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    Wed Sep 29 2010

    The salesmen are good at their job, but that's where the good part ends. They damaged my piano because they didn't use a piano board to move it, even though they said they would and charged me an extra fee. It was wrapped up in torn up boxes, and when I tried to collect for the damage, they said I owed them for more boxes than we had agreed on. The driver picked up day laborers in Seattle, so my things were not handled by professionals. He also put the piano legs on wrong. Things were packed with little or no packing materials. My mother's crystal candle holders were thrown in a box with no protection and arrived in many pieces. The people were rude on the phone when I tried to collect the money they owed me. This is a truly sleazy operation. Do not hire them.

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    Fri Feb 05 2010

    Best Price Moving and Storage was truly professional and courteous. We had a lot to move over a long distance. We moved from Illinois to Ohio and needed a long distance moving company who could handle the load for a family of 6. The moving foreman came in, evaluated the situation, created a plan, began disassembling furniture that needed taken apart, placed tags on every item leaving the house, and made sure all of my family’s belongings were protected properly. Once we finally arrived at our new home, the guys evaluated our new home and noted where we wanted everything to go. While unpacking we didn’t encounter boxes or household items placed in the wrong rooms. This made the unpacking process much easier for us. As I was unpacking, I noticed that nothing was broken. Everything was in perfect condition. I have moved before, but I must say that this is the least stressful move I have ever experienced. I recommend Best Price Moving for anyone looking for a more pleasurable and stres... Read more

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    Fri Jan 15 2010

    How this company got five stars is beyond me. This is a sleazy, untrustworthy company and I hope they get shut down. The sales people are very good and very convincing but when things start going wrong its almost impossible to get a hold of anyone. Brian Slater came to my apartment in Chicago and he was very nice, he gave me a great estimate so I decided to go with the company. Unfortunately I didn't take the time to read any reviews or else I would not have used Best Price. I expected my things to arrive in my new home in Phoenix within a few days and when they didn't I got worried and tried to call but all I got was disconnected numbers, and an email address that is not in use. When my things finally arrived they would not unload the truck until I paid them, they would not even let me look in the truck until I paid them. I had only one small box full of personal, fragile items that are irreplaceable. I wrote BREAKABLE in great big letters so that they would know to take care of ... Read more

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    Sun Oct 18 2009

    I lost my job four months ago and it simply made more sense to move in with my parents to make ends meet and it was very kind of them to accommodate me. Now even though I had sold off some of the furniture there were some things that I simply did not want to part with. Like a piano which was a gift from a very special person. I went with Best Price Moving and Storage because they were reasonably priced but when they came to pick my stuff I was really worried about the piano because I my apartment was on the third floor and I wasn’t confident that three guys would be able to lift that heavy piano but they did and they loaded it into the truck with ease. But it almost felt like I was holding my breath to see my piano again fortunately when it was delivered to me it didnt have a scratch on it. I don’t intend to stay with my parents forever and the next time I have to move I am only calling these guys.

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    Sun Oct 11 2009

    The problem with most moving companies is that they dont do their work themselves. Most times when you pay a deposit you are actually paying a broker who n turn will outsource your work to a moving company . They dont have trucks or staff of their own and thats why the additional charges. So what you are doing is paying two companies for the same job the broker and the movers. Now I was well aware of this kind of activity so I was very careful when I had to choose a moving company. Best Price Moving and Storage was backed by a solid reputation and many good reviews. and they lived up to their reputation. No additional charges and the people who picked up my things were their employees and the trucks belonged to the company. I was very happy with the service and highly recommend it. Casey was excellent to work with!

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    Wed Oct 07 2009

    I had to move from Rockford to Providence, RI so my first choice was to obviously look at the local moving companies but I found that most of them were quite expensive and the ones that were offering a cheaper deal did not have a very good reputation so the next choice was obviously to look online. So I filled out an online form and a couple of companies contacted me but out of them Best price Moving and Storage was not only offering a good price but they also had a number of good reviews so I decided to choose them. And I am happy to ay that i made the right decisions. My things were picked up and delivered on time and there were no extra charges.

