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    Wed Oct 28 2009

    In December of 1996 a friend and I traveled from Vienna to Budapest by train. Pulling into the city, I was shocked at how filthy and derelict everything looked. Buildings covered with graffiti. Windows smashed out. Trash, broken glass, and tons of dog shit in the streets. It was beyond shabby. It was downright spectacular in its awfulness, like some set for a post-apocalypse sci-fi movie. And it was downhill from there. As we were walking from the train station to our hotel, a man approached us and asked if we'd be interested in trading currency with him. We ignored him and kept walking. He quickly dropped behind us and disappeared, and almost immediately two other men came up to us, identified themselves as police, promptly accused us of trading on the black market, and asked to see our passports. What the hell? Were they two con artists pretending to be police? Or were they police who also happened to be con artists? Was there really any difference? At this point I was... Read more

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    Sat Aug 15 2009

    Hi people! Dont listen to does stupid hungarian guys, who thinks hungary is shit...Thats a nice country, they life is shit, not the country, and they think if they leav the country they'll become rich and famous person...You can find so many people of them, what is bad, but do not listen to them. We are not fasist, we dont kick the tourist ass ect... but its true, we dont like the goverment, couse he sell everything what the country has, robber it, and he IS NOT Hungarian (communist...) <- some ppl thinks of the last sentens 'we are fasist couse I've writen down' no Im not but thats the true...

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    Mon Jun 15 2009

    This city is one of the most fascinating cities I have visited. You might walk around saying is this 1985, but once you get out of the post-communist shock you will see that the city is full of vibrancy. There are endless things to do in city and the Budavári Labirintus should be on the top of the list. Also, goulash should be consumed morning, noon, and night since the paprika does not get any fresher then in Budapest! Also, the BATHS are the main reason to go to Budapest. I loved them so much I will be back in November to lounge at Szechenyi baths!

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    Sun Mar 01 2009

    First of all. I'm (unfortunatley) hungarian. And I HATE hungary. Sbody said that hungarian aren't have "national pride". Well my friends I tell u a little secret: if sbody has "national pride" some other hungarian says it's racist and fascist.So it's a bit hard to be proud of our country. As I said I hate my country, I feel I'm not belong to there. This country is a fucking joke! I can't wait to leave!And to tell u the truth: the hungarian want to rip off their OWN compatriot not just the torists!!! So it's sad but it's true. Budapest is suck!!! If anyone has question or want advice just write me! [email protected] I'm not as unfriendly as i seem! :) Kedves magyar társaim, akik olvastok! Tegyétek a szívetekre a kezeteket így márc. 15-ikéhez közeledve: vajon ebben a mai Magyarországban mennyire lehetünk büszkék magunkra és arra ahogyan külföldiekkel bánunk? (Tisztelet a kivételnek!!!)

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    Mon Feb 23 2009

    I've been in Hungary for some years and living amongst the Hungarians. Not some "expat areas" like Buda where they may treat you better thinking you some diplomats. I have to agree with a reviewer who said something about how Hungarians treat foreigners when you live among them. Those who gives great reviews, I believe may have been living or lived in some good tourist areas or expat areas. I could only find a handful of people who would actually help you if you are in trouble. Again I say not all of them are unhelpful, but many are. You don't speak Hungarian, they treat you like nothing. They expect foreigners to speak their language but they themselves refuse to speak any other language but their own. Few would want to speak to you in English, even if they can speak. Why can't the country be more foreigner friendly? More English here and there? Wouldn't their people benefit from it too instead of having to pay thousands for English lessons which in the end they can't even use ... Read more

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    Thu Feb 12 2009

    I F%^KING hate this piece of shit country. Hungarians are haters and don't want anyone to succeed even their OWN country men....!!! Girls aren't that pretty, my family came to visit (AND they are not fat , like all you ignorant Hungarians think all Americans are) they kept pointing and asking if the girls here were crack-heads cause they looked so unhealthy...I'm just saying these people (Magyars) act so proud and they have nothing to be proud of.... Hungary , plain and simple.... S_U_C_K_S.!

