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    Thu Jul 07 2011

    I'm surprised by how many positive reviews there are for this product. Bil- Jac has got to be the king of marketing, because somehow, they've convinced you all that stuff that would NEVER be tolerated in any other "premium" brand are perfectly good, nutritious ingredients. The whole "Ten Pounds of Fresh Chicken used to make every Fifteen Pound Bag" campaign is seriously misleading. So, they expect you to believe that all but five pounds of that bag is chicken? Fresh chicken is a high-moisture food, at about 75% water content. Dry dog food has a 10% water content. So, when that chicken is cooked and dehydrated to make the dry kibble, it's reduced in quantity by about 65% on average. Suffice it to say, you aren't feeding your dog as much meat as you think you are. Another thing that Bil-Jac does is claim that their by-product meals are "organ meat only". So what? By-products ARE organ meats, regardless of what brand you buy. The problem with by-products is that they're going be skin, ... Read more

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    Fri Apr 08 2011

    All the by products and ground corn. This is not good food. I also think it is funny when you talk to a rep they think that by slow cooking the product it makes it better. How will slow cooking turn low quality product into good food. This is just a scam. Buy anything and it will be better then this stuff. I won a bag at a dog show once and none of my dogs would eat it. that is when i looked into it and saw how poor it was.

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    Wed Mar 16 2011

    Have you ever considered how your dog food is manufactured, and WHO actually makes it? The vast majority of dry dog foods are manufactured through a 60-year-old technology called extrusion. High heat, high humidity and high pressure are used to flash cook (in seconds) POWDERED (not fresh) ingredients, resulting in hard, dense kibble that's not very palatable and hard to digest. Nothing is cooked separately in this process. Everything's prepared all at once. If your dog's food is hard kibble, it's extruded. Everything at Petsmart and PETCO is extruded, with the exception of Bil Jac. Amino acids are very heat sensitive, and are damaged, if not destroyed by the extrusion process. Complex carbohydrates are not broken down during extrusion, resulting in symptoms that many pet owners wrongly attribute to grain allergies. Dogs simply cannot digest complex carbs, and problems often result. To top it off, extruded food is not fresh, desirable food. It's overcooked, dried out food. ... Read more

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    Sat Feb 05 2011

    I have been feeding my new maltipoo puppy and my other two chow mix Bil-jac now for 3 weeks and my maltipoo have just gotten worse on scratching,licking and biting herself. They all love the food ,but they drink alot of water now and pooping alot too. I know my maltipoo seem to have food allergies, but I have tried everything and she won't touch it. My chow mixes was on purina one and beneful mix for many years and they did pretty good, except for the red paws and ear infections. Vet said it was seasonal allergies, but I think it was food allergies. My female chow suffered from an inner earinfection one night and had now balance for a week. took her to the ER and they had no explination on why?. Now I think it was the purina one and beneful they were on. I have tried nature's recipe, natural balance L.I.D,avoderm,FROMM surf & turf, and my maltipoo won't eat it. I read about Taste of the wild grain free, but it's made by Diamond company that had a lot of recalls and don't trust the c... Read more

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    Wed Dec 01 2010

    We had all three of our dogs on Bil-Jac Select. It was getting too expensive. SO we switched the Great Dane (3.5) and the Beagle (15) to a mix with Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice. We thought it was a good product and were trying to save some money. Within 3 weeks of opening the bag of Diamond, our HEALTHY Great Dane has died and our Beagle has started having seizures. Our 3rd dog who was only getting the Bil-Jac is still doing just fine. I can't for sure say that it was the other food that caused these problems, although the vet sure seems to think so. We switched the Beagle back to Bil-Jac right away and he seems to be doing a little better. I would give anything to get my Great Dane back. Screw saving $30 on a cheaper bag of food. We lost our beloved family member and spent over $1200 in vet bills (so far). I can only kick myself and be angry with myself for switching. They were doing so great on Bil-Jac. We will NEVER feed anything else again.

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    Sat Nov 13 2010

    I used to give Science Diet to my dogs but they began to refuse it so I tried Bil Jac. They both love it and have never had any ill effects from it. My Yorkie is quite tiny and the little kibbles suit him just fine. My other dog is very, very picky but she likes her Bil-Jac. I do worry about giving them the best but after reading lots and lots of reviews on just about every dog food I've decided that Bil-Jac is a good reliable food.

