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    Thu Jan 14 2010

    He wasn't very good as a 12 year old, his high, whiny voice was just annoying. I don't know if he's still trying to make it in country music, but since I'd assume that his voice has changed by now (maybe not a great assumption, see: Jackson, Michael), I'd be willing to give his music another chance. UPDATE: Third best country artist of the decade according to RIA reviews!!???? What the hell!!!??? The kid hasn't had a song on country radio in at least the last six or seven years, and he just wasn't that good. Oh well, at least Rascal Flats didn't crack the list.

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    Sat Sep 06 2008


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    Sat Mar 11 2006


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    Tue Feb 21 2006

    thought he was a girl. an annoying girl.

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    Fri Feb 17 2006

    I love this kid? Hope to hear more from him. and I'm 58 years old.

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    Fri Dec 02 2005

    Michael Jackson's boy toy.

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    Tue Apr 27 2004

    you'r the best

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    Thu Mar 11 2004

    Wow! So much talent at such a young age. He continues to inspire me everyday. I hope he continues his singing career. He already has 2 platinum albums which is great! Very inspirational, I look up to him. Would definatley want to meet him. Seems like a great guy =) Good job billy

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    Tue Mar 09 2004

    His voice actually annoys me.

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    Wed Nov 05 2003

    Annoying, whiney no talent twit.

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    Sun Aug 17 2003

    I have his c.d and is that a good one???!!!!!

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    Sun Jun 29 2003

    I live in the area where Billy is from and a lot of people know him as just a kid around town, good hearted and fun. (I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him) He's grown up the past 3 years with a lot to deal with I would think, contracts and voice change and whatnot. But his new cd is fresh and powerful and he will continue to be the pride and joy of Rhode Island. The songs he sings and the way he carries himself show that he has a strong heart to prepare him for the tough world of professional cut-throat music.

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    Mon May 26 2003

    ummm... i gave billy a three because it sucked some serious ass but then again he IS only 15... and when you're basing your career on craptastic poetry that an entire nation is afraid to admit is pure... well... crap. but i guess that if you didn't have a brain you might be inspired by sunshines kissing you on the cheek but for those of us that prefer to sleep in and not eat pancakes in the morning, consider my heart unwoven. and lets not forget the thousands of people dying from things like wars, and crappy poetry, just something to remember as you eat pancakes and shop at abercrombie, eh?

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    Sat May 17 2003

    I miss hearing his voice on the radio. Let's hope that he can make a comeback sometime soon. "One Voice" was a very touching song, and I thoroughly enjoyed his entire CD that was released a few years ago. Hurry back Billy!

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    Wed Apr 30 2003

    Billy who? It's been a few years since we've heard from him.

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    Sun Apr 27 2003

    Ho-hum...another child singer that will fade once puberty hits...As for all of this "if you can't say something nice" crap: This is America, we can say what we please. Deal with it, Communist filth. Also, be aware, people...anyone who deals with criticism with the "you're just jealous" lame is probably a 13 year old who is obsessed with a child "star," and can't deal with criticism.

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    Sat Apr 26 2003

    His voice is too high and squeeky for me to listen to for very long.

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    Thu Apr 17 2003


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    Tue Apr 08 2003

    This is some kind of horrid joke, right?

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    Fri Feb 21 2003

    he's so great and i'm in his graduating class of 2006!!!! also he has a great voice so no one go say he's terrible. and my sister does too so no one give up on dreams and I'm 15

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    Tue Feb 18 2003

    Billy Gilman is a GREAT kid and a wonderful singer. Hes a nice young man and I think he should get a 5.

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    Fri Jan 31 2003

    are you KIDDING? lol.... this kid above a genius like HANK SR? PLEASE

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    Thu Jan 23 2003

    what a little fag!

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    Tue Jan 21 2003

    He's not bad for a kid but I can already hear the strain in his voice starting to damage his singing ability...he won't be around long.

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    Fri Dec 13 2002


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    Fri Dec 13 2002

    this kid is the worst thing to happen to ears since deafness

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    Fri Jun 14 2002

    A pre- teen singing sappy country music songs???? Gag me with a shovel!!!!!! Has he made enough money yet to get the horse teeth fixed???

