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    Sat Nov 12 2011

    Wow, so many similar stories. I rented a truck from Budget earlier this year, no major issues with that. So based on price I rented again, a larger truck. I called 4 PM the day before my rental to confirm my reservation, was told by the rep my truck would be ready at 8 AM the next day. An hour later and they called me back and left a message "Corporate says we do not have the truck you rented, nor do they have any in the area". My movers deposit was already made, lost $200 since I had no truck to use. Budget Corporate customer service was unapologetic and had no suggestions what they would do about it.

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    Fri Nov 11 2011

    Terrible Customer Service! Dont Rent from Budget. We were moving from San Diego To Houston. We rented a truck and Trailer to tow our car and we purchased the budget insurance. Our 3rd night we spent the night in San Antonio and we woke up and our truck and car had been stolen. I call budget and they tell me I must talk to the loss prevention dept. I am transferred to voice mail and its says I will be contacted in 1 business day. 2 days go by I hear nothing. The police findthe truck Rammed into a tree and the only thing left is my washer and dryer. I call budget again and customer service says its in the hands of loss prevention. I leave another message telling them the truck was found and at the impound. They finally call me back and give me their insurance adjuster who tells me that the insurance I purchased does not cover my items if stolen only if they were damaged or lost in an accident. They dont offer any type of protection for your cargo if the truck is stolen so beware! So af... Read more

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    Sun Nov 06 2011

    I just wish I would have read the reviews or asked around before reserving a truck with Budget. I reserved a 10 foot truck on October 25th to pick up on Saturday November 5th. I received the confirmation with the understanding that if a truck was not available at the specific location I chose, that Budget would find a convenient location for the pick up. Not only do I get a call at 3:30pm on Friday November 4th to tell me that there was no truck available at the reserved location, but there was none available at any of the 4 convenient locations. In addition the person who called said she hasn't had a truck on the lot in 4 days. My first question, the obvious one is why did you wait until less than 24 hours from my pick up time to tell me this? She apologized and gave me the Budget main number to call. I did and the representative said she would have the inventory manager call me within 2 hours. When that did not happen, I called them back and they inform me that the Inventory manager... Read more

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    Wed Aug 17 2011

    Don't EVER rent a Budget Truck. Even if you reserve the truck weeks in advance the will call you up the night before and tell you it isn't available and they won't even be able to give you an estimate for when the truck will be ready. Worst customer service ever and very unapologetic for running a crappy business. Screwed us over on our move and didn't even care. Go yo Uhaul or Penske even it's a couple hundred more because they are great businesses that treat customers right.

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    Fri Aug 12 2011

    I would never use Budget Truck Rental or recommend. My son made an reservation a week in advance for a truck he was moving into an apartment at college. Three hours before we where going to pick up the truck he receives a call that the truck was not available. I called for a manager or someone in charge several times never received a call back know one cared or made any effort to work out other arrangements. This company is unprofessional and unreliable..... they belong in the Hall of shame.....

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    Sun Jul 17 2011

    Humm..... where to begin? Well actually I had fun driving the truck. That was probably the best thing about moving. However, the reason I am writing this is to give all you folks a heads up on Budget rental scams. There were two in my experience. I reserved a 24 foot truck online several days in advance. So... At the time of pickup, they tried to give me a 16 foot truck for the price of a 24 foot. When I pointed this out they complied politely, but I didn't appreciate the level of unprofessional business tactics. Also, I was told that I shouldn't be surprised if the fuel gauge wasn't on full because the gauge didn't reach to full on that particular truck. When I returned the truck I also filled it up as per the customer agreement and SHAZAM! the gauge went up to the FULL mark - its a miracle- *BE AWARE* This is where they make an additional $12 or more per rental. If you put in 3-4 gallons more than they had in the truck then that's money they are not spending per vehicle.... Read more

