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    Sat Apr 05 2008

    I love turqoise and navy blue the most. I like more of the darker shades of blue.

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    Sat Apr 05 2008

    My favorite color. i think of blue skies on a sunny day. We even have a blue house. I like some shades of blue more than others. but to me blue is sort of a serene color. I always seem to go for blue over any color.

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    Thu Nov 15 2007

    A little bit C/conservative for my liking.

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    Sun Feb 11 2007

    A fine thing to see when I look up, but stay off of my dinner plate.

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    Mon Nov 27 2006

    This colr make me think of defense in a spiritual way protecting one from harm!

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    Sun Jun 25 2006

    Blue is my favorite color and always has been. Blue is a color of the sky and water. Blue is one of the primary colors(other two are red and yellow). It's a mother color to purple, navy, green, lilac, and even brown. What I like the most about this color is it's tranquil, calm, and peaceful effect.

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    Thu Jun 01 2006

    Blue is one of my favorites. It seems like such a calm color.

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    Tue May 02 2006

    Actually I have 4 favorite colors: blue, pink, purple and green. But if I have to narrow it down to one, I would pick blue, because blue goes with everything.

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    Sun Feb 19 2006

    Blue is a great color

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    Sat Oct 08 2005

    baby blue has become one of my favorite colors but i also like cobalt blue when it comes to glass.

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    Sat Aug 20 2005

    Especially cobalt blue.

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    Sat Jul 16 2005

    blue thinks its all that but pink is where its at!

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    Sun May 22 2005

    Blue is my favorite color, any blue, but Navy blue is my overall favorite.

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    Mon May 02 2005

    The colour of the sky!

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    Fri Mar 04 2005

    Hands down, THE best color. Blue NEVER, EVER gives me 'the blues.'

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    Sat Feb 26 2005

    Duke Blue Devils!!

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    Tue Dec 14 2004

    I like Midnight Blue. Dark as the night sky.

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    Mon Dec 13 2004

    A forlorn color, and it makes me want to cry. Seriously. Whenever I see anything that's blue, I always have to pull out a big box of Kleenex. The tears come flaming out like bombs off a big as hell B-2 bomber. It would be a great saving grace if this color was eradicated with a nuke!

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    Mon Dec 13 2004

    The Color Blue: Blue! Blue! Blue! Blue! I see Blue! The Stars in the sky are blue! Blue is in the hue! My watch is blue! I gotta take a poo! The can is blue! my shorts are blue! all i see is blue! I see dew in my shoe! I love you as u drink glue as i do to....take a poo poo u ninja smokin mary jane popping zits as u grew into the religion Jew... Theres shrew near the screw!

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    Cobalt blue is my favorite... but baby blue, not so much

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    Tue Oct 19 2004

    The best...from sky-blue to intense 'midnight' blue (after sunset, just before the sky turns totally -except for stars- black).

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    Mon Oct 04 2004

    I adore this colour. Most of my clothing reflects this. Any shade is fine with me. A beautiful sky, a rippling ocean; both compliment each other when they meet. Cheesy enough? :)

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    Mon Oct 04 2004

    My favorite only if it's a darker shade of blue. Blue has a tendency to look casual but still has some sophistication.

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    Sun Aug 15 2004

    It's ok color, not one of my favorites.

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    Sun Aug 15 2004

    The darker the better. Many will agree that one of the ultimate uses of blue has to be the Marine Dress Blue uniform.

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    Thu Jul 29 2004

    Great color, depending on the shade. Almost as good as green. Really deserves a 4.5 but since that isn't possible, I declare it a 4.

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    Mon Jun 07 2004

    I'm blue daba dee . . .

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    Mon Apr 26 2004

    Blue is such a beautiful color (I'd have to say this is my third favorite) -- especially deeper blue (like the color of the rating stars on this website), purplish-blue, and indigo. Paler blues (like the color of the sky) are nice, too. Whenever I play Sorry, blue is the color I like playing with the most.

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    Thu Mar 18 2004

    Blue is such a cool color it is my favorite one of them all.