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    Wed Nov 05 2008

    I suggest coming to take in the views along the Danube in a few hundred years after the Hungarians have died out due to a declining birthrate. I've been living for two years in a town outside Budapest and still, every time I get on the bus people stare at me like they want me dead. Its unbelievable. As a consumer I'm invariably faced with suspicion and even stone cold hatred for no reason at all--it's completely irrational. I'm so sick of it! What is wrong with these people??? Hungarians are only civil to an outsider if they "know you" as a neighbor or you were introduced by a mutual friend. Don't be fooled--they would be spitting on you if they weren't constrained by association. Sorry, this is not a culture worthy of respect and understanding like other cultures of Europe and the world. In this regard it is exceptional. I'm tired of hearing the lament that your tragic history is to account for how fu**ed up you are. There are countless other places in the world that have been ... Read more

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    Thu Oct 30 2008

    Another bullshit comment from a hungarian about their narrow-minded pathetic country...

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    Mon Oct 27 2008

    Hi! I am a Hungarian, though studying abroad for 4 years now so I can see the country a little bit with a foreigner's eye. I understand a lot of the concerns about Hungary but what I notice every time i go home is that people, especially the youngsters are changing for the better. They are the ones who travel and speak languages (or try to), more open minded etc. I think the unfriendliness of poeple just comes from the fact that they are 'afraid' of foreginers, especially the older generation.It is something they cannot cope with and have not learnt how to adopt to it. Even the younger generation is shocked by their behavior sometimes e.g. the way they fight for a seat on the bus etc. It is not a bad country though, but still improving. I think the change of mentality needs some years.So sorry guys, we need a little patience...:)) I personally think that smaller towns (Debrecen, eger, Pecs, Szeged)and of course, Lake Balaton, are way better to visit than Budapest.

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    Thu Sep 04 2008

    I'm a hungarian, and I hate the whole fucking land!!! Beautiful girls? Mostly are a bitch! This land will die! I hope soon! I HATE IT!!! FUCKING SHIT! VERY FUCKING SHIT!

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    Fri Aug 29 2008

    Budapest is an amazing city. First the girls are extremely beautiful. The architecture is astounding and riding a bike or simply wallking the city is highly recommended. Regarding the taxis, be careful, always get a ticket to ride before you get in the cab or negotiate the rate before you get in the cab!!! The food is ok, but the fish soup is a must. The desserts and marzipan chocolates compete with the best in the world.

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    Mon May 26 2008

    Just been to Hungary for a friend's wedding - Lake Balaton comes recommended. Budapest, on the other hand, a visit to St Stephen's, a 2 tour of the city tour bus, an overnight stay in a decent hotel is all you need for this city... Its all about ripping off the tourists with sneaky tactics - dont feel embarassed about negotiating prices if you are unsure - watch out the taxi cabbies don't take you for an expensive 'tour' Budapest...forget about it..

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    Fri May 02 2008

    I can't wait to get out of this fucked up country!!! I never belonged to this place. Hungarians are the worst kind of people on Earth! I can't stand the mentality, the character, the attitude, the thinking of these people! They have a nasty "without any reason" self-confidence, and they are brainwashed. They are primitive, unsmiling, unfriendly, unmoral, dishonest bastards and the hungarian girls are the biggest bitches and snobs in the world. The boys aren't better.