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    Fri Jul 08 2011

    This is the WORSE company I have ever delt with...first I reserved a truck to move from Ala to Oh the day before they told me they didn't have it. After many calls I was told a truck would be ready at reservation time it wasn't until 4 hrs later which means I couldn't move on time. On the road I noticed that semi trucks kept gettin really close to me then I realized it was because I HAD NO BREAK LIGHTS. When I finally made it I went to unload my truck and realized that everything in the back of the truck was wet, my acoustic guitar, baby crib, expensive dresses and photos ruined!!!!!! Apparently the rain had leaked in. I was told I had to send in a claim. The claims dept called me and said they hadn't had anymore claims on that truck so they couldn't do anything when I contested and told the lady we had nothing else to discuss and that I would be talking to her boss she called me ignorant and hung up in my face. I will be contacting her boss and the attorney general because one thing I... Read more

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    Tue Jul 05 2011

    DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!! Wish I could give it zero stars. They overbooked and didn't tell me until the day before my move that I had no truck. After being left high and dry by the pick-up location that told me of the failure to be able to honor my confirmed reservation, I called Budget and they tried (supposedly) to find me a truck. When I called to find out the status of the search, it was like they had no idea who I was. So the search begins (again?). They end up finding me a truck over 30 miles away. They oh so generously offered not to charge me for the extra miles I would have to drive so far out of my way due to THEIR mistake. They absolutely would not give me any kind of discount or reimbursement to compensate for the $40 extra in gas it would cost me to pick up at the new location and I didn't even bring up the 2 hours of extra driving I would have to do on my moving day! I spent so much time on the phone with customer service and various supervisors and it came down ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 29 2011

    Supposed to pick up a truck today and guess what? NO trucks on the entire lot and no help in trying to find another one!!!! We are now stuck without a moving truck because everyone else is sold out.... DO NOT rent from them!!!!!!!!!

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    Sun Jun 26 2011

    ZERO STARS. Plain and simple. Never rent from Budget. Along with all the rest of the individuals posting here, I too reserved a truck in good faith -- this, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I confirmed my reservation, and on the day and at the time of designated pick up, found no trucks at the facility. I mean that literally -- there was no a single truck available at the facility. I had only that day -- it was a Sunday -- in which to move out of my apartment, and I was forced to scramble after a truck at UHaul, as others have done, and UHaul served me well. Note that Budget will charge the renter a $50 "No-Show" fee, but will offer no reimbursement of any kind if they and their trucks fail to "show up." This nasty little fact illustrates the filthy and indecent corporate mentality of Budget. They are, in a word, the worst. AVOID.

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    Tue Jun 07 2011

    Aweful! I will NEVER use or recommend Budget ever again. I reserved my truck a whole week in advance. The day of my move there was no truck available and no one contacted me to inform me. After three calls to customer service and being placed on hold a total of 2 hours a representative finally got on the line to inform me there were no trucks available and I would have to drive two hours out of my way to get a truck if I wanted one. Their representatives were rude and did not care that I had lost time, money, and had been greatly inconvenienced. I contacted Uhaul, after hearing my horror story with Budget they promptly found me a truck and even reduced the price per mile rate.

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    Wed May 25 2011

    Wow I should have read this site before I rented...here's my horror story BEWARE: This location will file false claim against you when you return your truck. I rented a truck last year and brought it back in working order - 8 months later I get a call from collections saying that I had damaged the truck by putting gas instead of diesel in it. I showed proof that I put diesel in and they still want me to pay....keep all your receipts if you go through this shady company.

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    Wed Mar 30 2011

    I love bunget because they always have new trucks but what happened to me is: I rented a truck and actually trusted the workers to do everything right. I drove the truck 25 miles and returned it. They charged me for 173 miles. Either someone there drove the truck before me or they charged me for someone else mileage. BEFORE YOU SIGN! CHECK THE MILEAGE OUT AND IN!!!!!!!!!