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    Wed Mar 17 2004

    lots of cool variations of blue. its kind of a relaxing color. i think blue is the color of sadness. with the ocean you see blue.

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    Sun Dec 21 2003

    Blue can be anything. Blue is all. Blue is depression, blue is relaxation. Blue is the coldest water, blue is the color of the hottest fire. Blue is my kind of color. Blue is my favorite color.

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    Wed Dec 10 2003

    Blue is a pretty color. The color of the sky and water.

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    Sun Dec 07 2003

    Blue is sedate. And it's deep. I feel like I can look farther and farther into it.

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    Mon Nov 03 2003

    Blue is the best color because there are so many different shades. Blue is calm and relaxing.

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    Thu Aug 21 2003

    one of my favorite colors.''''

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    Tue Jul 22 2003

    I'm sure that everyone and their dogs believe that blue is their favorite colour. (No, I'm not "British," just 'bad.') My favorite colour is aquamarine -a cross between blue and green. While I don't exactly revel in the thought that my favorite color has the favorite colors of everyone else (blue and green) -since I don't like having tastes that are 'popular'- you can't deny that my tastes are 'bad.'

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    Sat Jul 05 2003

    The best thing about blue is that its.....well, its BLUE.

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    Sun Apr 13 2003

    Blue! it's so peaceful...

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    Fri Mar 14 2003

    Blue is the awesomest color. as you can notice, most of the stuff on this website is blue!!! it can be light or navy and still be cool.

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    Fri Mar 07 2003

    This ethereal color relaxes you and is pleasing to the eyes.

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    Tue Mar 04 2003

    Blue is a very relaxing color in my book. I like men with blue eyes. Okay, any color eyes is fine, but blue eyes can be very sexy -- and a little innocent at the same time. I love the color of the sky on a partly cloudy day. I wish I could catch that color in a bottle or even describe it in simple words, but the color is so breathtaking that it's indescribable.

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    Sun Feb 02 2003

    I dislike blue for this reason- Its a proven fact that blue plates make you not get hungry. Thats why they had "blue plate specials". Its a proven fact- its something called marketing.

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    Fri Jan 03 2003

    Beautiful color, my favorite.

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    Sun Dec 15 2002

    Blue is the color of the sky, the color of the sea, the color of grandpa's eyes. Blue comes in different shades. Blue is peaceful and relaxing. I also look good in blue =)

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    Sat Oct 26 2002

    sometimes cool, sometimes calming, looks safe and refreshing plus i heard that businesses which have blue logos are significantly more successful than those which use other colors. not my absolute favorite, but very nice.

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    Wed Oct 09 2002

    Blue has always been and always will be my favorite color eny shade will do, it's so pretty and relaxing.

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    Sun Aug 18 2002

    Blue is Cool Because...... How Am I Suppose to put this? Blue is Cool Beacuse.... I t is Blue.

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    Wed May 08 2002

    I have to agree with Errol, rating colors, hmmm...I mean that’s as crazy as rating the days of the week, oh wait! We already do that...That’s as crazy as rating talk show hosts, oh...too late! What’s next? Years or Rooms in the House or favorite designer on Trading Spaces?? Anyways, RateItAll, I still love ya! So back to the blue...I’m going to try to do this without making my comment sound like a poem, so here goes: In my opinion, blue is by far one of the best colors. Not only is it probably the most common color (black and white don’t count for today’s purposes), it is so relaxing and plus it looks damn good on me! The skies, the water, the bluejays, the clothes, and the Smurfs...who doesn’t like the Smurfs?? Road Runner always outsmarts Wil E. Coyote...Road Runner=Blue and Coyote=Brown, I think I see some symbolism here on how great blue is...OK, I must stop now for I fear I’m looking to much into it. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll start talking about how blue is a government cons... Read more

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    Fri Apr 12 2002

    Why all the blue love? It's just not that great of a color!

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    Fri Mar 15 2002

    I'm rating colors now? Okay. Well, blue is very beautiful and serene and...what am I doing? This is weird! Rating colors? Am I losing my mind?!