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    Fri Sep 16 2011

    We had a bad experience with Ace Moving and Storage of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, a branch of Bekins. My wife and I moved from California back to New York City, leaving our goods in storage in Pennsylvania for a month in between. Tri-Valley Bekins moved us fine from California to PA. But the move from PA to New York by the Bekins of Wilkes-Barre was the worst moving experience we’ve ever had. Many things went wrong from the very beginning: The Bekins movers arrived at 11AM. Our building, like many in Manhattan, only allows moves on weekdays between 9 and 5. This gave them only 6 hours to deliver our stuff, which wasn’t enough. We had warned them repeatedly about the moving hours, as we’ve moved in NYC before and this is a common problem. The building kicked them out at 5PM, requiring them to come back the next day. During the first day, they backed their truck into a legal parking space, but the front of the truck protruded into a right-turn lane where parking was not allowed.... Read more

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    Thu Apr 14 2011

    For anyone thinking of using Bekins and in particular A-1 Movers, a business partner of Bekins - I would really caution you to do your homework and look at other alternatives. My move came in 20% OVER estimate (Industry average is 5 to 7%). The A-1 movers would not even discuss the issue with me, the treated me like street thugs, threatening legal actions when I would not give up or pay. Here are some of the facts, and I have paperwork and paper trails to backup these actions that are gross negligence on their part. - A-1 Movers estimator did not show up for 2nd house visit to go over estimate and recheck figures against house, call and said he was busy but satisfied he had it all, would I just sign the papers and fax to him (do not fall for this! Make these bozos show up 3 times and re-estimate), he also in pre-sales visit told me the truck drive would give me before and after weight to ensure I knew, when I told them the driver did not do this I was told I have to request that - The... Read more

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    Tue Nov 09 2010

    Still waiting for my furniture to be delivered! They keep moving out the delivery date. Nobody has even bothered to call me to tell me the news. I have had to chase them down and ask for info daily. A horrible experience, and would never do it again!

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    Sun Aug 22 2010

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS OUTFIT! My daughter had contracted with Bekins to move her cross country. What they didn't tell her was they were sub-contracing the work to another mover. They promised a delivery date (confirmed via e-mail) which apparently was meaningless. After several calls, we were basically told not to deal with them anymore, as they had subbed the work out to another mover, Experienced Moving - and boy was that experience I'll never forget: extraordinarily poor customer service. We were half way across the country (as I was driving my daughter to her destination) when we learned that my daughter's possessions were being stored in Brooklyn, NY - home of Experienced Moving! "Experienced" did their very best to confuse us, and offered NO solutions to our dilema. This extra week waiting developed into what can best be described as being in the movie, Groundhogs Day - same bad news, day after day after day. We later learned Experienced subbed the work out to yet another ... Read more

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    Sat Aug 14 2010

    If your stuff is missing, Bekins probably stole it and auctioned it off. It makes money for them you know. After all, they have to earn money back from all of these claims that they have to pay out for damaged goods! I wish I had just told them to haul the heavy furniture and stuck everything else in a Penske and hauled it myself.

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    Mon Aug 02 2010

    Well....what can I say? The original appointment person did not show up for his original appointment. When I called Bekins, I was told that I had the day wrong and that he would be there the next day. When he did show up, he was half an hour late. Like someone else said, that was a bad sign. Our stuff should have arrived over a week ago (based on the original 10 day window that they gave me) and hasn't made it here yet. I called Bekins and was told that they didn't have a driver and my shipment has been delayed by another week. When I asked where my stuff was, they didn't know. I just received my credit card statement in the mail. Bekins has already charged me for the move. I was assured by them that I would not be charged until my shipment arrived. By the way, the card was charged BEFORE they picked up my stuff. So, here for the last month, we have been sitting in an unfurnished home, three kids starting school next week with most of their belongings somewhere in transit, a job st... Read more

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    Tue Jun 29 2010

    Also used RICH DUDA like someone else on here. I guess he tends to get terrible reviews. I wish I would have searched this prior to using Bekins. This was the worst experience ever. Bekins is full of incompetent, rude and ineffective employees. They did not follow through on any of their appointment dates or obligations. The agent who came to give us the initial estimate did not show up for his original appointment. When we finally called him, he said he needed to reschedule for the next day. Nice of him to call us first right? Then the next day he was still over 45 minutes late. This should have been our first sign to NOT use this company. Then, Bekins called us three separate times to attempt to change to pick up date and time for the move. Including about 10 hours before they were supposed to get the stuff. I was told this was because the trucks my belongings was supposed to be on were all filled up. This happened two times. Finally, they agreed to send a truck with a... Read more

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    Sat May 29 2010

    We moved to South Jersey a while ago. The move is still memorable and not in a good way. It was a 2 hour drive to where we moved to, and things arrived broke, and other things we never got. It's a horrible place to go. Don't risk your stuff being destroyed.