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    Mon Mar 28 2011

    Well let me tell you about the nightmare of experiences we had with budget... We called Budget to rental a 16 foot truck on our move to relocate. We reserved our truck 2 weeks in advance putting a deposit down to have it reserved. The day had finally arrived to pick up the truck to get it loaded and go on with our journey to relocate. Well needless to say an hour before we were to pick up our truck we had reserved we got notification that our truck was not available. They didnt have a truck for us. We called customer service and no one seemed to care. well our pick up time for the truck rental was 12 noon. After speaking to alot of people through Budget they finally found us a truck 4 hours later and we had to drive 30 minutes to pick the truck up. and 30 minutes back to start the loading. We also keep in mind had a 4 hour drive ahead of us for the relocation. We got our truck at 4:00 p.m. On our drive back from the Dayton, Ohio location where we picked up the truck. They tell you the... Read more

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    Fri Mar 25 2011

    I wish I could give no stars. They took my online reservation and confirmed it with two different emails. Only when I called the pick-up location to re-confirm was I told no truck was there yet (this was the day before). I got the number from the pick-up location and called Budget to ensure a truck would be there on the day of the pick-up. I was told they had nothing in the area. Nice way to run your company. I feel like I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't called; they obviously weren't going to call and tell me this. Also, don't accept and confirm reservations if you don't have anything available. Stay away!!!!!

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    Sat Mar 19 2011

    I should have found this site before I made the reservation. Made a reservation from Budget in S. McAllen, TX for a 15 ft. van, car trailer and furniture pads. Showed up in the evening to pick it up and the truck was 5 years old with nearly 100,000 miles and I'm going to drive cross country in this the next day and no furniture pads to be found but of course that was the only truck they had. Left the next day and it was so noisy and the steering so loose I didn't think I would make it very far. The noisy cabin was a result of none of the four engine compartment holddown clamps in the cabin being fastened and before the first gas stop the check engine light came on. Checked the oil and it was not even showing up on the dipstick and I had to buy 2 gts. of oil. I somehow made it to my destination and wanted to drop off the car dolly as I had no place to put it at my destination so I could unload my posessions. The clerk said no, that was not allowed. When I finally returned the truck and ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 02 2011

    We rented a 26 ft. Chevy van body truck for moving purposes. The local Budget depot issued us the wrong number truck. (We almost had problems returning the truck at our arrival point) The truck was in need of service badly! The windshield wipers were shot, and the interstate we traveled was wet so, driving was tough. While driving through Minneapolis, I was almost thankfull when a semi passed me, the spray would wet the windshield so the wipers could work for a bit. The windshield washer fluid was frozen, obviously several unnecessary stops were required to be safe, we ended up purchasing a new wiper and I doubt we will be paid for that. The truck got poor mileage for a diesel. The head lights were way out of adjustment, again creating poor safety conditions. In the cab, several portions of trim were loose and rattled extremely loudly, made for a long irritating 6 hr trip. Due to the frequent stops to clean the winshield, an hour or more time was added to our trip. Both batteries on th... Read more

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    Mon Feb 28 2011

    Budget Truck rental was a total disappointment. I reserved the truck 48 hours in advance online and called 24 hrs. in advance to my local pickup point. Sure they said, the truck will be here. The following evening about 30 mins. prior to my local pickup point closing they called and said they had no truck for me. Left me no contact information for followup or anything. Since I rented online, I found the customer service number, and called. They said no problem, we'll call you back in two hours...needless to say they never returned the call and when I called back the customer support was closed and said they would be open at 6:00 am. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH BUDGET RENTAL and I recommend that you don't either. UHaul, although a bit pricier, was much more user friendly and had a truck on the lot, SAME DAY! Todd L. Wayne/Livingston County Michigan

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    Beware of Budget Rental. My family was moving from NJ to FL and we was on a limited budget, so we went with the cheaper of the self moving companies (Budget). Got to the dealer to pick up the truck and car carrier. Well the cheapest jumped almost $300. from quoted price. Reasons was special taxes (not just sales tax), insurances (that I was told I did not need during quote and was not told was on my final bill, found this after I was in FL). Because I was under the gun, I had to take the truck. He brought the truck out and I got to be honest, I've seen cars that was crashed look better then this truck. Opened the door and it was so dirty, I was shocked. The car trailer was so beat up they had to pound the fenders out so the tires would not rub. I knew then this was a joke. But again, I was under the gun. Made the move, it was a long 3 day trip. Got to Florida and called customer service once I noticed the special charges (special tax and insurance). First customer service ... Read more

