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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    I had a very delicate dress that was far too long for me. But it had an elastic rouching around my legs. I took it to another tailor who told me there was nothing they could do. Best Fit took on this task and now the dress looks fabulous on me. I am completely satisfied with their work and will most definitely go back to them with all my tailoring needs.

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    Sun Jul 26 2009

    I had a terrible experience with Best Fit Tailors. I went there a year ago to have them shorten a bridesmaid dress from floor length to knee length. The work was completed in 2 weeks and was acceptable, so I recently went back to Best Fit to have another bridesmaid dress hemmed despite remembering the service left something to be desired. I did not feel like looking for another tailor on fairly short notice and it seemed like the easiest option. My visit was terrible from the start. I made an appointment several days in advance and arrived on time but there was an issue with the door buzzer when they attempted to let me in. After a couple tries, an employee came down and brazenly informed me that she was "going to show me how it works so I won't mess up again." Apparently they do not use doorknobs at Best Fit. Next, one of the tailors came out and looked to attend to another customer before me despite the fact that she was a walk-in and I had an appointment. Thankfully the oth... Read more

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    Thu Apr 02 2009

    I took my wedding dress to them two days - yep, two days - before my wedding. In 24 hours they took in four inches throughout the back and all the way down to the bottom, ironed it, and had it ready to go. they even gave me options about how they could take it in in multiple ways with multiple price options. three women worked with me when i went in with my friend, and the same three looked at it with me when i went in the next day to try it on and bring it home. i'm not sure what i would have done without them; they saved the day - i highly recommend them to everyone.

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    Tue Jul 29 2008

    I went in this afternoon for my first dress fitting for my wedding this fall. There was no one in the store and though I was 15 minutes early, I was sent directly into a dressing room. The women were polite and prompt. My dress was quickly pinned but despite my initial cringe as a pin went in, she never caught me with the pins. I was afraid from the other reviews that I was going to be spending $500 on alterations but it was rather reasonably priced considering it is "wedding" dress alterations. I'll post again once I get the dress but so far I am throughly impressed!

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    Wed Jul 23 2008

    Newbury Street tailors offer quality alterations and custom made clothing for women and men.

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    Sun Jul 13 2008

    I loved my wedding dress and loved it even more because of the perfect fit made possible by Best Fit. I did not have to adjust/ pull up my strapless dress all night long - ceremony through reception dancing. There was absolutely no chicken wing bulge around the bust area and I could lean over to talk to people and not fall out. I had the perfect little waist. The bustle was impeccable and easy for my bridesmaids to do. I highly recommend Best Fit in general and definitely recommend for a wedding dress alteration.

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    Tue Apr 15 2008

    My first experience with Best Fit was right before my high school prom. I had found a dress that I liked but it was two sizes too big so I brought it in to be altered. I wasn?t sure exactly what needed to be done to make the dress look right but as soon as I tried it on, the Best Fit team took out their tools and pinned it up until it looked better than I could have hoped for. The very next morning, the dress was ready to be picked up and fit like a glove ? they made look so good that I wear it to this very day! Four years later and I am still a loyal customer at Best Fit. Most of my items require a quick fix (such as hemming the bottoms of skinny jeans while keeping the original stitching) but others take a level of skill that I have only seen here. When my cousin got married last October, she picked out a bridesmaid dress that I didn?t instantly love. It was floor length and I am accustomed to wearing dresses that fall above my knees so I asked the Best Fit staff to shorten it to my ... Read more

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    Sun Apr 13 2008

    I went to Best Fit to create a custom wedding gown. I had found a dress that I really liked, but there were certain aspects that I wanted to change (for example, I wanted drop waist rather than empire waist, and off-white rather than white). I brought in a photograph of my dress, and worked together with the lovely women at Best Fit to create an absolutely amazing wedding gown. They helped me choose the correct materials (being conscious of my price restraints), and then helped me design something that fit me perfectly and looked gorgeous. The women were very honest, letting me know that certain features wouldn't go well with my body type and suggesting alternatives -- that's the benefit of designing your own! Of course, making a custom wedding gown was not cheap, but I don't think I could have done it any cheaper anywhere else. And feeling great at my wedding, hearing all the compliments about my dress, and having beautiful photographs made it completely worth it. My bridesmai... Read more

