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    Thu Nov 24 2011

    BELL CANADA IS THE PITS... Competitors pay attention! Bell Staff: Challenged intellectually and linguistically. No Communication. No comprehension. No efficiency when they boondoggle service on land line, confuse appointments for service, and they cut off your line by mistake... They subscribe you for a plan without your knowledge or your permission, so that they can start charging you for something you never ordered... Underhanded crooks. This company is 1 out of 10...

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    Tue Jun 14 2011

    Worst company there is... extremely high rates, padded bills, and the customer service is just horrible!

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    Thu May 05 2011

    I am a small business owner with Bell services in a number of locations. I recently sold a business and had to sign off on resonsibility to transfer phone and DSL sercies to the new owner. Months had gone by, and things seemed to be going smotly, until I got a frantic call from Bell Canada Credit department saying one of my DSL accounts was in default and at risk of being turned off. I live on internet orders, I immediately reached for my Credit card, and without further thinking about it, I gave them permission to pay the balance. When I returned to the office I asked staff about it and it turns out we have not been billed for any of it. It was the wrong account, the wrong person. It happened to be the new owner who, also had not receied any bills. I spent a few hours on the phone unravelling all of it, and then they tell me to wait 4-6 weeks for the repayment. It never came. I checked with them again, and they said they would take care of it. 8 weeks ago. I have since started to... Read more

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    Thu Feb 10 2011

    I strongly agree with the poster who said "I despise Bell more than anything". I live in Quebec and have gone with Videotron. Removed Bell utterly and completely from my life, including convincing my boss to do away with them at home and at work. Yay! No more calling Bell and spending countless hours being frustrated and angry. They literally put you on hold for 10-15 minutes only to hang up on you if you're patient enough to wait that long. Videotron here is FANTASTIC. They send a technician the second they (a person, who is local) cannot fix your problem. The customer service is unparalleled anywhere in the technology world. It is a complete pleasure dealing with their personnel. I don't expect technology to run perfectly but when there's a problem I'd like to call up my provider, speak to a person and have them fix my issue in the shortest amount of time possible. That's what I'm getting with Videotron for my phone, television and internet service. The comparison is s... Read more

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    Mon Jan 10 2011

    Bell thinks its too rich to work for our money. I call customer service. I get insulted. I get accused of lying. Then the guy refuses to listen to my confirmation number (trying to steer the conversation into what I need). Then he disconnects on me. I complain to customer service and they tell me I'm in the fault. So I chucked their modem out and refused to pay their bills. Its that simple. Bell doesn't want your money. I repeat BELL DOES NOT WANT YOUR MONEY. THey are already rich. I can tell by how they treat their customers. Clearly they have SOOOO much money they don't even care to respect you enough to help you when you call. They threatened me saying I'll have bad credit for not paying...but seriously? I pay my mortgage, my credit cards, car insurance, etc. on time and in full. And they seem to refuse to allow me to cancel their service (3 times disconnected, 1 time insulted, 1 time accused of lying, and 2 times getting a confirmation number to only still get billed... Read more

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    Tue Nov 23 2010

    This is our second time using Bell services for TV, Internet and Phone and it's been a nightmare! We used them back in 2006 and had hassle after hassle with our bill. Trying to deal with their customer service dept. is about as much fun as having a root canal. Try to get someone who speaks English and that you can understand..good luck!! Trying to make sense of their monthly bills is a major headache too. It's as if they just throw some randon figure on it and go.."ok..that looks good..send it". We finally left Bell and switched to Cogeco when the 2 year contract was done. Cogeco was great. We never had problems with them like we did with Bell. We moved to another town a year and a half ago, and unfortunately, Cogeco doesn't have service in this area. We had no CHOICE but to go with Bell again! The thought made me sick. Six months ago our house was hit by lightning and it took out the phone lines and the satellite. We had to have two separate repair people from Bell come ... Read more

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    This comment may be long but If you think you should choose Bell,... this is for you!!!`Holy crap!!! for a company as big as Bell I would have thought that they, above all would know how to treat their customers who have been loyal to them throughout the years but very apparrently they thought they we were all beneath them. I have been a Bell customer for 34 years and I've always payed my bills either on time or before the due date thinking that if I did so, Bell would return the favor with respect and offer me good service. Hey, what can I say I am an idiot!!! A while back I was offered a great deal from Rogers which was about half of what I was paying Bell for a lesser deal, so I obviously told Rogers that I was interested in switching. Then I remembered that Bell had told me in the past that if you ever get another offer to let them know so as they could match it. As I said, I am an idiot, so I called Bell to see if they would match it. Here is where it gets weird, the gu... Read more