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    Fri Jan 28 2011

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    Sat Jan 15 2011

    01/15/2011 'DO NOT USE" 'DO NOT USE" 'DO NOT USE" Mastercraft Rentals for Budget, in Manahawkin NJ. 'DO NOT USE" Wish I had checked out this page before placing order. Had reservation to pick up in NJ and return to Pa. Husband called the day before to confirm all good. Drove 2.5 hours to pick up truck, half way through the process of filling out the paperwork they informed husband that there was a mistake on reservation he could not drop truck off in Pa. had to bring back to NJ. Which would mean a total of 5 more hours of driving 2.5 to bring truck back and 2.5 hours back to pa. and gas for the rental truck and car. Not an option. Posting this to help prevent someone else from going through an experience where you have people lined up to help you move and and you get screwed. Would never work with Budget again.

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    Sat Dec 25 2010

    I ordered a Budget truck for moving online and received a confirmation that I was all set. 4 pm the day before the move, the local truck office staff called me to say they didn't have trucks available (and never had had any available).... i got the customer service number and spoke to a number of rude people who were not able to help me get a new truck and had a bad attitude. So despite booking in advance and receiving a confirmation, you may not have a truck.... It really put me in a bind and I had to call a bunch of other truck companies last minute which luckily worked out. Never using Budget trucks again, and wouldn't recommend it

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    If you are ever moving, DO NOT use Budget Truck Rental. They may be the cheapest but don't try to save a few dollars because trust me it is not worth it. The first truck we were supposed to pick up didn't have brakes so we had to drive an hour and a half out of our way to get another truck. Once we loaded the truck up, we didn't even get an hour out of town before it overheated. We called roadside assistance who couldn't even find Surprise, Arizona on a map (there are two Budget rental locations in this city). They told us to wait 30-45 minutes and if we didn't hear back to call them again. We waited and no word so we called and got the same answer, this went on for over 6 hours. We even offered to pick up a new truck and move everything into that so we could get on the road but they said they couldn't authorize that yet. So we spent the night in a hotel, lost a day of travel and we are still waiting to see what will happen. Through this whole situation, customer service was u... Read more

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    Tue Dec 14 2010

    Tax is not included in your on-line reservation at all, so check for local and specialty taxes. I had to have my rental contract printed three times: They just printed it when I showed up....I had to add an additional driver. Then again when I was not given any options for insurance.....and finally printed. (insurance options are not available on line at all, much less what they cover. I returned the truck early....yes early, but 50 minutes before the store opened, so I stuck the keys in the box, and ......I got charged a $10 drop-off fee.....if I had sat and waited until the store opened I would not have been charged, but did anyone bother to tell me that......nope. Truck was so covered with scratches and dents the original sheet documenting damages basically said everything. I will never rent from them again.

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    Tue Dec 14 2010

    I recently reserved a 10' truck for a move 3 weeks in advance. The day before the move, the pickup location calls and tells me they have no truck for me. He gives me the budget main number where i'm supposed to call so they can find me a truck on another location. I call. They tell me they have no 10' trucks anywhere in the 50 mile radius. Haven't had any for months apparently. When i point out the fact that their website let me reserve it, they inform me that the reservation does NOT in fact guarantee a truck. All it does is guarantee a price. I'm not sure they understand what the word 'reserve' means. Meanwhile their website will still let you reserve a 10' truck even though they don't have any. They find me a 15' truck 20 miles away. I agree to take it cause i have no choice at that point. 2 hours later they call me again to tell me that that truck is not available either. Also their inventory people are gone for the day so they can't find me another one. I'll have to wait for the... Read more