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    Sun Oct 04 2009

    When I told Nick in sales I was going to tell his manager what a great job he did for me, he suggested I just tell others about the service online. So in short, the pickup was on time, weight actually decreased and I was credited, and was delivered on time. Thanks to everyone involved in my move.

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    Sat Oct 03 2009

    When I had to move from Lafayette IN to Little Rock I put in a fair amount of research into getting a good moving company after all I had heard numerous horror stories from my friends who had a lot of their stuff damaged in the process of moving. So I filled out an online request and researched the three companies that contacted me first. Of the three I found Best Price Moving and Storage to be the most reliable and with a solid reputation also they gave me a better price than the others. They came to pick up my stuff on time, did the packaging for us and did not change the quote after all the things were packed. Also they delivered my things on time and safely. Best Price Moving and Storage provides wonderful service.

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    Wed Sep 30 2009

    I am no stranger to moving around so I have seen the best and the worst movers and packers so when I called Best Price Moving and storage I did not exactly have very high expectations. Let’s just put it this way after all the problems that I have had with some of the companies I see movers and packers as a necessary evil. I do my own packaging because that way at least I can be sure that I have done my best to protect my things. I was expecting some damage when my things were delivered to Baton Rouge but to my utter surprise nothing was broken and this is the first time that my stuff was actually delivered on time. So I am certainly very impressed with this company. If you want your things to get to your destination in time and safe you should definitely consider them

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    Wed Sep 23 2009

    It is with great pleasure that to write this review regarding Best Price Moving and Storages assistance on our recent move. Although long in distance, our moving requirements were, I am sure, as demanding as they get. Heavy furniture, challenging portals, hoisting, boosting, passing, and packaging: The BP crew did it all. Our belongings were delivered, as promised, in the condition they left. And, to top it off, They accomplished this feat with minimal direction, on time and on budge, while I was stuck at work all day and my wife juggled our young daughter's schedule as well as all of the last minute packing. I want to thank the Best Price crew for all of their help. I would also like to mention that Brian, our estimator was meticulous and accurate. Accuracy can only be measured with comparable estimates, which we obtained, and we felt confident the quoted price was fair. My wife would also like to me to mention Nick, who coordinated the move, and in her words, was "impressive." I know... Read more

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    Sat Sep 19 2009

    I moved from Indianapolis to San Francisco recently. Moving with two toddlers another kid on the way and a pet can be a very daunting experience so I wanted to make sure that at least I wouldn’t have to worry about my things so I called Best Price Moving and Storage. Not only did these guys give me a fairly accurate estimate of what I would be charged but they also told me about how I could save a few hundred on packaging. They were very courteous and professional when they came to pick our stuff . But above all we got all our stuff in San Francisco on time and without any damage well we did have a few broken glasses but then I think I should have let them do the packaging instead of my wife. All in all a very good service.

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    Fri Sep 18 2009

    My family and I moved from Chicago to Dallas recently. Now anybody who has moved even from one house to another knows how difficult it is to pack all your belongings and shift them to a new place. Till the things reach their destination you never know how much damage you may have to incur. I had used the services of another moving and storage company (Moishes Moving) when we moved from NY to Chicago and we had a very bad experience with them, I mean half the things were in such a bad condition that there was no way to salvage them and the miniscule few cents per pound compensation that they were offering was simply not enough to make up for the damages. So when I had to move this time, I asked around and many people I knew recommended Best Price Moving and Storage. Not only did the company pick up and deliver my things on time they were all in one piece. Two thumbs up for the guys (Mario, Javier) at Best Price Moving and Storage; these guys really know how to do business.

