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    Mon Feb 15 2010

    i bought a tv through their website with in-store pickup. entered the CC number, then waited for email confirming. got the 1st email. then it said wait for a 2nd email that will have someone in the store actually "reconfirm" inventory. it mentioned that email could take anywhere from 15-45 minutes. i check back maybe 15 minutes later and lo AND BEHOLD i got the 2nd confirmation email. so sweet? tv is ready to be picked up. i go there show customer service my print outs, confirmation emails, etc and they cannot find the tv. then they tried to give me a run around stating the email confirmations are nto accurate. i asked her why does it state an employee will go look for it, then send another confirm email? she had no response. i mean she was an idiot. long story short (tired of writing) i phoned into corporate and threw her (the person who "works" in the tv area) under the bus. i got $100 bucks. lol @ her

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    Sat Jul 11 2009

    I visited the store the last week, I saw good products, but no really good people, mean the sales guys, no showing attitude of help you, I e...

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    Wed Jul 01 2009

    I had a very good experience with the Geeks at Best Buy last week. (I'm not being mean, I'm talking about the Geek Squad.) For the price of a diagnostic check ($69), they literally brought my laptop back from the dead -- by removing 3 years' worth of dust from its insides, apparently. I was so convinced that my Thinkpad laptop had died (I couldn't use it for more than a couple minutes before it would spontaneously quit on me) that I went ahead and ordered a new one before hearing back from the Geeks. Now my Thinkpad is running the way it did right out of the box when I first got it (AND I have a brand new laptop). Good work, Geeks.

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    Since Circuit City closed (Sunset and Virgil) I was encouraged to think that Best Buy was a positive replacement. Best Buy was 6 miles furth...

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    Thu May 28 2009

    I bought one item from their Store. An American Gangster blu-ray, it was damaged so I tried to return it. They would not Let me. I have not been back.

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    Wed May 27 2009

    I like Best Buy. They have quality products, and the employees are always helpful and friendly. They don't alway have the lowest prices, but they usually have the best quality, much better than Wal-Mart.

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    Wed May 27 2009

    I've only had one experience with Best Buy, over a year ago, and that was enough for me. At the time, Chris (my fiance) had just got his bonus from US Bank and we were gung-ho for buying a big LCD TV. Our first stop was Best Buy. While in there we found a TV we were very interest in. We talked to an employee who told us Best Buy had a deal going on where if you purchased an LCD TV for $999 or up, they'd take $100 off a blu-ray disc player (PS3s qualified) and throw in three free blu-ray movies. The TV we found was a 42" LCD TV for $996.99 and the blu-ray disc player we picked out was a PlayStation 3. The employee we talked to said they couldn't do the deal, so we talked to the store manager. He said he couldn't give us the deal because the TV was, what he called a "power sale" item. We couldn't believe it. Chris asked the man "So, you're going to let $1500 walk out that door over $2 and a penny?" And the manager told him, yes because they'd be losing money. That same night we went t... Read more

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    Wed May 27 2009

    They turned me down for credit (bastards), Circuit City didnt. Their "Geek Squad" service charges an arm and a leg. Now Im pretty much forced to go there if Walmart's electronic dept doesnt have what Im looking for.

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    Wed May 27 2009

    I've had negative experiences at various Best Buy stores everywhere from Boston to Philadelphia to Baltimore to Kansas City to San Francisco. They tend to treat their customers like idiots (particularly if you're a girl), and ironically also don't know anything about the products they're selling. My relatively low level questions for them get me sent to the Geek Squad counter all the time, which doesn't feature more knowledgeable employees, it simply means they have computer access. Unfortunately, they also seem to lack strong google query skills so often I was able to find the information I was looking for faster on my iPhone when it got to that point. Alternately, they'll just lie about stuff they don't know (like features on a digital camera that I had to buy in a hurry once). Given that nationwide sample, I have to believe that these issues are related to their corporate policies, and not just isolated incidents. Thankfully, at this point I can order almost everything they sell f... Read more

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    Wed May 27 2009

    The only things I've ever purchased there were some DVDs or CDs. That's bad enough for me not to bother checking out whatever surly morons they have working in electronics. In terms of music or movies, their selection is mundane and without much depth, and the few things they have of interest are overpriced. The clerks seem to think Kurosawa is a Sony knockoff, Altman a brand of speaker, Polanski the dumb guy who works back in shipping, and Scorsese a commentary on the blonde at the cashier.

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    Sun Apr 05 2009

    Purchased a mobile radio "boom box" - came to return the item, unopened and with receipt 2 weeks later. After long wait I was told - a. there are no refunds, only store credit b. the item has since been reduced in price - so I will only receive credit for the reduced price, not what I paid c. The store credit they give me - I must spend "on the spot" - meaning right now (which I did) The whole process was an unbelievable hassle. I can't recall when I've seen worse customer service & attitude in any US store. These types of policies likely reflect Best Buy's desperation in this downturn. Wrong move guys! My advice - steer clear of Best Buy!