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    Fri Apr 02 2010

    Bekins of South Florida were true professionals! Our move from Miami to Philadelphia went without a hitch! The price was very competitive and they did not charge a penny more, even though they packed a few extra boxes for us! The driver and crew worked very hard even though we had to work up till 7 pm to get everything on the truck in Miami. I would recommend Bekins to anyone!

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    Thu Oct 01 2009

    We have had Bekins twice move us, from SLC, UT to Texas many years ago. And now from Dallas to Tulsa. They did an amazing job both times. I will use them again!!!!

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    Mon Sep 28 2009

    In August of 2009 I needed to have a few small pieces of furniture and some household goods moved across the state of Pensylvania. There were not many options in the small town in which I was living. A man named Rich from Ace Moving, a Bekins Moving Company, in Wilkes-Barre gave me a quote I found reasonable and I agreed to have them move my stuff. Rich called me at 8:30 a.m. on the day they were to pick up my goods, telling me that they would be there between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. Twenty minutes later the truck arrived and the men complained that I wasn't waiting for them. They loaded my stuff and were gone in an hour. From that moment the delivery date changed almost daily for nearly two weeks. One day after I had been told they couldn't deliver for another week, Rich called me and ranted that he had been calling me at my new place for hours because he wanted to deliver the next morning (a Sunday) and why wasn't I there to accept delivery. I declined to jump in my car and drive like he... Read more

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    Fri Jun 19 2009

    My load was picked up and delivered without any damage. That's the only good thing I have to say. I was given a 3 week window when my shipment would be delivered. I called the office multiple times and they assured me I would hear from them when they had a driver. That never happened. I eventually heard from one of the salespeople that my shipment would arrive on the very last day of my window and I was okay with that. Then I called on that day to find out what time it would be delivered and was given the trucker's number. When I spoke with him, he was still 3000 miles away and wasn't planning on getting up to me for another 5-6 days. After some words with the Bekins people again, he said he would try to get it to me in 4 days. So it took 3 weeks and 2 days to move my shipment from Dallas to Portland. I have no idea where the communication breakdown was between Bekins and their drivers, but this is absolutely ridiculous for those of us who need some of our shipment to arrive ... Read more

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    Tue Dec 23 2008

    It seems people only want to complain about movers. This is a very hard job and things do not always go according to plan, does everything you do a work end up just as planned? I have done most aspects of the industry, driver, sales, dispatch and have found very few people praise the mover when things go right but are quick to jump at th mover if one small detail does not go as planned; as if everthing they have ever planned went perfect. I am a fouth generation mover who is very proud to run a "claim free" company and will agree many movers give us all a bad name. However next time you look for a mover consider more than cost and choose on quality and you will be a happier client of a quality company.

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    Wed Aug 06 2008

    The only Bekins employee who should get a 5 star rating is the salesman. Now he did a darn good job. The packers arrived an hour and a half late. They were so slow I could have done it myself quicker. They did not tell me until they arrived to take my belongings that they had no driver for my move and it was only going to their warehouse to be stored. This morning they called to tell me my things will be in New York 8 days later than their original estimate and a full 5 days outside of their "window". I'll be in NYC in an empty apartment with my dog for nine days. They will not arrive with my belongings...and that's if they are being honest now and there are no further glitches...unitl I'm the day after I'm suppose to report to work. Lovely, I'll be at work one day and have to take a day off. I have moved cross country, and actually internationally to Europe before, and never had such bad service and such total irregard for my needs.

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    Mon Jun 16 2008

    I am writing about Scott Kerr of A & P Moving in Novato, California (Bekins Agent 0515). We initially thought that he was extremely helpful, and the details of our move were discussed at length on the phone, but the contracts that were sent to us never seemed to match with what was conveyed on the calls. When we expressed our concerns with the discrepancies he basically told us that he was unwilling to modify the contract any further, and that if we couldn't "trust him", we should take our business elsewhere. We will be doing just that.

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    Mon Apr 28 2008

    I give them a "zero rating". They said at least 3 guys. They sent two and one was 58 years old. Also, the said there would be 24 feet of garment bags. There were no garment bags. The truck overheated. It took 2 hours to go from Oakland to Fremont middle of the day (12 noon) on a Monday. The service was horrible.