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    I recently moved from Milwaukee to Tallahassee I tend to move a lot because of my job. Every second year I am in a new city now because I move so often I need the services of reliable company, I simply don’t have the time to go looking for a new company each time I have to move. I have been using the services of Best Price Moving and Storage for quite some time now and they have lived up to their reputation each time. I do my own packaging but there is never a delay in picking up my things or in delivering them. If you want reliable service at affordable rates you simply can’t go wrong with Best Price Moving and Storage. I would recommend this company to everybody. Nick is an excellent sales rep, and helped me a few times!

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    Sun Sep 13 2009

    I didn’t have a lot of experience with movers and packers because I moved into my first furnished apartment right out of my dorm room so I didn’t really have a lot of stuff that I had shift and since a friend of mine had a pickup things were taken care of. So when I had to move from Chicago to DC I was frantic because I had never hired the services of movers. So even though Best Price Moving and Storage was highly recommended by my friends I was very skeptical. I didn’t know if they would handle my things carefully and if they would manage to deliver my things on time. But they made life very simple for me; they did the packing, picked up my things on the designated day and delivered them on time. I don’t know if I will be moving again but if I do it will only be Best Price Moving and Storage for me.

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    Tue Sep 08 2009

    End of the day.... nightmere!! Chicago to NYC... Couch was lost and half of my things were damages. Thank god i got the incremental insurance but still needed to get a lawyer involved. This is the only company i have ever written about... I wish i had read reviews prior to my move...

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    Wed Jun 03 2009

    My experiance was horrible from quote way off to hidden fees to unprofessional people to being hung up on over and over to things being held hostage. For a good overview of what I have been through please go to this site and read these reviews which I think will give you a better idea on move hop!

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    Wed Mar 11 2009

    My family moved from Southern Illinois to Mill Valley, CA in Dec. of 2008. Every aspect of the move was not only highly professional, but pleasant as well. The agent who came out to do the estimate gave lots of very good advice. The young men who packed, and later the crew who loaded, all treated our belongings carefully and professionally. The driver touched bases with me from time to time during the long drive, to let me know where he was and when he anticipated arriving to the new house. Unfortunately on such a big move some things do go wrong. One item went missing and only 1 item was broken. Once reported, the claims people contacted us immediately, sent inspectors out within days of contacting us, and sent us a check for the items claimed within a week of the inspectors' report. We've moved extensively over the past 22 years, and this was one of the best moves we've experienced. Thank you to the crew at Best Price Moving and Storage!

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    Wed Mar 11 2009

    My wife and I were very nervous about using Best Price for our recent move because after scheduling our move we started looking up more about the company on various websites and although there were plenty of good reviews, there were really bad one here and there so we got discouraged. I ended up calling Best Price and asking my salesman Nick why there were these really bad reviews on here and if something like these horror stories could happen to me. Nick was great in answering my questions and said that even though they have thousands of successful moves every month that more often than not, the person who had the bad experience is going to post something about it rather than the person who had a good one. So he said to let them do the move and afterwards if my experience was good to do him a favor and tell future customers that they really are a good company. I can understand that not all of their moves go perfect. They do so many that sometimes things can probably go wrong but when ... Read more

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    Mon Mar 09 2009

    In December, we used Best Price Moving and Storage to move the furniture from my Mothers estate from Illinois to our home in Washington state. The service sounded great and we were curious to see how it would work and if everything would go smoothly. We couldn't have been more pleased. Our driver for the pick-up called to let us know he was coming and arrived right on time. He and the movers were courteous and efficient! The truck was in excellent condition and they were able to get in everything in just under 2 hours The truck arrived at our new home about a week later. Once again, the driver called first and was courteous and prompt. Our furniture was in great shape and we were spared the long drive and having to pack it all ourselves. Best Price Moving provides a great service and is reasonably priced. We would highly recommend it to anyone planning a move or needing to move goods in an economical, efficient, and low stress way. Thank you, Walter and Sharon Browning

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    Wed Mar 04 2009

    I was looking for a moving company to move my daughter to NY City from the Chicago area. She only had a studio size apartment of boxes and stuff. Best Price Moving picked up on time and did a great job of wrapping her 42" television. She only had 27 pieces to move, mostly boxes. In getting the quote, they estimated 5-7 days, but quoted 2-10 days. Best Price followed through very well in delivering her stuff on the seventh day after pickup. The delivery men were very nice and helped set up the apartment. They were the best price of all the movers I spoke with and they did a very job. I would use them again.