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    Mon Jul 26 2010

    WE have 2 chihuahuas and one chihuahua/bosten terrier mix. We had much trouble with sensitive stomachs and many vet bills dealing with the sensitive stomachs. I ran into a sample of Bil-Jac at the pet store. We tried it and our little dogs (3 , 4 , and 7 pounds) love it and have done very well on it for the past 2 years. Its easier to chew ( we have one with sensitive teeth) and yet it provides a good crunch. They have been very healthy with no vet bills other than well check and shots since we have been feeding this pellet type food. Thanks.

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    Mon Jul 19 2010

    While I did recently find out that Bil-Jac is a 1-star food, I've learned to take reviews, even on big name websites, with a grain of salt. Even all of the 6-star foods have major complaints in them about SOMETHING wrong in the food. My two dogs were on Bil-Jac and their digestion and coats have definitely improved. Recently, I adopted a puppy from the shelter and I decided I would feed him Nutro, because I've never had a dog not like it and as a previous promoter at Petland for it, I felt very safe. Not only that, but online it also had a 4-star rating. My new puppy won't touch the stuff. He refuses 3 other foods that I've bought him, only eating when he's starving and even then, not finishing his bowls. However, he steals the Bil-Jac from my other dog's dishes whenever he gets the chance. I figured after 2 1/2 weeks of this run around that he's telling me what he wants. He sits there and eats all of his bowl of Bil-Jac each time I set it down. It's still beneficial to him and while t... Read more

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    Tue Jun 22 2010

    we recently rescued my two year old boxer who was extremely skinny when we got her. We tried numerous dog foods and she would snub her nose up to all of them and would not eat. we heard about bil jac and bought the frozen food and the rest is history... she has gained weight and looks healthier than ever!!!

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    Sat Apr 10 2010

    My dogs were on a premium dog food, when I heard Bil-Jac had a food. It was not available in the store I frequented. I knew about Bil-Jac from the dog shows, so decided to try it. I DID switch right over, and had no diarrhea! I also am using the 1/3 less, and my dogs are doing great on it! I was impressed by the fact the main ingredients are Chicken and Chicken organs, and that it is slowly cooked to preserve the heat sensitive nutrients. I also heard that it is manufactured only two hours after the chickens are "dispatched", because their plant is so close to the Tyson and Purdue plants. I also knew, from the dog shows, that is it produced by a single family, and not a corporate conglomerate, like so many other foods. The peoples names are Kelly, and Bill and Jack were/are two of the sons. I am very pleased with how my dogs are doing on it, and seem to like it even more than the previous food. Also, all the ingredients are from here in the US, which means they are fresher as well. It ... Read more

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    It stinks! This links says it all...BTW, the "great" Bil-Crap got a 1-Star rating. Count em'...1...the lowest rating! wproduct.php?product=73&cat=all

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    Fri Mar 05 2010

    Bil-Jac has never been recalled and for people that truly love their pets that should be extremely important when chosing a brand of dog food to feed. I feed Bil-Jac to all of my dogs and that is a lot of dogs ! I have many rescues mixed and purebred a like. I also breed chihuahuas. I have never had any problems with Bil-Jac and it does give them a shinny show coat as well as make them healthier in general. If you were to see the difference in my adult dogs that have eaten Bil-Jac their whole lives compared to dogs I have bought as adults that were on other foods you would be shocked ! Their coats are so much better. Their skin is so much healthier. My German Shepherd has a fantastic coat thanks to Bil-Jac and when I got her she was in horrible condition. Many dogs I got as adults had dry flaky skin and hot spots until they ate Bil-Jac. It does give them very hard stool which is a good thing and makes it easier to clean up if there is any accidents. Most of my clients that switch to ot... Read more

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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    Bil-Jac is so amazing, at first I used another brand, but when my friend told me all the great advantages of feeding this to my babies, I became curious. I was a little scared to switch their food at first because I had used the same brand forever. Then you have to worry about how the dogs stomach is going to react or if its gonna do them good or bad so alot fo thought went into switching over. Then I went over to to breeder friends house for the first time to get a baby and when I saw how amazing my friends dogs were I had to try it. Their coats were perfect and so silky soft, and not to mention their weight looked great. Not too fat or not too thin. When I tried it my babies ate it all so fast. I was so glad they loved it, and I didn't have any trouble with their tummys getting upset or anything. And now all I feed all my babies is Bil-Jac, I will never change their food ever again. Their is no reason when I finally found the most perfect brand, and they love it every time. They loo... Read more

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    Fri Feb 12 2010

    3 dogs 3 Bil-Jac lovers.