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    Tue Jun 15 2010

    i think bell is the worst company i have ever dealt with.first pff i have been with bell for over thirty i have cancelled my home phone because you get all these different bundles and ;you really dont know what you are paying for. for exsample last week my husband called to remove these so called bundles because our phone bill seemed to have sky rocketed, anyway he got hold of someone and they said yes they would remove it and we would be saving ourselves about twenty five dollars a month, okay the next day my answering machine was not working and anybody who tries to call me could not leave a meassage as bell had put voice mail on my phone which i did not order and it also took three days for them to remove.then i also found out that i had three phone numbers on my phone dont ask me how they got there i dont know/anyway to cut a long story short i have changed my home phone, i also got rid of my bell express vu, the i;nternet service sucked big time and i am now trying to g... Read more

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    Thu Mar 11 2010

    ZERO STARS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE I have been a long time Bell customer and the only reason I stay with them is that it is a real hassle to change email addresses and transfer telephone service. The main complaint that I have with Bell is their automated attendant, "Emily". This is the worst kind of service ever conceived. The last time I tried to reach a live person using this service, it was IMPOSSIBLE! I could not get to a command that would enable me to reach a live person no matter what I tried. Eventually I ended up using their chat on-line to resolve my very simple request. How is it possible that any company can believe that this is an effective way of providing service is beyond me. The only purpose that I can see for using automated attendants is to screen the calls and limit access to the people we need to reach. Frustrated enough, you finally give up. I am seriously considering changing all of my services from anyone but Bell. Anyone considering Bell as a service p... Read more

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    Sun Mar 07 2010

    had an internet issue, no DSL light on the modem, which usually means disconnected phone cable, problem at the source...called from ontario at around 1:00 am had some work to finish online, got Miss Rihana from India what kills me every time is the alias they use, anyway, she asked me for the usuual, address, phone ## ...which I already entered thru the automated system, regardless, she asked me to disconnect, connect, bla bla told her look the freaking thing was working and got disconnected all of a sudden so a temp issue somewhere...she insisted I plug the modem to another jack...may be my line is bad to which I responded you do not seem to have an issue hearing me on it, there was a silent moment then sir, sir thank youuuu for providing me with that info, like I am supposed to train these low lifes with 40% english as a skill working for the technical department of repairs, sounds like they hire any monkey at can follow instructions. and type..she then asked me to reset the modem to... Read more

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    Bell Canada, by far, has been one of the most infuriating companies that I have ever dealt with in my life, time and time again. I can't say enough bad things about this company. Their staff is horrendous and their service contractors are grossly underpaid and disgruntled. Worst, most disorganized, dysfunctional, fragmented company ever. Tricia Peever

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    Mon Feb 08 2010

    Bell Canada locked me into a two year contract where I issues for the first MONTH just trying to get service (their issue). Terrible service from that point on (very slow for the price I was paying). Now I am moving to BC from ON at the 22nd month of my 24 month contract and they are charging me $200 cancellation charge and cut my service off a month early where I had to wait 3 days for them to activate it lord...Bell Canada has lost a customer in me forever, and I will spread the word...

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    Thu Jan 07 2010

    Expensive and an average wait time of 1hour to talk to a service rep you can not understand!! WOW hook me up Cogeco Cable Canada

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    Fri Dec 11 2009

    I was thinking of switching to Bell, because their prices were cheaper than Rogers. Some of my friends warned me that Bell has terrible customer service. I thought, how bad could it be...I mean how often do you even call customer service? I had ordered Bell Canada's bundle service (cable, phone, internet), the sales rep on the phone was very nice and they offered me a great deal as compared to Rogers. I had a two week wait for them to come and install all the equipment. In that time I called customer support three times to tweak certain features of my account. I experienced the worst, most rude, unpleasant customer service in my life. I had better customer service renewing my drivers license at the Ministry of Transportation. I immediately called Rogers back and canceled all my services with Bell. Rogers got me a similar deal that was a little more expensive then Bell by a couple of bucks. I would rather pay a couple of dollars more to Rogers, then have to deal with that kind o... Read more

