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    Wed Mar 29 2006

    The only thing good about Braums is their ice cream. I don't have any personal experiance in buying from the grocery area, but I know that the Braums in my area are trashy and so are the people who work in them. I have to be desperate if I am going to buy a meal from them because the people look dirty. At my most recent visit we ordered a kids meal and it appears that someone made some cookies from home for the bag. They her in fold over sandwich bags in the bag in addition to the fries. If their house kitchen is anything like the cooking area at Braums, no thank you. Isn't that some sort of health code violation. I worked at a local braums 10+ years ago, and I was the only reason it was clean, but maybe that is just my nature to be clean. A lot of the same dirty people still work there now so I speak from experience when I advise to order wisely. Especially at the Braums in Rowlett. Or maybe just stick to the ice cream.

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    Fri Mar 03 2006

    i work at braums so i hate it. not half as much as i hate all you whinny pissy bitch ass customers. its your fault the service is bad. pull your heads out of your asses and realise that its ALWAYS you thats wrong.

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    Mon Nov 28 2005

    I have always found the items at Braum's to be of very good quality. I always use their milk products and bakery items. Their burgers are very good as well. The Braum's that I use is very friendly and clean. I couldn't find a better shake anywhere!! They now offer fresh vegetables and fruits, all are real good quality. I can stop in for my dinner ingredients, and get out in five minutes!

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    Mon Oct 10 2005

    Cleburen, Burleson and Arlington Tx Braums are great. You can't condem the whole company for some teenagers that will come and go in a few isolated locations. That is like saying all Americans are bad because one blew up the Ok. Federal bldg. Braums has great quality and you can't beat the price. I now live in Houston were there is no Braums. Just overpriced chains like Baskin Robbins, etc.!!!!!!

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    Wed Apr 27 2005

    04/26/05 For many years I have been an increasingly disillusioned customer of Braums insofar as the Braums in Mt Pleasant, Texas is concerned. During those years I have watched the level of customer service and product quality gradually decrease at an ever increasing rate. The proverbial straw that has broken this camel's back is to follow... I went to Braum's in MTP today to purchase some ice cream (I had a craving for some GOOD icecream), and I bought 2 half-gallons, 1 of chocolate for my wife and 1 of strawberry for me. BAD mistake; both flavors were disgustingly unpalatable in as much as they both tasted as though they had been made with dirty dishwater. There was only a miniscule trace of flavoring, leaving the ice cream tasting like chalk--- one is reminded of the horrible brand of ice cream served by the Sonic. This loyal Braum's customer just switched to Blue Bell, permanently. Rather than being an isolated production mishap, I am persuaded that this abysmal product was ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 06 2004

    they have poor servive and mis treat customers

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    Sun Aug 22 2004

    the Braum's at Harrah,OK. the girls are rude it takes a long time to get the order then most the time it's wrong. when bought up to them they act as if it's my fault and not thiers.I have giving them chance after chance and they still mess up. No more for me. They lost my business.