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Breed of small scent hound, similar in appearance to the much larger foxhound Website

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    Cute, loveable, and comforting they make good companions if you dont have room for a large breed.

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    Fri Jan 29 2010

    In my life I have owned a few dogs, and met many due to friends with dogs etc. First off let me say, I like dogs, dogs can be great companions and make you happy, which is great! In my life I have been around and experienced german shepherds, great danes, golden retrievers, chihuahuas, bulldogs, poodles, and beagles... I have to say of all of these breeds, the beagles were EASILY the least intelligent. Now listen, because this is important. Many beagle owners will say the beagle is not unintelligent, it is just very stubborn. Yes the beagle is stubborn, but it is also unintelligent to boot. And let me tell ya' that is one bad combination. I have trained my german shepherd, back in the day. Training beagles brings the word training to a whole new level, be prepared for quite some time to train, because thats what it will take. Quite some time. Beagles whine if they are left alone for more than three minutes, and by whining I mean, destroying anything around them that they can. O... Read more

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    Fri Jan 29 2010

    I can't stand these dogs. Everyone I've ever seen is neurotic, untrustworthy, undependable and really dumb. They should stick to foxhunting.

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    Fri Jan 29 2010

    I've met a couple beagles who were loyal, quiet and calm. Both were trained by the same owner, however, so that may speak more to his training abilities than the natural disposition of the breed. The majority of beagles I've met are friendly enough, but appear to be difficult to train beyond a level of basic obedience. They were bred to work in packs so separation anxiety can become a real problem, and they're missing the independent problem-solving skills that make herding dogs highly trainable. Most notably, they are LOUD. If constant barking and howling sound like your thing...this dog is for you.

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    Fri Jan 29 2010

    Growing up, my favorite dog was a beagle. Although untrained, she was obedient and me. When I wasn't around, she was neurotic and obnoxious. Smack dab in the middle of the burbs, she'd kill squirrels and proudly drop 'em at my feet. I'd caution people who are considering a beagle as a pet to understand that these are gamy dawgs...hunters...and constantly need to be burning energy or they can turn into nasty little creatures. If you're looking for a house pet, look elsewhere.

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    Fri Aug 21 2009

    My beagle was the best pet i've ever had. He was my best friend, he did everything with me and came to my side when i was sick and gave me kisses. I disagree what people have said about them being stupid, Duke was a very smart dog, he did think with his nose however and if food was around that was always his main priority, didn't like other dogs only other beagles. Very lovable and playful. A great companion and friend. <3

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    Wed Jul 01 2009

    We had a beagle we had to put to sleep at 8 years of age. So sweet though! They don't live long! We also keep 2 miniature beagles for our doctor.

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    Tue Apr 07 2009

    The Beagle is a great dog. But they are slightly dumb. I have one that keeps running into the window. It's been 4 years and he still does it.

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    Tue Mar 03 2009

    I second Leiani's review. Beagles are VERY smart, you just need to be aware of their instincts and train them accordingly. My beagle is the BEST dog I have ever owned! Very well mannered, NEVER tears or chews things up, NEVER tries to escape or run away... in fact, I can actually walk with her off leash most of the time (as long as there are no small animals around). I have trained her in this area since she was a puppy, though. I can take her to the dog beach and she'll go play but come back to be by my side or I can take her to the dog park and she'll run and play but then come "check in" with me. She is a VERY smart and gentle dog. She is wonderful with kids and the elderly. It's just the beagle nature. One thing to keep in mind is that they were bred to hunt. This is key to the training. ALWAYS keep this in mind! If you can control the nose, you can control the body! LOL! But seriously, I LOVE my beagle and although I love so many other breeds as well, I don't think I will ever own... Read more

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    Mon Jan 19 2009

    i heart beagles!

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    Fri Oct 03 2008

    Beagles are good dogs with kids. They love to play and are very energetic. However, they are escape artist. It is hard to keep them in a kennel, runner, ect. If they don't want to be in/on they wont stay. They need lots of training to be disciplined, hunting, obedient dogs. If you take the time and effort to do this then you will have a dog that is by your side for years to come.