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    Thu Feb 11 2010

    We have a Boxer mix and a Boston Terror, I mean Terrier! We bought our first bag of Bil-Jac after meeting a Bil-Jac rep at our local Petsmart. They went crazy. We then decided to buy a bag of the frozen Bil-Jac and add a bit of that to the dry food. Oh my gosh, they went crazy and now all I have to say is "Bil-Jac", pull out the bag from the fridge, and they both go wild. The Boston stands up and dances and will not relent until I place her bowl on the floor. Needless to say, the food is demolished in a matter of a minute. We will continue to buy ONLY Bil-Jac. Thanks for a great product. Sincerely, Mike and Heather Redden Lawrenceville, GA

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    Thu Feb 11 2010

    My dog was such a picky eater. We switched (from another high-end dog food) after she simply wouldn't finish her meals. We even tried mixing in leftovers, and this got very tiring. However, she always finishes her Biljac food, even seems excited to eat in the morning! Now I don't have to worry about her getting enough to eat. I haven't had to take her to the vet for anything other than routine checkups, and I think her healthy diet has a lot to do with this. I don't make a whole lot of money, but nutrition is an investment in my dog's lifespan, which I'm willing to shell out for. Thank you, Bil-Jac!!! My Lucy is a year old lab mix from the pound, and she is rambunctious as ever.

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    After reading about all the by products and food content in this product I wouldn't even consider it for my dogs. My dogs live on a diet of Steak alternated every other day with chicken plus Vitamins as a supplement. My female Pit is 18 years old and still going strong. We have recently aodpted a new Dog from the ASPCA, it was an abused dog and extremely thin. Since home and on this diet of steak and chicken he has gained 20 lbs and most of it in the form of muscle. Most kennels who breed dogs for strength will advise a diet of raw beef for added muscle, it works!

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    Fri Jan 08 2010

    I hope all of you who are complaining about preservatives in dog food are fanatical organic food eaters. Because YOU are getting hundreds of times more chemicals in YOUR food than dogs get in theirs. For those companies which say there are no preservatives in their food, is that bag of food still "fresh" and healthy after sitting around in warehouses, in stores and in your house for 6 months? Not sure I can swallow THAT one! Most of you who eat popcorn probably eat microwave popcorn. I have never had a dog yet who would touch the stuff!! Yet cook up a fresh pot on the stove and they love it. Any decent vet will tell you NEVER to make a sudden switch in dog-food (unless it is life threatening to continue with the present food) but to gradually introduce the new food so that your pet can adjust to it. Like you, if you ate a diet solely comprised of fish, then started to eat steak, you would probably have an upset stomach. I hope all of you are making an equal fuss about the anti... Read more

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    Some formulas look better then others but most contain by-products and corn and glueten. Something I would stay away from.

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    I train dogs for a living, as such I am often hounded by many dog food reps trying to get me to push their brand. I get a lot of free gifts (bribes) like t-shirts, totes and food and treat samples. I keep the shirts and totes, because, hey! a free t-shirt! The food samples I give to friends if they already happen to feed their dog that product. Bil-Jac is the only sample that I will actually give to my dogs. I find the ingredients and cooking process to be pretty decent, not enough to switch from their current brand, but good enough for a change every now and then. People always want me to tell them that there is one food that is perfect for every dog and that is not true. Some foods are great for some dogs and terrible for others. Do your research and find the brand that is right for your dog. Vets are one resource, but not always the best, take their advice in conjunction with others. Pet nutritionists are another resource, but again, not always the best. I know a lot of pet nutriti... Read more

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    Sun Nov 15 2009

    Biljac has gotten an unfairly bad rap.This dog food is better than the critics think it is,and the results speak for themselves.Biljac`s exclusive process makes the difference.It is not hype,or "propaganda".It is based on common sense.The meat portion of the food is processed at temps high enough to kill pathogens but low enough to protect the amino acids,the grain is processed at higher temps to improve its digestibility.This requires cooking the two separately before combining them in the final product.While Biljac does contain the much-maligned CORN,the aforementioned process makes the corn more digestible and also greatly reduces its impact on blood sugar,compared to other dog foods containing corn.Biljac dog food also doesnt use corn as the primary protein source.So again,it doesnt have the same negative effects as corn used in competing foods because the amount of corn is relatively low(the corn content of the senior formula is even lower,being combined with oatmeal)There is also... Read more

