Belkin ME1004-R Wireless CableDSL Router 802.11g

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    Thu Dec 11 2008

    Installed this without too much trauma -- there was almost no wait to speak with tech support and it took about 20 minutes. I bought it to use with a Roku Netflix Player. Since I am not a techie, I often have no idea where problems originate, but I will say that although the Neflix videos loaded quickly, the quality was rather poor (using HDMI cable to connect the player and TV) and the speed of internet on my desktop always seems to slow down to molasses when the the Roku player is streaming a movie. Don't know if this is related to the router itself or my ISP, but the router itself is nice and compact and so far seems dependable.

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    I installed this on a macmini to work with an Asus. Both indicated installation was not sucessful and I cannot modify whatever happened. BUT it is working fine. Tried to connect to an elderly Bell using ME (and a Belkin USB receiver) and have no luck at all. I'm waiting for son-in-law to make it work over Christmas visit. The primary reason for purchase was to enable the Asus to work, thus 4 stars, and it does that. Complications are probably my errors.

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    Sat Nov 08 2008

    This was as simple and painless of an installation as you could want, and it works flawlessly. This router was installed on a 20" Imac running 10.4.11, and the wife's wireless computer is a G4 Ibook. This was less than a 25 minute installation, from out of the box, to having a wireless working connection. Some history. I have been through 2 previous routers, and this Belkin is the simplest to install and get up and running.... 2 weeks now and not one problem.... no reason to call for assistance, unlike the other two which needed help in the install process and beyond, way beyond. My best advice.... never ever purchase a D-Link product. D-Link Stinks. They have no customer support whatsoever.... NONE!, just an automated phone system, a 40 minute waste of time, then a message stating "due to heavy call volume, we are unable to take your call at this time, thank you, goodbye!" You get that message no matter when you call, at least for the four days I tried before I threw their rout... Read more

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    Tue Nov 04 2008

    This router was very easy to configure and get running right out of the box. It seems to have good coverage and performance for the price. The only problem I'm having is my computer keeps downgrading the connection speed from 54Mbps to 11Mbps, even when I'm right next to the router, and it occasionally drops the connection completely. Both of these are annoying, but since my computer is junk (DELL D600), I can't be sure the problem is the router. (I use the REPAIR function to reset it back up to 54Mbps when it slows down.) Otherwise, it's been fine.

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    Sun Oct 26 2008

    I needed a wireless router to use "once-in-awhile" at my mother's old farmhouse. Lots of thick plaster walls. Cable modem is located upstairs. This device worked well. A few dead spots in the house, but overall, a good solution. Set up was quite simple and the device has worked well and has not required re-booting. I probably would not have bought this as my primary router for my house, but would is an ideal solution for an apartment or condo. One downside for the product is that you cannot attach an external antenna. The antenna on the unit cannot be removed.