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    probably the only small dogs i like

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    T-Bone is the best!

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    Sun Aug 10 2008

    beagles are cute

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    Thu Aug 07 2008

    they are 2 cute

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    Thu Jul 24 2008

    Not the greatest inside dogs.

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    Thu Jul 10 2008

    make good hunting dog.

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    Mon Jul 07 2008

    my friend has a beagle and although she is cute she is also very very naughty and likes to tear shit up, i left her downstairs for like 2 minutes one time and she wiled out it looked like we threw a keg party in there.

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    Sun Jul 06 2008


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    Fri Jun 27 2008

    trust me, i used to own one.

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    Love the way they howl. lol

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    Thu Jun 05 2008

    Not a Good dog!

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    Sun Jun 01 2008

    soooo cute!

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    Sun Jun 01 2008

    awww soooo cute

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    Fri May 30 2008

    Look, I have two beagles. Whoever thinks they are not smart are sorely misinformed. If my dogs had thumbs they would have contaced the "Mother Ship" by now. Just because they don't always do what you expect does not mean they are not intelligent. They are just independent. I have a beagle who POTTY TRAINED a pit bull. That's right... I said it... POTTY TRAINED A PIT BULL! They ARE hard to train (see stubborn) but once trained they will never falter and they WILL make certain any other animal entering the premises knows the rules. I do not know what I would do without my best buddies. While mine are not great with cats they tolerate my two kitties (kitties do no recipricate). They understand children, elderly people, differently abled people, etc. and are ALWAYS extra gentle with them. I DID NOT TRAIN THEM THIS WAY... they just knew to be calmer and more gentle. GREAT watch dog. NOT a great guard dog. There is a difference. They will always let you know if someone or something is around... Read more

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    Tue May 20 2008

    its aDORABLE!!!!

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    Wed May 07 2008

    good dogs, but not the smartest

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    Sun Apr 13 2008

    Personality for days.

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    Wed Apr 09 2008

    I have friends who have beagles. I like them but they tend to take over the place.

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    Tue Apr 08 2008

    cute little muchkins

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    Tue Apr 08 2008

    I like these dogs. They walk around like they own the place - as if they think they're about 4 times their actual size.

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    Mon Apr 07 2008

    I grew up with hunting beagles so to me for a long time they were kennel dogs. My brother and his wife have a beagle in the house and she is a very sweet pet. This is a good family dog because of the good temperaments, however....they have very strong hunting instincts so training one can be very challanging.

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    Mon Apr 07 2008

    Made very popular by "Peanuts" because Snoopy was a beagle. They grow to a nice medium size and make fine companion animals, but they bark and need a lot of exercise.

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    Very sweet dogs. They have a lot of personality and are very loyal!

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    Wed Sep 12 2007

    Beagles are perfect. Yes they howl, and yes they howl a low howl, but hey at least it's not a chihuahua! (not like I dont like them cuz I like all dogs but a chihuahua's bark is annnoying!)

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    Thu Jul 05 2007

    Great dog. Owned dogs for the last 40 years. Found this one at the humane society. He was 6 months old, and was dropped off the same day I got there, by a lady who had just divorced her husband who gave the puppy to his 2 year old son and she needed to punish him somehow. So she dropped the dog off at the pound. Here he is in a cage with a 7 year old mutt who thinks the beagle is the right size for a little humping. As I turn the corner in front of the cage I see the beagle sitting down pressing his snout to the cage door and the mutt is going at it on the puppy's back. Needless to say, I just had to recue this puppy from a life of mutt servitude.  Now he is almost a year old. He is crate trained, goes to the door when he needs to go out, sits, lays down and shakes on command, and when he is outside he likes to dig. The digging had me worried, he would start digging and barking at the hole. He would jump 2 feet up in the air and land snout first in the middle of the hole then bark. I t... Read more

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    Tue May 01 2007

    A dumb, noisy Beagle is most likely a reflection of its with any dog, choose wisely from the litter, train well, and the best of the beagle will emerge--an obediant, affectionate, calm breed, who does well with children. Keep them close to you as an indoor pet, and always walk them on a lead, and escaping won't be an issue. Train them to bark only when necessary, and you'll find yourself owning a quiet dog.

