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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Capital and primate city of Argentina Website

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    Sat Aug 16 2008

    What a wonderful place. City is GORGEOUS. Food, people, shopping, the soccer... its amazing.

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    Sat May 31 2008

    One of the most violent cities in Latin America... You just cant live there.... Your walking down the street with some money in your pocket and all dressed up nice.....In a matter of minutes its all gone.. Another example on how this city is messed up. Its racist to its own people.(Countryside) People only think that Argentina is only Buenos Aires. Oh and one more thing.. the people there are soo ignorant.... Theres this soccer match going on and the visiting team wins..... oh god.... people throw riots violence is everywhere..... the people are just crazy and ignorant... i cant people such people like this exist.. Well anyways just try going to Montevideo, Uruguay where everything is more calm and secure. The people are friendly there and make you feel as if you were at home...... Like i said before Buenos Aires Aregentina is NOT the place to be!!!!!

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    Mon Mar 17 2008

    I was there in December 2007. Had a great time. Lots to see. food was wonderful. Senor Tango was incredible

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    Tue Apr 04 2006

    Take Paris, Rome and Madrid, put them in a blender and there it is: Buenos Aires! It's again a huge city, but I liked it much better than the Brazilian big cities. The arcihtecture is very nice and if they clean it a little here and there it must be really beautiful. The people are very friendly and the food was in 1 word: Good. Unfortunately we saw so much poverty, so much people collecting and eating out of the garbage. I think it's a pity Europe spends so much money helping moslims meanwhile Europeans in Latin America are having a really hard time. Anyway, I loved it, hope the economy will improve soon

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    Sun Feb 19 2006

    ya bueno aires is pretty cool but I still think that mexico city is the best of latin america there is nothing like it and also it's the largest city on earth!!..

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    Wed Nov 16 2005

    I liked Buenos Aires. It is a very European-type city. The food is good enough. Nice steaks if you know where to go: La Brigada 5495 San Telmo in that really old neighborhood near downtown and Puerto Madero. The people are very beautiful. If you like to watch people or leer lecherously at people, this may be the place for you. Prostituion is common. Be careful when going into strip joints. Personally, I'd avoid it altogether, but if that is your thing, go in a large group. If you don't expect to be presented with the bill for some girls drinks. I haven't experienced this first hand, but was warned by the locals. Buenos Aires has a great night life. But it is really a early morning life as things don't really start cooking until midnight. By midnight I am ready for bed so I missed most of this. The hot clubs get too packed for people like me. I am not into queueing for a few hours to go into a super loud dance club and it be too busy to get a beverage let alone actually ... Read more

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    Thu Mar 03 2005

    to european...

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    Fri Aug 20 2004

    The City!! great place, great people, great food, a nice charming city.

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    Fri Apr 16 2004

    one of the worlds great cities

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    Sat Sep 09 2000

    People (european and american) think that Latin America is like Africa. They don't realize that after Europe and USA we are the richest area of the world. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguai and Chile are 4 very interesting and beauitful contries of South America. People from Argentina are very rude and unpolite but all the world know that they are rich. So, because of argentina, European and americans don't have as much prejudice as they would have against us.

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    Thu May 18 2000

    (Other than the fact that it's misspelled...) ..ahem, ahem... Buenos Aires is the funnest, prettiest most cosmopolitan city in Latin America. Reminds you more of Paris, or rome than of any other place in America, and the people....uuuff.. just take a walk on the streets...!

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    Thu Dec 02 1999

    Interesting, but not hospitable.

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    Tue Nov 30 1999

    Evita's home city! :o)

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    Thu Nov 25 1999

    I know that it is a little cliche, but this truly is more of European city than Latin American. It has the cultured, slightly snobby feel of a Paris, while at the same time preserving some of the Latin Warmth. Check out La Recoleta for dinner - it's worth a visit.

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    Tue Oct 26 1999

    Gorgeous European style city. Unlike any other city in Latin America.