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    Sat Nov 07 2009

    Bill Murray has been cracking me the hell up for my whole life. I just saw Zombieland, where he makes an odd appearance that I shall not spoil for everyone, but its just the weird kind of stuff that I've always enjoyed from him.

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    Sat Nov 29 2008

    Quite Hilarious! At his funniest in the movie "What about Bob!". I'll never forget when he made his psychiatrist need to see a psychiatrist haha

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    Mon Aug 18 2008

    O.K. I'm only going four stars here. I enjoyed the Tod and Lisa skits with Gilda and the lounge singer was pretty good but that's about it. His later work just keeps getting better though. Caddy Shack, Groundhog Day, The Life Aquatic, What About Bob, Rushmore, and many others.

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    He's got some great stuff out there...

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    he is so sexy ;)

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    Mon Jul 28 2008

    He's okay, I'm not in love with him though like other people, and he's somewhat overrated, not as much as Will Ferrell though, but he's pretty up there.

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    Mon Jul 21 2008


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    Sat Jul 05 2008

    Although Bill Murray is a genious in later movie work like Groundhog Day and What about Bob? He was comparetively sub-par in comparison to other greats

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    Wed Feb 27 2008

    He was never my favorite.

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    Mon Dec 24 2007

    Now he is FUNNY. I love the Groundhog Day movie the best and he was funny on SNL too.

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    Sat Mar 24 2007

    A man with the talent to make the transition to making good movies. How unlike Will Farrell.

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    Wed Sep 21 2005

    I think Bill Murray is enormously funny. The only reason I gave him a 4 rather than a 5 is that I believe his comedic strength is skits and stories rather than stand-up. And I would give exactly the same commentary/evaluation regarding John Cleese.

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    Thu Jun 16 2005

    i dont know i just felt like raising the rating

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    Mon Apr 11 2005

    i LOVE bill murray, but he's not a standup. sketch comic, actor, whatever, just don't say standup, because he never has been.

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    Sat Jan 15 2005

    brilliant on and off the snl set. he has a way of making you think he is sharing a private joke between the two of you

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    Mon Oct 04 2004

    I love Bill Murray in What About Bob? I love the line, I'm sailing! I'm sailing!

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    Mon Sep 27 2004

    Not Even A Stand Up

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    Fri Sep 17 2004

    I liked Belushi and Dan A. better on SNL, but Bill Murray's movie career has certainly been more interesting (and better!) That said, his lounge singer skit was classic, and his bit with Gilda Radner (when they played those dorky kids--can't remember their names) was great too.

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    Wed Aug 25 2004

    Funniest of the 1970s cast.

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    Thu Jun 24 2004

    simply amazing...

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    Thu Jun 10 2004

    He gets a 4 for SNL. the rest of his stuff is hot and cold.

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    Wed May 19 2004

    Not a stand-up comedian. Love him as much as anyone...

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    Fri Apr 30 2004

    cant wait to see some of his most recent movies

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    Fri Apr 30 2004

    Bill Murray is not a stand up comic.

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    Sat Apr 24 2004

    Even if he did nothing else worth noting, the Star Wars song alone from SNL earns him five stars. Stripes was a damn good movie.

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    Thu Apr 01 2004

    over rated

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    Tue Mar 23 2004

    He's arrogant and not funny.

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    Sun Mar 07 2004

    what about bill?! don't kill this bill!

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    Thu Jan 08 2004

    Little by little, Murray has established himself as being one of the best comedic actors of his generation. He has good timing and gets solid chemistry going with other actors. But a stand-up comedian he's not.

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    Wed Dec 10 2003

    This list is for stand-up comedians. Did Murray ever do stand-up, save perhaps early in his career? Aside from that possible objection, Murray has mastered the combination of goofiness and dry wit. The list of immortal comedies in which he starred or had significant roles is impressive: Caddyshack (1980), Stripes (1981), Tootsie (1982), Ghostbusters (1984), and Groundhog Day (1993). He also provided a well placed comic relief in Wild Things (1998). The bottom line is that Bill Murray is probably the most successful Saturday Night Live cast member who left for movie stardom, and for good reason. Bill Murray was born on September 21, 1950 in Wilmette, Illinois.