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    Sat Mar 22 2008

    I, unfortunately, live in Budapest. Came here for a vacation, which totally sucked in every possible way, but I did find a silver cloud that kept me here: my boyfriend and now husband. Its been almost 2 years and after starting out with a pretty open mind about history and former communist cultures I've found that the place insufferable and a terrible place to attempt to do business (you'll never make it). The parliment is worse than the American goverment, the hospitals will not treat you if zou do not have a national insurance card or a passport and unlimited visa-mastercard. No matter how severe the problem. The doctors are incompetent and will not speak english even if they know how. The hospitals, even the best in the country, put horror films to shame. Socially there's about 4 places that are semi-interesting but not really. It's a nice place to check out if you are here for a week... maximum. Life here ain't precious and that's probably why everyone cheats or refuses to oust the... Read more

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    Thu Mar 06 2008

    I have been coming to this city Budapest for years and at first i enjoyed coming here but now I cannot stand the place. I try to not judge people negatively and of course there are exceptions to the rule but for the most part, the people are rude, narrow minded, and extremely cold-hearted not to mention incredibly nationalistic. For the most part, they think foriegners are stupid so this is one reason behind there deceitful ways but I am amazed that they truly believe they are fooling anyone. A significant portion of their income is from tourism but they dont seem to care how the tourists are treated at any level. If you ever had a problem or needed help from an injury for example, dont expect passers-by to help you. I have never been in this position but I have heard stories. Perhaps there are valid reasons for their behavior but it is very difficult to justify for my part. It actually could be a terrific place becausue ,physically, Budapest has alot to offer with regard to... Read more

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    Mon Jan 21 2008

    I give hungary 0! I am very well travelled in and out of Europe. If I could give anyone essential advice it would be DO NOT VISIT BUDAPEST! The people are totally backward, racist, rude, ignorant and dishonest (most of them, I met about 3 nice people). It really isnt anything special, its quite depressing actually. People try to scam you all the time even the authorities. My partner and I had some of the worst experiences here. The underground security tried to fine us 30 euros each, claiming our tickets were not valid when they were! An old man tagged around with us for a day and wouldnt go and was asking us for money, which we gave him as he was aggressive and an alcoholic. It was good for one thing though, it made us appreciate coming back home. Im petrified of flying but I have never had such a pleasant flight home!!!! DONT GO!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR BETTER PLACES IN EUROPE!

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    Sun Jan 13 2008

    I also just returned from Budapest and was extremely disappointed in the city. Initially, I was excited to visit this city since I felt Prague was just fantastic and thought that perhaps my American dollar would go further in Buda and Pest. Although it might be a bit less expensive then Prague, the savings did not compensate for the dour and sardonic people I met. Every time I tried to initiate conversation, none of the Hungarians I met were interested in conversing at all. The restaurants were mediocre at best. The only exception being a place called Menza. The bars and clubs were cold and uninteresting, the architecture nothing truly special, and the museums pedestrian except for the rather quirky "House of Terror." I also had several items stolen from me including my camera which really didn't capture any great shots except for the Chain Bridge at night. I would have to say that Budapest is not worth a visit.

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    Tue Jan 01 2008

    Been to Budapest for the New Eve. Terrible experience, they try to rip you off on every occasion, people are very cold and unfriendly, city is very average, food below average and the whole mood of the city is extremly depressed. I strongly belive that any good comments here are written by hungarians, other then architecture I can't find a single bright point and I'm not returning to Hungary ever again.

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    Sun Nov 18 2007

    As a person of color in hungary I have mixed reviews - It could be an amazing place- the best in the world - if there was just a bit more open-mindedness. I find people who are rude to me until the hear my accent then everything changes. I also hear stories about right wing extremists and see them in the streets. It is always said they are a small majority but to have 1 in 4 agree with them is frightening. The city is beautiful but small - i love Paris so no I would not say this is better than Paris architecturally. anyway I would recommend a visit but I am living here and think anything over a couple of weeks is too much!!!

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    Thu Nov 01 2007

    Budapest I think is a great city to visit - It offers great architecture and history but more than a few days is too much. I will be here for a year and after only two months, am itching to leave - I have traveled and stayed in many European countries and just don't find budapest to be very wonderful. The people seem cold and depressed, the food mediocre, the shopping just not high end, the cultural events unaccessible. I speak a little Magyar but not enough to really appreciate the city. Also they don't seem very multicultural here - Way too much xenophobia and racism not to mention corruption - I know its worse in other Eastern european countries but it really makes it even bleaker. It just seems like it should be more International I guess. Theres a lot of untapped potential hope they come around.

