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Bayless Conley hosts the TV program, "Answers with Bayless Conley," and runs Cottonwood Christian Center.

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    Mon Oct 28 2013

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that there are too many Pastors with Mega-Churches that are so out of touch with the real world that they no longer live in the same world with the rest of us. If you doubt it just tune into the Pastors of L.A. Reality Show on Oxygen this Wednesday night and see rich Pastors, the majority of their churches are in the Hood as in poor areas while many Rich Pastors don't live in the same area they preach in (and collect their tithe money from) This might be the reason they seem way out of touch with everyday people. Cottonwood Church is in a decent neighborhood but the leadership also seems out of touch with the average person sitting in the audience. They made a plea for a special offering for Clergy Appreciation knowing full well the last Sunday in Oct. is also the month they ask & expect a huge sacrificial monetary gift called H4, previously called Home For the Harvest (when they were building the now finished Mega-Church). Now the special... Read more

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    Sat Nov 03 2012

    Sounds like a Division II or III punter from somewhere in the midwest.

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    Tue Mar 01 2011

    He comes on TBN on Sundays but has managed to stay true to the Gospel for the most part. I called his Church and went to his website. I discovered his teaching does include the old covenant in Malachi 3:10 to Christians as a promise for God to open up the windows of heaven to pour out of blessings. I'm wondering if he ever taught the following verses below. What does he think they mean? Romans 10:4 "For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes" Galatians 3:24 "Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ that we might be justified by faith" Galatians 3:25 " But after faith is come we are no longer under a schoolmaster" Hebrews 8:7 "For if that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no occasion sought for a second"

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    Sun Feb 13 2011

    From the reviews on Churches in general. I'm beginning to question if any Megachurch is the way to nuture great healthy genuine Christian relatiionships, plus they are very expensive to run. Seems like Megachurches and some Churches in general are centered on a handful of elevated exalted Leaders while everyone else has to do as told without questioning, or if they do find an error in the way they are teaching (like mandatory Tithing) they are treated like heretics causing discord amongst the brethren. We should all be on an equal footing and teachable. No one human is infallable but don't tell a Pastor this, or you may be ex-communicated. I have no problem with cheerful voluntary giving, if inquiry minds need to know!

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    Sun Feb 13 2011

    I heard this Pastor teach on Galatians chapter three verse thirteen that we are redeemed from the curse of the law but at other times I also heard him teach on chapter three of Malachi in the Old Testament that you are robbing God for not tithing, which he also read bought a curse. Can someone please explain which is it? Did Christ redeem us from the Curse of the law as stated in the New Testament, or can Christians still be cursed under the Malachi curse in the Old Testament for not tithing on every dollar? I've been scratching my head in confusion. God is not the Author of confusion but I do not see how Christians can be redeemed from the curse of the law, while still becoming cursed! Wouldn't it be one or the other? I think this is a good, reasonable and valid question. Stop the double speak, please answer this question you Pastors that teach you can be cursed for not keeping the tithe law but at the same time quote the verse that we are redeemed from the curse of the law mak... Read more

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    Sun Feb 13 2011

    I attended Cottonwood every week, sometimes twice a week from 1989 to 2007. Things changed from good to bad. Here are some of my observations of the church as a whole. The Good: 1. Paster Bayless himself is very friendly and caring. I chat with him a few times in the church. I normally sit way back, but he still remember my name. His teaching is 90% of the time is easy to understand, got to the point, well prep, and lead by the Holy Spirit which is life changing. And his life is very open. 2. The worship team is great. The service time is just right, not too long, not too short. 3. If you need help, you can call and there is always someone to help pray with you during business hour. The bad: 1. If other pastors (except guest speakers) teach, 1/3 of the congregation would most likely just wall out. I am not sure why, but to me those pastor were just bored to the point that i could not take it. 2. I don't feel close to the staffs. All of those years that I attended that church, I ne... Read more

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    Sun Jan 23 2011

    He lost points with me because he has great bible knowledge but when I called to try to order books on Eschatology, several months ago, from his bookstore, I had to explain what the word meant and the person on the phone could not even name well known Eschatology Bible Scholars. Belief and teachings on the Blessed Hope has been around since the Apostle Paul. Jesus said he would come back one day and since that time Christians have been expecting it. Paul the Apostle called it our Blessed Hope. In light of all of the prophecy's in the book of Revelation that are now coming to pass and modern technology tying it all together as a great possibility, Pastors should be preparing their flock for the return of Christ, if they really believe the promise Jesus made that he is going to return. Noah Hutchings radio has been featuring Paul Mc Guire's new book: "Are You Ready to Recieve the Microchip" (microchip which is available for implanting animals, mark is a number implant, the beast,... Read more