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    Fri Jun 15 2001

    He has sooooo much talent! One Voice, Oklahoma and some other of his songs have really touched me, and to think about things that I have not thought about before that I really need to be thinking about! The first time I heard Oklahoma I started crying it is the best song!

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    Fri May 18 2001

    I think that Billy Gilman has a lot of potential. We only have one of his singles and we have seen him on the country video channel. He has a nice singing voice. His one voice video was good. I hope he can continue to have a singing career in his adult years.

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    Sun Apr 22 2001

    SUCKS BAD!!!!!

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    Wed Apr 18 2001

    Billy Gilmans voice is a breathtaking experience. A 12 year old super star with a wonderful view on life. He seems to bring out the best in people. With a brilliant voice and georgeous looks Billy Gilmens music CD's are worth every penny. I have never even remotly liked Country, but this young sensation changed every one of my thoughts of Country Music to great things. It is a mindboggeling experience to listen to his wonderful and rare voice. He opend my eyes to everything great in this world. I see no reason not to buy this CD. I am a 13 year old with a world of intrests, hobbies, and responsibilitys. But every day I make sure to take time and listen to Billy Gilmons music. It truely calms me and makes me think that this world is a truely magnificent place.

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    Mon Apr 16 2001

    I LOVE BILLY!!!! I think everyone should buy his CD's!!!!! My fav. songs are "One Voice", "Till I can Make it On My Own", and "little bitty pretty one"!!!!! He is sooo cute!! I send him hugs and kisses! My cousin left her CD "one voice" in our car and I brought it in and was listening to it and I havent given it back since (im sure she's gotten a new one by now) And i just wanted to tell everyone I love him! He should come up and sing for us here in North Dakota, 'cause we ALL love him!!!!

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    Fri Apr 13 2001

    Oh, my gosh I can't believe how much Billy Gilman is a great singer, for a boy(a 12 year old at that) Well, I know that most gurls out there just like me think he is awfully cute and brings a smile to our faces when we hear his angelic voice ring through our ears. If going planitinum twice in only two cds is bad his is the worst! He is the opposite of the very worst he is the best in the business let alone the hottest! He is also in Teen's Hottest 25 under 25!! Which a major break through for a country singer! So rate Billy with great pride!!!

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    Thu Apr 05 2001

    the most hottest 12 year old country music singer ever!!!!!

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    Wed Apr 04 2001

    I feel Billy Gilman makes a great country singer. I love his music and he has a great voice.

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    Sun Apr 01 2001

    Who? Oh...Guess I wouldn't know anyways. I never listen to this country-tractor-biscuits-and-gravy load of crap.

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    Sat Mar 31 2001

    My preteens, teenagers and myself like this CD. I think it's the best one I've bought all year. Billy's version of O Holy Night was the best BEST I have ever heard, one of my favorite Christmas songs. I saw him at Disney World and they didn't say who he was (on TV). I remember my kids flipping the channels and me saying "HOLD UP!" It wasn't until the other day he was on Oprah and I caught his name, ran out and got One Voice. Hey is a pleasure to watch perform. My 11 year old daughter is pretty taken with the image.

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    Fri Mar 30 2001

    I think Country music is extremely bad and I think Billy Gilman should of been a pop star because I like that music better. Plus, braces won't help those teeth.

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    Wed Mar 28 2001

    I just want to be able to get a fan club number for my 9 yr old daughter to join..HELP!!! I can't find anything..Please email me at [email protected] if anyone knows a number. daughter will appreciate it!!

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    Sun Mar 25 2001

    My name is Brittany Nichole. I had just moved when I heard about Billy Gilman. I bought one of his cds and I just love it. I think he has a very beautiful voice and think he should be rated as the best star singer. My advice is to keep singing and not listen to any bad comments. I have always wanted to sing, but I never knew where to start. My only wish is that someday I can be famouse and sing a duet with Billy. i have decided to listen to country just because of Billy and I would like him to know how much he has inspired me to sing for my friends.