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    Mon Dec 10 2007

    Bekins proved thoroughly incompetent at packing/moving our property, and even worse at treating us with courtesy. Partial list of damages: 2 chairs destroyed, Tiffany Lamp packed contrary to instructions (glass and frame crushed), dented metal lamp, disassembled bikes, electronics packed and stored negligently in crushed boxes with random items placed on top. Labeling was unsatisfactory, with most of the labels either being completely misleading or simply and unhelpfully being noted as Misc. This made tracking the extent of lost/damaged items impossible. Bekins had inexcusable communication problems. There was an issue where the price for packing exceeded the guaranteed price. This was resolved only after urgent calls to the Bekins salesperson (where he shouted at my wife), while their movers threatened to unpack everything. The delivery driver did not call us the day before delivery as promised. Instead, we had less than an hours notice. The delivery was complicated when the driver di... Read more

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    Fri Nov 02 2007

    NEVER USE BEKINS!They are LIARS, DECEITFUL, and RUDE!May 7, 2007 WAS OUR MOVING DATE OUR SALES REP WAS Rich DUDA. 2 trucks broke down, We were charged for 2nd day delivery of items that should have been delivered the first day. Furniture broken and destroyed. Company sent a man out to fix a brand new new desk and said he was not able to fix it. It was totally destroyed Not repairable Some items were missing. Glassware and Chyrstal were in pieces. Company just kept passing the buck to someone else. Phone calls were not returned. Co. Would not even come back to get their own wardrobe boxes and blankets used for the move. Some were like new. Co. would not return phone calls. charged me $2559.35 and wanted me to settle for $60.00.

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    Mon Apr 09 2007

    The packers did a decent job, except for the numerous smoke breaks they took. However, the over riding factor for my low rating is the lack of response to my claim after the move. My new mattress was not boxed (which I had paid for), per my contract, and the mattress was soiled during the move. The unloading crew upon delivery noted the damage. I immediately filed a claim and almost one year later, I still have no resolution. The owner verbally denied my claim, but refused to put it in writing. His solution was to simply put a cover over the damage to conceal it. Before using Bekins I had a new, costly latex mattress that I enjoyed sleeping on. Now, I have new, costly damaged mattress thanks to Bekins! In good conscience I could not recommend Bekins to anyone based on my poor experience.

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    Sat Feb 24 2007

    Very misleading practices. They will charge you for their employees *travel time* from their warehouse. Their packers were at our house for 4.5 hours, yet they tried to charge us for 8 hours. When I asked why, all they would say is "traffic". Two issues here: 1. They never told me up front this was their policy and 2. their warehouse is at most a 25 minutes drive from my house. Liars.

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    Fri Feb 16 2007

    Like everyone else, I wish I had read the Bekins reviews! We moved locally within the state of California and were promised good things by the selling agent from AMS Relocations of Burlingame, CA. He, in fact, told us to check out the better business bureau complaints, which for this specific company were fairly good. Our quote was for 3 men and a van. Of course, 4 men and a van showed up, immediately making meaningless their estimate (except the not-to-exceed, which is guaranteed by law. I wonder why!) Only 2 of the 4 movers spoke English (although the selling agent denied they were picked up at Home Depot and insisted they were Bekins employees). Two items were damaged during the move - which happens. However, all boxes were treated the same whether marked fragile or not. Boxes were all carried and dropped off in the wrong rooms. And finally, when the job was done - earlier than estimated (perhaps because I had laid out all the boxes in the garage on the front end expediting ... Read more

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    Mon Jul 24 2006

    Would I use this company again? NO!!! The price was right, but the service was not good. The van was very late in arriving at my house on moving day. The workers didn't handle my furniture with care. They let an extension ladder fall on my cherry tea cart. They sloughed it off. A nightstand got a big scratch, and they didn't pay attention. I wouldn't recommend this company.

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    Thu Oct 27 2005

    I wouldn't use Bekins to move a pile of dung. What they do not lose, they will damaged. Don't waste your money on their insurance, they will not allow your claim.

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    Sat Aug 13 2005

    My husband and I wish we had read these reviews before we employed Bekins to move us from Florida to Georgia in June. They were supposed to arrive to pack our belongings at 9 a.m. on the 21st. They arrived at 5:30 p.m. and finished at 10:30 p.m. (in the meantime we called the dispatch department several times to inquire as to when they would be arriving, and the woman was extremely rude and belligerent each time we called). I do commend the packers on a very good job of packing - nothing was broken or missing. The movers arrived the next day (22nd) only one hour later than expected, so that was acceptable. They put the base of our wall unit, which is 9 foot long, on a small dolly, and it see-sawed off in our driveway, damaging both ends of the unit. We saw it happen and the driver said You are insured, so put in a claim. We paid $453 extra for full coverage insurance, but Bekins will not compensate us for the damage. They arrived at 9 p.m. on the 27th (they had telephoned and t... Read more