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    Sun Sep 19 2010

    I watch Bayless Conley on the Church channel, and am impressed with his bible knowledge. He is serving the Lord well with his gift of teaching, and I have never heard him teach any incorrect doctrine. As far as being a prosperity teacher, I have seen no evidence of that from what I've heard him preach. During 2006 - 2007 when my Navy Reserve unit was deployed to Germany, it was hard many times to attend church services, and it sure was great to be able to watch his program on the Armed Forces Network - a real blessing from God. Keep preaching and teaching the Bible, Bayless! Tim Gray, PS1(SW), USN (Ret.)

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    Sat Sep 11 2010

    I'm reviewing this "church" on behalf of a friend and his family who has been attending it for the past few years. A life-long Christian, he was always very kind and non-judgemental of people with different religious/political viewpoints and lifestyles. HOWEVER within a few months of attending Cottonwood Church, he has turned into the complete opposite of what he was his entire life. It breaks my heart. Rather than being inspired by Jesus' love and teachings, he's turned into a judgemental, critical and very UN-Jesus like person. :-( He doesn't have much money but pays his tithe and goes to retreats after paying even more money. "Thanks!" sez Bayless...

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    Tue Jul 13 2010

    People like so-sad, irisgit & keepingitreal(real fake) do not know their head from a hole in the ground since they have the nerve to criticize a godly man like Bayless Conley!!! He is Senior Pastor of my Church. I am happy to say that God has added to our Church daily. Cottonwood Christian Ctr. does more for this county than 100 Churches combined. We give away food, clothes and have helped the poor, unemployed and disabled in this county for decades! I happened to have heard the sermon sosad was refering to on tithing (financial stewardship) this past Sunday. Was sosad drunk, oh wait a minute I don't mean iris who brags on his alcoholic binges (no one criticizes that pathetic behavior). Keeping it really fake are you a Judas among us? For clarification Pastor Bayless used Old Testament verses to illustrate examples of honoring the Lord!!! Pastor Bayless made it clear that Christians tithe as a "PRINCIPLE" of putting God first, not to keep the Law, or because God will crush you to p... Read more

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    Another one of those "fill up the money trough and fund my lifestyle, while I tell you the cash is going to God," grifters. This one is even more obvious than most. I bet Conley and all the rest of his repulsive ilk get down on their knees every day to thank God for making gullible fools so plentiful.

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    Attended this Church today and was disappointed! Associate Pastor Tom Shulte gave a 10 minute sermonette just before passing the bucket to take up the (offering) money. He said he had never heard of tithing before because he was Catholic prior to Cottonwood Church. He went on to say since he heard of tithing he was happy to always give God the tithe (ten percent) many times even before it is even due. (The instruction from Jesus to give in secret and God will reward you openly went out the window). Senior Pastor Bayless followed up with a subject on putting God first, in our finances. God could require much more because of the air he gives us, gravity, vegetation, plus He holds the whole world together. He further stressed that God gives us our strength, mobility and the brain power (capability) to get wealth to go to the jobs we have or will get. He blew it when he could not resist quoting from Malachi 3:8 Old Testament, (few Pastors can). To his credit he pointed out that Malac... Read more

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    Mon Jul 05 2010

    Bayless is a great guy and who cares if he lives a mansion. I live on the waterfront as well and any God fearing man with a brain should live waterfront as well. When you got money that means that God loves you. If you live in a desert trash can you should take note-God is not happy with you!

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    Sun Mar 21 2010

    I discern he loves the Lord with a passion. He is to be highly commended for not having any scandals in the duration of his ministry. I watch him and credit him as among the Bible teachers still teaching sound doctrine on TBN. He still is Not teaching accurately on tithing like a few others have already mentioned. I went along with mandated tithing until I prayerfully researched my New Testament on the matter. I now give voluntarily because of all Jesus has done for me. I now know that all of my blessings come from the paid in full, finished work of Jesus on the Cross, not my tithe record. Please don't blog about selfish people not wanting to tithe. For your information, I give even more than 10 percent when it is in my ability to do so, but I give out of Worship not to keep a law given to Jews under an Old Covenant that Jesus fulfilled at the Cross. Bayless is a wonderful teacher with a Ministry that should be supported. I have sent for his tapes and support him when I c... Read more

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    Sun Mar 14 2010

    Actually, Pastor Bayless doesn't preach on mandated tithing. As a member of Cottonwood for 10 years, I've never heard anybody say that you MUST give. rather, it's a bi-product of the faith we have in God, and the love that He has poured out on us. It is the natural cause/effect relationship of being so full of love that you can't help but give.

