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    Wed Jun 22 2011

    Dear, Thank you for taking the time to respond to feedback about recent purchases though we note the frequent necessity for you to offer your sincere apologies to customers who were unsatisfied. We assure you we treat all reviews on this site seriously and hope you'll allow us consider those reviews in selecting services providers for our future business. When possible, we will contact you directly through email or by phone if we are considering yours service. Thank you, Internet User

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    Sun Feb 13 2011

    Avoid! Retail prices are definitely fabricated and are easily 2-5X what you can purchase brand names from reputable jewelery stores or on-line sources. Yes, a traded company, and geared towards a profit at any cost. Inflated retail prices, inconsistent quality of product, hidden fees and taxes, poor customer service.

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    Thu Jan 13 2011

    This is the worst online shopping experience I have ever had. They say that customer service is available 24/7 but it is not. It forced me to checkout twice and therefore charged me the $12 shipping charge twice. After trying 4 times to contact customer service I finally got "Bob" who told me I should have contacted customer service. They also charge a "Buyers Auction Fee" (that is not tax) for which there is no explanation.

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    My experience with this website is not too good. They charge sales tax on all of my orders. I don't know how can they do that because the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) has been renewed through Nov. 1, 2014, unless they have a store located in you state ( I live in NYS, while they are in CA). The pictures on the website are hard to tell the items' size. I won a Boma silver necklace with a mother of pearl pendant come with it. The necklace is so thin (about 1mm)and looks like will break any time. I also won another sapphire key pendant with silver necklace, the train is even thinner. I touched it with my nail, it would change it shape. Yeah, that's how thin & weak they are!!! I don't think I can wear it without replace with another thicker & stronger train! Some items' despription is not correct or misleading. I won an item its depription as " Brand New Necklace With Genuine 6.5-10mm Fresh Water Pearls Crafted in 14K/925 Glod plated Silver. Total weight 45.0g, Lenght 38in" I th... Read more

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    While the merchandise selection isn't nearly as extensive as what you will find on sites like eBay, the shopping experience for me has been second to none. I've always found their shipping to be prompt, accurate, and reasonably priced. Definitely worth a try if you've never used them or need a break from your regular auction site.

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    We've been purchasing items from and their sister site, for over 10 yrs. I haven't found poor quality in any of the items purchased from them. In fact, I occasionally will resell some of my things purchased on their sites with no complaints. My little eBay store has 100% positive feed back. A lot of the items I buy from them are kept for my own "jewelry-mania", much to my husband's chagrin. Not only do I like their products they sell but like their customer service and fast shipping. I DO PAY THE EXTRA $2.95 per order to have expedited "Fed Ex" shipping. Well worth that small amt. In all the yrs. we've dealt with Bidz, we've only needed to return one item and easily got a refund from them.

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    I've bought several rings and pairs of earrings from The stones fell out of a 'garnet' ring immediately. A large piece of 'jade' fell out of a ring setting during the day, after wearing the ring only 3 times. It was glued in!!!! When I won a pair of earrings for $10 during their $10 off promotion sale I was sent into customer service hell, dealing with a hard to understand rep who insisted I give her my credit card information so that the order could be placed even though I wouldn't owe anything. Needless to say I never received the earrings. The items I bought are obviously of cheap quality with poor workmanship. The low prices I paid were wasted on shoddy merchandise. I have seen equal, or better quality jewelry at department stores as well as Walmart and Target. With store return policies buying cheap jewelry locally is a much better bargain. I will never buy from again and will be happy to steer others away from an obviously rigged site that takes advantage of pe... Read more

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    I have ordered several items from over the last 3 years. The auction site itself is fun and kind of feels like gambling. Which unfortunately is what it tends to be like after receiving the items you purchased in the mail. Canadians can expect to wait 4 weeks for packages to arrive and all of my international mail packages have been mailed from Malmo, Sweden. You can pay extra for Fedex shipping, but it isn't worth the cost. I never purchase the appraisals or the ring sizing or the jewelry boxes. I find you can get an independant appraisal from a reputable jeweler in your area for the same fee that charges for their JAR. Also, sells 100's and sometimes 1000's of the same item so you would get a mass produced report and not the individual report you would get from a jeweler. I suggest reading the FTC guide for jewelry before purchase. It is available online. The photos are stunning, but if you base what you will get by the photo you will be most like... Read more

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    My mother was thrilled to find Bidz after Liquidation Channel's website went down for maintenance purposes. She purchased some jewelry and when they arrived, we found them to be manufactured very poorly. The pictures on the auction pages do not accurately portray the quality of the pieces. Needless to say, she was not happy.