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    Thu Apr 02 2009

    I purchased an HP notebook computerfrom Best Buy (BB) in 2007 with 3yr service plan for an extra $300. On the eighth day after convincing GeekSquad (GS) to send it for service, I entered the tracking # on the GS website to see if any info had been entered. It showed my drop-off, and an entry for later the same day said, "picked up by customer; ticket closed.” I did not sleep well. The next day I went back to BB. The Geek said, "Oh, we do that all the time." "We had to open a new service order, and that (picked up by customer) is the only way the system lets us close the old one."  I finally left with a new SO# (new SO# is noted in the new SO record (doh), not the old one; where it might be useful.) and a UPS tracking number, because supposedly, my computer was not only fixed, it had already been shipped back... Except that it hadn't really been shipped. UPS showed the label requested 2 days before, and 2 other packages in the shipment were in transit. But not mine. It was de... Read more

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    Mon Mar 30 2009

    Best Buy is awesome. Knowledgeable salespeople, great selection of all of the latest gadgets, and at least most of the store here in Phoenix the sales people are friendly. For those of you who have complaints about returns should probably ask what the return policy is before you make a purchase and you won't be surprised by a restocking fee? I stopped myself from making a camera purchase I was on the fence about because I asked what the return policy was and didn't want to get it home and not like the camera and have to pay a restocking fee. So I did more research and talked more with the sale girl and found the perfect camera that I love.

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    Horrible service!

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    can never find anyone to help you and if you do find someone - it's a high school kid that knows NOTHING

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    Mon Nov 17 2008

    Awesome. After being scammed by Circuit City I walked into the store here, defeated, looking for a computer. I found one I liked and I even got a free printer!Never shop at Circuit City, They will steal your money if possible.

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    I've only had positive experiences at Best Buy. It is certainly the best electronics store by a long shot. I've always seen reasonable prices, good service, and knowledgable and honest salespeople at Best Buy.

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    Sat Oct 18 2008

    Do not purchase at Best Buy. I tried returning a Wii Game with a receipt and they accused me that the game did not come from their store. There is no possible way the game came from any other store. I have heard stories of others having this problem with Best Buy.

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    Sun Oct 05 2008

    Too noisy! Turn down that racket! Otherwise a decent overall selection and prices for the size of the store.

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    Tue Jul 08 2008

    You maybe able to get a reasonable deal on appliances over at best buy, but do keep in mind that the if there anything wrong with the applia...

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    Tue Jul 01 2008

    The worst place to shop. They just don't know what they are talking about. They're a bunch of high school kids. And the managers wouldn't know proper CS if God himself asked for help. So go ahead and buy from them if you want. Just don't ask any questions, don't ever try and return an unopened DVD even when you HAVE the receipt (they might just call you a thief... thinking you opened the DVD, copied it to you computer, then rewrapped it in shrink), and please don't ever let them work on one of your computers.

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    In Short Founded in 1983, this high-tech haven is recognizable by its blue, box-like building stamped with a yellow price tag-shaped logo. Explore the wide, gadget-lined aisles and find brand-name goods including personal computers, video games, TVs, digital cameras, cell phones and fax machines. Choose from a slew of popular brands such as Canon, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony. In-house installation services are available for most car audio and video systems, home entertainment systems, satellite hook-up, and home appliances.

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    I purchased a new Panasonic SDR-S7K video camera at the Best Buy in Castleton, IN. I performed hours of research before I bought the camera, and felt confident in making a purchase. This is a new model so there wasn't much about it on the Internet outside of the standard promotional material by the manufacturer. I got the camera home and opened the box. Before I used the camera I read through the owners manual. I learned the battery supplied with the camera only has a recordable life of 40 minutes! That is way too short. No problem, I thought, I'll just buy a battery with a longer life. Wrong! There is only one battery that fits that camera and the life is 40 recordable minutes. The batteries are rather expensive too at $60 each. Three days after I bought the camera I went to Best Buy for a refund. They informed me there would be a restocking fee of 15% because I (GASP!) opened the box. They said I could exchange it for another camera without penalty, but I wasn't ready to d... Read more

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    Mon Apr 14 2008

    The giant trudges on. Still don't have a wealth of product knowledge. But, for the most part they will greet you and their there. They usually have merchandise. It's bright and clean in their stores. So, since you're not going to get product knowledge anywhere else either, you might as well shop there.

