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    Mon Dec 28 2009

    This diploma mill was shut down last year in Alabama, moved briefly to Idaho, where it was also booted, and now maintains a mail drop in California (where, there is conveniently no oversight of diploma mills). California is expected to clean up their diploma mill regulation by late summer, so expect Breyer "which?" State to move again. Faux-PhD's such as James Wasser (Google Wasser / Freehold School District) have received cease and desist orders to stop using their "credentials". Sure, it's cheap, but of course, meaningless.

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    Thu Oct 29 2009

    Considering a Masters in Gerontology Counseling. I've read good and bad on the Internet about the Breyer State program. The accreditation and the claims of it being a diploma mill concerns me, but despite this I am still considering it. The cost factor and the comparison of course materials to other universities with like programs, makes it very appealing still. What concerns me the most is that it is a self-paced program. Is there any structure to each class where you have timeframes in mind of when reading and other assignments must be completed? I have to have an online school and that offers a variety of classes in the study of the elderly and in wellness. Breyer's seems to offer more courses of interest that can provide me with the education that I seek. The cost is a 1/3 of what other programs are charging, and I just can't see a big difference in course curriculum from Breyer to other schools. I want the education. I'm not looking to impress an employer, infact, I... Read more

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    Sun Mar 29 2009

    I have engineering and MBA degrees from the University of Toronto, arguably the "Harvard" of Canada. I also hold several patents and started several successful companies. Breyer State University has afforded me the ability to complete my PhD in a convenient, professional, thoughtful way. Yes, it is not the conventional way, but I did not have to sit in classrooms taught by boring teachers many of whom I could not understand and some of whom know less than me, as has been my previous experience. I also did not have to take time off from work and hurt my family financially. While it was not a walk in the park, the experience with Bryer Stat University was excellent: professional, thorough, and appropriate for my situation. Try it, you will probably like it very much.

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    Thu Mar 12 2009

    Breyer State was shut down by the State of Alabama for selling degrees for a fee and other major issues. James Wasser, a New Jersey school administrator was stripped of pay raises for claiming a Breyer State degree. His so-called "dissertation" was reviewed and found to be incredibly substandard: "Shameful Diploma Scam" He was then ordered to cease and desist using his "PhD" by the State of New Jersey

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    Tue Jan 06 2009

    I loked around for an afforable Degree program and found Bryer State to be the one ... I have worked my butt off in the classes so far and have read several books takes several tests and written several hundred pages of papers ... this is no walk in the park and has taken me over four years to complete ... I am currenmtly working on my final course in the Dr. program and have been researching and writing my disertation for over six months ... I have taken courses from accredited colleges that have been a lot eaiser than this ... people complaining about this college don't know what they are talking about ... It costs money to be listed in the acc group ... this is a good alternitive to seat time and a good degree program ... FF Washington state

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    7/14/2008 - No more diploma mills: Chancellor Bradley Byrne announces new initiatives to shut down sham schools, better regulate other for-profitsMONTGOMERY Alabama has a reputation as a good place to do business, but theres one industry that is no longer welcome: diploma mills.In a news conference Monday, Alabama Community College System Chancellor Bradley Byrne announced an aggressive new initiative to shut down fraudulent for-profit colleges and better regulate the legitimate ones.Fraudulent institutions do not belong in this state period,While many of the institutions closed for legitimate reasons, some notably Columbus University and Breyer State University were operating apparent diploma mills and taking shameful advantage of hundreds of unsuspecting students.Breyer State University was issued a license to operate in the state in October 2004, and was non-renewed this June. One of the institutions many violations included conferring honorary doctorates on individuals based on lif... Read more

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    Sun Jun 29 2008

    I too have searched online degree programs for months and now I am seriously considering enrolling in an "accredited" online PhD program but Breyer is about 1/4 the cost. My only concern are the unanswered questions in this forum: 1) Can I use "PhD" (from Breyer) on my resume when seeking employment (several states have made it illegal to use these credentials) or am i better off going for an "accredited" degree? 2) I work overseas, is a degree from Breyer going to be accepted? Can anyone give me the scoop on this without the fluff? 3) Will I be allowed to teach in a university with a PhD from Breyer?