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    when we first bought our pug puppy at 10 weeks old from a very loving and responsible breeder she had other beautiful dogs around the house too (a doberman,french bulldog,and mama pug,and brother pug). she recommended biljac since that is what all the dogs were eating. so we kept him on biljac with no problems. then i got on the internet just surfing around and came across the top rated dog food site. after reading all the scary things posted by people who recommend holistic and natural dog food,well i had to run out and change my dog to blue buffalo!what a mistake that was, our poor little guy started itching and scratching himself bloody! so then we switched to natural balance duck and potato ,still itching and scratching nonstop,poor guy was miserable! so after taking him to vet for antibiotic and steroid shot to stop the allergic reaction to who knows what is in either or both of these holistic and natural foods and 250$ later,he is back on his biljac,thank you. remember people... Read more

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    Wed Sep 30 2009

    This is a great food! The previous poster is making assumptions about the ingredient list. I have seen improvements in both my dogs while on this food. The only thing I can say to watch out for is to make sure and feed a bit less that the recommended feeding amounts. The food seems to be very concentrated and therefore you do not to feed as much. The dogs love it, it is highly digestable, small stools, shiny coats and lots of energy! My dogs love gizzard, hearts, liver and other meat that I would find distateful. That doesn't mean that it is bad for them!

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    Thu Sep 24 2009

    Why is this food on the premium dog food shelves at so many pet stores? Bil Jac is HORRIBLE. The propaganda machine behind this food is intense and focused, dispensing misinformation and sleight of hand rather than facts... or better yet, actually providing a GOOD dog food. Bil Jac SAYS that one of their chicken by-product ingredients is "organ meat only." That is a lie. By-product is by-product is by-product, and it's all waste product unfit for human consumption. If Bil Jac really DID use good, clean organ meats in their formulas, they would list those organs the way other manufacturers do... as "chicken liver, chicken gizzards, chicken kidneys, chicken heart, etc." But they cannot do that, because that would be blatant lying. Chicken by-products are made up of beaks, feet, bones, diseased carcasses, unformed eggs, meat scraps, fat scraps, tumors, blood clots, dirty innards, and assorted other slaughterhouse waste. Period. Bil Jac SAYS that their food is better because it i... Read more

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    Tue Sep 22 2009

    Every dog is different, just like people. Dogs have allergies and preferences just like humans; that being said what is good for one may not be best for another. We see this with dog shampoos all the time. I have fed my dogs: Hills Science Diet, Nutro, Purina Pro Plan, Benefil, Iams and Pedigree. We have to buy sensitive stomach for our Standard Poodle and Senior for our 5 y/o spayed Boxer (she has a weight problem and is always hungry). We tried Bil-Jac once, after feeding them (6)- 5 lb bags of frozen my Boxer lost 7 lbs, and she never complained of hunger. Her energy was vastly improved. She began acting like a puppy again. Also our barfing Poodle had no episodes of vomiting and she also had a lot of energy, and I didn't need to feed her as much. What amazed me was that they ARE HAPPIER. They love mealtime now, and play in between meals. If your dog does not do well on it, please try another brand. I can only speak for my own awesome experiences. I am very happy with the foo... Read more

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    Mon Sep 21 2009

    As a dog trainer and owner, I have read just about every bag to be placed on a shelf at both Petco and Petsmart. And I can tell you several things, not only about Bil-Jac, but any other food you care to name. Yes. I see how many times the "by-products" are cited here. Did anyone bother to read what was in the parenthesis right behind that? "Organs only". Gibblets. Livers, hearts, gizzards. The parts of the chicken that actually have any nutritional content. People get so caught up in buying things for their dog that sound appetizing to them. Have you ever seen a nature program in your life??? Wild dogs, wolves, all canids capable of bringing down game don't go strip the muscle meet off a leg, or snack on the backstrap. They eat the guts of whatever animal they happen to be taking down. There is no bone meal, there are no hot dog parts. There is no ADDED FAT. Every single kibble food, from Hills, to Solid Gold has fat added to it. In Bil-Jac, the only fat you get is that fat that came... Read more

