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    Sun Jun 26 2011

    My acne was mild and I had oily skin and this didn't work at all. It was prescribed by my doctor and he said it starts working after 3 months. Well I used it for about 7 thinking maybe it just takes time to work but it didn't do anything! I will just add this to the big list of acne products that don't work.

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    Thu Nov 04 2010

    My face broke out all summer long uncontrollably. It was the worst it has been in a couple years! I mean cystic acne, red, big pimples. All over my face. It was summer and it was soo embarassing to feel like I had to wear makeup to cover it up. My confidence was down the drain that it wouldn't clear up. I was hesitant to try Benzaclin when my doctor recommended it because usually prescription creams do nothing but make my face even worse. I decided to give it a try for two nights just to see if it would work. It was kinda a desperation thing since NOTHING was working. In two nights, about 1/2 of my acne was gone!! The acne that remained was significantly smaller but it was a huge improvement than anything I had tried that entire summer. Within 5 days my face was completely flawless. The only thing that I had left was acne scars and my skin was a little dry. Moisturizer took care of that and I to this day have not had a problem. I now use it on occasion when my face starts to break out,... Read more

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great

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    Wed Oct 20 2010

    I just started using benzaclin over a week ago and so far it is beginning to get rid of my acne with the normal side effects of redness and dryness of the skin. I am going on vacation in 2 1/2 weeks and would like to get a tan. I just bought minutes at a tanning salon and want to be able to build a base so i do not burn..I know with this prescription you shoud avoid sunlight. So my question is, if i stop using benzaclin on the day leading upto a tanning session/my vacation will I be okay or will I burn? How long does benzaclin stay in your system for?

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    Sun Aug 08 2010

    This stuff is amazing. I have severe oily skin (you could probably wax a car with my face, it's so oily) and NOTHING will dry it up. Before being prescribed BenzaClin, I was using pure alcohol on my face to dry the oil up and it wouldn't even do the job. I have cystic acne. I don't get those little ones you can just pop and the next day they're gone- oh no.. I have the ones that appear out of nowhere, stay for MONTHS, and when they finally go away, a lovely red scar is there in its place. Even if I don't mess with them, they still scar. The only thing that I have heard to treat them is birth control, which I am not interested in taking any kind of pill long term. I got so sick of dealing with this. So when I finally got some health insurance, I went to the dermatologist. Once there, I was prescribed BenzaClin, Selenium Sulfide Wash (2.5%), Minocycline (100Mg 1/day), and Retin-A (Tazorac). This was 4 days ago. My skin is unbelievable. At first, I was worried- because like other... Read more

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    Sun Jan 31 2010

    I think it is soo good! Whe I was in my teen years, i was perscribed it . I used to get acne on my back and face, Benzacline cleared it right up! I swer by it. I actually start getting pimples again befor my cycle so i am going to start using it again.

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    I had never really had a problem with acne until around 28 when I started getting mild breakouts every month, around the time of my period. I just turned 30 (when acne is REALLY not welcome) and it seems that lately it's been worse--not so much because of the bumps, but because of the scars they were leaving. It was becoming really tough to cover them, and when I'd get out of the shower my face just looked awful. I started Yaz three months ago and my skin was amazing until my body regulated and I got my first period since starting the pill. Breakout city. Painful bumps that would stick around for a long time and leave ugly red marks behind. Last week, I had two awful breakouts on my chin and cheek, and decided that enough was enough. My dermatologist prescribed Benzaclin. I was a little concerned as in the past, benzoyl peroxide has given me some trouble, but I was desperate. I cannot believe the results. Within 48 hours I saw a huge difference, and red, ugly bumps were actually fadin... Read more

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    Thu Nov 19 2009

    I have tried everything for the last ten + years and now at 27 I finally have clear skin thanks to benzaclin. It is the first thing that cleared up my ctystic acne on my cheeks. After 8 months of benzaclin I ran out and I didn't have insurance anymore so I reluctanltly switched to a topical antibotic (Erythromcin 2%) and some left over pro active lotion (which has 2.5 % benzole peroxide) and so far so good and its been two months. Now I've added Retin A .05% and my skin is even better! I definatley think benzaclin cleared up my deep deep nasty acne and now I can maintain with some cheaper products!

