (Celsius) but it was a very different sort of heat to what I've been used to in England - instead of it being humid it was a very dry heat. Speaking to the locals they were quite surprised to have tourists from Europe there in June/July sort of time as it's usually too hot. We were also quite lucky in that we'd missed a sandstorm by a week. There's plenty to see in and around Cairo, obviously there's the Pyramids and the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau, but there are also other places to see (especially if you're interested in ancient history) such as the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities where they ha... Read more

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    Sun Apr 15 2007

    The excitement of trying to cross a road/street and avoiding non-stop traffic is one of the fun parts in this city. There are lots of people indeed, and there's no hope in sight for their population to decrease anytime soon. Infrastructure in Cairo is not as advanced and specially roads, are over-crowded, public transportation is not the best. Schools, health and safety facilities are comparable in this region. Overall, visit: Giza's Great Pyramids, Cairo Tower, Museums, Old Cairo, and if you find other exciting places to go, let me know.

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    Tue Jan 04 2005

    Cairo has an odour of it's own, incredible city to visit........

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    Thu Nov 18 2004

    Its a great place to go if you ever have a chance! I went their when i was 12 or 13 about 5-6 years ago. It was a fun place to be the only thing is it busy and alot of people but its worth it if you can get their!

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    Wed May 19 2004

    when we're asked to give an opinion about cairo or Egypt in general i guess it will be fair to give an opinion which is based on facts .. facts of thousands of years , first what are the pryamids ? they are king's graves imagine a kind was baried there like thousands of years ago !! can u imagine who rich was that country and do you know that in cairo there are more than 70 pryamids !! but of course they biggest 3 are the famous 3 ! that was one example .. nowadays yes the pollution is there and poor people are there and reckless drives are there .. but hey is there any country which lacks those kind of things ?? give me a break !! and speaking abput the weather is quite amazing specially at night and even better in winter i recomend that city or country for those who are into history and they have the motivation to see huge great things which is there from thousands of years

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    Tue Mar 09 2004

    Cairo is the sort of place that is wonderful if you know what you are doing. I have been there 3 times now. You can see what you need to see in 2/3 days. Passport control at airport (1hr+), you can buy visas at bank kiosks just before passport control for US$15 (two stamps go on free page in passport). Don't even think about hiring a car or driving (use taxis/private car = very cheap), don't use buses/underground. Pay the extra for a 5* hotel (still cheap) (recommend mena house oberoi - pyramid view), or if in centre get room high up to limit noise (city is awake 24hrs). You are much better off using taxis and paying your own entry fees rather than going on tours (cheaper and you can take yor time + avoid the additional sales stops). Places need to see - Pyramids etc at Giza (300 tickets available daily for Kyops pyramid 150 at 8-00 150 at 1-00 (from small kiosk 100yards infront of pyramid entrance) need to queue befgorehand and be lucky. Also visit Saquarra 2 hr) and Memphis (1hr) (t... Read more

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    Sat Sep 06 2003

    Cairo is an extremely fascinating city where history, culture, and metropolis meet. I have mixed reviews because Cairo is intimidating for a female as Egypt is a very male-dominated culture. I suggest a visit to Aswan or Luxor as pollution, crime, and overcrowding is much reduced. The Cairo museum is a must-see.

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    Wed Nov 13 2002

    I've traveled all over the world.. and this is the place to stick the ennama into. Polution, povery, filth, noise, beggers, crime...... you name it... it's all in Cairo !!!! Stayed for 6 days but only needed 6 house to see pyramids & sphynx... NEVER AGAIN.... only wish I could have read my own review before I visited Cairo!!!! N E V E R A G A I N !!!!!

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    Tue Nov 30 1999

    An urban metropol with pyramids right outside the city! :o))

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    Thu Nov 04 1999

    A wild place. Taxis driving down the street at night without their lights on; children pestering you in the streets looking for a baksheesh (tip); and some of the most incredible sights you will ever see.