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    Tue Dec 08 2009

    Ive been going to cottonwood church since they moved into the katella campus and Im a little sad to read some of the negative reviews. Truth be told, at first I was a little sketchy about how huge and mainstream the church seemed (since I'm a person who prefers close-knit relationships) but I think that's why God made everyone different. Pastor Bayless is a person who's very charismatic and can spread the message about God. As far as I can tell he is far from failing at it. Sure, it's disappointing that he can't all see to us on a personal level. But as a very needy christian myself, I've found more peace and life-changing revelations in that church out of any church I've been to (including the small ones). He is sheparding alot of people and let's not exclude the fact that he's still human, and humans can only take care of so much. He's been doing alot and it's not out of character for God to be rewarding him for that.

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    Sun Aug 30 2009

    Name it and claim it? Prosperity Gospel? So I guess Job and Solomon and Abraham and Issac and Jacob and __________ should have given it all away too? Or could it simply be that God is blessing Mr. Conley for his faithfulness? And perhaps you are jealous because your church has forgotten how to be both scripturally accurate AND culturally relevant? When was the last time your church had to put out extra chairs to accommodate all the people trying to get in, much less build a new building to hold them all and minister to them? And insofar as his "not caring" -- he cannot personally minister to 5,000+ people; that's why the church has a huge staff. As a leader, his job is to minister to the needs of his staff so that they, in turn, can minister to the church. II Timothy 2:2, anybody? HELLO? I see God keeping His promises when I look at Bayless. When I listen to his tapes, God speaks and the Holy Spirit shows me where I need to grow and change. Perhaps you might consider listening to h... Read more

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    Sat Aug 22 2009

    My wife and i attended cottonwood christian center for several years. They pushed giving to the limit to move into their new lot on katella. It was disgraceful. They would ask people physically to come forward and dontate -putting you on the spot so you would feel obligated. It backfired on me. I became more and more aware that bayless was not approachable. If you weren't on his staff he didn't have time for you. The word pastor comes from the greek word to shepherd. A shepherd oversees the flock-takes care of them.I thought about the contrast to jesus, though son of god, creator of the universe, was accesible to even the blind, lame , and outcasts of society He always had time to minister to the needs of people. This twenty-first century evangelism -self centeredness - false prosperity teaching is destroying the body of chirst. The only one's getting rich are those who are preaching the message and collecting the money. From what i gather the church has no financial openness. I could ... Read more

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    Sat Jun 13 2009

    Great teaching but Errors on Tithing Just a few Scriptures that the Mandatory Jewish Law of Tithing is no longer required because Christ has fulfilled all Laws and requirements of the law by His death on the Cross: Still Giving extravagantly to support your Church should be automatic & beyond ten percent in light of all that Christ gave us for free. If the Lords people cannot give ten percent of their money, they need to to be told the truth, that Gods favor & blessings is included as a package with His free gift of Salvation "It is finished" means all debts were paid in full when He died on that Cross for us. Colossians 2:14 "Blotting out the handwriting of Ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross. The word Ordinance (requirements was used in Malachi 3:7) Ephesians 2:15 "Having abolished in his flesh the enmity even the law of commandments contained in ordinances for to make in himself of twain one new man so... Read more

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    Thu Jun 04 2009

    Bayless Conley's teaching is Spirit-filled & with great biblical and sound doctrine I take issue with one thing Bayless allows. The Ministry called "Fuse on Sunday nights" have allowed the Youth to select and do skits on SECULAR Themes from our societies (godless) pop-culture, WHY is this necessary? Themes such as: Beatle Mania,( a theme on Fuse night that ran for a month in July of 07). Super Heroes, Batman other worldly skits. Maybe the Fuse Youth did not know this but years ago when the Beatles were at the height of their fame Lennon once claimed they were more famous than Jesus enraging many Church leaders, the Beatles also introduced New age false religions & promoted drugs in some of their later songs as in the song "I get high with a little help from my friends" & yellow submarine who many felt was about LSD ),& Why the Batman Superman & other Mythical themes to attract the masses of young people??? Christian churches that allow themes from Movies, TV and promote Super hero ... Read more

