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Blade Runner

1982 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, and written by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples Website

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    Tue Oct 11 2011

    Atmospheric, savage, witty and unsettling. A truly great movie. It requires some intelligence to watch, however, which probably accounts for its lack of popularity with the short attention span crowd. Check for yourself. Scroll through the reviews below and note that almost without exception the positive comments are articulate and literate, while the negative ones look like they were written by people who still have not learned to walk erect.

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    Tue Oct 11 2011

    I pity anyone that saw Blade Runner and said "I don't get it." This is another one of the big game changers that many other films owe a great deal to and it should be ranked higher than a number of the movies that are currently ahead of it.

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    One of my favorite films of all time. The movie is based on the book "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. It really touches upon the various aspects of humanity and what differences, if any, there are between us and autonomous biological machines named replicants. The portrayal of replicants being "more human than human" is really shown in an elegant way throughout the movie. Humans, on the other hand, appear completely dehumanized in a sea of wild globalization. (won't say any more, go watch this movie) For fear of spoiling the movie for those who have not seen it, I'll just say that the best details are found in its overall ambiguity. I highly recommend watching this movie at least twice. The first time to understand the general plot and identify the main themes and the second time to delve into the small nuances of the characters, their actions, the importance of what they say and how it all relates to humanity and social structures. Edit: Also, for tho... Read more

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    Thu Apr 15 2010

    Blade Runner is an American science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott. In Los Angeles, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a retired police officer who is brought out of retirement by Captain Bryant (M. Emmet Walsh). Four replicants (biologically engineered androids) have entered Earth illegally and the Captain needs “Blade Runner” (as Deckard was known when he was on active duty) to “retire” (kill) the replicants before things get out of control. Replicants were banded from use on Earth because of their violent uprising and any replicant found on Earth will be retired. Before Deckard can get started on tracking down and retiring the replicants, he has to go to the Tyrell Corporation (the corporation that builds the replicants) to make sure that the Voight-Kampff test (test used to distinguish humans from replicants through their emotional responses) works on the Nexus 6 models. While there Deckard meets Rachael (Sean Young) an experimental replicant who thinks she is human because sh... Read more

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    Wed Feb 17 2010

    Ah, yes, Blade Runner. Arguably the greatest sci-fi movie ever made. I'm not just saying that because it's my favorite movie. This film was introduced to me by my dad. I saw it for the first time when I was 8 years old (I'm 23 now.) It blew my mind! There was just something about that clicked with me, from the opening dialogue between Holden and Leon, to the parting monologue from Roy to Deckard. It all just fit together in ways that, in my opinion at least, hasn't been done since. Ridley Scott captured very well a future where lines between man machine have blurred in ways where the only way you can tell who's real and who's not is by whether their eyes glow red during Voight-Kampff tests. It's a subtle camera trick the Scott used. When people talk of the movie though, they seldom mention one of the best characters in the film, and that's the soundtrack. Composed by Vangelis, the music of Blade Runner was able to capture, not only the environment of 2019 Los Angeles, but ev... Read more

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    Thu Dec 31 2009

    pretty good. the plot should have been clearer and better though

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    Fri Nov 20 2009

    Whether you loved it or hated it, there is no denying the fact that Ridley Scott's Blade Runner had a lasting impact on the world of science fiction. The book it was based upon, Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" is a respected novel which many say was superior to the film. What is it that people love and hate about the film though? It's a dystopian future, everything is dark and bleak. There is a grit to the place that emanates from it's core. There are no animals, as we have long since driven them to extinction and have polluted our planet until it is a sick shell of it's former self. The characters feel human and believable, but they're not all human - some are replicants, and they are the ones Deckard (Harrison Ford) is sent to hunt down and "retire". There is no happy ending. The general outline of the story is that a retired Blade Runner, a bounty hunter whom hunts down and "retires" replicants, is brought back after a fellow blade runner is shot whilst test... Read more

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    Fri Sep 26 2008

    em costa seguir-la!

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    Sat Sep 20 2008

    mmm... eres un replicante??

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    Wed Sep 17 2008

    wowzas! i didn't know other people thought this movie was magic!

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    hate it

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    I cant remember if I've seen this one or not....?

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    Fri Jul 18 2008

    this movie made me want to shoot myself it was that bad!

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    Wed Jun 18 2008

    Harrison Ford is a great actor

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    it's been so long since I've seen this one, don't really remember it and if I've only seen it once then that usually means I wasn't too impressed with it

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    Wed May 28 2008

    A true sci-fi classic.  Rutger Hauer, the replicant who shows more humanity than any human in the film, is truly memorable.  It is a genuinely great scene between him and Ford near the end.  In case there is someone reading this who has not seen the movie, I will refrain from describing why it's great.  Go see it!