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    Wed Aug 18 2010

    I have bought Sevral items on Bids I was very sceptical about How they could sell stuff so cheap that was worth so much Money. I bought an Engagment ring for my Wife to be that bids said was worth almost $1300.00 For $300. When i recived the ring I decided to take it to my Local jewler After He Carefully looked at this ring he said infact the ring was worth About $1100 Canadain Which he said wuld be right around the $1300 mark that bids said the ring was worth in the US. I am very Happy with bidz and will continue buying from them thanks Mike

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    Mon Jul 26 2010

    Hi all, I live in The Netherlands, which is quite a few miles from California. I'm also a watch collector of only Swiss watches, so i was very skeptical to see some of the auctions on Where they "the real thing" or just fakes? After buying several genuine! Swiss made watches, i'm happy to say they where the real thing. Bought two beautiful Eterna's as N.O.S. The first one was perfect, the second one was near perfect. It was a new watch as stated, but had obviously been sitting on a display at a jewelery store before, as the bracelet clasp had a very minor scratch. Given the very low price i paid, no problem for me. I bought 7 watches in total, one (non Swiss) watch broke down after a month, and was beyond repair. I contacted customer support, and they gave me good directions on what terms i could return the watch. It took them a couple of weeks, but fair is fair, i got a full refund. Even the shipping costs where returned. In one case the battery was near gone, it took me ... Read more

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    Tue May 18 2010

    I bought a pink diamond ring that was enhanced to a pink color with "everlasting color techniques", only to find out a year later when the stone was re-set that it was a very light gray-yellow stone under a non-jewelry grade pink coating. The jeweler did not heat the stone since it was enhanced and said that when it went into the sonic cleaner the pink was washed off. A treated colored stone should wear a lifetime, not be coated with some cheap microfilm and passed off as an irradiated or heat treated properly colored diamond. Bids cannot help me since it has been a year since my purchase, but I was totally scammed and the product was 100% falsely advertised. BUYER BEWARE... they pass off jewelry that will last long enough to get past the 15 day return period and then when the true color of the product emerges it is too late for you and legally they have beat you at their game. I have shopped at Ebay as well and at least they offer customer protection, bidz is buyer beware!!!

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    Thu Mar 25 2010

    Worst Customer Service ever!!! They could not seem to help me get my ring. They screwed up my shipping and took the money out of my account for the ring. So now it is in my town but they screwed up my address so now it has to ship back to them, then they "said" they would contact me when they get it to verify my address. Oh, then I have to wait for it to get shipped back to me. This whole time I have paid for this ring. Now lets see if I can actually get what I paid for, because no one there wants to help me get my ring.

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    Sun Mar 14 2010

    I have been buying from BIDZ since 2007. I was only disappointed once. This was when I first started bidding and didn't realize I should read all of the details. I can not imagine how ANYONE would go online and attempt to purchase DIAMONDS. This is ridiculous. You can not buy so called expensive jewelry without examining it. These people who have been scammed get what they deserve!

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    Fri Mar 05 2010

    All of the mixed reviews get me skeptical. However a friend of mine bought a diamond necklace for his wife and said he did not have any problems. I'm not a big spender once it comes to jewelry but I did find a coupon for $25.00 to spend at so I am considering giving them a shot and see what happens. I did see my friends wifes diamond necklace and it looked beautiful so that is about as close to an experience as I've had myself from buying from them.

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    Wed Feb 10 2010

    For the last couple of weeks I was engrossed in attempting to "win" auctions at The highest price ring I bid on and "won" was 2 pink tourlamines and a diamond in the middle with a 14k band. At the end of the "auction," someone mysteriously appeared and started bidding like crazy, driving the price over $50. However, it turns out that I did not "win" the auction because bidz said I hadn't met their merchant's minimum price or something. Shockingly---they offered me the opportunity to buy the ring anyway! My final price would have been $162. They put this in my shopping cart. I also bid on a sterling silver/emerald ring, which I did pay for and receive, for a total cost of $12.95. That is all it was worth. I am no jeweler but I can see with the naked eye that these "emeralds" (I didn't pay $30 for the certification of authenticity report) are not emeralds. They look like aventurine and they have a lot of acclusions and scratches. Nowhere near as intense green as the photo. B... Read more

