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1959 American religious epic film directed by William Wyler, produced by Sam Zimbalist, and starring Charlton Heston as the title character Website

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    Wed Feb 11 2009

    A very average film with one incredibly great sequence (the chariot race) which is good enough to move it to five stars. Watching this makes if very clear that Heston and Stephen Boyd can't act worth a damn. I rent it now and then, run the chariot race sequence, and take it back. On a side note, it always amuses me to see the Roman emperor Tiberius portrayed as a kindly old gentleman, when in fact he was a vicious, psycotic tyrant on the level of Stalin.

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    Sat May 24 2008

    Five stars on the big screen, probably three and a half on television. Heston at his best.

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    Tue Oct 23 2007

    You have to watch this movie just because it is a classic.

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    Sun Jan 21 2007

    I put this one up there with the greats. Charlton Heston was unforgetable, along with a very good supporting cast.

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    Mon Jan 31 2005

    Great, probably the best of this type of movie Hollywood has came up with....

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    Sat Apr 03 2004

    One of the best historical dramas ever produced. William Wyler did a great job showing the dissolving friendship of Judah Ben-Hur and Messala. I liked the chariot race, but it was predictable. Heston did an average job. A bit on the long end at over 3 1/2 hours, but a classic nonetheless.

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    Mon May 19 2003

    Real tripe. Starring the worst actor ever puked out onto the public by the Hollywood star system. A tremendous bore.

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    Sat Oct 19 2002

    The chariot race sequence in this film might be 15 of the best minutes in film history. However, the film's not perfect- it's a little old and corny like much of the films from this era. Just a terrific story. . .Ben Hur couldn't be made today with the way films are produced. I'm not a religous person, but I simply enjoyed this story of a person's quest for revenge and redemption. What a shame I only saw it on TV, this film must be magnificent on the big screen.

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    Sat Mar 23 2002

    I bet I'll change this to a higher rating once I see it on the big screen. I can tell it's that kind of movie. TV can't be doing it justice.

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    Sat Dec 22 2001

    The best historical drama ever produced. The naval battle was spectacular ! The chariot race - one of the best race scenes ever produced.

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    Thu Nov 22 2001

    I would put Ben-Hur in my top 15. The movie was incredible, particularly the chariot race and the scene with the slaves rowing the ship faster and faster. However, I did not like the ending. I feel that the end (spoiler coming up) made a pro-religious statement. By curing everyone, the movie said that Jesus was the son of God and could magically cure people. Before this, the movie portrayed Jesus as a great guy but did not make a religious statement. At the latest, I would have ended the film, if I were William Wyler, when Judah gave water to Jesus. That was a powerful moment.

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    Tue Nov 06 2001

    The greatest religious historical movie ever made. A long but captivating film about the evil Roman Empire and the rise of christianity. Directors William Wylers masterpiece.

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    Tue Jul 03 2001

    A masterpiece movie made of Lew Wallace story of love,belief and dedication. I have seen this movie now more than 10 times. Every time I feel I see that for the first time. Charleton Heston(Judah Benhur)does a splendid leading role and Stephen Boyd makes an excellent supporting role. Those 20 minutes of Chariot race will put everybody on the edge of their seat.I think this will be one of the all time great biblical theme movie in big screens.

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    Fri Jun 22 2001

    Ben Hur is the classic tale of one man's spiritual quest and the hell he had to endure to complete it. It is also a deeply moving and masterful tribute by author Lew Wallace to faith, love and salvation as well as one of the best and most enduring examples of Christian fiction ever written. I'm not a big Heston fan, but I have to admit he really did an excellent job in this film. In what was possibly the best role of his career he took Judah Ben Hur on a very believable journey from the lofty heights of a wealthy aristocrat to the depths of a galley slave and back again. I watch this movie every time I have a chance and each time I do I find it - and especially the final scenes - as moving as I did the first time.

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    Fri Jun 08 2001

    the same people who rate 'scary movie' the greatest of all time, rate this movie terrible (i doubt if they have even seen it)....glad i am not in with this bunch....stephen boyd (does anyone remember he also starred on 'fantastic voyage' (anyone see this?)is absolutely excellent... another top rate performance by charlton heston, good writing, direction, score....have seen about 8 times...

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    Tue Dec 12 2000

    I know everyone else thought this movie was really good, but we watched it at school in 6th grade and most of the people in my class, including me thought it was boring. And it was gross how it actually showed Jesus being nailed to a cross.

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    Tue Nov 07 2000

    Awesome movie! Incredibly entertaining.

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    Thu Aug 31 2000

    Ben Hur was a revolutionary movie with respect to special effects featured in it. Most notably, the sea battle, and the warrior cart scenes are outstanding. Of course, considered from our turn of the century point of view, those effects may seem 'primative' (bad word) but the movie as a whole counts as one of the most significant in movie history. Also by depicting Biblical events and the historical surroundings in a very attractive way.

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    Sat Nov 13 1999

    Ben Hur was an incredible master-piece. Heston deserves all the accolades possible for his powerful role in this move.

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    Sat Nov 06 1999

    One of the best old action movies.

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