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    Sat Mar 24 2001

    Ok, here I go. Billy Gilman the 12 year old with the angel's voice. Billy's album One Voice went Platinum 12 weeks after it was realeased. His second album, Classic Christmas went gold. Billy is phenominal. His songs have so much meaning, for example, One Voice is about a child looking at all the violence in the world. It takes a great person to sing such a touching song like One Voice. If you haven't bought the One Voice album, I really encourage you too. Every song on there is fantastic. He is so unique and and very special. He is so talented and so much better than the other singing child prodigys like Aaron Carter and Lil Bow Wow. When Billy sings, he sings like that is all that he wants to do for the rest of his life, like nothing makes him happier. If you haven't gotten the chance to listen to him sing then you really need to, because you need to experience the wonderful gift god gave him, we should be lucky he is sharing his gift with all of us. He shouldn't be thanking us, we s... Read more

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    Tue Mar 20 2001

    I usually dont like Country music except for Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and a FEW others but when i heard Billy i just went bonkers! I am not one of those crazy lunatic people that go crazy over singers but i think Billy is so adorable and almost my age! (im 14) I feel bad though that he hasnt gone through puberty yet cause his voice will probably change. I know a lot of people that did that though and there voice was just as good or better! Lets just hope!.....I some times get teased about liking Country from my friends but dont worry Billy i always stick up for you! You have great talent and i just wished that i could have some of that talent. Well, I just decided to come on today and find some websites about you and so far this is the only one i have found. Come on people.....Make some more websites! I feel bad though cause i live in California and i havent heard any people at my school or anything talk about how good he is so i am hoping there are lots of fans out there and he keep... Read more

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    Sun Mar 18 2001

    Not only is Billy a great musician he is a HOTTIE! His angelic voice is so wonderful. I think that he is one of the best singers out there right now. If you disagree with this lets compare him to Nelly or Eminem. Nelly concentrates on weed and booty. Eminem on killing his pregnant girlfriend. It is crazy what our world has come to and I think that it is awesome that we have finally got a musician that sends out a positive message.Billy if you are reading this, you are very talented and may God continue to bless you and guide you.

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    Tue Mar 13 2001

    Billy's got a great voice people are just too stupid to see that and they over look his music. Oh, and the whole high girly voice thing,it's ok he'll grow out of it, and have really deep one! :) anyone, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] if you wanna talk.

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    Sun Mar 11 2001


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    Sun Mar 11 2001

    I am 14 and one day my teacher played your Christmas CD. I asked her days later to play it again. I bought the CD after that and listen to it alot even though it isn't Christmas time. I even listened to it last night. I am blind, love talking on the phone and love ice cream too. Except for my eyes I am just like Billy. I would really love to meet him someday and tell him how much I love him. I think about him alot.

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    Sat Mar 10 2001

    I can't belive a young boy like him could become so famous and none of the people in Singapore really appreciate him. I always wanted to be like him. I wanted to take up singing lessons but I couldn't find any Good teacher which was like Billy's teacher. The lyrics of his songs are juz so touching and he makes it so soothing to the ear. My parents think I'm crazy listening to such slow songs as they think a girl at this age normally would like pop songs. But As soon as I heard Warm & Fuzzy music video, I fell in love wif it. But after Christmas. The televison doesn't show any of his music videos anymore. The Singapore magazines, newspapers,TV... had no sight of him at all. I dun understand why such talents are neglected in Singapore but singers which has no talent but has beauty are famous. Wat has my country become to?

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    Fri Mar 02 2001

    I am one of those people who love music.I love every thing from N*SYNC to LIMP BIZKIT to my favorite BILLY GILMAN!!When i first heard Billy's vioce i thought it was great-but i never would expect it to be the vioce of a kid my age!Now I have been listining to his music for a while and realized i like him for more than his vioce-he's sweet,very cute,i LOVE the lyrics,and so mmuch more! i think it is weird that i actually like country but i don't care anymore all i know is BILLY IS THE BEST!!!!!I love you sooooo much billy!

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    Thu Feb 22 2001

    hes the worst singer eva he is sooo gay little 12 year old tryin to sing country stupit bitc* HE SUCKS

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