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    Tue May 06 2008

    One of the best ever. Suspense, gorgeous visuals, perfect cast, top notch writing, movie made for grown-ups. Saw this in a theater when it was first released and was blown away by it. Unfortunately movies like this just aren't turned out by the Hollywood "video-game" machine nowadays. Too bad.

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    Thu Apr 17 2008

    I was deeply impressed by this film. Somewhere in the future, mankind manages to create androids so perfect that it is impossible to differentiate them from born human beings. As a fail safe measure to prevent their reproduction and expansion, they are genetically manipulated to only have a life span of 4 years. The "creator" made a mistake, however, by giving them survival instinct. And now, they are a menace. A new breed of interstellar cops is formed and Ford is one of them. Directed by Douglas Trumbull, creator of the special effects for Close Encounters of The Third Kind, is an epic movie and definitely a classic. Can't take Rutger Hauer's word out of my mind: "time... to die".

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    Mon Mar 24 2008

    Pretty good for the genre...

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    Sat Mar 22 2008

    Closer to 4 1/2 stars, Raymond Chandler film noir sci-fi. Ray's death scene is a work of art

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    Thu Mar 13 2008

    This is a first rate dystopian sci fi flick about a potential future in the Brave New World.

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    Tue Feb 19 2008

    Visionary and influential beyond its impact at the box office, the original film that brought Film Noir edge to futurism. The film both complements and stands apart from Phillip K. Dick's brilliant novel.

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    Mon Feb 18 2008

    What a movie. Blade Runner is a dark and brooding masterpiece in which the rain never stops, and the good guys and bad guys don't stay true to their stereotypes. The story is great, the cinematography is stunning, and the acting is superb - especially Rutger Hauer as the menacing lead replicant. This is one of the best scifi movies that I've seen.

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    Thu Apr 26 2007

    This movie is dark and confusing it really does not make a lot of sense and in the end you feel like you were cheated because it does not come together. Some what disappointing.

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    Sun Apr 02 2006

    Not a lot of sci-fi films can be considered philosophical pieces, but Blade Runner certainly falls into this category. Having read the book on which the film is based, I had a much better appreciation for the film and the ability of the Ridley Scott to capture the nuances and humanity of the book. An impressive work on all levels.

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    Mon Jan 02 2006

    Imaginative and realistic, although sometimes slow. Hands down the greatest sci-fi movie ever made.

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    One of the all-time underrated films virtually ignored when it was released in the early 80's - it was just too dark and deep for movie audiences at the time. Luckily, it has earned fame in VHS and DVD rentals. Ridley Scott's best work since Alien.

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    Isn't Blade Runner the most voted movie in this rating?? I have mercy of you, American guys. The most perfect movie of the history of cinema, with most perfect soundtrack, the most perfect performances, the most perfect setting, the most perfect screenplay, the most perfect scenery and I could go on.... The definite movie.

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    Mon Dec 20 2004

    One of the best of all time

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    Tue Dec 07 2004

    An absolute masterpiece. In my opinion, the finest movie ever made. Some have complained that it is slow, but with the jaw dropping visuals, I strongly disagree. The scene where Rachel is being quizzed by Deckart has got to be one of the most sensitively filmed scenes in the history of cinema. Incidentally, when this movie came out in the early 1980's, it absolutely bombed. I think this is a testament, perhaps, on how far we have come as a society of movie lovers. The movie takes a pretty high level of concentration and I feel it was way too subtle for the audiences of the 80's generation. It has since experienced phenomenal rental revenue. The DVD is available now as well. Enjoy...

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    Fri Jun 25 2004

    In my opinion, perhaps the best movie of all time, not just in the sci-fi genre. It is everything the art of cinema should be all about - compelling story, characters with depth and most importantly the kind of visuals that only cinema can provide. Ridley Scott, for all of his fame, is still underrated. Also, two things about that movie that give it more of a story. The first is that I think the original cut of the movie with Harrison Ford's narration is equally as compelling as the director's cut. It was, in part, a detective movie and the narration is a classic element of that. The second is that I had bumbled around for many years trying to find that haunting soundtrack by Vangelis. Apparently, it wasn't until 1994 that some contractual dispute was settled and it was finaly released. What movie of this ones calibre would allow that to happen in this day and age.

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    Mon Dec 08 2003

    One of the most dark and gritty movies of the sci-fi genre, Blade Runner never ceases to impress. Ridley Scott's meticulous attention to detail makes for great cinema. The cinematography is something to behold. Besides that it has a great script to back it up. Rutger Hauer is positively wicked as the villian Roy Batty. He has one of the best lines in movie history at the edn of the film. All my memories, lost like teardrops in the rain, time to die. Harrison Ford plays a good foil to Hauer's insane villain. He's great as the seasoned pro Deckart who has doubt about what he has to do to the replicants.