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    Sat Sep 26 2009

    I become Bell Canada Customer in March 2009, I received normal discount and received good service. They screwed up schedule couple of times, but finally they installed internet. but only problem I have is my DSL internet is working from my study room, originally we installed in that room, if we try to relocate in any other room, internet no works, called few times, but customer service is terrible or can say joke. I wish I not choose Bell at first place

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    Sun Sep 20 2009

    Zero star Like other posters, ...they lied to me about the price of my internet. ...when my internet service went down for a month, the checked the logas and agreed, then reimbursed me 40% of what I paid. ...customer service is a joke. The final straw was last month when I used a third party long distance service that cost me 10% of what Bell charged, Bell turned of my long distance service. I thought something was wrong with my phone when I couldn't call long distance. I called service and Bally Bill told me it was something on my end, I had my lines tested at my expense , only to find out Bell had shut off my ADACC line, needed for long distance calling. Low life thieves. I'm with a new service now.

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    Thu Sep 03 2009

    Terrible! I phoned them to get prices on there trio they gave me a price and wen I got my first bill it wasent like he had told me and of course it was more so I phoned them to tell them and they told me that I must have mesunderstood the price he had told me I told them that I have wrote every thing he told me but that did not help me .I let it go and I phoned them to get prices on there hd receiver the girl told me a price for the receiver and told me the service to come and instal it was free and I answered I would think about it and call back I called back 1 hour later and talked to someone else and its was a different story the service wasent free anymore that is wen I got realy mad cause you never know if there telling the truth or if there lying .FOR SURE YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYTHING THEY SAY!!

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    Tue Feb 24 2009

    my complaint starts the day i got service with bell. -with all 3 services i had asked upon original order for my phone bill to be sent to in thunder bay. the tv and internet were to be sent to ,london. for the first four months the tv bill was being sent to thunder bay and the net and phone bill was sent to london. after 3 or 4 months and at least 5 or 6 times calling in they finally got it right. but this explains why the balance took so long to be paid. This also racked my bill up to close to $500. -after this was changed i stopped getting bills all together, around the month of may. i received one for aug, one for oct a disconnection notice in dec and thats it. so they failed to send me proper bills. -in aug i moved away from london to thunder bay where bell telephone does not exist as well as the internet. i placed my cancellation order early sept. While on the phone cancelling i refused to pay the cancellation charges as it was not my choice to cancel(altho now im glad i did).... Read more

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    Tue Oct 28 2008

    Never Never Never Never Never pay the $55.00 fee to transfer your account to a new address. Just tell them that if they insist on charging it, you will go with Rogers. They will then give you some blah blah blah about the CRTC rules, tell them you don't care what thier restrictions are and hold your ground. They will then tell you that thhey need to verify with a supervisor. You will be put on hold and they will return to tell you that teh fee has been dropped...This Time! They will not proceed at this time to change over your sympatico(if you have it), they will tell you " unfortunately,we can't do that at this time". This is your punishment. Change that online.

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    Tue Sep 23 2008

    I agree with another post - why can't we give no stars? I had 2 years of the worst "customer service" of my life with Bell...and, no, I was never even in collections. The highlights: 8 months to receive a refund of nearly $300 which they double charged me on a credit card. They claimed they did not have the capability to refund my card and reverse the charges but had to issue me a cheque whihc they somehow kept misplacing. Funny, I work in non profit and even we have the technology to refund a credit card charged in error. Most recently - I have moved away from Canada and closed my bell account nearly 14 months ago. I still receive "bills" even though they owe me $1.12. That's right, $1.12. I have called, e-mailed, unsubscribed, called again, written snide notes. They can not seem to stop e-mailing me and calling me to remind me that they owe me $1.12. It would be comical if it wasn't still happening to me. They are wasting their own resources and are the greatest joke on consumers eve... Read more

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    DISGUSTING!! The most DESPICABLE credit department I have had worked with in my WHOLE life 1) I was directly called a lier 2) I was screamed at 3) THEY MADE ME CRY 4) I have two young children ant they cut off my phone 5) Told me at customer service that they would reinstate my phone 100% guaranteed and then at credit department said there is no way! I hope to get out of my two year contract and work with companies that respects me and know that they will not SCREAM at me IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE DO NOT GO WITH BELL!!!!!