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    Wed Aug 05 2009

    I LOVE it. I started using it when my acne got bad in 2001 and pretty much saw immediate results, although results tend to vary. I stupidly went off of it last summer, and my acne got HORRENDOUS! My new doctor was shocked I went off of it and put me back on it. He said it's his #1 choice, and I'd have to agree. I just restarted it and I can't wait to see my skin clear up once again, and STAY that way!

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    Sun Jul 26 2009

    I agree that Benzaclin is very good for acne and it goes well with Retin A. However, some insurance companies such as Blue Cross won't pay for it if your dermatologist prescribes it. For instance, I used to pay $ 30.00 for Benzaclin an $ 20 for Retin A when I had Cigna. Now that I have Blue Cross Blue Shield the prices are $ 154.69 for the first one and $ 62.78 for the second. Forget it there is no way I will be able to afford these prices. Does anyone know where I might get them for cheaper. Now it is summer my acne is pretty severe and I feel very embarrassed when going out . I cannot use makeup because it worsens the appearance of my acne. Thank you to anyone who can refer a well known (not scam) pharmacy where I can buy these products. Nomediga

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    Wed Jul 22 2009

    I have been using BenzaClin for abut a year. I had HORRIBLE acne on my forehead and cheeks. Using BenzaClin twice a day made my acne disappear... BUT JUST RECENTLY IT HAS STOPPED WORKING FOR ME AND MY ACNE ON MY CHEEKS HAS COME BACK! I wash my face every morning and apply BenzaClin and i do the same before bed. But all the sudden my acne has just come back no matter how much BenzaClin i put on or how much i wash my face. Congrats to everyone that BenzaClin has worked for, but BEWARE: your face may become immune to it after a while and your acne could come back. Oh and BenzaClin has bleached all of my hand towels.

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    Thu Jul 09 2009

    I am 33 years old and have been battling terribly oily skin and acne since I was 15. I've tried almost every over the counter product and proactive with no real results. I've been on Benzaclin for 4 days now and have already seen a dramatic improvement. In recent months, my face had become so oily, that it was difficult to keep makeup on. To me, it always looked like I was sweating or something. My acne, as a result has been terrible and as soon as one blemish went away, at least 2 more would appear, and the scarring was getting more and more difficult to cover. Now, on day 4, the oiliness is almost completely gone and I have had no new breakouts. My skin looks 80% better already! I apply a neutrogena moisturizer with sunscreen and my face does not feel dry at all. I'm telling you, this stuff is a miracle. I just wish I had gotten a prescription sooner!

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    Tue May 12 2009

    I just got this product yesterday and just starting using it so there really isn't much i can say about it. I've been cleaning my face with cetaphil clenser and then washing it off in the shower, then when i get out i put the benzaclin on my face. I really hope this product helps me. I cant stand acne anymore and i've tried every product there is (proactive, neutrogina products, oxy, and many others). My doctor said that if this product dont help me she is going to send me to a dermatoligist. Pray for me everybody....I'll give my review in a couple weeks to let you know how it worked for me :)

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    Wed Feb 18 2009

    Oh my gosh. I honestly don't know what I would do without this stuff. I had severe acne for years and I tried everything! Nothing worked. Proactive, all the walgreen face washes/methods, you name it. So I finally went to my doctor. Now I have clear skin! I laugh at my friends when they have pimples. I hardly ever have pimples on my face. I just got my prescription refilled today and I was in panic the 4 days without it. Haha. My face did break out a little. The only faulties about Benzaclin would have to be dry skin - which is easily done away with mosturizer or facial scrub. AND skin dis coloration. My skin will be perfectly clear but be a lil dis colored. It doesn't do much for scars which kind of sucks, I'm looking for a solution but I am much happier than I was without Benzaclin. Haha

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    Sat Dec 20 2008

    I've been using Benzaclin since October. My skin was really red and itchy at first, I strongly suggest using cetaphil as a moisturizer to counteract the side effects. I also use Defrin gel at night as part of my daily regimen. After reading the other reviews it kind of scares me that I may have to use bezaclin forever to prevent break outs. Once you get passed the first 2 weeks of itchy redness. The results will be great!

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    Tue Nov 25 2008

    I was prescribed benzaclin for moderate jaw line acne. My acne is currently almost gone. This stuff worked very well for me, and the side effects were minimal. I only suffered from some dryness when I first started using it, but I quickly remedied this by using a lot of non-comedogenic face moisturizer! I haven't had problems with benzaclin bleaching my hairline or eyebrows (and I have very dark hair). I have, however, had problems with it bleaching clothes and pillow cases- as my dermatologist told me it would.