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    Thu Oct 02 2003

    Hollywood Sci-Fi is usually spaceships, laser guns a hero, a love interest and some kind of chase scene or two. Blade Runner is sci-fi in its truest form and that is down to a few factors, firstly it was adapted from a book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K Dick, a man who knew nothing other than his paranoid vision of the future and regardless of his troubled personal life, he wrote great sci-fi. Secondly Ridley Scott, a genius, a man who can not only see in his mind how a scene will work but a man who has proved that his visual skills are what it takes to make a great movie time and time again (Gladiator, Alien, Thelma & Louise) - then there are other people like Hampton Fancher, Syd Mead, Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young etc. etc. add to that lot a hauntingly beautiful musical score by Vangelis and you've got the basis for a great movie. Then on top of this you have carefully selected elements like props, lighting, photography, violence, romance, vehicles, ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 04 2003

    One of the Best!!!

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    Fri May 30 2003

    One of the all time greats!

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    Thu Dec 19 2002

    This film is absolutely amazing and for me it is far superior than the book it originated from (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip Dick) I grew up watching this film and I expect my kids will grow up watching classics such as this and Star Wars too if I have my way. It has an absolutly fantastic cast, Hsrrison Ford, Sean Young, Reutger Hauer, Daryl Hannah and many others. Its an extremely dark film, not only with the plot, but with the sets as well. I'm not going to rehash the plot of the film as you can find out from other comments that have been made. The photography is amazing, the actors are extremely convincing and I think that this film helped make some of them in the film industry and Vangelis' music is absolutely gorgeous and brings a great ambience to the film. This film is still one of the best, there was love with making this film and its far, far better than the majority of movies that were made today - after all, most of the films released now are just thinki... Read more

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    Wed Nov 06 2002

    This movie is more than a little strange, but worth seeing. I'm a big Harrison Ford fan because of Star Wars, so I watched this one and I kinda got into it, but it's just a little confusing. It's not a movie that I have had a big interest in watching again, however.

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    Mon Sep 16 2002

    One of the absolute best movies of all. Great visuals, great thought-provoking storyline; great score. Good acting and eminently quotable. Great bit about replicants and existentialism. Bring on the special-edition DVD please!

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    Tue Nov 27 2001

    The director's cut has the better end. Every movie featuring the cars hovering at verying levels robbed this one. The turmoil Ford's character is dealing with internaly is as interesting as the physical fights. It's style and vision have been more influential on subsequent films than any of the Star Wars serials.

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    Mon Oct 22 2001

    A stylish visual treat from start to finish. Ridley Scotts furtile imagination and creative mind allowed to run free alongside his special effects team. Harrison Ford is cool, Rutger Hauer shines as Roy Batty.

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    Tue Jan 09 2001

    Excellent storyline and visuals ahead of it's time. Harrison Ford as the main character was great. The pressures and obstacles of the detective were clearly shown throughout the movie.

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    Fri Dec 15 2000

    It's a little outdated. The story line is very cool. I liked all the special effects and the happy ending.

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    Fri Dec 15 2000

    Blade Runner is an awe inspiring post-modern materpiece. It creates a bleak future composed of the bureaucratic elite and the middled sleazy subterranean underworld (that looks a lot like Hong Kong) where a detective is assigned on search and destroy missions to eliminate replicas, or artificial humans disiguised for slave labor. The punch that Blade Runner packs is on account of its sensitivity to real concerns in contemporary society, and modern thought. After a while the detective (played by Harrison Ford) has touble discriminating between the replicas and the real people, dilema that seems far too real in a time when great thinkers are proposing that it will only be a matter of time before machines have consciousness.

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    Tue Dec 12 2000

    I saw this movie recently and felt it should be a lost memory in the career of Harrison Ford. His character was a clone detector/investigator/mercenary who's searching for a specific android played by Rutger Hauer. The film was anti-climactic and I felt the hero didn't really prevail. However, Hauer and Ford did have some good dynamics between them and the battle scene in the old lab at the end of the film was fun, yet it left an unfinished bit about it in the end. Uncomparable to Ford's Indiana Jones series, and even his mild character of Han Solo in Star Wars.

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    Fri Dec 01 2000

    this is a bad a*s movie!

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    Thu Nov 30 2000

    A classic sci-fi movie, required watching for anyone who wants to be considered a 'buff'. Classical overtones (Bible, Frankenstien, etc.) overlaying a good plotline and skilled acting. I personally don't like the directors cut as much.