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    Thu Oct 02 2003

    I loved his nightclub singer routine the best. Who can forget him singing "The Love Boat" and the "Theme to Star Wars"? Absolutely hilarious!

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    Sat Sep 13 2003

    Bill Murray is by far the best SNL performer ever (among those who are still alive, anyway). He can convey with his eyebrows what a lesser comedian would need his entire body to say. I don't think he's ever delivered a bad performance, even though he's been in some bad movies.

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    Sat Jun 21 2003

    Never loved Murray on SNL - his movies made more sense - Meatballs, Ghostbusters, Stripes - all classics!

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    Thu Jun 05 2003

    I have yet to learn of a funnier human being.

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    Fri May 23 2003

    Naturally funny. His SNL work was short lived but excellent nevertheless. He's had alot of film sucess since then, and is probably the most successful of all SNL players in film roles. The only one who might beat him for film success is Eddie Murphy.

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    Thu May 22 2003

    he's one of my favorites! i absolutely love him. all of his movies were awesome. and i love the show "the sweet spot" on comedy central. its great. i love bill, if i wasnt 14-years-old i'd ask him to marry me

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    Mon May 12 2003

    Best lounge singer ever,maybe the best actor of the whole lot.

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    Tue Apr 08 2003

    Every year he got funnier and funnier. He's brilliant.

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    Fri Mar 07 2003

    Bill Murray was right at home at SNL. He was truly one of the funniest of the earlier episodes. SNL also opened the door for his movie career (which has been somewhat disappointing), but nonetheless, this man is a comedic genious.

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    Tue Jan 28 2003


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    Mon Jan 20 2003

    comic genius, sometimes veers into silly bathroom humor, but almost always brilliant

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    Wed Feb 27 2002

    This man does not make me laugh.

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    Mon Nov 26 2001

    His work as "Todd" with Gilda was priceless and the lounge lizard never gets old to me.

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    Fri Oct 12 2001

    Not an original NRFPTP, but easily one of the best. He was fearless, he was boundless. One of the top three ever on SNL (with Belushi & Crystal).

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    Tue Aug 28 2001

    Bill Murray has to be one of the greatest comedians ever. In addition to what Magellan has said, Bill Murray has a totally unique comedy style, that has never been present on anyone else. It's ironic, sarcastic and sadistic. I think that his best comedy has to be "Quick Change". It is in fact, the funniest movie in existance, even though it's one of the most underrated. But Bill Murray is just way to brilliant for the role of Chip in this movie. If you don't know much about Bill Murray, just watch "Quick Change", and the word comedy will have a totally different meaning to you. I have no more words to describe Bill Murray. He is a complete genius as a comedian, as well as an actor.

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    Fri May 25 2001

    One of my favorite actors. Bill Murray has this understated, sardonic style that completely cracks me up. Whether he's telling a carful of old ladies in Ground Hog Day, "Really ladies, I had the jack, I had the tire, it was no problem," or coaching "Wudie the Wabbit" in Meatballs, or whipping through Czechoslovakia in a kick ass urban assault vehicle in "Stripes," Bill Murray is one of the few actors who is consistently laugh out loud funny. I also thought that his performance in Rushmore was outstanding - it showed he can play a somewhat darker character just as well as he plays a clown. I especially liked the scene when he is sitting on his diving board drunk as his annoying sons run around and his wife flirts with a guy 20 years younger than her.

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    Wed Apr 18 2001

    Consistantly good, from Caddyshack to the Man Who Knew Too Little

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    Sat Apr 07 2001

    Bill Murray just didn't amuse me when he was on SNL. His characters were really annoying and unfunny. He just couldn't take on his roles as well as the others could.

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    Wed Feb 14 2001

    They say you either love him! or you hate him! ...and i think he's heaps funny so i guess i go under the "love him" category :)

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    Wed Jan 31 2001

    With the exception of his bad lounge singer routine during SNL, Bill has always seemed just a little too intense for the moment. Never cared for any of his movies - especially the cheap laughs low brow stuff like "Caddy Shack".