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Berlin, Germany

Capital and largest city of Germany by both area and population Website

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    Wed Jun 17 2009

    I spent a few days in this city when I was travelling around Europe. The transport system was the most efficient I have ever seen - unlike the London underground the trains are clean, on time, and not overcrowded. One thing to bear in mind whilst in Berlin is that unlike the UK it is illegal to jaywalk - you must wait for the lights to change. Something else I wasn't prepared for is that if you're turning right you can do so through a red light - I had not seen that anywhere else before (though I hear places in the US do this). The food in Berlin is good and I recommend the trying the famous Berliner Bratwurst. You won't be stuck for choice either - Berlin has a wide range of restaurants ranging from Thai to Argentinian, and Italian to Indian. So whatever your taste there is bound to be somewhere for you to eat, though as I said I do recommend trying the local cuisine as well. The people are very helpful and a small percentage of them understand English, though it is recommended that... Read more

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    Wed Jun 17 2009

    I liked Berlin a lot

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    Cool from hell. The cultural offer is amazing. So is the city's history, it is everywhere. Berliners are very friendly (but don't expect everyone to speak English). Great food, great shopping. Many old market squares where communist memorabilia is on offer. Like London, a Global city.

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    Tue Sep 12 2006

    a great place to visit with great arcutecture and history, one of the great cities in europe. however there is a lot of grafitty in the side streets

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    Sat Dec 17 2005

    If I had to rate one item/place/thing on this site a 5 above all else - it is Berlin. There is no other place I would rather be and no other city - American, European or otherwise - can compare. If you are travelling to Western Europe, I hardly think your trip is complete without a few days in Berlin. From the open-air concerts to the Reichstag to the outdoor cafes near Potsdamer Platz and Alexanderplatz, to anything your senses want to take in - the time seems to stand still while you soak up the warmth of character, hospitality and true fun that is the new Berlin. I recommend in addition to the "usual" sights: the Indian restaurants near Oranienstrasse, the shopping near Unter Den Linden, Queen Nefertiti's bust at the Agyptologische Musee, Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg, and Schloss Charlottenburg to name a few. See you at World Cup 2006.

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    Sat Sep 10 2005

    Great city east meets west! Loads of contrasts, loads of history, loads to see and do!

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    Sat Oct 23 2004

    A great city if you like culture, shopping, and entertainment. Parts of it are beautiful as well, although there are numerous examples of the opposite. Also a great base for visits to Potsdam, Spandau and even Leipzig and Dresden. And a small comment to Daneyw's comment: No, Hitler wasn't born in Berlin. He was born in Austria.

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    Wed Aug 20 2003

    Hitler was born there.

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    Sat Feb 02 2002

    very nice even from a German's perspective, my perspective.

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    Wed Nov 21 2001

    A terrific city. There's plenty to do: shopping (go to the Kaufhaus Des Westerns, aka: the KaDeWe), restaurants (you're sure to find something you like), a constant nightlife (actually I never did go to any bars, but I have heard about them). Plus, it's a very historic city. Be sure to visit the Checkpoint Charlie museum to see lots of info on the Berlin Wall. Basically, I wish I was back there.

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    Sun Feb 27 2000

    I spent 6 months traveling through Europe and I thought Berlin and Belfast to be the most fascinating cities I visited. The differences that still exist between the East and West are still dramatic. It feels as if WWII was ten years ago, not 60. Take a historical walking tour of the city. In 4 hours you can walk through both sides of the city, see and learn about the frightening city it was and witness the wonderful city it is becoming.

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    Fri Dec 10 1999

    I am American, and have been living in Berlin for 6 months. It is a n extremely interesting city! There is lots to see, learn, and discover -- it is very modern and in another 5 years will be extremely popular. The nightlife is active and the people are full of energy.

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    Fri Nov 19 1999

    Cool but weird.

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    Tue Nov 16 1999

    Berlin may be a big construction zone right now, but it's hard not to be impressed when you're standing on spots that have hosted some of the most significant events of the 20th century. The former East Berlin is definitely more interesting right now if you're looking for unique bars and restaurants.

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    Tue Nov 02 1999

    Be warned: the entire city seems under construction! Lacking warmth and beauty.

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    Mon Nov 01 1999

    Berlin is the capital of European nightlife

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    Tue Oct 26 1999

    Similar to Rome - better shopping and wider streets.