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    Sun Jan 24 2010

    I ordered several rings from Because of the reviews I read after I ordered I became very afraid that I had made a mistake. I was very pleasantly surprized by the rings when they came. They looked exactly like the pictures. There is nice detail on them and the stones were lovely and clear. I think the value is very good for the money I paid. I was looking to expand my gemstone collection and I have a love of stones and expecially rings. I am certain that the prices on equivilant peices were a better value than what you might see on sale at the larger retail stores who advertise fine jewelry. I make handmade jewelry myself and easily sell it. I am very particular about the quality of my precious and semiprecious stones and metals, so I am not easily fooled. I think that the poor reviews I have seen are from folks who are looking for high quality stones and jewelry for a few dollars. Get real! You get what you pay for and you just need to remember to READ about the peice and bid... Read more

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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    I too tried Bidz awhile back. Thankfully, I only bid on a watch and a ring. When I received the watch, the watch didn't work and when I brought it to a watch repair, he told me that the movement was broken and had been hastily placed back into the watch. The ring which I paid $250 turned out to be crap. It said 14K on it but when I brought it to have the jeweler resize it, lo and behold, he checked and said it barely registered 8k on his test which is sad. I contacted Bidz numerous times but they refused to accept my return. Thankfully, I documented everything and contacted my credit card company. They backed me up and I got a refund. Bidz tried to scam their way out but they couldn't contest my findings which were in writing and backed by real experts. Furthermore, what was funny was that Bidz said that the watch I won was considered oversized and I paid shipping that was half the value of the bid itself. I am usually very good at reading descriptions but I will tell you, Bi... Read more

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    Sat Dec 26 2009

    I had a bad experience with as well. I searched around for other online auctions. i tried swoopo and it seemed like there were way too many people bidding so the odds were stacked against you. Then I came across It doesnt seem as well known. So, I tried it. The site is legit. I won a ps3 for about 20 bucks and a yamaha home theat4re system for 50 bucks! I thought i would pass the word along. Check it out before too many people start flocking there.

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    Thu Dec 24 2009

    I have to agree with the rest: the company is all craps! I spoke with the representative to place my very first order. Before I placed an order, I asked if my order would be held and shipped a few days later. The answer was a resounding yes. After the order was placed, she immediately changed her position. I have to go through an hour's ordeal to get through the phone line to get the promise I could reject the package when delivered. I have to wait and see it this time thr promise is held. I became a grumping customer before I even received any products from Things do happen for a reason, and I guess they earned their reputation.

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    Join the campaign to bring down Note: Just be aware, many positive remarks about you find around the net are fake, they are posted by Bidz own staff or agents. So even that is a scam. Now, to the business at hand...The preponderance of evidence against this company is reaching vast proportions and yet, here they are still doing business. It is clear to me, that if these people were operating inside the borders of my country, it's directors would already be in jail. Our consumer protection laws are very robust and many of the scams bidz is involved in, run in the category where police organisations would take interest. Now this word preponderance is an important one, in the legal sense meaning the level of evidence and complaint is so great, it cannot be ignored. It surprises me, American commerce authorities and law enforcement agencies seem so slow in moving to crush this company. Well it's time to make sure the various agencies are well informed about these bidz.... Read more

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    Wed Nov 25 2009

    You know what - all you idiots who bid on jewellery by what you see in the pictures are nuts. You have to understand jewellery and check out the appraisal before you buy. You have to know how large your diamonds are, what colour they are and what clarity they are. Do your homework. I have spent over $5,000 in the last month for about $15,000 worth of items. Only one item had to be shipped back because of a broken clip. I received a return number immediately. If you see that an item is only worth $150 don't pay anymore than $25 because it will be costume jewellery or very small. If an item is worth $2,000, pay up to $500 for it because it will be a quality piece. But check the size (they will show you by an inch diagram) and know what to expect. My pieces arrived in 4 days because I live in Canada and not one piece has disappointed but I am not buying the cheap stuff. It is the difference in buying from Walmart or b... Read more

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    Tue Oct 06 2009

    They sell the worse product that anyone can buy. Their product are bought for pennies and bid for too much money. Don't be scammed like I did!!!!!!! If you don't know your bidder don't bid. They are up to no good. The photos are enlarge to make it look like it's worth something. Most of their products are only the size of a dime. They also sell mostly fashion jewelry that is worth alot less than what you are bidding. Read the fine lines. There is a charge for shipping the inventory.

