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    Tue Aug 18 2009

    Margaret M Asposto- Is the owner- i hope that wasnt her today in the store i honestly feel bad for that woman she obviously hates her job/ life. she is in the wrong proffesion. my experiance: first when we walked in she made us wait till she got off the phone (wich didn't look like a buisiness call) i asked where the jackets were and she ploped down a box of shalls and said "this is all we have" then i pointed out a jacket i liked on the wall and she chuckled and told me "that wont fit you" she was completly rude when i decided to call gramma and ask grams a where the jacket she saw in that store because the lady wouldnt answer me... as i was dialing she yelled "THATS ALL I HAVE TO SHOW YOU"!!!! which stund me and i told her what horrible service i was getting and i told her i would never shop there again. she said "good leave" oh i was soooo mad!

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    Thu Sep 04 2008

    They're horrible to work with - I'd only shop here if you're in the mood to be insulted by the owner and have any problem blamed on the bride. Or if you like being hung up on or having people walk away from you in the middle of a conversation. Or if you like having all questions answered with a whole lot of attitude. Avoid the shop, it's not worth your time.

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    Tue Apr 24 2007

    I found the bridesmaid dress of my dreams at Bella You, and the woman seemed so nice saying it's no problem that my bridesmaids were out of state, etc... Then when my out of state girls tried to order their dresses, it took almost a month for the woman to let them know either the exact price to send a check for or a time when they could call and give her their credit card numbers. Then she overcharged one of my bridesmaids by $25 and didn't return her 10 calls over 2 weeks about the overcharge until my bridesmaid left her a nasty message on the phone saying she would give them negative reviews, etc. She then called her back the same day. The woman who owns the shop also told me when I tried to talk to her about it that it's not her responsibility to make sure the girls get their dresses, which, in my opinion, owning a bridal shop and selling dresses for a living, pretty much makes it her responsibility. Terrible Customer Service, I highly recommend you never go there!!

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    Thu Aug 17 2006

    Don't bother stopping at this bridal shop. Not only were they rude but their prices are higher than everyone else. I can't believe how bad the whole experience was.

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    Tue Jul 12 2005

    Okay, Bella You does have great dresses. In fact, it was the best selection of dresses that I found in Rochester. Now, that's where my praise ends. The owner is rude and extremely unhelpful. She makes promises that she doesn't keep. This whole thing is really making me crazy! Here's the story. I went into Bella You to find the wedding dress of my dreams. My mom, the shop owner, and I cried when I put it on. We placed an order, paid for it in full, and then got treated like miserable rotten trash. Bella You is open all sorts of hours. They are always there, never busy, but they never answer the phone. You are forced to leave a message. HUMMM, they get back to you... in about a week or more. They promised that my dress would be in in six weeks. I waited six months, almost seven. I had to threaten to call a lawyer to get them to call me back. I really thought they took my $1100.00 and ran that's how long it took them to get back to me even after I called crying. Then the... Read more