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    Tue Mar 03 2009

    I was moving from West Lafayette, IN to Seattle, WA and needed to find a good, inexpensive and quick solution that would be easier than renting a Uhaul. I was leaving Indiana on Tuesday and needed to be packed up by Monday night. I also required that all of my belongings get to Seattle no later than Friday. I called 5 different moving companies, who all told me it would be impossible to do but offered to move it by the week after. I had talked to Best Price Moving about the move and they were the only company who said they would most likely be able to do it. They said they specialized in moves to the west coast and that they have trucks going that way 3-4 times per week. I had my doubts, but come Monday morning, the plan was in motion. I signed a contract that stated the shipment would arrive on Friday. The movers showed up as planned and packed and loaded everything for me, all I had to do was let them in the house and they did all the work. Throughout the week, I constantly calle... Read more

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    Mon Mar 02 2009

    I went with Best Price Moving and Storage for my move from Wi to VA. I booked and prepaid, in my case, things went much better than I expected. Packing tightly, securing the load, padding, preventing rubbing and load shifting is very important! Before my move I had packed up most of my stuff into the garage according to the trucks dimensions, and didn?t need any packing done for me that way, it was all just ready to go. I called Best Price and had no problem scheduling a move 1 week later. I paid by credit card for the full amount based on the weight. The trailer arrived at the very end of the 2 hour window given. Packing things tightly took alot of time but the movers did a great job of getting it all to fit. While packing, they padded and filled in all the empty spaces. After fully packed, they covered the whole load with more plastic sheeting, then strapped, cargo netted, and tied down the load. (you can't be too careful). The truck arrived at my new home a few days sooner that es... Read more

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    Wed Feb 25 2009

    I hired Best Price Movers to move my mother and was very impressed with their service. The girl that answered the phone (Jenna) was very helpful and didn't seem like she was trying to sell me anything. She went over what I was looking to move and gave the estimate via the phone and was able to make several good suggestions to reduce the cost of the move, and on the move day the driver and his crew were right on time and did a great job. There was a large hot tub that was difficult to move but they handled it without problem. We considered moving my Mom's car with Best Price but they suggested a lower cost alternative through a specialized car hauler Jenna recommended. Nothing was broken and the cost at the end of the move was exactly what they said it would be. Some stuff was taken to their warehouse for storage, and when we called to have it delivered, again they were right on time and no surprises with the bill. I've hired professional movers several times before and always had prob... Read more

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    OK, so I went with ALL the reviews I read about Best Price. Yes, they were the lowest bidder, but it wasn't just that. The guy that called us the bid was really nice. He assured me he'd follow up with me the day of the move (which he did), and I liked that assurance. Well the day of the move came, and the movers were on time. Unfortunately, they brought a truck that was too small. They said another truck was following to make up for that. There were 4 guys including the driver(I thought three guys were coming). The driver stayed on the truck and the other 3 worked their tushes off. It was over 80 degrees that day, and I was moving from a 2nd floor condo. They loaded up the truck with as much as they could fit (then the second truck showed up) and we were off. I treated everyone to McDonald's for lunch (my old condo is right by one). I'd supplied plenty of all different kinds of drinks, knowing that it was going to be a hot one. My husband and I made sure to tell the driver that we w... Read more

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    Sat Feb 21 2009

    Overall I was very happy with the service provided by Best Price. Only one minor item was broken (a $10 clock), they picked-up and delivered on time, and I was called to verify that everything was going as planned. In hindsight I may have been able to find a lower-priced mover by using a moving broker (BEWARE), but the good service and professionalism outweighed pinching pennies. Based on my experience I wouldn't hesitate to use Best Price Moving again.