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    Peoples accreditation: why do we people need others to validate our learning experiences? Why do we need a body of experts to accredit the university we attend? Dont we believe we are in position to assess the educational services and the learning opportunities offered by a school? Are people supposed to be empowered to make informed decisions or not? Going a little bit further, even if we do have a regional accreditor to accredit a university, then who will accredit the accreditor? (And who then will guard the guards themselves?-Shakespeare). As you can see, this logic of controlling everything leads nowhere. The only authority entitled to judge the quality of an educational institution is the person-student him/herself. As in the marketing realm, the final judge is the customer (who is supposed to be the king) the same way, when it comes to learning; the final judge is the student, every member of the society, the citizen of a country, not the public authority: that is why in America... Read more

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    Fri Jun 06 2008

    I work at a biotech firm and I am the Director of R&D.; I do not have a PhD. I've worked for over 30 years in the research and have 30 publications in which I was primary author on the majority. I am currently seeking my PhD at Breyer State.  I do not have the time to go back to full time school.Breyer State is giving me an opportunity that would be extremely difficult and very expensive. They require classes, projects and a thesis. My business said they would recognize and accept this PhD program.

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    Thu Mar 27 2008

    The issue of accreditation is irrelevant when a state or professional license of whatever kind is not required. Distance learning education is aimed to mature, adult students whose primary goal is to obtain knowledge on the subject of their profession. From this point of view Breyer State University, in my opinion, is a provider of high-quality, high-class education: they suggest you the right textbooks to study, they guide you towards your learning experience, and they impose adequate standards of learning procedures and policies. Moreover, you dont have to pay as much as 40,000 USD for a regionally accredited degree when you dont actually need it. Finally, in a free, democratic country, everybody has the right to choose what to study and should not be restricted by any regulation. (The US Dept of Education has made it clear that accreditation is a voluntary process and it does not guarantee quality of education). So, if you are interested in real learning, enhancing your knowledge an... Read more

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    Mon Mar 17 2008

    Hi everybody,I have spent more than two years searching and exploring for the Online Universities and I found thatBreyer StateUniversity is not a Degree Mill .BUT they have to get an accreditation from any US recognized body like DETC. It is not for them as a University or staff.It is for their students to get more chances. They have to think for their Students' future.Also, you have to read that""The use of unaccredited degree titles is legally restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions.[20] Jurisdictions that have restricted or made illegal the use of credentials from unaccredited schools include Oregon [21][22], Michigan[23], Maine[24], North Dakota[22]New Jersey[22], Washington[21][25], Nevada[21], Illinois[21], Indiana[21], and Texas.[26]. Many other states are also considering restrictions on unaccredited degree use in order to help prevent fraud. [27]"" ion#Educational_accreditation_outside_the_U.S.So, that is the way and they ... Read more

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    Sat Jan 05 2008

    I am planning to do my Ph.D. with Breyer State University and I am having concerns with their quality. I am interested in the international business program and I am particularly of concern with the fact that the 11 courses in the program are provided by three professors only. In fact around 6 including the doctoral dissertation is given by a single professor. Since most of you are or were students at the university I was hoping you can give me an invaluable insight. Thanx.

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    Wed Nov 28 2007

    I recently earned my Ph.D. from Breyer State University and am quite satisfied at the standards set by the University. The curriculum is quite current and flexible. The Profs are good in thier field and worth the effort to satisfy the University's requirements. People calling this University are absolute fools and are not aware of the stringent requirements of the University. I certainly recommend this University.