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    Thu Sep 24 2009


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    Sun Aug 16 2009

    Well, as for my experience with it has been good. I know the value of jewelry and I know to be careful in terms of what I do bid on. I can state that the necklace chains are very small even though they are marked as solid gold or sterling silver; very delicate or small compared to what you would normally see in stores and yes, the pictures are magnified to make it look big. As for the rings...I have bought many such as some solid gold rings, wedding sets, and also sterling silver. I tend to be careful with the sterling silver by means of observation and reading the contents of the stone. It make a different if you actually know the value and price of sterling silver jewelry in terms of quality vs low quality. As for solid gold...some diamonds are very tinted white or cloudy...low quality diamonds and I watch not to bid on those. I do however go for the listed "clean" diamonds and those rings have been reviewed to be good quality by the jeweler. Some of the two-toned gold rings... Read more

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    Tue Aug 11 2009

    When I am reading through all your valuable comments and heartfelt remarks. I feel sad that there are crooks around that extract our hard earn money. I know it is convenient and it seems a lot of saving but however small an amount and how little the damage it is still JUNK and DISHONEST. Why pay for junks. Please take a little time to go to reputable auction houses and bid for items you will still get a bargain and its REAL and is all worth the while. By looking at the description of Bidz products with the brand items it look like straight from the catalogue ( I am too familiar with their brand watch show case items since I have involvement with the top Swiss Watches Manufacturers for years) and I congratulate them for doing such good cut and paste job instead of taking real picture of the live item. I purchase all my auction items from the auction houses and I am extremely satisfied with them. What is so funny is the person that rated Bidz highly has listed the items that she acquired... Read more

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    Tue Jul 28 2009

    There JARs are a ripoff. They make them look like an appriaisal for the jewelery. They are nothing more than a cut and paste off the original auction and aren't worth the paper they are written on. I thought they could be used for insurance purposes. I was told from a representative from Bidz that it says on the back of the Certificate of Authenticity that it should not be used for insurance, problem is you don't know this until you've bought it and received it. Also even if you purchase an item and return and you've ordered a report you can't get your money back for the report. I received a report for an item I didn't purchase and they expected me to take the time and expense to return it to them. This is not a reputable site and I would advise people to stay away from it. They suggested retail prices are extemely over inflated. This was verified by a jeweler I took one of the reports and ring to. There are other sites that are very trustworthy. Stay away from this one.

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    Tue Jul 21 2009


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    Thu Jul 16 2009

    Jewelry is magnified 100X, when you get their jewelry, its junk and not worth pennies. DO NOT BUY.....

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    Sun Jul 12 2009

    Bidz use to be at the least "decent". Recently I have found their jewelry to be "JUNK". The MSRP is an absolute joke. If you know the price of jewelry (which I do) you realize that they are over priced by about 5x the price. I suggest you just watch the other suckers buying the crap.

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    Thu Apr 02 2009

    Ordered about 250.00 dollars worth of jewelry and I have to say most of it was ok but not great. Then I had a lot of trouble with them when i accidentally bid on something that was way out of my price range. Try and get that cleared up with them is just about impossible.You have to wait 5 days for that item to get relisted(?) and off your account. So in the mean time you can not pay for anything else on your account or you automatically get charged for the item you accidentally bid on and dont want. What a joke and big mess. I was totally willing to pay for the approx. 10 other items on my account but during the five day waiting period they also got relisted...AND now they froze me from bidding on anything else.I tried e-mailing there customer service twice to clear this up and never got a response.Thay have a very strange way of doing business and trying to get your money....BUYER BEWARE....there shipping and ring sizing fees are quite ALL about EVERYTHING before you mak... Read more

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    Fri Feb 13 2009

    I bought a ring on Bidz. It looked beautiful online, but when I got it, even though it was very pretty, you could tell that it was cheaply made. I put it on immediatly and wore it about 2 hours happily until I looked down and noticed that one of the 'garnets' was missing! I figure that you live and learn and that I'm only out by $23 dollars and I'm not even going to bother to return it. They charge you a 15% re stocking fee...! Plus, you don't even get 100% refund back! I won't be buying from them again... Nor will I recommend them to other people. Don't be fooled by buying from this website, it's totally not worth it.