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    Thu Sep 10 2009

    It does not matter what the food is, if the dog won't eat it it, it is worthless. Bil Jac is the only brand that I have found that all 5 of my dogs (Great Pyrennes, Hound, Golden Retriever, Spaniel, Beagle) will eat consistently. They seem to be doing well after 2 years on this diet and there have been no unusual problems and no events that my vet attributes to food. My vet does say that getting the dog off people food, which was the only thing they would eat consistently prior to Bil Jac, is definitely a good thing. Having said that, I am appalled at the ignorance of the "if its not natural don't eat it" group and the lack of common sense (obviously an oxymoron) displayed. One poster in particular, seems to have a thing about propylene glycol. He describes his experience with propylene glycol as an aircraft deicer. Yes, it is used for that purpose, simply because it lowers the freezing point of water (melts ice). It is also used for that purpose in the manufacture of some ice... Read more

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    Tue Sep 01 2009

    I have 12 toy poodles of different ages and this is the only dog food they LOVE. Everyone of them. Also it is a smaller thinner kibble so easier to chew especially great for the tiny dogs. Mine range from 4 -12 lbs. It was recommended by a Scientist doing research on dog food who was buying it for his dog at Petsmart. They have been on this food for years. Their eyes are bright, coats are thick and shiny. Our vet visits are for example, emergencies like: a. One little guy who was attacked by his mom when very young had brain damage and we almost lost him. The vet said he would never be able to walk straight or to jump up again. Ha! He walks, runs and jumps up on my bed. B. One got hold of a poisoned field mouse (NEVER use mouse poison. I don't but my neighbor did) after a 4,000 vet bill she recovered.The vet said so many pets each week are lost to mouse poisoning. c. One dog got parvo even though she had her shots. That was a 6,000 bill d. a couple keep eating grass and somet... Read more

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    Tue Sep 01 2009

    Best food EVER!

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    Sun Aug 30 2009

    We just bought this product tonight recommended by a woman that worked at PET-SMART...BIG MISTAKE.We feed about a cup of it to our Boston Terrier. We even did the test that the woman recommend, by having a bowel of her regular food and a bowl of the the bil jac side by side to see which one she would it. I should have known that with any new smelling food our dog would eat that instead of the regular food she always eats. I have to say that she killed the bowl of food within about a minute or so. However 3-4 hours later she began to THROW IT UP!!!! I AM SO ANGRY after reading the ingredients and finding all of the BY-Products in a "world famous" dog food..WE will NEVER EVER BUY BIJ -JAC or any products from that company again...I don't care if there is a adjustment period. THINK if it this way, if you wanted to become healthier would you eat food that made you throw it back up in the process?

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    Bil-Jac's frozen dogfood has by-products and corn and molasses and cereal fines??? in the top ingredients listed. I had tried this frozen dog food (before I knew better) and only gave it my pup as a treat to put in her kong toy. She ate the stuff but then later in the night she woke me up hacking and she had thrown it up and continued to cough and hack for a while afterwards. She finally felt better and went back to sleep. The next day I gave her one piece of it and she refused to eat it. Its like she knew this stuff was no good. I just threw it away. I dont even know why I tried the stuff. I have her on Innova large breed puppy now, which she does very well on and has had no issues whatsoever and it certainly has none of those terrible and downright wrong ingredients for a dog in it.

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    Fri Aug 21 2009

    People, please check the label when you are out shopping and read what is in this dog food! Corn in dog food has led to numerous problems with ear infections, digestion problems, hair and skin problems, kidney and liver problems, etc. It also has high fructose corn syrup included? Yikes! Wanna risk all these potential problems with your dog? I don't. He'd never eat this food!