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    Sat Feb 21 2009

    When we moved our (then) small household across country from Ohio to Washington State, we got bids from Mayflower, Allied and Best Price. At $5,300, Best Price was by far the lowest bidder -- the others were at $7,500 and up. Plus, the Best Price salesman offered us from free wardrobes boxes. My new employer was only covering the first $5,000 of moving costs, so we signed up. We did most of the packing ourselves; we hired a couple of Best Price movers to do the china and other few breakables. The anxious part came when the driver appeared to survey our stuff. It turns out the agent had seriously underestimated the weight on accident. Instead of the driver being able to take two whole households out west, our stuff took up three-quarters of his truck. He wasn't upset at all, and calmly called the dispatch at Best Price to tell them how much space we were going to take up. To my surprise they said that because I took up so much space on the truck they would delivery me STRAIGHT TO WASHIN... Read more

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    Thu Feb 19 2009

    We moved from Chicago, IL to Clinton, UT with Best Price Moving and Storage and our experience was great. The salesman was personable and he quoted very accurately, they arrived on time to pack, load and deliver (in fact, wanted to deliver a day early but we were not ready), they could have used extra help when loading the truck as it took more than few hours, but all in all, we had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend them.

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    Thu Feb 19 2009

    Before our move (our first in forty-three years), we interviewed four major movers and ultimately decided to go with Best Price Moving and Storage. Our decision was due, for the most part, to the professionalism and candor of the sales representative as compared with the others. We had heard all of the horror stories about movers losing or destroying irreplaceable personal treasures. Best Price did not lose nor damage one item. We left our lifelong home near Chicago for our retirement abode near Phoenix. Best Price?s driver and his crew are to be commended for their fast, clean and courteous performance. Being an older couple too, I am glad to say I didn?t feel taken advantage of at all throughout the entire move, only treated with the utmost respect. There is so much negative stuff posted about moving companies; I am happy to report there is at least one good one out there.

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    Tue Feb 17 2009

    I moved from Wisconsin to Colorado in August 2008. My experience with Best Price Moving and Storage was actually really good, which surprised me after reading so many horror stories with just about every moving company I had looked into. I trusted Best Price the most because the Sales rep. (Nick) that I talked to was really good at answering all my questions and even showing me proof about their company online as far as how many trucks they actually own compared to these other ?company?s?. My good move was due to the fact that the driver was very courteous and careful. I think the best advice is to treat these guys with the utmost respect because they are doing something that you really don?t want to have to do by yourself. My driver came on time for both the pickup and delivery. The delivery date was a 3 day window, but he called me along the way to give me an accurate date and time. My entertainment center got a little rain damage on one corner due to being close to the door and pa... Read more

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    Mon Feb 16 2009

    With all the stories you hear about belongings taken "hostage" by moving companies, surprise fees, etc. I used Best Price Moving and Storage based out of Chicago, IL. They were professional, on-time, fast, friendly - and best of all nothing arrived broken, and the binding estimate was really binding - I paid exactly what they quoted me. No hostage situation, no extra charges. I was expecting since I was moving so far across the country that SOMETHING would go wrong but Best Price proved me wrong! I'll definitely use them again if I move again. Highly recommend them!!