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    Tue Oct 16 2007

    Hello All! I'm a hungarian boy, I'm just 15 years old, and I live in Gyor ( in Hungary ) I understand that you are writing. I think hungary is not a bad contry, but most of peoples are unfriendly. I hate Budapest, because It's dirty and a lot of people are very unfriendly. But hungary is not a bad-looking contry. Such as Lake Balaton, and LAke Ferto tó, and a lot of interesting place. I have ever been to England, and I was very amazed, It's a really nice country, and the peoples are most frendlier. I want to live another country. I have a very less friends, I always want to go abroad ( exsecially Western-Europe ). So I don't like hungary very much. We have a very disgusting, and stupid Prime Minister so hungary are going to the breakdown. But In hungary It is a lot of frendlier people, but just the villages... We have a lot of thiefs.. I see! But what about the East-Europe? I have been Romania, Serbia, and Bosnia... It was very interesting... The peoples are very unfriendly, and It is ... Read more

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    Mon Sep 10 2007

    Budapest is a rip off city, as soon as they know you speak english they rip you off at every opportunity, not a nice city at all, not friendly, the only people who say this is a nice city are those that are from hungary or those that have more money than sense and dont even know when they are being ripped off

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    Tue Sep 04 2007

    Don't go to Budapest! Hungary is just ok. There are waaayyyy better countries to visit in Europe and waaayyyy better cities than Budapest. I have met nice hungarians, like people working at my hostel or people I met at work and stuff, but a hungarian on the street or in a shop or restaurant are usually a pretty unfriendly and unsmiling bunch! I've travelled to over 10 countries in Europe and Hungary is by far one of the worst. I also got all my stuff stolen there too, by a group of theives that dressed up as train officials and when I reported this to the police they did nothing. They had cameras and could've rewound them and we told them to do that and they still didn't. Totally worthless police in a country with A LOT of crime! Don't go to Budapest!!!!!

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    Sun Jul 15 2007

    It's interesting to see such mixed reviews. I just spent a couple of days there with my wife, and we were both favorably impressed. Viewed from either side of the Danube, the city offers visions of beauty that I haven't found elsewhere in Europe. (And I'm not just talking about the Hungarian women, whom the other reviewers have rightly praised.) The city's tourist attractions have not been fully exploited yet, as they have in Vienna or Prague; few of the monuments are restored or even marked, which has the advantage of deterring visitors from looking at them. So the city isn't quite as swarming with tourists as you'd find in other European capitals. I noticed that, in the reviews below, the personality of the city's residents seems to be a major object of dispute. Since I don't know anyone there personally, I can't really speak to this question, but I can say that we were treated well there. However, I could also see that without money we would have been regarded completely differently... Read more

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    Thu Jun 28 2007

    I HATE Budapest! I am Canadian, and I have been living here for 3 years already. I can't wait to get out! Hungarians are always talking about how much their country sucks. Well then WHY would I want to stay here? They complain about everything, and their mentality is just nasty! Nobody follows the rules, because if you follow the rules you lose. For example, in University everybody cheats. If you study, you lose. On public transportation, you have to validate a ticket every time you transfer, and the price of each ticket costs more than the price of a multi-transfer ticket in Paris or Madrid... So, people don't buy a ticket. If they catch you, you pay 10 Euros, which is only 1/3 of a monthly pass. So, it is better to NOT buy any ticket or pass at all, and let them catch you 0-3 times per month. It only happens about once per month. Noone pays taxes, and everyone is registered as receiving minimum wage. They get the rest of their salary in an envelope. So, the taxes and ... Read more