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    Mon Sep 08 2008

    I Came to Cottonwood 12 years ago as a piece of trash type of person, full of hate for myself and for others, with more baggage than an airplane carries! The Love I recieved at Cottonwood from Janet and Pastor Bayless' ministry and leadership led me to find God in way that I have 200% certainty that God is real! His Love transformed me and now I am helping others. There is no price that could buy what I have recieved. I have been given more than I could ever deserve by way of love from this church and Leadership. The sacrifice of time, family, and life that these Pastor's constantly subject themselves to is worth 5 mansions!! And I know this is what awaits our Pastor in Heaven. Anyone speaking bad about these Pastor's should try doing ministry for a while and see how much work it is and the great responsibility it holds. As harsh of words as people have spoken about the Pastor's I guarantee they would love to meet you and treat you with love, that is the way they are. They are not p... Read more

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    Wed Sep 03 2008

    He is avery interesting speaker and does teach some very good basic stuff without it being woolly. There are very few teachers around. We need to get back to basics and solid teaching for all the young born again belivers. What he has himself is not really important, if God has blessed him with much....who are we to argue.....He who is without sin.........

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    Sun May 25 2008

    "a workman is entitled to his wage". If we see any brother to have lived a better life because of the hardworks he's doing for the ministry, I think we don't have the right to question any luxury he may have. Instead it should put a shame on us all, because we have been reluctant or unable to do the ministry God puts on us all. Instead, we entrust all the work to a single or few. And these few definitely deserved all the credits they are getting. I find brother Bayless pretty good in speaking the Word. But I think if he'll be willing and able to give up all the luxury God gave him, it will bring much difference. Would you think so?

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    Tue Apr 01 2008

    i went to cottonwood since i was 8 ...when it was in a small little building on Katella. I stoped going because i MYSELF dont believe that a pastor should live in such luxury . THEY PAY NO TAXES !! its a nonprofit organization !! WHAT THEY GET THEY KEEP ! as soon as i was old enough to understand and watch what was going on i stoped going to that church. my mom still goes...she still believes and respects Bayless. I dont ! My mom poured sooooo much money to that church because every sunday YOU HAVE TO GIVE YOU HAVE TO GIVE !! they ALWAYS wanted wonder he lives where he does ! WE PAYED FOR HIM ....his congrigation PAYED FOR HIS CARS... HIS MILLION $$ HOME...HIS WIFES DIAMONDS...HIS CHILDRENS LUXURIES ALSO... Harrison doesnt work ... and WOW he was made head of YOUTH.... THAT KID KNOWS NOTHING about being a mentor for the YOUTH...HES STILL A KID and doesnt have the love to give to these kids !! im ashamed of that church now !! and i will never be apart of CCC. i can say this b... Read more

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    Tue Oct 23 2007

    Just fyi, if you noticed, his tv program is called "Answers WITH Bayless Conley"... as in finding answers with him from where else... the Word! It's not "Answers FROM Bayless Conley"

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    Mon Oct 01 2007

    I am a little confused about Bayless' ministry. I am not here to pass judgment on him or condemn his ministry at all, in any way. Here's where my confusion lies. I was raised Mormon and by the grace of God, I was born again nearly 3 years ago. The two people that I believe God used the most to lead me to a real relationship with Jesus Christ are 1) my lovely sister in law who has been very active at Cottonwood (w/ pastor Bayless), and 2) Hank Hanegraff who exposes Word of Faith teachers and other cultlike or heretical groups.My sister in law has been deep into the Word of Faith movement (loves Joyce Meyers, Joel Olsteen, even Kenneth Copeland, etc), practices name it and claim it, prosperity teaching, health and wealth teaching, positive confession, etc. She really really believes this stuff and seems to also be open to the idea that Jesus partially atoned for our sins AFTER the cross, by suffering in hell.That being said, she LOVES JESUS, is Christlike, does not fear, just trusts Jesu... Read more

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    Mon Aug 20 2007

    I have a comment on money and owning nice things under a church or any charity for that matter.  Should Corporate America, Celebrities, or anyone with any level of success not be allowed to give and help out a cause just because they own nice things? If anyone gives to the latest "Green Cause" because it's the right thing to do, but owns a million-dollar home and drives a BMW, does it make his or her effort in that cause any less important? Because a Celebrity or some successful Corporate CEO doesn't run a non-profit, does that make him or her exempt from still doing the right thing under a profitable organization? It seems like the world thinks that because you’re a church, a charity, a non-profit, that you must live at a poverty level yourself. America Red Cross is the worlds largest charity organization with assets over 3.6 billion this year. Their Chief Executive Officer, Jack McGuire was compensated $416,010, but do we question his life-style? Oh, that's right he's not a Pastor.... Read more