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    Thu Oct 18 2007

    I was looking for a good online university that could accommodate my busy schedule. I think I found what I was looking for in Breyer State University's distance learning JD program.   So far they have been friendly, affordable, and quick to respond to any of my messages/concerns.   The faculty is the same way.     However at first I did have my doubts.   After reviewing several negative sites I found this one.  I liked these reviews because these posts came from actual students instead of a bunch of angry bloggers.   Most of the comments on these "we know more than you" online forums had no substantial evidence to back their claims other than because they said so!  I also did not like how if you questioned them or their logic at all, they would delete your posts and ban you from their forums altogether!   After doing a little backround investigating I found that if you check out some of these forums and sites are paid for by other online colleges themselves!    I guess it is a competit... Read more

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    Sun Oct 14 2007

    Awsome art program. I am extreamly happy with this school and the art history major. It is a lot of reading and hard work. It is so worth it.

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    Fri Sep 07 2007

    I think Breyer State University is a good university which is flexible and the tuition is reasonable. They definitely are not a 'diploma' mill, which will grant you a degree without doing any work. At BSU, you have to go thru their rigid standards; for a Ph.D., they require you to send proof of your MS degree, certain courses to take and take the exam, dissertation proposal and dissertation. I am sure one can, after getting the degree, can have Ph.D. after their names. I do.

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    Tue Aug 21 2007

    For those of you critics out there, you need to understand the fundamentals and principles that come and go with a great education program. Breyer State stands out from the brick and mortar Guardian of the past philosophical minded scholars, for its committment to integrity, organization and most importantly adequately equip working professionals with the knowledge and skills to change the environment in which they work. I have been looking for such an Institution as flexible yet strong on coursework and research qualities, and have found none other to match Breyer State Univeristy; I started my PHD with another institution, but will continue with Breyer State. You Critics need to recognize quality. Breyer State University represent and continue to rise to the top of Excellence. "The Bear that Guides Quality Education"

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    Mon Aug 20 2007

    Stated very well! You are exactly right! I too worked as hard if not harder to obtain my Ph.D. through Breyer State University. Even if they were not substantially more affordable, I would go through BSU again. My professors were great and provided flexibility, in adapting to my personal goals and life experiences. I refer my best friends to B.S.U. My associates remark frequently on my professional knowledge. I credit BSU for the course work and acknowledging my life accomplishments. What I think is going on with bad rap on B.S.U. is other universities are sending derogatory statements. If you follow the links from some of these main sites you will find they end with another university, or group of universities (of course leaving BSU) off the list. Some of these links take you directly to the Universities home page. (What does that tell you?) Thank You B.S.U. (murphyphd

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    Sun Aug 19 2007

    I am just about to enroll for a PhD in Breyer State University. Having completed about 2 months of internet search, I ended up with this institution since they are flexible, have reasonable cost, relevant curriculum and credible procedures. My first impression is that Breyer is a great university, the only thing I want to ask (if anybody knows please answer to my question): since it is not regionally accredited, is it legal to mention such a Degree in my resume, business cards, leaflets etc.?

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    Tue Aug 14 2007

    I am completing my PhD at Breyer State. I am completely satisfied with the program, which has given me the opportunity to explore the topic of my interest. The rigor of this program equals or exceeds that of other distance education programs (like Excelsior College of which I am an alumni).

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    Mon Jul 23 2007

    Great School - the format is great especially when you have children. I own a company that employs Breyer State University Graduates. I know without reservation that the students who attended classes from Breyer are some of my best professionals. Getting an education is important and Breyer is an affordable flexiable and professional. Where you go to school is not as important as what you learn and how you apply that education.

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    Wed Feb 14 2007

    I have been teaching for 10 years. I have a degree from the UK (no accreditation). Will geting a degree from Breyer help get a teaching job in the U.S.? Also, would I then be able to futher my degree at a traditional on-site school? I would like to finish a Med.