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    Sun Nov 26 2006

    I hate Hungary...or at least am tired of the culture. 10 years ago I was here, and came back. Its one thing living amongst an international crowd in Budapest, but try living isolated from anyone but Hungarians, and live outside of Budapest in one of the cities...The people are Stubborn, arrogant, and its crazy because they have no reason to be arrogant. The smart Hungarian left the country, and all the trash remained. ;-) Yes Im going a bit overboard, but in all seriousness, the actual Hungarian culture is rather depressive, uninspiring, etc. Even Hungarians hate Hungarians. When I lived outside of Hungary in the U.S. Hungarians would ignore one another, and did not want to come back to the country. Its due to the spirit and "Cant do" attitude with the "national pride" that should be dumped. (national pride should be dumped anywhere. If your a tourist, visit Hungary...Im sure you will find something cool...but it takes a special person to live here (outside of an intern... Read more

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    Sat Jul 29 2006

    I have lived in this city for nearly two years now on assignment with a large multi national. It is a beutiful city with disgusting people in it. The locals rip tourists and visitors to this city everywhere. They are horrible and unpleasnat people who should have been removed from Europe first by the Turks and then by the Russians. It is a pity that they are still here. They do not belong in this part of the world and should return to asia where they came.

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    Sun Mar 26 2006

    HI everybody! Firts of all sorry for my english I still learning. I have reading the storys and I got shock. First let me tell something to the americans whose telling the hungarians are immitating the USA. Hungary has a bigger and deeper culture what the ammericans ever dreamd. That counrty is defend the entire europa and the chiristian faith for centuries from the barbarians, tatars, mongols, thurkis ect. We lost most of our freedom figths, tahts why we had to make the WWI, because we was not free at that time. we had the figth again with the govermant and we lost it again. The romanians came to the country and tok everything what was possible moving. After the jews brougth the bolsevizm and the red terror in the 20s. we lost 75 percent of our land and 50 percent of the people during the pice making in 1920. WE STILL WANT IT BACK! after came the white terror still in 1920s. In the WWII the nation tride an other way. We lost the war AGAIN. after came the russians ofefnsive for long ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 16 2006

    My parents are from Hungary, and I have visited three times now. It really is a great city. Of course it is going to have dirty sections...Hungary was on the wrong side of two World Wars before being oppressed by Communist Russia. The country is slowly becoming more successful economically and is on it's way to becoming the glorious nation it once was. The food is wonderful, the people are friendly (just try to greet them in Hungarian...not too difficult), and the sites are beautiful. There are other cities outside Budapest that are definitely worth visiting...Pecs, Tihany on Lake Balaton, Szeged..etc. I highly recommend a visit to Budapest to anyone interested in experience "Old" Europe.

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    Thu Nov 10 2005

    The problem with the people who do not appreciate this city is you probably don´t know how to treat or react to people from a different country. Did you learn much Hungarian to greet people with their native language? What do you do in USA when someone walks up to you and starts to speak french? I LOVE Budapest and see it as one of the best cities in all of Europe. The architecture is beautiful as are most of the people I have met. There are some dirty parts of the city but take a walk around New York city...... I have been traveling through Europe, East and West for 2 months and Budapest ranks tops on my list next to Rome and Barcelona. From one American to the others, wake up........

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    Sat Oct 22 2005

    Wow, F*** Hungary They really rape you every single chance they get. We went to a bar with only an elevator for an entrance. Needless to say, we bought $100 glasses of s*** champagne beacsue they fooled us during ordering (damn, that hurts my ego), and some big hungarian douchebag wouldn't let us leave until we payed. I HATE Hungary, and all the unfriendly, non-smiling people in it. Lonely Planet mentions that these people have "patriotic sorrow." My interpretation of this is that they are extremely cold and hate english speakers. Further, there are only a couple interesting sites (the castle and Parliament are really cool!!), but it is generally a very dirty, gloomy city, with petty crime and homeless people everywhere

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    Mon Sep 19 2005

    Hungary and Hungarians just suck major ass! First of all, they rip-off and rape the tourists out of money. Second, they try to imitate us Americans and they look completely stupid in the process. I'm just very disappointed. The people treat you like crap, the city is very dirty and you get ripped off big time. I DO NOT recommend going there! I can't believe we support a country like this! End of story! Sorry.