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    Tue Oct 14 2008

    I used benzaclin for well... as long as it has lasted me until a couple of weeks ago. I use it along with ziana. It worked perfect. My acne wasn't ever sever but when i did break out around that time of the month it would be horrible. While using the two i had nothing. it was amazing. Black heads on my nose were almost completely gone and pimples just stopped appearing. The only thing i guess is from using it is that when i got a scar it stayed a darker color... I manage with that though. Also the bleaching part, my dermo warned me of that therefore he had me on benzaclin in the morning and ziana at night. And I'm sure i've gotten it in the hairline and eyebrows before and the color is still there. So for the downside, I ran out of benzaclin and using what ziana i have left. I started noticing that i was breaking out right away and my black heads are coming back. So... my question is do i have to go back to the dermo to get another bottle or am i able to just refill it on my own withou... Read more

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    Thu Oct 02 2008

    I have been using benzaclin for a few days and my face is really red and my eyes are swollen. My face has been really itchy as well. Does this ever go away? Is there anything to prevent it?

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    Sat Sep 27 2008

    I started to use this product in my very early teens, around 12. It worked great for me. I used it until I was about 16. However my skin eventually built up an immunity to this product. It has been 3 years now since I have stopped using the product and I'm thinking of picking it up again. I have been on numerous pills, creams, etc..... they all work (a little.) But nothing worked for me as well as Benzaclin! If you are a younger teen I would recommend this product. Just watch out because it will dry out your skin, and bleach pretty much everything!

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    Thu Sep 25 2008

    After reading the majority of these posts, I dont see where anyone mentions the use of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil calms and relaxs the irrated skin. Pick up 100% tea tree oil from Trader Joes for $5.00 wet a a round cotton pad with water and apply one tiny dab of tea tree oil. It will help clear your skin and prevent the red irration caused by any acne. It won't stop acne completely, but it does relax the skin and clean bacteria. It should definitely be used as part of your regime!!

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    Sun Sep 21 2008

    After trying several months on Proactiv, which was a complete waste of money, I asked the doctor to give me a prescription acne medication. I only had mild acne, but it was very frequent and annoying. I thought Benzaclin would finally be the solution to my problem; however, after almost three months, I am not going to be refilling the prescription. Benzaclin works to an extent where it prevents any large pimples from forming, but I still frequently broke out in small whiteheads. Also, I never had a problem with irritation or dryness while using Benzaclin. I recently went off Benzaclin, and started using PanOxyl Bar 10%, which is great.

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    Fri Aug 08 2008

    makes your face irritated, itchy more red doesnt really work for teens with mild acne especially males

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    Wed Jul 23 2008

    I started this medication when I was a teenager, about 12/13 years old. At the time, I had bad acne; red bumps all over my face. However, once my dermatologist prescribed me Benzaclin, I saw AN IMMEDIATE change. My face was clear! Suddenly, people were complimenting me on my flawless skin. I loved the way the product worked. I did not see many cons with the product until about the second year that I was using it. Gradually, my skin became EXTREMELY dry to a point that no lotion would help me. Also, I was scared to stop the Benzaclin and have horrible acne once again. After the dryness, I noticed my acne was starting to come back again. Now, almost 3 years on the medication, my acne comes back periodically. However, it is no way NEAR how bad it was when I was in my teens. Sadly, I am off the medicine and trying Retin-A Micro. Hopefully, I will get the clear skin I have so wanted for all of my life. For anyone wondering if they should try Benzaclin, I recommend talking it o... Read more

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    Wed Apr 23 2008

    I have black skin and my results with the product have been mixed. I have been on benzaclin on and off for a little over a year. When I started using it, I was amazed! The drying effect of the product did wonders to eliminate my super oily skin and removed every sign of acne I had. However, after about three months, the product seemed to stop working. The oil started to return slowly, then I was attached by a rage of tiny hard pimples and blackheads all over my face and the area under my chin. I had never had anything like this happen before. My skin got progressively darker, such that my face and neck were about 2 shades darker than my chest and shoulders. I was a mess! The pimples had a quick turnover - it only took about 2 days for them to get hard, dry up and leave black scars in their wake. I stopped using Benzaclin, but the battle raged on. I tried over the counter stuff, but nothing worked. After 2 months of the shame and insecurity of such horribly battered skin, I r... Read more

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    Wed Feb 13 2008

    I have used Benzaclin several times and it works great for me. I see so many people here complain about dry skin and irritation even swelling.I hope everyone knows that you are supposed to rub it in not leave it on. Also, you are not supposed to use it on your whole face, just the acne area. Hope that helps.