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    Wed Feb 11 2009

    I've been happy with my experiences with Bidz. Everything I have bought has come exactly as advertised. They are: $54 - 7.93 ctw blue sapphire ring + 6/.03 ctw diamonds, 10k - "compare" $629 $51 - 6.68 ctw blue topaz ring + 2 accent diamonds, 10k - compare $599 $42 - 3.10 ctw mystic topaz ring + 2 accent cz, 10k - compare $599 $27 - 2.85 ctw citrine ring + 6/.3 tanzanite, 925 sterling - compare $219 $24 - 16/1.6 ctw emerald necklace, 10k - compare $219 $21 - 8/1.56 ctw ruby necklace, 925 sterling - compare $359 $20 - 6.30 ctw smoky (brown) topaz ring + 4 accent diamonds, 925 sterling $20 - 3/1.25 ctw peridot ring + 2/.02 ctw topaz, 925 sterling - compare $119 $18 - 10/1.70 iolite ring + .55 ctw garnet, 925 sterling - compare $199 $18 - .44 ctw amethyst ring + accent diamond, 925 sterling - compare $239 $16 - 5/1.25 ctw green sapphire ring + 2 accent diamonds, 925 sterling - compare $179 $16 - 4.50 ctw green spinel ring, 14k/925 gold-plated silver - compare $119 $16 - 2.5 ctw citrine ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 04 2009

    The prices they show for MSRP are a phony as could be. Those prices would be for the highest quality product, and their items are really low quality. I just bought an opal bracelet and opal earrings and they have virtually no fire in them. They just look like white stones. Some are set cockeyed too. Really costumes jewelry and they are getting away with murder! I'll never buy from them again!

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    Wed Jan 28 2009

    Received a white gold ring with 0.53 ct diamond ($350). I noticed that most of the complains to the quality of diamonds or shipping/hidden fees (which are by the way described at the help section). My advice to the buyers - educate yourself and read carefully: things like clarity and colors of the diamonds actually mean something! When it says clarity is I1-I2 means you will see some spots on the diamonds. Take your time when you make a choice

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    Mon Jan 12 2009 is a rip off company...the items they sell are pure junk. I am very disappointed with the items I received...The bidding states a certain value that is untrue! I would like to warn all potential bidders of this rip off company...don't do business with them or you will also be extremely disappointed with their product!!!!!!

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    Sun Dec 21 2008

    Stick to the watches, which are mostly real. The ones that say they are real, are in fact real. Bidz makes a lot of money by optimizing their site, in case you wonder how they can sell things for a fraction of their true value. Just read all items carefully and you'll be fine. As for those who have felt ripped off with theYou should never buy diamonds online, period.

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    I recently ordered about $1000 worth of jewelery from When I received it I was not impressed at all, I live in Canada which means not only did i have to convert the prices to Canadian dollars I also had to pay customs and duties on everything I had ordered. In my mind I was hoping the extra fees would be worth it however I was wrong, I purchased some diamond stud earrings, which were so small I could hardly see the diamond (the pictures on the site are magnified times 100)! They were literally 1 1/2cm long and looked very fake, I haven't brought them in to the local jeweler yet but when I do I will post my experience on that. Also some of my items were damaged I did not return them because I don't see the point of paying for customs once again. I suggest if you are going to bid on anything it should be the rings because that was the only thing I was satisfied with. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ EVERYTHING IN THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS THERE IS A 15% RESTOCKING FEE FOR RETURNED ITEM... Read more

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    Tue Dec 02 2008

    I'm surprised to hear all this my husband has but me all my jewlery off and I've had some of it aprased and they told me everything was real the thing about bidz is you have to read everything veary carfuly for instance if they don't want you to know a ruby is fake they will list it under the description as "genuan" ruby instead of ruby which is what they will put if it is real or they'll call somthing a ctr diamond misleading you to think they are talking about the center diamond when a real diamond is simply listed as diamond you have to read the discriptions veary carfuly I bought my wedding ring off of thier and it was aprased as being real the only complaint I have about them is thier customer service sucks but after reading all of this I will definantly take all my jewlery from bidz to be aprased

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    Tue Dec 02 2008

    I found a really good write up about that details their shady business practices in the LA times. Here is the link: -bidz19

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    Mon Dec 01 2008

    Pure bait and switch tactics. Jewelry really not as advertised-pictures look great but jewelry junk level.