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    I normally don't take the time to write reviews, but I had to express my total satisfaction with Best Price Moving and Storage. I've never had such a stress-free experience in relocating my household goods. The first contact that I had with Best Price was through their office in Chicago, IL. The sales coordinator was kind and knowledgeable. The sales rep that came to my house showed a genuine interest in answering all of my questions and providing me with pertinent information. When the packers arrived, they were all uniformed and professional. All I had to do was sit back and watch as they packed all of my possessions with care. Nothing was broken. On move day, the driver and crew arrived right on time. I could tell, after just a few minutes talking to the driver, that he was very experienced and knew just what to do to make sure all of my possessions were properly protected. The driver arrived at my new house in San Antonio, TX the day that was promised and unloaded without a... Read more

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    I opted to go with Best Price Moving in Chicago, IL. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was very courteous and prompt with the phone calls and faxes, and explained everything fairly well to me. I had a lot of questions, and most of them were answered quite well. I decided to pack my own luggage since it would be stored in a storage unit prior to being moved. I didn't get insurance because I didn't feel I have anything too valuable besides my crockery and felt that I packed everything very well myself. I was given a 2-day window for pickup and was told they would call for an exact time and day the move would take place, and they did. For loading, the driver and worker did very well while Since I couldn?t be there, I had a family member watch and just make sure they could get in and then when they were done, see them off. For dropoff, the driver had excellent communication, and I was able to fax maps to the driver to aid in the 18-wheeler-unfriendly roads in my area. The driver ... Read more

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    Thu Feb 12 2009

    My company was gracious enough to cover our moving costs. We looked at the various moving companies, and decided to go with the Best Price Movers. They did the best job of providing a thorough estimate, and going into great detail in describing their moving practices. We decided to go with them. The moving day came and went, and I have nothing to report. There were no problems, no lost items, no damaged items. The worst thing I can say is that the movers drank some beer out of a cooler I had outside. Even that is my fault - I told them to drink whatever they wanted in the cooler, so they did. (This excludes the driver) The truck reached the new house right on time, and they arrived 45 minutes earlier than they had promised! There were plenty of men to pack, load, and unload. They got everything done in a very professional manner, and left my wife and I with a very good feeling. We have a 1 year old, and he "helped" the movers as much as he could; they went along with him and had a lo... Read more

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    Wed Feb 11 2009

    We hired Best Price Moving for our Chicago to San Francisco Bay Area move via 123movers on the web. We had used them before for local moves back when they used to perform local shipping in the 90?s and they were always great, so when my husband was offered a job in California, we knew whom to call. They had already come by for an estimate as we expected to be moving in the spring, so we were able to schedule for Best Price to come to our large two bedroom loft to pack everything on Saturday (I called on Thursday). They finished the packing in four hours. This was incredible since we had fourteen foot ceilings and walls of built in shelving full of books and pictures, not to mention tons of wine classes and crystal servingware. They moved us out of the apartment on Monday. Because they can not park 18 wheelers on the streets of Illinois, they picked up our belongings in a smaller truck. From there they took our stuff to a storage facility, and on Thursday Best Price picked it up from t... Read more

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    Tue Feb 10 2009

    Both times I moved within the past 4 or 5 years, I've moved with best price. My family has enough household items to fill 2 semi trailers full and still have to get a Uhaul truck. I was introduced to best price through my dad's company...Ford (this mover is huge in the Detroit area. Best Price works VERY well with the company you are moving for, or for you alone! Out of those 2 times, we have experienced only one box of damaged goods...which is remarkable for a moving company, especially the same one used 2 different times!!! The best price movers were adjustable to my family's schedule and would work from dawn to dusk, with only a lunch break in between. They realized that if it had been their stuff, that they would have wanted it to be treated with respect, so that's how they treated my stuff! Both times the moving company got to my new house before I did! They were ALWAYS on time! I can't say enough good things about them!