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    Fri Mar 28 2008

    I purchased a laptop on the 20th of this month.  I returned it on the 25th.  I was told by the Fultondale, AL store that it my check for my refund was printed on the 26th and that it will take a week to get it from Minnesota. This is because for some reason purchases over $250 cannot be refunded in the stores. Not even up to $250 of the refund. Moving on, I spoke to the corporate office who said that my check wasn't printed until the 27th.  The corporate office also stated that it could be as late as Monday before it is even mailed but could not tell me how the check was going to be sent (standard, first class, etc.).  Even standard only takes up to 9 days in the US  however I was given April 14 as the last possible date to receive the check.  Best Buys obviously doesn't realize that that is three weeks from the time the laptop was returned?  So they have the laptop and my money and I'm sitting here with nothing for possibly three weeks.  Unacceptable. Apparently four hundred and... Read more

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    i don't like them, way too expensive. they have some good stuff but thats about is the future my friend

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    Thu Jan 10 2008

    I took my car in to get Sirius radio and they broke my heating/AC....its cold out. I keep calling to make an appointment for them to fix it...

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    Mon Dec 24 2007

    Never ever buy an extended warranty from this outfit. They will deny your claim due to their definition of abuse: any physical damage. So why bother getting a 4 year warranty when normal wear and tear will be physical damage? This is one of the ways they deny your warranty claim.

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    Fri Nov 23 2007

    This Best Buy at the brand new facilities at La Brea and Santa Monica seems to be a good thing, but the staff are probably the least well trained I have experienced, that is IF you can find them. From all other appearances, this is simply the standard Best Buy ... large, TVs grouped to one area, computers in another, DVDs and CDs taking up the center, etc. Love having this store in the neighborhood, but I'm totally willing to drive out to any other of their area stores to get the service I want and sometimes need. Sorry guys.

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    Tue Sep 11 2007

    One of the better chains around.

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    Sat Jun 23 2007

    Best Buy: Worst Buy Ever!

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    Mon May 14 2007

    This says it all:

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    Wed Apr 25 2007

    Return policy outrageous.  Wouldn't accept their own unopened CD back, accompanied by the receipt!  Avoid this chain!

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    Sun Apr 08 2007

    Best Buy may have good buys but you wouldn't want to get involved with their lousy repair and customer service.I bought a Toshiba 27" flat tube TV from Best Buy in San Francisco for my in-laws for Christmas and the channel selector failed after one month. We called Best Buy to repair it since it still was under the 90-day manufacturer's warranty. It took 2 weeks to finally get a repairman to the house but he came 4 hours late. He spent just 5 minutes looking at the TV and said he'd have to order a part for it and he would call us back to schedule an appointment.So we waited around for another couple weeks and when we didn't hear from the guy, we called Best Buy to see what was going on. The guy eventually called back and said he never got the part and he would make another order. We set up another date in 2 weeks. My inlaws had to stay at home again to wait for the guy but then he called back and said he wasn’t coming because he received the wrong part. He was as frustrated as we were ... Read more

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    Sat Mar 31 2007

    Limted selection.  Worst Buy on prices.  As for the DVD selection, I can't comment.  However, stores like this getting into the CD sale business - with lower prices but limited selection - is why music stores like Tower Records are struggling and failing, and possibly why CD sales are down.  CD sales still represent over 85% of music sales in this country so the decline in music sales may be attributable to stores like Worst Buy.  Not a good thing if you are intereasted in a variety of good music being produced.

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    Thu Mar 29 2007

    I agree with DynaSword1125: they ought to call this place 'Worst Buy'. Morons run these places. But worse yet is the fact that they have some of the most unprofessional call center representatives working in any company. Not only are they rude (raising their voices at customers), but they are insulting- not to mention always try to get in the very last word when dealing with customers. Best Buy ought to be ashamed for scraping the barrel in hiring their staff (especially their phone operatives).

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    Fri Feb 09 2007

    Never had a problem with Best Buy. If you do not want sales help go to Circuit City. Most of you need help with your purchases. And Best Buy does just that. If you do not want the Extended Warranty just say its a gift for someone and they can decide. I like being assisted with my purchases and Best Buy does just that! You do not even get a hello at Circuit City, let alone any help!!!

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    Wed Jan 10 2007

    I just recently (1-7-07) stopped by Best Buy at the Gateway in West Hollywood and wow--unbelievable selection and prices. Best of all, I am...

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    Thu Jan 04 2007

    A detailed account of my recent experience...

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    Tue Nov 28 2006

    My mom and dad .. now in their 80's were recommended by myself to buy a premium SONY 1080P television recently from a Best Buy Store in Ft. Gratiot Michigan. They have only had this HDTV for a few months. 3 Weeks ago their tv started to go on and off for no reason and they have a GREEN bar in the right corner of the screen. They decided to purchase a 3 year warantee for the TV .. as of 3 weeks now NO ONE HAS BEEN OUT to fix the television. This is .. to say it bluntly PISS POOR SERVICE From Best Buy.

