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Black Hawk Down

2001 war film directed and produced by Ridley Scott, and co-produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, from a screenplay by Ken Nolan Website

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    Sun Aug 03 2008

    I love Black Hawk Down. As of now, I have watched the movie 5 times. Not that I wanted to, just that the channel aired it 5 times and I did not miss a single airing. Like especially the last part when Eric Bana courageously went into the battle zone again and Josh Hartnett follows suit. Great war movie!

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    Sun Aug 03 2008

    If you look good war movies then you'll like Black Hawk Down. Lots of intensity, drama, action and suspense. It also works as a semi-accurate historical movie. A well made war/thriller.

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    Fri Apr 21 2006

    Not a movie for everyone. I found the basic tactics of SFs relatively close to reality, and I thought that was something the movie did very well. Neither side was glorified to a great extent, although one side was, hopefully inadvertently, dehumized in a way. The movie was shocking and effective, and minor things like cooperation and distrust within SOCOM and high echelon f*** ups was interesting.

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    Sun Dec 04 2005

    Gritty, sad, realistic, scary, and even uplifting. It showed our troops at their best (as the real situation did).

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    Mon Dec 13 2004

    I was kind of disappointed with this one, every one said it was a great movie. But you did not have time to get to know any body or really care about them. The production was gritty which does not always appeal to me. It was probably over hiped and I expected to much. Runs almost like a documentary.

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    Thu Sep 30 2004

    A very good movie. It shows the how horrible and terrifying war is.

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    Fri Aug 27 2004

    THE GREATEST WAR FILM MADE EVER!!! shot choppedand scored perfectly gritty and realistic, brings you into the boots of the soldiers. one of my top five favorate movies of all time.

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    Thu Jun 24 2004

    Great movie. It is abit brutal and depressing though.

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    Sat Feb 07 2004

    Watching this film I was really struck by the sense of futility. The cinematography, the direction, the camerawork-all gave it this dark, depressing feel. Honestly i think this was done very well but it just doesn't measure up to other war movies i.e. Saving Private Ryan. My guess for this is because you really aren't afforded the time to get attached to any of characters and this made me slightly indifferent at times. That being said, I was moved by the fact that the horror of the film actually happened. I can't imagine how horrible it was for the men who served in Somalia. All in all, I think it's an impressive war flick with talented acting that showcases Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor especially.

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    Thu Aug 28 2003

    An amazing film ,Ridly is a master

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    Mon Jun 30 2003

    To all the Soldiers of Task Force Ranger in Somalia, the Delta Troops, SFC Randy Shuggart and MSGT Gary Gordon. This was a VERY well put together movie and it is my ALL TIME fav. The men that fought and died in Somalia deserve to be imortalized for what they did for the man next to them. *Salute*

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    Mon Jun 02 2003

    A really sad and scary movie. Just thinking what it was like for those soldiers was terrifying considering the fact this was a true story.

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    Tue Mar 25 2003

    This movie is one of the most powerful, most moving films ever made. The fact that it was real, that it really happened to Americans is truly heartbreaking. I can't imagine the horror they went through. The movie is *very* graphic in parts. Just thinking about that guy that loses the entire bottom half of his body, the one who loses his thumb, or the guy that picked up the hand and stuck it in his pocket. . .it gives me chills and makes my stomach turn. I think the actors all worked well together. The ending could have been a bit better -- it kind of leaves you hanging and fills you in on what happened through text. I would have liked to see when Mike was set free from his imprisonment by the militia. It would have made a very powerful, tear-jerker ending.

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    Sun Feb 02 2003

    Top film. Throw the plot out the window and concentrate on machine guns, grenades and helicopters without any moralising or rationalising about what happened or why and you've got a successful war movie. It looked to me like a bit of an advert for the US Military with the Ranger and Delta boys mowing down the "skinnies" with impunity and dying noble, heroic deaths. The machismo is so overwhelming that one almost forgets that the Americans actually got their posteriors kicked. But still, you can't go wrong with a 2 hour battle scene.

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    Tue Apr 30 2002

    This movie was one of the best war movies ever made. I dont know what people are talking about having "no story line" or "not feeling the character". This movie is not a happy happy joy joy movie, its a movie about real men who went into the middle of a warzone and died for somthing they thought was right. If you want happy happy movies stick to your Disney movies.

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    Sun Mar 10 2002

    Real good movie, im sure i would have liked it much more if i hadnt seen LOTR a couple weeks earlier.

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    Tue Feb 19 2002

    Finally, a war movie that isn't based on vietnam and back. This has the usual flash and camera gloss that Jerry Bruckheimer brings to all his films. However, the movie appears to have credable acting by the cast thanks to the vision of acclaimed director Ridely Scott. This movie is not for the weak at heart. No gory detail was left out. Then again, whoever said war was supposed to be all glamorous and pretty. If anyone still holds that opinion, this movie will make them change their minds.

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    Sun Feb 17 2002

    I liked it. It was very true to what really happened, and I showed what it is really like and that not all military cuss a whole lot (they did cuss though) and they dont sit and look at seedy pictures the whole time.

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    Sun Feb 10 2002

    Since when do all movies teach a moral message? This is a true story, and the lesson is that even humans with a lot of training and knowledge can make mistakes. The ranking officers who planned this mission made a ton, and the story is about the men forced to react to their mistakes. This was not an easy movie to watch; but extremely well filmed and acted. I actually felt what it was like to be in the midst of chaos and battle, in my opinion high praise for the director and actors. All the men portrayed in this film were flawed, with prejudices and weaknesses just like any average human being. What made them heroes was their courage in the face of unsurmountable odds.

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    Sun Feb 10 2002

    bad ass movie! great acting and storyline. good movie!

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    Sat Feb 02 2002

    As well made as this movie was, it lacked a lesson. Any kind of moral message except the same tired one. Killing people is bad and war sucks. Still i admire how well the story was told and i feel those ho went through such a horrific ordeal deserve to have their story told to the world. Stil, the movie failed to capture ny real feelng for many of it's characters.The only moment that really had any signifants as to a message was when a soldier say he s constantly asked why he and other troops do what they do? He says it is because of the man next to you. I thought that was really the only strong moment in the film. It lasted a total of3 minutes.