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    Fri Jan 04 2008

    When I was younger, I relied on my talented mother and grandmother to make or, at the very least, alter everything I wore. As an adult, I've taken to wearing heels so I don't have to hem my pants. As I prepared to act as a bridesmaid for the first time, I knew my mom wouldn't have time to tackle a big project, and I decided I should find a good tailor. Best Fit exceeded my expectations. The shop was easy to find, and the dressing room I used was very clean and spacious. More importantly, the women who worked with me were very kind, but also honest, and their work was excellent. They fitted a relatively sack-like rehearsal dinner dress into something more flattering and shapely, and when they were done with the bridesmaid dress, it looked as though it had been made just for me. Now that I know about Best Fit, I may start wearing flats.

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    Wed Apr 18 2007

    I found Best Fit, Inc. tailoring on Internet. I brought my snowmobile leather suit to them for repair. This suit had a very bad rip I doubted it was fixable. Best Fit not only repaired it fast, but I could barely see the repair. The suit is from very heavy leather with many different colors in it. The work done by Best Fit is far better than I could have expected. The staff was nice and friendly. I will certainly come back again.

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    Sat Oct 28 2006

    I don't recommend Best Fit, Inc. They are really pricey and they do a sloppy job. asked them to alter a bridesmaid dress for me once and they did it in 3 days. My complaint was that even though I asked her to take it in some more because I felt that it was still too loose (it was strapless and kept falling too low), the seamstress disagreed with me. When I got to the wedding 4 days later, the bride insisted that it was too low and I had to have it pinned. And I checked the scale. I didn't loose any weight. If they would have taken the dress in more like I requested, I wouldn't of had that problem. I also asked them to hem jeans that had a tan stitching. They hemmed the pants with black stitching. I don't sew but I know that you try to match the stitching.

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    Thu Jun 01 2006

    they fixed my bridesmaid dress in 3 days. they are pricy, but definitely worth every penny because they were prompt, there were no hidden costs and they did a great job -- the dress fit great!

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    Sun May 21 2006

    I was very happy with Best Fit. I needed my wedding dress altered and they did a great job. At first, I was quoted 400$ of alterations and I decided it wasn't worth it. A day later I recieved a call from Best Fit, saying they would cut extra 100 $ if I decided to come back. I would recommend it to anyone. Very nice service!

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    Thu Mar 30 2006

    I brought a pair of designer jeans to be hemmed here, thinking this would be the best place to go. They hemmed them way too short and when I told them this, the woman actually said to me "Well, maybe you gained weight!" Rude, Rude, Rude.

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    Tue Dec 20 2005

    I was in a wedding in October where the bride bought the bridesmaid dresses off the rack at a clearance department store. It was a great bargain but 2 sizes too small. The women at Best Fit were very straightforward with what could be done and what couldn't. These aren't women who will tell you what you want to hear--they want your clothes to look the best on you that they can. These women basically reconstructed this dress for me within a week and a half. It was kind of pricey, but exactly what they quoted me up front. I will definitely bring my business here again.

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    Tue Jun 28 2005

    The women at Best Fit did a terrific job altering my wedding gown--it fit perfectly when they were done, and they charged me a fraction of the price quoted by several area bridal salons. A few tips. Best Fit is not a casual, just-drop-in-after-work kind of place--you'll need an appointment. If you're having pants or a formal dress altered, be sure to bring your OWN shoes with you so that they can hem it to the right length. And be willing to listen to their suggestions. These ladies want the clothing to flatter your figure while still allowing you to move, and they will try to talk you out of going too short or too tight.

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    Fri Jun 17 2005

    I dropped off 4 items to this tailor. 2 items were altered just fine but the other 2 did not fit well at all. After complaining to the lady she was incredibly rude and unwilling to take the 2 items back to correct the problem. I went to another tailor down the street to fix the problem. I don't know how this store wins the best of boston award! Don't go to this store. The staff is rude and can not meet customers requests!!