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    Mon Feb 19 2007

    Good sweet dogs. Can be one person dogs and listen to only one person and tolerate/ignore everyone else. Can be nervous and extremely shy and shaky in unfamiliar surroundings. Escape artists and constantly try to find ways to get out of fences. If they are hardheaded they will get hit daily with electric fencing and begin to race around it and getting hit by the electricity over and over so maybe a concrete bottom kennel is best. There is a hunting type that is more challenging to try to keep for a pet and a show/pet type some hunters refer to as a "pot licker" that in my mind is a way,way better dog to keep for a pet! I trained my "pot licker" beagles to hush and stay put in the fence. They are much more relaxed and sociable and friendly with more people and can be carried around without them being scared to the point of trembling uncontrollably in reaction to everything that moves out in public.

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    Wed Jan 17 2007

    other than snoopy, this breed is not so bright. they howl alot. They are very loving, but so are alot of breeds. there isn't anything distinct about them....everything about them is average. if you are thinking about getting one of these dogs, just go to the shelter and rescue a mutt instead. the dog will be just as sweet, and's easy to find a part beagle mix.

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    Thu Dec 15 2005

    Beagles are a true hound, muscular, sturdy and full of endless amounts of energy, they are also hound colours (tri colour, brown and white). Very cute dogs, good pets full of fun and happiness. Obidience? beagles aren't the dog for you if you want a first class obidience dog. They are very stubborn and get distracted very easily. A great dog though. Good family pet.

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    Wed Dec 07 2005

    We now have our second beagle. Our first one had to be put down a month before turning 15 and was very mild mannered and quiet. Even after being abused by first husband, my second husband was able to train him quite well with just a little effort. We still miss him too even after 11 years. This current puppy(will be 1 year old next week) is quite the opposite, but just as lovable. He loves to snuggle, sleep with us, and play with adults as well as kids, but has a mind of his own...leave him alone when he says so! Right now he is snuggled up behind my knees, sleeping soundly. We have a large lot in our new home and the previous owners had an invisible fence already installed. Maverick has only been shocked maybe half a dozen times in the 2 months we have lived here and all but once was during training. The company rep told us that Beagles are very hard to train with the fence and sometimes they can't be trained at all, the puppy trainer at PetsMart told us the same thing when we we... Read more

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    Thu Nov 17 2005

    sweetest, most loyal dog i have evermet. they love to listen to your voice, and to sleep with you. they never want to leave your side

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    Wed Aug 10 2005

    Beagles beagles beagles i love beagles they are just the cutest little dogs i have ever seen i dont know if its the ears or the eyes but who cares. Beagle beagles beagles i love beagles they are good dogs if you want a dog who... *is conveniently smal, yet sturdy and athletic *is completely natural in appearance *has a short easy care coat *loves exercise and outdoor activities *is good natured with people and other animals

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    Wed Jun 29 2005

    You won't find a better dog to have around kids. The most even tempered dog around. For those who say they bark too much, my dog hardly ever barks (only when he wants to let me know that it's time to come inside or if he is closed off alone in a room and wants to be with me).

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    Fri May 06 2005

    Beagles are great dogs. Great with kids. Very frendly, lovable. The only problem I see is they can excape from anywhere. Very hard to keep them in. Cars love to hit them. MINE IS IN DOGGY HEAVEN, AND SADLY MISSED.

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    Sun May 01 2005

    The absolute BEST breed of dog. I had a beagle for 16 wonderful years and that dog was amazing! He was my brother who helped me get through some tough times. He passed in 1992 and I still miss him like all hell.

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    Tue Apr 12 2005

    They bark a lot, which I'm not a big fan of.

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    Sat Feb 26 2005

    I love my Beagle,named Sam!

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    Fri Nov 26 2004

    Cute, friendly and full of fun, but very annoying. And, I'm sorry to say, not very smart.