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    Idiots who trash a great university like Breyer State are uneducated fools. Breyer State requires you to work for your degree. How dare anyone even try calling them a diploma mill. Do these people even know what a diploma mill is? A diploma mill gives you a degree for a price, period. No work, nothing, just pay. I have 3 bachelor degrees, gained at traditional, accredited universities. I earned my MBA from Breyer, and I worked hard for almost 2 years. I have worked for almost another 2 years to receive my PhD. I have worked my ass off and how dare ignorance have a word in higher education, or even an opinion. I suggest you earn your own degree, by doing the required work. Along with accreditation comes higher prices, thats all. wayneinsa

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    Fri Jan 12 2007

    I am considering taking a degree at Breyer State University, but the lack of accreditation concerns me a bit. Although, from all the comments here, they seem like a credible institution. I see that a number of US states don't recognize the degrees from Breyer, does anyone know how other countries view their degrees?

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    Fri Jan 05 2007

    I was just wondering if someone would answer a question for me... I am 17 and considering taking online courses rather than attending a college or university. I am interested in the field of horses. Are online courses looked upon as bad compared to classroom courses??

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    Mon Dec 11 2006

    it is legal, just mention that BSU is state accredited and not RA accredited

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    Thu Oct 26 2006

    Bryer State University is a great school i will tell anyone that, their online curriculum is very great and there staff are very helping and most of all you dont get a degree for free, you have to work and earn that the hard way. Bryer have done well, but i wish they could become more establish with a accredited organization to boost up there good work of excellence. Like the Distance Education Training Council (DETC) with is a nationally accrediting body by US department of Education. It was just a suggestion but it dont matter because Bryer will always be the best. continue to higher heights breyer.

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    Thu Apr 06 2006

    Buyer beware: "Most accreditation scams resemble the acpcu: fronts that exist solely to give cover to a particular degree mill. Take Breyer State University. It is licensed in Alabama; it has an affiliation with a shady medical-degree mill on the tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat; and it is operated by Dominick Flarey, who lives near Youngstown, Ohio. All of this should raise some red flags, but Breyer State has nevertheless "graduated" hundreds of proud students, many of whom were likely mollified by the school's seemingly sterling accreditation from the Central States Consortium of Colleges and Schools (csccs), an affiliate of the American Institute of Healthcare Professionals (aihp). Such innocuous, official-sounding titles likely prevent most students and employers from looking further; when they do, they learn that both the csccs and the aihp are themselves fronts--and, like Breyer State itself, are run by Flarey. "It lets him fool people into thinking that his school has been ... Read more

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    Thu Feb 23 2006

    I graduate from Breyer State University in 2003 with a PsyD in Psychology. My advisor was excellent, maintaining constant contact with me to guide me through the entire experience. He helped my acheive a long time goal and dream. I didn't just write a check and receive a degree, I had to work for the degree I received. by doing the degree program on line I was able to maintain a demanding full time job and accomplish my school work when time permitted. I highly recommend Bthe Breyer State experience!

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    Mon Jan 16 2006

    I recently graduated from Breyer State University and am very satisfied with the program. The posting by WatchOut(0)suggests going to for information about 'degree mills'. You may wish to ignore this self-serving posting and go instead to to read about - the article appears very well researched - it is titled: INTERNET DISTANCE LEARNING SITE DEGREEINFO.COM EXPOSED AS A FRONT FOR GAY PEDOPHILE PORN p?p=1377& It doesn't seem that WatchOut(0) and may have the moral standing to pass judgement on a very good and credible institution like Breyer State University.

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    Mon Jan 16 2006

    Breyer State University fills an important need: allowing busy professionals to complete their degrees on their own time schedule while earning a living and raising a family. Breyer State is unique among on-line universities, in that it maintains a very high academic standard and follows every one of the major precepts of the leading traditional (classroom) institution of higher learning. I had started my PhD work several years back and due to family and work pressures had to drop out. I was able to complete my PhD at Breyer State over the past year while continuing to work. From what I have personally experienced so far, the PhD degree is recognized and well accepted by everyone that really knows about higher education. Good job Breyer State and Thank you!

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    Sun Jan 15 2006

    Check out for information on what are called degree mills. Save your money, and print your own degree.