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    Wed Feb 13 2008

    Hey! I've been using solodyn, benzaclin, and ziana for 24 hours now and I am quite pleased!  The larger pimples on my face are almost gone! However, it seems as though I have a lot of tiny little zits all over.  I'm going to try to be optomistic and say that the medications are bringing the bad stuff up and out! My dermatologist did say that it could get worse before better...

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    Thu Feb 07 2008

    I have been using Benzaclin for about a year and a half to two years now, and I'll say this: Benzaclin is not very affective in clearing skin of acne, but it is very affective in preventing future breakouts. I would know because I took a break from Benzaclin for a couple weeks after some acne would not leave my face and I had a huge outbreak, this outbreak continued until I used Benzaclin again and then it stopped and my faced cleared a little. Other than that, the only cons are: Dry skin. Possible bleached Clothes.

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    Wed Dec 12 2007

    I only give this product a star rating of two because it creates other problems.  My 13 year old daughter was on Benzaclin for eight months.  She had break out in the T-zone are with rednes.  We decided to use this product when her pediatrician recommended it.  Within two weeks it cleared her skin and the skin was back to being beautiful.  However, after 4-5 months I noticed she got one pretty big pimple on her cheek that would take forever to go away.  A month or so after that she got another big bump on her nose.  Once that cleared her skin stayed clear until the eighth month mark.  Then on one of her cheeks she began getting these huge bumps that got bigger and bigger.  These all looked like clogged pores to me.  I was getting irritated so took her to a dermatologist who said she had clogged pores.  He put her on the Differin Gel.  We are now five weeks into this product and we hope to begin seeing results soon!  I am a little leary of all these medical products because I am not con... Read more

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    Sun Dec 09 2007

    I started using Benzaclin around Christmas of 06, and it worked and I was acne free for months until my prescription expired in late October and my mom didn't renew it for over a month.  All of my acne came back.  When I finally go the benzaclin again, I noticed it working immediately, but all of my acne wasn't gone for about a month.  Even so, it was much better all throughout the healing process.  I peeled off the dead skin each night, which made it look much better.  I took it off with tweezers and even tape for the really peely parts.  My skin peeled a lot with it, but I have extremely dry skin.  In order to counter act the dryness, I rubbed an entire pump of "Curel" lotion into my face every day.  I have always had very very dry skin, and it helped a lot!  Aquaphor (by Eucerin) also helped a lot for the really really dry places, but it's not noncomodegenic, so I only use it around my mouth and eyes.  Well, I hope that all of that helped someone at least, sorry for rambling though.

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    Tue Dec 04 2007

    this is one of the more gentle products i've ever used. it did OK, but eventually, the really nasty BIG pimples came back, as did the black heads. i recommend DUAC topical gel!!!

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    Sat Nov 24 2007

    I used Benzaclin over 1 year ago. I am now using it again. I luv this stuff and my skin looks great. I would recommend it to anyone. I am hot!

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    Tue Nov 06 2007

    I have suffered from acne since the age of about 14. I am 27 now and my husband and I decided to try and start a family. So, I went off the pill. I had pimples while on the pill, but nothing like what happened when I went off it. I ended up with cystic painful acne. I thought I was just going to have to deal with it because I didn't think there was anything safe to take or put on while you're pregnant and/or trying. I soon couldn't take the pain anymore and went to the doctor. She prescribed Benzaclin. I noticed results right away. I am pleased with the results of the product for the most part, however I do have very dry skin now. Before I had the oiliest skin ever. The dry skin is worth it I thought. It's either that or a face that literally hurts with acne. BUT, now I've noticed wrinkles that were not there before on my forehead. Just my forehead, which is also the area that responded best to the product, all signs of pimples are gone from there. I'm to young for wrinkles aren't I? I... Read more