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    Sun Nov 30 2008

    damn i shpuld have checked here before. i just won an acuaswiss watch for $140 + 30 some thing shipping i think it will be altogether 180 some thing canadian.but how can they be still doing buisness wit all u guys rating them soo bad. is the US govenment that cheap to let them be or are they helping these ppl. and now am woried i hope the watch at least works caz i paid for it already!!! and they said that watch costs 1400 and i did check the acuaswiss website and it was rite. but thrs still some thing very fishy thr. any ways i hope i didnt wast my money on nothing.. caz i could have bought a real nice watch here for 180 some dollers. and my rating here is for their costumer servis they suck. they don't even know how to talk with some dignity and respect.

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    Wed Nov 26 2008

    I would never, never consider purchasing anything again from I purchased a pair of diamond stud earrings that were listed at retail price of $1299. My successful bid was $155 which when converted to Canadian $ and then had shipping added came to $208 Cdn. After waiting for 4 weeks for my earrings to come, I was sorely disappointed when I opened the package. Although the earrings were stated as being "vibrant", they were far from that - both of the diamonds had rather noticeable black marks in them. I returned the earrings (shipping cost another $23) and received a refund of $131 Cdn. Therefore, it cost me $100.00 for nothing. I was out the cost of shipping the earrings both ways and also was charged a 15% restocking fee. THIS COMPANY IS A BIG RIP OFF. SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF GRIEF AND A LOT OF SHIPPING COSTS AND DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM. Most of their diamonds are rated Industrial grade and are just rejects from retail establishments.

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    Tue Nov 11 2008

    I decided to check out this company as theri offers seemed too good to bbe true and so I find that I am correct. Has anyone in the US filed a complaint with the US SEC as the company has fraudulent advertising and poor quality. There must be a way to shut this company down and save the public $55.4 Million third quarter earnings. can anyone in Califormnia check if these people are real. Good Luck.

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    Wed Oct 08 2008

    I have ordered numerous items off I would like to say I have gotten some good deals. I have also received some terrible stuff. Obvious store returns or damaged stock that they can't sell. I received a 10k ring with no 10k stamp anywhere on it, and I also received another gold ring with a small side diamond missing. I used to think knowing the 4 C's of diamonds would be enough in reading the descriptions but that is not true. How they get you is they charge a lot for shipping on the first item so that you are encouraged to buy more and more to absorb the shipping costs in a 5 day period. When an item is damaged or flawed you are already out the shipping and customs if you live in Canada. You are also charged GST. My last order of 4 items came to 44.95 for shipping and 53.20 for customs and gst. There was also a 3% transaction fee. So to return an item I am already out $27 dollars. Plus they charge a 25% restocking fee if item goes through customs and you are out th... Read more

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    Sat Sep 27 2008

    This company is strange,too many factors and stories with my business associates and I have made quite a few purchases. I agree with alot of the reviews I have read on here. They are not located in the USA - but say they are. In fact, the items are 'dropshipped' from Sweden and most are made in Taiwan. So if you want jewelry made by cheap labour and dropshipped from a country that can place itself under foreign protection when a customer wants a refund.... meaning that 95% chance you just kissed your money good-bye. They do have many auto bidderz as well that can up the price to a minimum. The real joke is how they can get around the quality. For $33 bucks, you can get an item 'appraised' - so this tricky added fee, as well as many others (Resizing, multi orders, custom packaging like a jewelry box for the item and a $10.00 two-year warranty that they do not have to uphold because the if the item is not appraised there is no proof of what the item contained. They also can manip... Read more

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    Sat Sep 27 2008

    I had nice experiences with though I do not know about the authethicity of their products. I got tired of always being outbid so stopped buying there. I also find similar jewelry on other auctions sites for less. If you want really nice jewelry you need to check out Etsy. All handmade and absolutely gorgeous items !

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    Thu Sep 18 2008

    So far I've been lucky on Bidz. I've only won a limited amount of auctions. I put a cap on what I'm willing to pay for any specific item. The items I've received thus far have been as described. The compare price at the top isn't what the item is worth but a comparable price at retail. On only two items did I feel I paid too much. One was a necklace. It had a very cheap chain. I didn't pay much for it but its not even worth what I paid. The other is a gold and platinum ring. I haven't took it in to get it appraised yet but plan on doing so. I figure its about what I paid for it. As far as the company having their people pump up the auctions to get a higher sale price. I do believe they do. I watch this site almost daily and see some of the same familar ids on there at different times of the day with high bid amounts (into the thousands) attached to their name. Once the item gets upped from that price, they back off. If the price doesn't go any higher, I'm sure its just put back in the ... Read more