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    Mon Aug 01 2005

    I love Hungary,the smartest people came from Hungary!!!

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    Sun Dec 05 2004

    Budapest is not a bad city but not really pretty either. There are many more beautiful cities in Hungary. Try Eger, Szeged, Gyor, Miskolc, Debrecen, Pecs, Kecskemet, Koszeg.

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    Crappy! the city is dirty and you get ripped off at every turn! the people are unfriendly and none know any english. i met 1 girl who spoke english! ONE! what do they learn in school? the sites are far and few between. it took a days walking to to get to 4 sites. most real cities have sites all around but here its a trek to the next one. i'd say go if its on the way to the next stop, BUT dont bother making a special trip like i did. I even got ripped off at the train station ticket counter! just plain crappy

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    Tue Sep 28 2004

    WELL WELL WELL!!!What a mixed bag of reviws.I have lived in Hungary for two years now and I love it.Women food drink and people are all soo nice.Ilived in london for 40 years and know the city better than 99% of the people there and I tell you know London is a 1st class sh*t hole.I fell in love with Hungary four years ago and couldn't wait to emigrate here.No its not perfect or high tech.But it works.Transport system is exteremly efficient.People are helpful and friendly and polite.It helps to learn a few simple words or expressions in Hungarian and the people will love you for it.Budapest is a beautiful city and clean.Like any place when travelling you will always find tourist sharks .I have watched them in Rome Amsterdam Paris and London to name just a few.It seems the negative comments are people speaking through their pockets who have been ripped off by their own stupidity and lack of common sense.As for the hygeine of people and suggestion of lack of hot water.I can only say that ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 27 2004

    Being a foreign national living in Budapest for the last three years, I can say Budapest is simply OK. The buildings are beautiful, the history is interesting and the hospitality of many Hungarians, once they let you into their 'circle', is noteworthy. But, at the end of the day, I really get tired of battling to not be ripped off. I constantly see tourists ripped off, read articles of other nations warning their nationals to avoid certain businesses unless they want to be screwed (figuratively speaking). I get tired of electricians, plumbers, painters, shopkeepers trying to rip me and others off, having my mail stolen and having Magyar Posta and the police admitting it's a 'big problem' within the postal service but nothing gets done. I get tired of various Hungarians proclaim how wrong the international media is with regards to nationalism - then these same people curse their neighbours, the E.U., Britain, Germany, the USA... the list goes on. Curse without good reason, just be... Read more

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    Mon Jul 26 2004

    I have just got back from a weekend in budapest. I was a big disappointment. It could be such a wonderful destination but until the hungarians learn to behave and stop their petty crime on tourists I will not be recommending budapest as a holiday for anyone. Our luggage was tampered with and upon reporting my missing items found out that Bupapest airport is having trouble with their thiefing staff. (acutally its the other countries having the trouble) Its a shame as the city has fantastic buildings and a rich culture. People seem nice but it is only later that you relise they have robbed you with a smile. Shop keepers are always trying to shortchange you and even when you catch them or confront them, they know you are powerless and so they still dont give you all your change back. If you must go there, stick to large stores and dont buy anything just before closing time. I even got ripped off in a reasonable size supermarket by a checkout assistant, in the end it was still her w... Read more

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    Fri Jun 25 2004

    Ia mai dute in pula cu tara aia de tot cacatul Romania. Romania RULES Ce rules ma? cu o gramada de copii care mor de foame pe starzi, cu orase mizerabile si cu saracie pana peste cap. Acolo da! Romania e pe primul loc! VA MAI TREBUIE INCA 20 de ani (si acum sunt indulgent sa ajungeti la nivelul Ungariei). Sincer ma trec cu fiori cand din cand in cand ma duc in tara aia, si ma ingrozesc de stupiditatea oamenilor de acolo. Eu va doresc Bafta la ROMANIA RULES si mai vb peste vreo 30 de ani.