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    Sat Jul 21 2007

    I just started using Benzaclin yesterday. I tried Proactive for about a week (a month ago) and the red burning skin and little bumps that it caused had me stopping the use ASAP. So I went to a dermo and he gave me the Rx for Benzaclin. For whatever reason he was very fast with me and didn't go over side effects or really discuss it at all. When I got home and read that it can bleach your hair and/or clothing I was so upset. I put it on last night, let it dry, then put on moisturizer and was terrified that I would wake up today with a tye-dyed pillow case. It doesn't seem to have bleached it and I did the same this morning and my shirt didn't get bleached but I'm still concerned. I have auburn hair and if I get it in my hairline and my eyebrows..YIKES...I don't want them to end up blonde. Has ANYONE had a problem with the "bleaching" side effect of this? Not knowing is almost enough to make me not want to even continue using it..someone help.

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    Thu Jul 19 2007

    i am currently using the same benzaclin in the mourning and retin a in the evening and am experiencing the same painful cyst and small pimples and wondering if u found an answer or solution?i also have oily shiny skin and am 8 weeks in this treatment and wondering when to find results??

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    Tue Jul 17 2007

    I noticed an immediate difference right away as it helps dry out and reduce the time of current pimples while also reducing the amount of new ones. Like everyone else the redness and burning irritated the hell out of me, but thankfully I figured out the reasons behind it! First, when I started it my skin became dried out so I immediately put on moisturizer for relief. Burning and irritation occured all day, especially when I ate food. I did research and found out Mixing Anything with benzoyl peroxide can cause this. Heres the solution: 1.) Wash face with mild soap and pat dry 2.) apply benzaclin evenly avoiding sensitive areas (for me close to my lips) 3.) WAIT 10 minutes (Just bear through having dry skin for a little bit) then you can apply moisturizer for relief, also use sunscreen if going outside because bezoyl peroxide strips your skins natural spf. Hope this helps others, it helped me!

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    Sun Apr 29 2007

    I have terrible cycstic acne and I've tried almost everything except accutane, which I was about to get prescribed until the derm gave me this. The Benzaclin cream was prescribed to me in the morning, and I am using Ziana (clindamyclin phosphate and tretinoin) cream at night, with doxycyclin pills and a benyzol peroxide face wash, and yasmin at the same time. Ive been on yasmin for a month and started developing white bumps all over the bottom of my face and neck, I dont know whether it was bringing all of my acne out or what, but since I started using BENZACLIN the past two days, the bumps and pimples are drying out and going away. This stuff burns like a mother, makes my skin red, dry and flaky, but I know I have to hang in there for at least two weeks. I can feel this medication working by the hour. Im not sure if the pills or ziana are working bc I dont feel the same effects, but I will keep posted.

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    Tue Apr 17 2007

    ive been using benzaclin for about a month now along with duac and i have to say that i think it does work but it works slowly. the first weel was hell beacuse u can feel the meds penetrating ur skin and it itches like crazy but i think u have to use it a while to work

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    Tue Apr 03 2007

    ok so i'e been using this stuff for almost a week now and im face is SUPER dry, IRRITATED, and RED...people think i went to the beach...i haven't lost hope i'm trying to hang in there but it's hard..i just want to shove my face in a bucket of ice....any suggestions please email me @ [email protected] i need all the positive feedback i can get i'm about to get off this stuff.....on the good side it's keeps me oil least that...

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    Tue Apr 03 2007

    it works pretty good although i still have some acne after using it for 4 months but it has improved my skin

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    Thu Mar 29 2007

    I had a breakout on my chin, and my boyfriends aunt gave me a little tube of it and it works great after just a week I can see a huge result. I'm so thankful for Benzaclin bc prom is less than 2 weeks away, and it has worked a miracle for clearing my face.

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    Mon Mar 12 2007

    Never tried Benzaclin, but when I heard of it, I started using the Oxy 10% Benzol peroxide face wash in the morning and following up with my prescription 1% topical Clyndamycin solution when dry. Cover it up w/ some moisturizer and I'm good. Has worked pretty well for me, much better than the Clyndamycin alone, and I didn't have to go through that embarrassing business of asking my doctor for a particular prescription.