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    Sun Aug 02 2009

    We currently have an 8yr Lab Maxx, 5yr old Pit Linus and 2yr old Pit Theo. My parents also have a 17yr old Beagle, LaVerne. All eat Bil-Jac everyday. All are rescues from our local shelter. I agree that, like people, not all dogs thrive on all foods-regardless of prices, ingredients, or cooking method. Over the years our dogs have come down with all manner of strange ailments and issues requiring vet care. Everytime we are asked by our wholistic, ancupuncturist vet about food, I reply Bil-Jac and he replies that it can't be the food thats the problem....and it never has been! I have used this food to help rehabilitate foster dogs suffering from demodex, of course in conjunction with proper vet care and medication. This food has kept and 8yr old Labrador with knee replacements able to hold his own on our daily walks with the MUCH younger Pit Bulls. Their coats are shiny and smooth. As far as stools go, Maxx gives me 4 well formed nuggets evenly spaced every day since he started on the f... Read more

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    Sat Aug 01 2009

    I just purchased Bil-Jac for my German Shepherd Puppy & I was excited to see her finish the entire bowl. Now that looking into this product, and it being highly recommended to me by not only a pet nutritionist, forums, pet & product reviews, and friends who also feed the product to their babies at home, I think I've found it!

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    Wed Jul 29 2009

    50 years in the market NEVER recalled due to imported toxic ingredients. As a Veterinarian with over 20 years experience Bil Jac has my vote. My patients love the treats, they make administering vaccinations and physical exams easier to perform and more enjoyable.

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    Sun Jul 19 2009

    Bil-Jac? Sure, I will give my two cents. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that as someone from within the pet food industry, there is a clear line drawn between natural or holistic foods and other foods. To begin with, let me say that there are dogs that will do well on any food that a consumer can buy. Bil-Jac, Old Roy, Solid Gold, Eagle Pack or whatever. There are also dogs that will suffer allergies and severe problems from the very same foods. There really is no "best" or only choice out there. It will depend on the dog and it's the responsibility of each owner to find what is best for their pet based on their research. It's a free market. Now on to my perspective on Bil-Jac. I would never again buy or feed a product with corn, wheat or say it it. Period. Beyond that, the use of chemical preservatives like BHT is not something I would ever choose. I simply cannot for a moment base my choice on what the current research claims is "safe" and ok. BHT is not a n... Read more

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    An honest wholesome dog food manufactured by a trusted company. Bil-Jac doesn't pander to the "trendy" set. They don't make special recipes to sell more food or keep up with the Joneses. They do what they do best - a chicken-based pelleted kibble. We've been feeding BilJac exclusively for 15 years - puppy, adult maintenance, performance, pregnancy, nursing, geriatric, etc.

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    Mon May 25 2009

    I must say...WOW!!!! After reading this blog, I feel that people are so uninformed, so naive with what they hear in the media. I have studied under one of the top nutritionists in the United States and studied Biology for years. Sometimes I feel as if people who have dogs and write these things are completely clueless and should not even own a pet. I can name several hundred foods that are terrible for your dogs, including one I find very unfavorable, and has been involved in mass amounts of recalls....Starts with an N, ends in ro. Anyways, NOT ONE person in here has mentioned cooking processes?!?!?! Try cooking everything you put in your dinner, such as your meat and salad and vegetables, all at one temperature. Tastes a bit funny? Look burned or undercooked? Everything cooks at different temperatures people. Most dog foods actually use the SAME process....that's right the same, just different ingredients, and guess what? It's all cooked together, whether it be a lot of of m... Read more

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    Sun Apr 19 2009

    What can I say? I'm no expert. the research I have done is as much as i can do with the internet and a little reading. and keeping in mind that 99 percent of the internet is wikipedia style here say and big corporation funded...i ignored it all and simply asked around. when i asked around, biljac was the clear winner. not the best stuff on the market but in this economy some of the best bag for the buck. and my dog loves it. and she does not have an odor, puke, have pschotropic episodes or spontaneously combust when she eats it. have had this dog since she was a pup and at 13 years old i have NEVER seen her (or any other dog her age) bounce around as much as she is now that shes been on biljac. her mood, coat and temperament have increased 10fold. I cannot and will not speak for others and their experiences with this product, only my own. I have 2 friends who are vet techs as well as my fiancee (a former tech at a wildlife refuge) who all have recommended this to me seperately. if... Read more

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    Mon Mar 09 2009

    I have never smelt such bad odor! I was so excited about taking the Bil-Jac challange. I tried it for the first time today. The dogs loved it but the gas smell! and that was just from one feeding. I did some research and didn't like what I found. I went back to Petsmart and returned the food and treats for a full refund.