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    Thu Feb 26 2004

    chipington, I am english and have a house in Hungary 3 hours from Budapest, I find the hungarian women are gorgeous and very sexy looking, prostitutes there are usually pretty and the food is pukka, I like the place and although I dont know what there talking about, I like the people. ****

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    Thu Feb 19 2004

    hungary and hungarians suck

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    Tue Feb 17 2004

    Budapest is a great travel stop or destination. Prices are still very modest. Food is very good - tasty,varied, usually well-presented, and abundant (portions usually are very large - it's usually a mistake to order an appetizer followed by a main course. It would almost seem that Hungarian grammar does not allow the words small and portion to be linked together!). Likewise, Hungarian wines tend to be underappreciated, The Tocai and Egri Bikaver are on a par with better known French (bah!) and Italian wines. Also, don't miss sampling the national drink (palinka, which is brandy made in various flavors - peach, plum, or pear). As far as sights are concerned, Budapest has an adequate, but not overwhelming, number. Recommended are the Parliament building, the Castle Hill complex including Matthias Church, the military museum, the national museum, and the Fisherman's Bastion (great view of the Pest side of the river from there). Vaci Utca (the pedestrian shopping street) is inters... Read more

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    Fri Jan 02 2004

    Basically, I do not have the right to rate Hungary here for I am a hungarian, but I was quite impressed on Bebetigre's note. Come here and see this country (before we absorb into EU) because it has an unforgattable athmosphere. In the nights we all get naked and rape each other in hotel lobbies. For we have not got running water and food, people are stinking and smiling at each other with their toothless mouths. If we are fed up with disorder and chaos we (cell)phones our romanian neighbours to teach us some lessons about cleaning up a city, and behaving ourselves. We are xenophobes, so we hate everyone living on Earth. (Our parliament - bunch of criminals - just enacted that our national anthem has to begin with this line: F**k all other idiots on Earth.) F**k you Bebetigre, I rate you zero. To everyone else, come to see Budapest, I have been to a lot of beautiful cities but none of them could outshine Budapest. If you need help, information on anything, I give you a hand. elchico@re... Read more

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    Thu Oct 09 2003

    i hate hungary! Romania RULEZ!

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    Sun Sep 28 2003

    Dirty ,polluted,unbathed people,pushy prostitutes in hotel lobbies.Magyars hate other countries,very narowminded .It was much better during communist era ,full of crime now.Seems like everyone has a cell phone but no hot water or ac.

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    Tue Aug 05 2003

    Even though I am one who's had bad past experiences with Hungarians, I cannot not give a good rating for Budapest, it's a must see place. And Aflx, i cannot beile you griped about it being cold! Also, it seems like you're not too street savy, and you MUST be street smart in Central/Eastern Europe.

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    Thu Nov 21 2002

    If it's a Disneyland/musuem feel that you are looking for, go to Prague. But if you want to see a beautiful yet real living city, go to Budapest. Try going at the end of August when the Hungarians celebrate their independance. There are celebrations everywhere and it is very charming. The setting on the Danube is unforgettable as well. The Parliment building is well worth a vist, it was actually modeled after the Capitol building here in Washington DC. Anyway, I highly reccomend a trip to Budapest.

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    Tue Jun 18 2002

    I know people love this city... I went entirely on recommendations from friends, but I had a rotten-arse-horrible time here. First of all, it was colder than cold. Incredibly cold. Face-freezing-off cold. So there was that against it... but what really burned me about this city was that the people I encountered (and I understand that this is not representative of all Hungarians) were jerks. I was harassed by transit police, pushed around by people recruiting for hostels, accosted by Hungarian prostitutes, and nearly mugged by people on the street. I can't say anything good about MY experience in Budapest, and believe me when I say that I really wanted to like this city. Plus, the train ride was really long arriving from Austria and going away to Prague with very little to look at.