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    Wed Feb 28 2007

    I was prescribed benzaclin and it worked great!! It didn't dry out my skin and it works quickly. I have mild acne and it was a lifesaver for me. I would recomend it to everyone. I'm black and mexican and i have very oily skin. the only drawback is that my insurance makes me pay 60 bucks for it every month. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    DO NOT USE BENZACLIN...i dont know whats in it ..but i put it on my face before i went to bed..the next morning when i woke FACE & EYES were SWOLLEN. I looked as if i was in a fist fight. I mean, it was eyes were practically swollen shut..and its now 3 days later, and my face is still swollen. Its me..DONT USE THIS PRODUCT!!

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    Tue Dec 26 2006

    I have tried every product under the sun...proactive, tetracyclyin, differin, and many other dermatologist recommendations. Nothing helped long term. Like many others I turned to tanning, which only offered short term results before my skin worsened. My sister started Benzaclin and her skin was perfect, I tried it and it has been the only thing that works. I gave up all my other expensive products. Use cetaphil as a face wash and use Benzaclin morning and night. Night time is the most important time to use it. I stopped tanning because my skin had cleared and looked smoother than ever. For those who still want color I recommend mystic tan, it doesn't damage your skin and doesn't look orangy and it doesn't breakout your skin. It gives that extra glow to my skin. My skin is clearer than its ever been, the only time I begin to see a few breakouts is if I sleep in my makeup and skip a few nights of benzaclin. I would recommend this product to anyone who has suffered with breakouts.

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    Thu Nov 30 2006

    This stuff works, however you have to use it EXACTLY as it is prescribed. Read the entire phamphlet. Wait 15 minutes after washing with a gentle cleanser and patting skin dry before applying the benzaclin. Do not aply near the eyes or anywhere you have lines or sensitive skin. Use a moisturizer with spf in the morning, like purpose. Also ladies, invest in an oil free facial makeup remover to use before your soap if you wear foundation.

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    Fri Nov 24 2006

    When I tunred about 24 I began to break out around my chin. It was ugly and it was bad. I never had a problem with acne beyong the normal "zit" before my monthly cycle. This was different and destroying my face. I would have lines of pimples and of course I would pop them and some left ugly scars. I tried Pro-active it helped a little. Then I started tanning and that seem to do the trick as it does for most. The following year was even worst. My chin was covered and they were starting to crawl up my face like never before. I finally broke down and went to a Dermotologist. It was winter and I wasn't tanning anymore, so I wondered if that would help. The doc started me on Doxyclycline, Differin, a Cleocin topical, and Cephlexin. The topicals made me face oily; however, the Cephlex seemed to do the trick. The pimples cleared up within a day. However, a wonderful yeast infection followed. As soon as I would finish my 3 wk cycle of treatment my zits would aggressively retur... Read more

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    Sun Oct 01 2006

    Read the book The Acne Cure by Dr. Dubrow. I was using benzaclin for 6 weeks and nothing really happened, but as it explains in the book, you actually have to ice your face to calm your skin so the medicine works. I've had acne for a while now and nothing was working but now it's really clearing up in just a few weeks after reading this book. go get it now!!

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    Sat Aug 19 2006

    Ok. i have bad skin and ive tryed EVEYTHING after using benzaclin, I think my skin is finally clearing and Ive onl been on it for about a week !

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    Mon Aug 14 2006

    I tried everything with no sucess. All the other prescribed remidies made my face red, itch and I still looked like a teenager (retna A, differine, etc). Benzaclin works like a charm. It does dry if you put to much on at a time. A thin film is all i need. I use St. Ives Apricot scrub with acne medication at least once a day to wash my face. It scrubs off the dry skin gently.

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    Sun Jul 09 2006

    it takes it a while to work about 3-4 weeks. Relax and use a sunscreen with it for daytime and moisturize at night if using the same medication. You will be fine. I promise! I used it for almost a year with Dove facial cleanser(non-comedegenic)or Olay foaming cleanser. Both facial cleansers were Sensitive Skin formulas (less ingredients of facial cleanser it best without all the fragrances) Use Sensitive Skin Formulas like Dove or Olay. I recommend these products because they are good also known as body washing products and are sensitive for the entire body without drying your skin out or robbing it of its natural oils needed for glow and radiance. Well, good luck with Benzaclin I was using the 50 mg when I first started it. Benzaclin 50 mg -daytime & Retin-A cream -evening before bedtime w/o going outside (Retin-A is for bedtime not for daytime use) this regimen worked out great along with plenty of H2o water and exercising 2-3 times a week removing toxins.