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    Sat Dec 11 2010

    TRIP FROM HELL and all due to Budget! I reserved a 16' truck and tow dolly to use to move from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA. My dad flew into town and we picked up the truck on 12/5/10. They didn't have a tow dolly, so they gave us a tow trailer instead, which was fine with us. We put my car on the trailer and left Denver 12/6 a.m. About 200 miles into the trip, the gauges on the truck stopped working. Couldn't tell how fast we were going, how much gas we had, or anything else. But the truck seemed to run okay other than that so we kept going until we could find a gas station, where we pulled over, got some gas, and tried to restart the truck, and it wouldn't start. It didn't even try to turn over. So I called the Roadside Assistance number and was on hold for at least 30 mins. before someone answered. I told the woman our situation and said we needed help so she told us she would have dispatch call us back with info. We waited almost an hour, and no call from dispatch. We were blocking ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    As far as I can tell, the people who work for Budget Truck Rental are little more than a cabal of dirtbags, content to let their customers suffer while they soak them for every penny they can. It’s amazing that a company this poor can stay in business as long as they have. I rented a 16’ truck from an office in Boulder, Colorado for a move to the East Coast. When I first picked up the truck, the first red flag should have been the guy’s comment, “It’s an old truck, but it’ll run great.” I should have stopped right there and demanded a better truck, but I didn’t, and I regret that. Two days into the drive, the engine began to run hot. I stopped, called roadside assistance to report the problem, and they told me I would get a phone call from someone within a half hour. 90 minutes later, no call, and so I checked the coolant levels to find that it was empty, filled it myself, and tried to continue on. Didn’t get much further, and so I stopped and called again, this time demanding ... Read more

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    I recently rented a truck from Tucson to Showlow Az. The truck was dirty, had old blankets in it, the brakes were bad, was recieved less than full and had to return it full! I used to refer people to budget trucks, seems to me they are just as good/bad as the other guy. My truck was dangerous, dirty and unacceptable. CDL, 11-30-10

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    Sat Nov 27 2010

    Never, ever rent from Budget. After reserving a truck, traveling 200 miles with my family to pick up some furniture from my in-laws, Budget had over booked and had no truck. In fact, they said they had five reservations for three trucks, and that I merely reserved the rate not the truck when I made my reservation. Unbelievably, they then charged me as a no show. Sounds like they thought I was reserving more than the rate. Customer service was horrible. No effort was made to make good. Thankfully Penske had a truck. They were far more professional and customer oriented. Budget just didn't care.

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    Fri Nov 26 2010

    Reserved a truck 2 weeks in advance, only to find out on moving day that they had no trucks, and haven't had a truck there in weeks. They recommended we drive an hour away to see if maybe they had a truck... Absolutely terrible

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    Thu Nov 25 2010

    Rented a truck from Budget 2 weeks before the move. I was worried after reading reviews about trucks not being available on the reserved day, but when I got there the truck was ready and the lady giving it to us even found a way to save more money from the online quote I had received. The truck was clean and ran great and got better gas mileage than I had anticipated. (It was a 24 foot truck and got 11 miles to the gallon.) I had no trouble returning it. Both the picking up and returning took less than 5 minutes on each end. I would definitely use them again. Their quote was $300 less than u-haul, and had no complications and the customer service on both ends was awesome!

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    Budget is the most awful Company that you could rent from. Many people feel to get mad at the retailers, but it's the companies fault for not caring about their customers or employee's. Some one I personally know has a small business that tried to do retail for them at one point, but they would always send out broken down trucks and mess with people's reservations by taking the trucks from the business that it was too much for him to take. I am in no way affiliated with the company but from everything I heard and seen with my own eyes this company is just awful. In no form or fashion would I recommend the use of this company to anyone if they have an alternative.

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    Sun Nov 21 2010

    THE MOST GOD AWFUL EXPERIENCE.. I was told when i pick up my truck to leave the keys in the drop box because he's leaving the dump of a "business" at noon..It wasn't worth it for him to stick around and that we'll do the paperwork the next morning..So, I returned the truck after filling up the tank and was at his dump to complete the paper work..He wasn't their (of course) and some guy filling the bed of his pick up truck with garbage said he was at "jury duty". He said I could complete the paper work at the Ausintown location. I called there the next morning and some hillbilly told me that i returned the truck without refilling. I been getting the run around ever since.. DON'T EVER USE BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL AND DON'T EVER DEAL WITH ERNIE (THE BIGGEST BACKWARD ASS HICK LIER THERE IS) BOARDMAN,OHIO 44512... I rather strap my belongings onto my back than use Budget rental !!!!!!!!!!