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    Mon Feb 09 2009

    Very simply, I was impressed with this whole moving experience. The truck driver arrived to pick up my furniture from storage and was dismayed to find he couldn't get his truck into the area. As I was already out of the state he called me, obviously distressed because it required an additional shuttle and more expense--this I approved without question. The driver Mario apparently gets bonuses based on customer satisfaction so they have more incentive to be attentive to customer needs. This man called me twice along the route to let me know anticipated delivery dates, arrived on time, unloaded in record time, and did not damage anything I transported. That on a Wisconsin to Florida move. Considering he had to move my furniture three times--once from storage to shuttle, once from shuttle to truck, and once from truck to new home, I was amazed there was no damage. My driver was wonderful, the company responsive and the cost slightly less than larger carriers like Bekins, Allied, and Mayfl... Read more

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    Sun Feb 08 2009

    There are two reasons why I picked Best Price for my move. They were refereed to me by a close friend and their pricing was about a $200.00 less than the other moving companies I had received quotes from. When I first called for my move I had received courteous service on the telephone. They had explained to me that they could pack my breakables for an extra charge. Also I was informed that if anything was broken during my move they will repair it or replace it if necessary. I was also explained how their pricing plan had worked. It depended on the size of my move, distance, and any special handling needs. They then had an estimator give me a quote on the price of my move. I had chosen to have my things packed, so the day before my move two very nice men had came and packed all of my breakables such as china, pictures glass from curio, lamp shades, glass figurines, and wrapped my couches so they would not get ruined during the move. On the day of my move there were three men at m... Read more

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    Wed Feb 04 2009

    We used Best Price Moving and Storage to move to Texas from Illinois. We packed our own things, but they came in and disassembled all of the furniture (all of it very heavy). We had a salesman from the office come in, do a walk through and we got a written estimate, which we signed off on. When our belongings were delivered, everything was in perfect condition, it was delivered a day early (the driver was in daily contact with us to keep us updated), and the cost was exactly what was quoted to us! To disgruntled consumers, I have to wonder - did you take care of your driver and packers? We kept them hydrated, gave them lunch, and tipped them - they were doing a difficult job we did not want to do. Sometimes a little kindness goes a LONG way. We would definitely use Best Price again - it was a great experience.

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    Sun Feb 01 2009

    Before using Best Price Moving to make a cross-country move, I had previously utilized several smaller companies to make shorter local moves. Compared to the other companies, Best Price was much more professional and treated my stuff with far greater care. I interviewed Best Price, EZ Movers, Reebie Moving (Allied) and Five Star Moving before choosing Best Price. All four companies were pretty close in price, but I chose Best Price for a number of reasons. (1) A friend's recommendation on an interstate move she made after graduating college and moving back west. (2) The Sales rep. Joe was friendly and professional. (3) I had special packaging requests for some items, and Five Star didn't seem interested in taking the extra precautions I wanted. (EZ Movers, in particular, seemed intent on cutting every possible corner in order to come up with a competitive price). Additionally, Joe from BP provided several boxes and packaging materials, all free of charge. Logistically, the move wasn't ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 28 2009

    I recently used Best Price Moving & Storage for my move from Dekalb, IL (Northern Illinois University) out to Texas for a new and exciting job offer. At a time when Life can be very stressful (just graduating and moving into the real world) I felt very comfortable talking to Nick L., My sales rep. He made me feel like he was a family friend helping me through the entire move. Being young I felt vulnerable but Brian eased all my stress. Whenever I felt like I had a "dumb" question I would call him for some quick info and he accepted any questions I had concerning my move. He also gave me some helpful hints when it came to packing because he knew that coming right out of college I was pretty short on money. I'm so glad I found this company, they really care about thier customers!

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    Mon Jan 26 2009

    I went with Best Price Moving and Storage for a move from NJ to Atlanta. I packed everything myself and used them for loading, unloading, and shipping. My move with Best Price went very smoothly. Sales guy was very nice and provided great advice as far as packing on our own and how to prepare for moving day. The estimate ended up being very high (4000 lb estimate, 2800 lb Actual) which caused some frustration in the end which was the only negative I experienced that I will detail in the end. But If I had the option to have an In-Home estimate then this problem would never have occured. The moving crew consisted of 4 guys, 1 foreman, 2 movers, and 1 truck loader. They all worked well together and were very careful not to damage anything both loading and unloading. As a result we literally had no damage and no missing items. I was impressed...and relieved based on the horror stories I have read. The only frustrating part was waiting for the refund. Because I paid with a credit card ... Read more