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    Wed Jan 11 2006

    I am currently a student of Breyer State. I have found the classes to be a great way to attend college and still hold down a job. Some of the classes require a lot of work and I think should carry more credit hours than allotted. Overall, I have been please with my courses so far.

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    Thu Dec 08 2005

    I studied at Breyer State University and I was satisfied with my academic advisors. Nata

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    Thu Dec 08 2005

    I felt they have a good curriculum for full time working students, Breyer State Universities courses are identical to state colleges and universities, with the difference of being online! I would say they are a good online college. Derrick

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    Sat Nov 05 2005

    Breyer State University is the leader of alternative internet education. Breyer State University has great detialed programs and REQUIRES COURSE WORK

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    Tue Nov 01 2005

    I started to pursue my PH.D about 2 years ago. At first, since I am born and now live in Norway, I evaluated Norwegian Universities. I found them to theoretical with professors and academic staff that had spent their entire working life in an academic institution. Later one I signed up for a research degree at a major university in UK. I have previously studied in Norway and have also earned universities degrees from USA. I have also international work experience. I joined Breyer State University some months ago. And I am very impressed. I am now more motivated and I am working hard to complete my degree. I am getting prompt and valuable feedback from my advisor at Breyer State and I am finally finding my PH.D work rewarding and meaningful. I have no problem recommending Breyer State University! Joern Ola Tranvaag. Assistant Professor.

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    Mon Oct 31 2005

    I recently completed my Ph.D. with Breyer State, and I give them 100%. The staff was excellent to work along side of. The material was highly applicable to the chosen field, and all e-mails were answered in a timely manner. Having completed all three degree levels with B.S.U., I can confidently recommend them and state that they are certainly heading the field in distance education.

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    I am just finishing my work on a Phd from Breyer State.I have found the course work to be relevant, the faculty to be above average, and the total experience very refreshing. I have over 20 years in my field, and have learned so much new material that I feel like a rookie. I stronly recommend BSU for anyone who does not have the time or financial resources to go to a local "Brick and Mortar" institution. Congragulations to BSU.

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    Tue Oct 25 2005

    I think that overall BSU is great university, it is accrediated. THe professors are people working currenlty in their industry, and they always keep up with current things in the industry. For instance I"m earning my masters from BSU in human resource management, and most of the professors hold positions in HRM which is great, one person who teaches a course for the masters in HRM works at BSU, everyone knows their stuff. No one that teaches there is a sacred cow of education.

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    Wed Oct 12 2005

    Their programs are impeccable. Focusing on the present and future needs of its students; preparing them to embark the challenges of the future. Their nursing programs are excellent. Their nursing faculty share their utmost experiences, knowledge, and skills. Their method of instruction is innovative. Their curriculums are easy to follow. They admonish the importance of discipline in learning, and the application of theories to real life events and occurences. I highly recommend this university to those who are considering to explore the highlights of higher education. Experience the convenience of achieving your goals wherever you're comfortable. -EG/Vice President of Patient Care Services

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    Fri Mar 11 2005

    A few of my colleagues are Breyer State University MBAs; , and for the most part, they know their business. Mind you, not just theoretical knowledge, but the meat and bones of a smart entrepreneur. They're witty, driven, crazed for success-- and promotions. I applied at age 27, and got in after a careful review of my work experience and background. All in all, the learning experience is commendable. They force you the standard case study, piles of papers and of course a dissertation. You'll be an author if you enter this school

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    Mon Mar 07 2005

    I consider this institution far better than University of Phoenix. UoP gives me hassles, takes my money and I end up feeling like I didn't learn anything. I quit UoP and finished at Breyer State University in two years. For those who like fresh material and coursework tied to the times, this is the place to be!

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    Fri Mar 04 2005

    Relevant coursework consisting of a truckload of paperwork stretches the ole brain cells. Combined with the case study method, this is definitely better than the 'test n' quizz' yardstick used by many other schools to guage knowledge. Proud to be a graduate.