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    Absolutely the worst moving company I have ever dealt with! The truck was 2 hours late and the trailer that we had scheduled and paid for far in advance did not show up until 9 HOURS after we had scheduled for it to arrive. There was no apology or anything, took them forever to return phone calls and every employee we talked with was completely ignorant about the company and what was going on. (or else they did and didn't care!) We ended up missing our move-in date because of this company and our first day of work. They said to call in to customer service to receive some money back and all they were willing to give us were a few coupons for our next visit! YeAH RIGHT- like we will ever consider using this moving company again! Then when we arrived to our new town, we realized the hitch our trailer was connected to was completely messed up and had been welded many times before. We are so lucky that it didn't break before arriving, but it snapped apart on our way to return the tra... Read more

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    Wed Nov 17 2010

    I would give this awful company no stars! Our original reservation was to pick up the truck at 11:00am on Saturday. Upon arriving at the pickup place, they had no knowledge of the reservation, nor did they have any trucks. After calling everywhere and finding no trucks available within 100 miles, we had to leave. Phone calls to Budget customer service told us that we are not reserving equipment, merely reserving a price. Eventually, we were called at about 4:00 pm to let us know a truck was available. We were told that the rental would start at 11:00am on the next day, Sunday since we didn't get it in time to use it on Saturday. Upon attempting to return the truck, we drove through Petoskey 3 times, stopping at the police station and 2 other places looking for the address, as well as calling Budget 2 times. We eventually found the place 3 hours after we should have been able to find it. It was located in the country without any signs or any way of knowing that it was a Bud... Read more

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    Mon Nov 01 2010

    Reserved a truck online 3 weeks in advance. I made contact with moving guys to come help at 9am the Saturday of the move. I called the Budget place where I was renting the truck the afternoon before the move and the guy says everything was set and he would see me on Saturday morning. We arrive at 8am to pick up the truck. The guy stated that Budget customer service was supposed to call me that morning and let me know there were no trucks available, but the day before when I called there was. I told him we had movers coming at 9am and needed a truck. He calls customer service and the closest location to get a truck was 3 hours away. I was so irritated. The guy at the shop said if we were so mad at Budget then we needed to speak with them directly and handed us the phone. I am so mad at this company and wouldn't recommend them to anyone no matter the price. We ended up having to rush to the UHaul place down the road and luckily the guy was able to get us a bigger truck at the same pric... Read more

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    Fri Oct 29 2010

    Made a reservation a week prior. Received confirmation code. Told to call 24 hours to verify. (Should have been suspicious.) I verified. Site in Hartford says: I have no trucks. They keep making online reservations but give me no trucks. I have turned customers away today. No-one calls me to ask if I have trucks. He gave me the customer service which told me my reservation is okay. They will have the regional I don't know what call in two hours to confirm. I received a call in two hours. I was told that the truck will be on site the afternoon before my next morning pickup and not to worry. I explained I am traveling 3 hours to pick up a one way and I had hired two people. Are we sure. She told me I was good. I arrived for pickup in Hartford the next morning. The manager was irrate. Said he told me they (Budget) had not sent trucks in two weeks. There are none. He asked if I wanted a ten footer. I can't move a household three States away with a 10 footer! I called the regional manager... Read more

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    Wed Oct 27 2010

    Company falsely advertised truck rental was "reserved". Received two e-mails stating truck was reserved only to receive a courtesy call from where I was to pick rental up, that there was no truck(s) at facility or any contact from Budget. After contacting customer service, was told someone would contact me within the hour which I had to call. They indicated "sorry for the inconveinence" but still trying to locate truck. All of this after paid for one way air travel and made many scheduling appts (under pressure) to move. Thank goodness U-Haul was able to come through for a few dollars more but now I know why. My recommendation is not to do business with Budget truck rental. They should at least have the courtesy to contact the customer and also stop falsely notifying customer they have a rental reserved.