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    Mon Jun 05 2006

    It's a pretty good place. Where else can you go and find all types of electronic stuff in one place? As far as the extended service plans go, if you don't want it, just say that. They're good for expensive stuff like big TVs and computers, and portable DVD players maybe, but for cheap things I wouldn't bother with it. And to the guy who said Circuit City stuck him with a 15% restocking fee, Best Buy also does it for digital cameras and radar detectors and some other portable stuff. Most other retailers are doing it and it's because people buy and return it just to use it once. It's a shame, but this is what happens when people abuse the system

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    Mon May 22 2006

    When I walk into a Best Buy store, by the time I've reached the back of the store, I've been approached by at least 5 employees asking if I needed help, and you want to know something? I LIKE THAT!!! Thats the way you're supposed to take care of your customers, not hide like they do in Circuit City. If you ask a question, you'll get an answer, or the employee will find someone who can. Thats why I've spent over $8,000.00 in ther store, and not Circuit City since they tried to screw me for a 15% restock fee. Chew on that C.C.!

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    Mon May 15 2006

    Best Buy employees are ran into the ground(the good ones)and the other ones are idiots who dont have a clue.... some of the ones I know are higher end managers and dont have a clue on how to be managers. They expect the for everyone to meet their goals but when you dont they yell at you and its all because they dont have enuff employees. Then why may I ask do they keep doing this restructuring and getting rid of positions and then woundering why they dont have enuff people when the employees that are worth anything get fed up and leave? Soon they are gonna have only morons and "duh-huh?" employees and then they'll really be hurtin.

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    Sat Apr 01 2006

    Have had mixed experiences with Best Buy, some good, some bad. If you know exactly what you want and it's in stock, you'll do ok. Sale items are hard to find late in the week. Weekends and December are crowded so be prepared to wait for any kind of service and checkout. If you get the extended warranty, be prepared to be without the item for a long time if you take it in for repairs and don't be surprised if the repairs are not complete and you have to take the item back for more repairs. Consistent quality is non-existent and store management is purely profit driven without regard to customer concerns.

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    Fri Feb 10 2006

    I was redirected from one part of the store to another for an hour until I ended up back where I started, and then was finally told that they were out of the item and that I should go to RadioShack.

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    Tue Jan 10 2006

    They have a lot of people willing to help you, but sometimes it's too much. When I go in there sometimes it feels like I constantly have salesperson looking over my shoulder ready to jump in every time I stop to look at a product. Their advertised prices are pretty good, but be ready to deny a rediculously-priced and unnecessary service warranty. Sometimes they don't take no for an answer, either. I bought a TV from them one time, and I told the floor salesman I didn't want a service warranty. When I got to the checkout, the cashier asked me if I wanted a service warranty. When I said no, he tried to persuade me otherwise and I had to say no a third time. Besides that, sometimes they'll try to talk you into "free offers" with strings attached, such as one time when they wanted me to allow them to share my credit card number with a magazine company with the promise of getting a free year of issues. The cashier told me how easy it was to cancel the subscription so that I wouldn... Read more

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    Sun Dec 18 2005

    they try to sell you that extended warranty crap and for people that don't kno that you don't really need it, they get riped off. The person helping me trying to get a ccamera kept on telling me these bull stories of peeple who got it and were so so thankful because the next day they dropped their cameras but the warranty doesnt cover anything that's an accident.

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    Wed Nov 30 2005

    It is impossibe to return somthing to Best Buy, The extended warranty is worthless, they give you the run around every time you go in there and try to get your produckt serviced, and their no lemon policy is a lie. They hire teenagers with little no no experience selling computers and tvs (hit tech) and they dont know what they r talking about. Who ever gives best buy a good rating is an idiot them selves and knows nothing about electronics or good service!!!!!

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    Sat Oct 29 2005

    If you buy a product without any credit, and you don't mind buying from a company that is dishonest, go ahead. But there have been so many problems with my credit that Best Buy refuses to even talk about. Their on-line payment won't work, and when I called in to report this, I was told "it is working, you are wrong." There were even times when I scheduled a payment and all record of that disappeared. As I was trying to resolve this, I was given bad information by a customer service representative about what I should do, and what would happen to my account when if I could pay (as I was in another country for school and could only pay online) and when I followed that advice, I got exactly the substantial fees (including interest on a no-interest-for-six-months account) that I was told wouldn't happen for another month. When I called back to explain why I did what I did, I was told that I must be lying. The second time I called, the lady was kinder, but she said that the only thing ... Read more

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    Fri Oct 28 2005

    best place ever!

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