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    Wed Feb 25 2009

    I feel so bad for all those out there that are not knowledgeable about what a "good" dog food is and should be. I had a friend that was a firm believer in only giving her dogs the very best food. I don't think she read the label as to what was going into her 4 dogs. You see, I use to have a pug who was exclusively fed Bil Jac. She did well on it and her fur was shiny and she seemed very healthy. Yes, I didn't have to worry about the dog food recall a couple of years back, but in today's society, we are told to read labels.........Bil Jac's first four ingredient is: 1. Chicken By-Products, 2. Chicken, 3. CORN, 4. Chicken By-Product MEAL. Now if you do your research and you want to give you dog the very best food, you will know that you will want to stay away from CORN, WHEAT, By-Products, and SOY. So I have switched back to Blue Buffalo again and am actually looking to switch to Life's Abundance. So it is all up to the individual as to what they want to buy. I would NOT say by any ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 25 2009

    This food is a very poor choice of food to feed. This website will explain everything to you, and help find a suitable food to feed. I wouldn't choose anything below a 4 star. Do look up which products have had a food recall, as that is the only thing the site has neglected to add since the scare. wproduct.php?product=72&cat=all

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    Thu Jan 29 2009

    Bil-Jac has all sorts of by-products, fillers, and BHA and BHT and other crap in it. I wouldn't feed it to my dogs if it was life time free supply. For the same amount of money you are paying for Bil-Jac, you can get much better quality food that uses no-products, no wheat, corn, no chemical preservatives! I feed Blue Buffalo Wilderness, my dogs and I are extremely happy with it!

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    Sat Jan 24 2009

    Bil-Jac gets a low rating on all of the dog food sites mostly because of BHT a known carcinagen. If they just took this one ingredient out i would actually buy it.

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    Fri Jan 16 2009

    BilJac is an ok food, but the large breed formula lacks things these dogs need in their diet, glucosamine being one. Or Bullmasitff developed a case of mange while on this food, and the vet bills were getting expensive to keep it under control. I am not blaming the food for him getting the mange, becaue he may have a predispotition to it. But when we switched to Eagle Pack Holistic, his mange cleared up. Not only that, but his coat is much softer now. I never thought a dog food would do this.

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    Sun Dec 28 2008

    After all of the negativity that I have been reading about Bil Jac Dog Food and the weight gain on your animals I just felt I had to jump in with my opinion.  First of all, Bil Jac is probably one of the best dog foods available, if not the best.  I raise and show dogs and have done so now for 44 years.  In that time I have had the opportunity to try many dog foods.  I started feeding Bil Jac Fresh Frozen in 1968 and I was getting it delivered to my home.  Bil Jac was on a smaller scale then and I was able to learn a lot from the Kellys themselves right down to the people who made the deliveries. In the eighties I opened a full line pet store along with a grooming shop and sold many different brands of dog foods.  They all had their story about why their's was the best.  In the end my choice was Bil Jac.  When Bil Jac first came out with their dry dog food in the mid eighties I was asked if I would raise two litters of show puppies, one on Bil Jac dry puppy food and the other on anothe... Read more

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    Sat Dec 27 2008

    My GSD suffered from allergy caused skin problems. She failed to respond to a verity of treatments and numerous changes if dog food. When I finally had the blood tests done to determine what she was allergic to. The problem ingredients were rice, wheat, soy, and barley. She refused to eat the venison & potato food given by the vet. So I turned to Bil Jac Senior based on label ingredients. Many dogs have problems with corn but my dog doesn't. She took to Bil Jac immediately. That was 7 years ago. Her skin problems are now rare and caused by inhaled allergens. I now have a healthy, active 12 year old German Shepherd who will continue eating Bil Jac for life. Read the label! Know what you dog needs. Chicken organs are the parts of the chicken that wolves will seek out first if eating a chicken. I had no fear when the dog food recall was announced. Bil Jac is made from US raised chicken and US grown oatmeal, beets and corn.

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    Mon Dec 15 2008

    As a trainer of service dogs, all tools are valuable.  One of the best is Bil-Jac Liver treats.  My dogs respond to them better than "People Food" treats like hotdogs or cheese as some trainers suggests.  Besides, "People Food" can create a habit of begging for scraps or eating dropped food, this is an absolute no, no with service dogs.  Beside the great response from the dogs for the Bil-Jac product - it does not seem to create the crap and farts that turn people against service dogs.  So, be kind to us all - treat with Bil-Jac.  By the way, I do not use their food - a whole nother story.