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2007 first-person shooter game developed by 2K Boston (later Irrational Games) and 2K Australia, and published by 2K Games Website

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    Wed Dec 15 2010

    I love this game! It's a great first person shooter, the environment has a huge impact in setting the mood for the game, and the story line was very interesting and really drew me in. My brother, who is also a big gamer, originally told me that there was no way he was going to play it and thought that the game sounded stupid. Then, one day he happened to catch me while I was playing it, and that same night he asked me if he could borrow it. He loved it, and I didn't see the game for 4 days after that! I very highly recommend this game!

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    Mon Nov 09 2009

    The game play mechanics and storyline are excellent. I recommend reading Ayn Rand "Atlas Shrugged" and then playing the game. I love the variety of combat techniques using weapons and plasmids and the combination of them both. You can play guns a blazing but there are still parts that benefit massively from strategy and are otherwise extremely difficult or impossible if not playing on Easy level. Once you master the combat system you can really start having fun using different strategies, traps etc and you'll find yourself scouring the levels for loot. It's also fun to save just before a big battle where there are tons of enemies and try several different strategies, by restoring to the save point. This is a good way to learn how things work as well. What I didn't like was the excessive amount of blood and gore. I realize the game is inspired by a horror genre, but I think it can and should move beyond this since it isn't what makes the game compelling. I found the gore over ... Read more

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    Thu Oct 22 2009

    This game is without a doubt the single reason I bought a PS3. It may be a multi-plat game but for some reason it feels more responsive on the PS3. Regardless, this is a game that all PS3 shooter fans should own. If you are new to Playstation 3 and looking into getting your game collection started this is hands down the easiest decision you will have to make for a game. The storyline, character development, weapons, etc all make this game one that I will never forget. I have played through this game 2 times and both times I was excited to see what would happen next. I can wholeheartedly give a recommendation for anyone to buy this game for the PS3/Xbox 360/PC.... for this price it should be considered the best bargain in the history of games!!

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    Wed Oct 14 2009

    This game is the most immersive game I've ever played. The gameplay was smooth, the environment totally unique, but it was the story that completely drew me in. It's mindboggling to me that the previous reviewer complains there was no's the STORY that made this the Game of the Year (and deservedly so). Can't recommend the game enough.

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    Tue Oct 13 2009

    This game was a huge disappointment to me. I bought with confidence that I would have a memorable single player campaign, but instead I got a game that had a sub par story. The game is dark and gloomy a lot like FEAR. The story is strange and doesn't add up to a lot as the campaign grows. The specials are cool, but ammo is scarce and the entire mood is creepy and doesn't make me want to play the game. The levels are complex but there seems to be no purpose. Enemies appear out of thin air and you fight through them for no reason. There are no cut scenes to advance the story just tidbits here and there. Overall an underwhelming attempt at a good concept.Certainly not game of the year. Presentation- The game does a nice job of getting you in the mood of a underwater city. It would have been nice if there were more lights so I could see the levels better, but that's a small complaint. 4/5 Story- There is a story I guess. It's weird and they never seem to explain it that well, but the... Read more

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    Yes, this game will keep you on your toes through most of it. Shooters are not really my type of game but when you mix the shooter experience with the beautiful, yet scary, art deco scenery and the thrill of not knowing what is going to happen at next corner it becomes a pretty entertaining game. I will say that this game is not for everyone, trust me when I say this but there is a reason why this game is rated (M), it will give your kids nightmares, however if you are looking for a scary experience with your PS3 this will definitely do it! Specially with the new price drop.

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    Thu Oct 01 2009 this game already. It's too much fun. There's so many ways to play this game, and there's such a great atmosphere to this game, Rapture is an incredibly engaging world. Get this game already, you're wasting time reading this.

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    Mon Sep 21 2009

    Initially, the title for my review was going to be something like "Wonderful game" or so. But this game did it, it's my new favorite game of all time. I'm not saying it will be yours, but I'm sure you'll like it. I'm not a big fan of first person shooters but if they have a good plot behind them, then it's a whole different story. Well, in BIOSHOCK the plot is everything I could have asked for. Gameplay is exciting, sometimes downright frightening and immersive. The ambiance is wonderful, set in a retro-futuristic art-deco underworld city. More than a game, BIOSHOCK is an experience. The kind of effect you get from well done RPGs but much more intense. I'm not going to write anything else, I don't want to spoil the game for you. Right now the game can be bought at a very good price. I can't wait for BIOSHOCK-2 to be out, that one I'm buying as soon as it gets out the door.

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    Mon Sep 07 2009

    Amazing game. Very well designed for a game with political and social content. Many of the ideas in the game were very unique (big dadies, little sisters, plasmids, etc). Has very good replay value and a bunch of cool endings (i was too chicken to get the bad endings). pros: emotional, intellectual, original, and nostalgic (to some degree) cons: that perfect city fell.

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    Among the very best single player games.

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    Wed Jun 17 2009

    Great story, has a creepy atmosphere! I can't play this game without lights, even then it can be pretty hard to turn around a corner or go down a hallway. Things tend to pop out at you or suddenly appear which makes me love it. I love to be scared for video games it makes the experience better! Totallybuy this game!

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    Tue Jan 13 2009

    Very atmospheric, good story and setting, good graphics, and the soundtracks not bad either totally recommend this game!

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    Sun Dec 30 2007

    This game was good, but it was hard to pick up on the story line the first time I played it and I also felt that at the end of the game you were left hanging, other than these aspects of the game, the rest was pretty good!

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    Sun Nov 25 2007

    An amazing game that sets off fast and leaves you in the drivers seat all the way through the game, a little linear in parts although the visuals and story help shade this over very well. Has a feel of half-life with a sprinkle of 50's nostalgia.