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    Tue Oct 19 2010

    I booked a 14 ft truck 2 months prior to my move on July 31, 2010. I confirmed 3 days prior to my move and they still ended up giving the truck away. They did not bother to call me and I just happed to have a "funny" feeling that Budget Rent a Truck was not going to deliver. I had no option, but to move the 31 st. I found out at noon that there were NO trucks available in a 200 miles radius. (I booked a one way move from Abingdon VA to Roanoke, VA.) I found a 16 foot truck cancellation and had to travel BOTH ways from Roanoke and paid a $100.00 MORE. (16 ft and more gas) The worst part is I had to be grateful it.... HMFFF. I cannot recommend this company at all!!!!! I felt I had fixed plans, confirmations in place and they let me down. I felt sorry for the ladies running the local franchises as it is Head office who apparently are the idiots in not delivering and these ladies get the flack. Upon complaining about the $100,00, - I was promised a refund. To date.... they did... Read more

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    Mon Oct 18 2010

    waited over 1 1/2 hour for help then found out the truck that i reserved through an actual agent wasn't available. so after a comprimise i took another vehicle it was filthy and when i returned it i filled the gas to the point where it was over flowing they tried to charge me more and say it wasn't full. horrible customer service and rude people. will carry items on my back b4 i ever set foot in thier building again.

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    Sun Oct 10 2010

    Zero stars. Minus five stars. Stay far, far away from this company - you might lose your life. On August 14, 2010, we rented a 16-foot truck (No. 664450) in Harrisonburg, VA with the intention of being in Payson, UT on the 22nd of August. On the Sunday the 15th, as soon as we got on the freeway and reached 60 miles per hour, the truck began swaying from side to side in a violent manner. I was fighting to keep the vehicle upright and trying to stop the harmonic motion with compensatory steering, but it was almost a losing battle; braking seemed to make things worse. Rolling a fully-loaded van at 60 on a busy freeway would have been death. As it was, we just about had heart attacks anyway - but we were thankful to have been spared death or disaster. To say the least, this was terrifying. After we got pulled over and calmed down a bit, we called Budget Roadside Assistance, and got the answer that a dispatcher would call us back in 30 minutes to tell us what to do. We decided to trundle ... Read more

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    Fri Oct 01 2010

    Budget Truck Rental has caused the loss of almost everything we own and is responsible for the death of our pet. Please think again about what truck rental company you trust with your posessions and your safety!!! We made a very costly mistake choosing Budget Truck Rental and I am so sorry that my pet has paid the ultimate price with its life for Budget Truck Rentals inhumane acts and Brutally carelss disregard of our lives and safety. The first Budget Rental truck we recieved was not fit to drive off the lot. We returned it after pulling out of thier driveway. The second Budget Rental Truck that we recieved stunk like cat pee and cigars inside the cab. there was a hole punched in the side of the cargo area. It beeped when you stopped and it would not go faster than 35mph uphill. The seconnd truck broke down in the desert of CA. We called Budget to help us and they said that they were on their way. I found a couple trees and thankfully a water spigot in a closed church parking lot... Read more

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    Thu Sep 30 2010

    1 star I would rate my experience 0 stars if the option was available. I reserved a truck (1 way rental) on Sunday for pick up on the following Thursday. Received a confirmation e-mail from Budget. On moving day I went to pick up the truck. No trucks available! No one ever called me. I received a confirmation e-mail several days earlier. I thought everything was ok. They apologized and offered me a discount on a future truck. LMFAO. Caveat emptor.

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    Wed Sep 29 2010


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    Mon Sep 27 2010

    Horrible customer service! Never got the truck, so can not review their equipment, but reserved a truck and car hauler and received a call 10 minutes prior to the pick up time stating they did not have what I reserved. I cancelled my order with the lady that called from Budget because they screwed up and they still charged my credit card for a "no show" fee because I didn't pick up my equipment that they didn't have...RIDICULOUS! Went to UHaul and had a great experience, great customer service. DO NOT use Budget!!!!