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    Sun Jan 25 2009

    There are a lot of things that are exciting about a job change. Moving is not one of them. When you are forced to take all of your belongings and put them into a large truck it can be a harrowing experience. As someone who is completing his second move in a little over one year, I can vouch for the fact that moving is a very stressful undertaking. Choosing the right moving company can be crucial to your success or failure in the moving process. This time, we decided to go with Best Price Moving & Storage. I always prefer to go with a national company as opposed to ?Two Guys and a Truck? (which is actually the name of a local company in our area!). The national companies usually have reputations to protect, and are able to provide much better information on the front end. Best Price Moving gave us a competitive price and showed great efficiency in providing our price quotes and other decision-making data. I was pleased with their customer service representative as well, as was my wife... Read more

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    Tue Dec 16 2008

    This company did a great job with my move. The customer service was excellent and always friendly when I needed help. I had lots of changes before my move and they always took care of everything. The movers were 30 min late, but the snow was coming here in IL so that was fine. They helped pack my TV and glass table, which upon arrival at my new home were still in the same condition along with all my belongings. They don't have the cheapest prices out there, but trust me the extra couple hundred dollars is well worth their quality of moving.

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    Tue Dec 16 2008

    I wanted to take a minute to express how happy I was with the service I received at Best Price Moving. I called the 800-number looking for a small move to be made to a vacation home within a few days. Brian Slater took all my info and assured me he would be able to help out. He was very friendly (and funny) and helpful. He gave me a price quote and explained what I should ask about if I was going to shop around. I explained that the date wasnt definite because we were waiting on a certificate of occupancy. He told me not to worry he would work it out if I had to switch dates. I was going to shop your price but quite frankly Frank was so accommodating and helpful I decided just to go with Best Price. I inevitably had to cancel my date and put my move on hold. When I was ready Brian quickly rescheduled the move. My new date was set for Wednesday, and I called on Friday to see if I could change the time because I didnt realize if I started at my home between 2 and 4 I would be home too la... Read more

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    Sun Aug 24 2008

    Had a really bad experience, resulting in me filing claims. Customer service is comparable to the airlines and cable companies of the world---they're bad. It's not even worth making contact with this company. For every good review there are 9304 bad ones. Go elsewhere!

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    I wish I had read these negative reviews sooner. This move has been an absolute nightmare, and it continues to this day. Brian Slater, the sales person I spoke with was very pleasant. I didn't know he was also a liar. He said that everything would be included in my quote (less the weight of my stuff if it was heavier than what I thought). Turns out if you sneeze the wrong way, they charge extra. This costing me hundreds (and counting) more than what they originally said...but that's the least of my complaints. After 11 business days, I finally received a call from the movers saying they were going to be delivering my stuff (it was supposed to be delivered in 5-7 business days). No call, no show. I had re-arranged my day just so I would be available for the delivery. SO UPSET. I spoke to about 7 people who all did not take any responsibility. Furthermore, they wanted to charge me an additional $230 for a shuttle fee because their 18 wheeler semi couldnt fit around the corner. All in all... Read more

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    Wed Oct 24 2007

    I was extremely nervous when I first thought about moving to another state. I was given so many different quotes on different weights, and I didn't know which one I should pick. Only a couple of companies that contacted me offered me an "In Home Estimate." Three companies can to my house, one being Nick from Best Price Moving &Storage and Robert from Allied Van Lines. They both came up with different weights, but their prices were close. I chose to go with Best Price Moving because they gave me a cheaper price, and Nick was the only person who went over packing costs, and also told me where I can get supplies cheaper to save me about $200 dollars that other companies wanted to change me! I was relieved, but then again I was nervous because I didn't want to go over my weight. Nick told me, "You will only pay for the weight you have. If your weight is lower, your final balance will be less. If it goes higher it would be adjust to the additive rate." I noticed Nick didn't put in an addict... Read more