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    Tue Jul 19 2005

    Here is a copy of an email that I sent to Bekins after countless phone calls with little to no response. I have still not receive a response or all of my possesions. Never move with this company.We believed we were making the right decisions when we had a Bekins agent come to our home in May and give us a quote for moving. We believed what she told us and were very excited to be doing business with such a reputable company.The nightmare began the morning the moving truck should have arrived. We were expecting a truck at 7:30. We didn't see it until 10:30. This was a bit of an inconvience, seeing that we had gotten childcare for early in the morning. We had been assured by the agent that moving our stuff would only take about 7-8 hrs and would be no problem.As the driver arrived, he said he couldn't come to our house, he didn't want to drive down our driveway. We had concern about this when the estimator was out and she stepped off the driveway and charged us for a long haul. Said it... Read more

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    Thu May 12 2005

    I have moved across the country 5 times and Bekins and their agent, Dennis Moving and Storage in Portland, OR, were by far the worst. My goods were delivered late, with no notification. Customer service was terrible. I had numerous damages and actually had things stolen. I will never use them again and I recommend you don't either.

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    Mon Feb 14 2005

    Im sure if you are looking at this review you are aware of the reputation that the moving industry has. Bekins did not fail to add to the stereotype. A nice elderly gentleman showed up at our house. He could not have been nicer. Little did we know at the time that we were dealing with a snake. I explained to this nice elderly gentleman that we needed our stuff delivered from Rochester, New York to Reno Nevada. It was about Nov. 8 when he first came over to quote us. He explained that our stuff would be picked up before Thanksgiving and delivered by about Dec 9th. I than preceded to tell him that we were leaving on vacation for the holidays (with my two young children) and that there were items that I needed for my vacation packed away with my things. He reiterated over three times that it was not a problem and he even wrote on our contract that Dec 17th would be the very last possible day for delivery. Well by now you can probably guess what happened. Without even a call fro... Read more

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    Wed Sep 29 2004

    We used Bekins (Boyer Rosene) to move from Chicago to North Carolina and it was the worst experience I have ever had. The load was underestimated and therefor split into two deliveries. The driver decided he wanted to quit his job before I stuff was to be delivered and so we had to wait 3 extra days, with two small children, to get our stuff back. The driver was rude and we had a lot of damage. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tue Sep 21 2004

    I moved from Chicago to Phoneix using two Bekins agencies, Boyer Rosene in Chicago and Olympic in Phoneix. Packing was terrible, there was a lot of damage and the delivery was pathetic. They lost over six of our cartons, damaged thousands of dollars of my personal goods and refused at both ends to take ANY responsibility. DO NOT USE BEKINS IF YOU VALUE YOUR POSSESIONS.

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    Thu Feb 19 2004

    The WORST ever! The service contract said the owner could seal the crates but on the moving day, the movers show up 7 hours behind schedule late in the evening. They finally moved everything in the truck at 12am and told me I couldn't seal the crates until the next morning. I had to leave town the next day. So I called the salesman who gave me the quote requesting to buy additional insurance. He said the movers can do it. The movers said yeah you are insured and have me sign. Sure enough some boxes were cut open and items were missing. Then they told me they would pay 60 cents per each pound of each item. I have a nice wooden jewelry box that was handmade and weigh less than a pound and they would pay only 60cents. Not to mention other missing items. They are licensed THIEVES and excellent LIARS!!!!!

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    Mon Nov 04 2002

    My new husband used Bekins to move from Seattle to Michigan. They didn't estimate right, so they split his shipment and put some in storage. Lots of damage, filed a claim in Nov. 2001, talked to them in Feb. 2002, and they send a damage appraiser/repair person then. We haven't been able to connect to a live voice since. Their customer service is terrible and we would NEVER use them again. Use at your own risk!

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    Thu Aug 30 2001

    It has been almost a year since Bekins moved my wife and me from Denver to Boston. Our shipment was late--5 days past the last day in the "delivery window" and some of the items were damaged. We filed a claim in September 2000, but it was not until February 2001 that Bekins offered us a settlement. Now it's August 2001 and we're still waiting for the money they owe us. It is impossible to reach anyone at their main office and they do not respond to messages or letters. Use Bekins at your own risk. We learned the hard way and will not use them again.

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    Wed Jun 28 2000

    For the potential nightmare that using a moving service can be, Bekins actually did an acceptable job when I moved across country. They met the window of time for delivery of my things. Nothing was brokem. I liked the crew that moved and delivered my stuff. I compared Bekins with the other major moving companies and for my trip, they were the most cost-effective. One of my bikes was stolen from under their noses, but that is not their fault and I was immediately reimbursed for it. Overall I had a really positive experience with Bekiins especially with sucj low expectations.

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    Tue Jun 27 2000

    I had a very good experience with Bekins when I moved from Florida to San Francisco. For an entire one bedroom apartment's worth of stuff, they gave me a quotation of about $2,000 fully packed - anywhere from $300-500 less than some of the other big players like Atlas and Mayflower. The driver was hardworking and professional, and while they did break two items, my overall experience was very positive.