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    Fri Jan 18 2008

    Wow. I have never been treated so poorly by a company before. Even though I was calling to cancel my DSL service, they should have kept in mind that I may come back one day. I won't get into all the gory details, but in summary, when I called to cancel: I was fed false information to try and get me to stay. I was constantly interrupted when trying to explain a point. I was argued with. It was insinuated that I was lying... repeatedly (even though I had a paper document in my hand with the facts on it). I called back to clear something up only to find that my cancellation request was not entered into their system, and it had to be done again. Even when I escalated to a supervisor I still got the interruptions, insinuations and arguments from him. At one point I got so angry I swore at them. (Ahem..) Even if my new ISP doesn't work out, I will not return to Sympatico, I will go elsewhere.

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    Sat Jul 14 2007

    if you speak to a dept called the household retention Q at Bell, they will offer you sympatico for $34.95 a mo for one year or 24.95 for 3 mos, then 34.95 for two years or you will be offered 25% off the reg price for one will be 20% off for 2 years.

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    Mon Jul 02 2007

    No support, major configuration errors that can't be fixed by their standard support team. Typical issue might take weeks to resolve.

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    Tue Mar 27 2007

    I despise Bell more than Anything....including Air Canada, cold weather, people who drive volkwagens, Alberta, and George Bush.  It cost me $330 for 4 months of basic service plus one day of internet (they had to charge me $50 for the full month though I spent 3.5 hours talking to some meathead from India who kept calling me "Sir" and insisting he could get the internet working) though I was solicited as $35 per month for basic service.  To this day, I get a different explanation from billing to the point, where I just tell them that they really don't know what they are going.  They simply don't care.  There business practices are not honourable in any way and deserve to go out of business.  I doubt that will happen and will go with Rogers or anyone else.

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    Wed Mar 07 2007

    Absolutely horrible!! How this company is still in business is beyond me..

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    Thu Jan 11 2007

    I was hoping i could rate them with no stars... but anyway ive been on a dial up service for 10 days now while there "tech department" tests my lines to see whats wrong with my 50$ a month 5mb services ive called at least twice a day for the last 10 days and every call I have made they have promised me a call back within 24 hours well thats 10 promises not one of which was granted... so I called back again tonight and again I got the old 24 hour promise so I set up an install appointment with rogers and basically they have until tommorow afternoon to get me working properly or rogers will get installed.

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    Mon Sep 18 2006

    Im seriously thinking of taking all my services with bell elsewhere. I almost got sent to collections because of THEIR mistake. One my land lines with them was discontinued, last bill came, and it was paid nearly 3 weeks ago. They call me last week to say that they are sending me to collections for $67.50! I had to call the bank, have them fax the daily remittance to them. The bank said they've had SOO many problems with this lately, due to the 519 change. I've been a long time loyal customer, and the phone was only disconnected a month prior to that. They were calling me for payment of this last bill before I GOT THE BILL!!! Ridiculously lousy service, you'd think you were dealing with Rogers!!

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    Fri Feb 03 2006

    Bell Canada has to be by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I bought 2 cell phones on a promise of a promotion to find out from my first bill, oh the first inital rep lied to me about my promo and now locked in a contract with this company. A bunch of scam artists over the phone to make their daily quota, reps transfer you everywhere, suppervissors dont call back and if they do its a week later. Now internet ordered dsl, recieved my kit hooked it up and nothing worked, called them and they said they need to activate it. which took over 2 months to do and calling everyday screaming because im being billed in the meantime for something that doesnt work. then after activating I had to fight for my promo yet again because apparently they cant find it. Good god my 9 year old can do a better job then these monkeys. It went as far as me screaming at a rep who said good luck getting it activated I hope you have cable there. now what company tells customers to go somewhere else? N... Read more

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    Sun Jan 22 2006

    Signed up for their Sympatico service 2 times. Both times I cancelled when I moved and they forgot to cancel my billing services. Months later they caught up to me at my new place of residence via a COLLECTIONS AGENCY demanding hundreds of dollars for bills not paid and demanding hundreds of dollars as a fine for not returning my modem (which I did return). They did this to my business as well. I called to bring up my account and they said that "unfortunately we cannot help you at this time, is there anything else we can assist you with?". For English press 1, pour le service en francais appuyez sur le 2. Out of pure frustration I signed up with Cogeco Internet and they have not overbilled me once nor had any billing mistakes ever with my account. I am very please with them.

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    Fri Oct 15 2004

    by far the most expensive rates and they also give an awful service!