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    Mon Aug 20 2007

    I have been going to Cottonwood for 15 years. I have never heard a bad sermon from Pastor Bayless in all those years.  The guy isn't perfect, and he will tell you that, and that is what makes him a real person who is a real Christian. It is annoying when you see people with the pharisee spirit passing judgement without having all the facts.  Bayless drives a Chevy Tohoe and not a Lexus, yes he lives in a nice home, but it is a nice home in a nice area, not a mansion in Beverly Hills. The church started in a home and now has over 5000 members who have to crowd their way into a 730 seat church.  So the membership has raised funds to built a bigger facility to worship in and minister from, is this an evil thing?  Pastor Bayless has a staff of over 80 people to help run the church of over 5000 members. In the secular world this would be no small business he is responsible for. The TV ministry has always been a outreach of Cottonwood Christian Center and the members who give tithe here are ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 13 2007

    He was a guest at the chuch I attended tonite and he was amazing he is so full of spirit and love and speaks so deeply yet with an easy understanding. Thanks for a great night God bless

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    Mon May 07 2007

    I think he relates well and shares the gospel effectively.

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    Wed May 02 2007

    Jesus is Real and Living and Pastor Bayless is just a humble servant who has been called by GOD to make His Son's name known to all the Nations. Pastor Bayless always has a clear Bible based message that shows people how to have an Authentic relationship w/JESUS and their is nothing false in that.

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    Thu Apr 19 2007

    One star Prosperity Gospel Preacher. I have yet to see in my somewhat long lifetime a Prosperity preacher move out of there multi-million dollar home and sell the Mercedes, Jag, Rolls Royce, and live in a normal size/price home like the congregation lives in and buy a Ford.

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    Thu Mar 22 2007

    Liked him untill he desired to go meg-institution, with building projects et al.  Will you partner with me to build the institution of my dreams and have so many admire me and I will be ble$$ed with your hard earned money and live a life of ea$e!

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    Fri Aug 04 2006

    I have followed Bayless Conley's ministry, from Australia, for over 10 years. I have heard him speak at Hillsong Conferences and have seen him on TV here in Australia - and I have always been impressed at the man's sincerity, his passion for God, and his Biblical understanding. May God really bless His ministry at Cottonwood.

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    Wed Jun 07 2006

    Pastor Bayless Conley preaches it the way that it is. Very enouraging and inspiring. God bless you, Pastor.

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    Thu May 04 2006

    This is a fantastic program that is honest and easy to listen to. To those who are negative towards Bayless i have this to say: We have just finished a national conference at our church in Australia with Bayless as the guest speaker and he is one of the most humble, kind and Christ serving people i have met. We payed him NOTHING to come, and he asked for nothing. The hotel he sayed in was nice, but not luxurious by any standard. He introduced himself to myself and my friends after the first session and he is totally honest, transparent guy. I have more respect for him than other 'renowned' preachers who have come to the city, charged a fortune, and booked the entire top floor of hotels for them and their entourage!

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    Sun Apr 09 2006

    For you, (FALSEprophetBAYLESS) and others who say Pastor Bayless claims to have all the answers. I think you are not paying attention. He does not claim to have all the answers. He preaches that The Bible has all the answers and he is merely teaching us how to find those answers for ourselves, just like he does. He is a wonderful man of God. As for his home and boat slip and whatever other things you feel are over endulging, remember that God blesses those who serve Him selflessly and do the work He has called them to do. This man works harder than you can imagine. He delivers 7 sermons every Saturday and Sunday at Cottonwood. He travels and is guest speaker all over the world. Check out all the wonderful Ministries and Outreaches currently going on at and through cottonwood Christian Center. I have learned more since I've been going to Cottonwood than I have learned from all other Churches I've gone to, put together. I got sucked into a cult a few years back and believe it or not I di... Read more

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    Wed Apr 05 2006

    Sometimes Pastors put financial wealth before the interests of what Jesus would do. We have found this out too many times in the past with other Television Evangelists.If indeed Bayless Conley has an expensive mansion,on the waters of Huntington Harbor,then Pastor Bayless needs to repent and forgo the Matierialism for the needs of other needy people.But this would betypical of Tele-evangelists

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    Fri Mar 31 2006

    hey "FalseProphetBayless", i'm not sure how you can go around passing judgement on others without even knowing any facts. I know Pastor Bayless personally and he is a good humble person. In the bible it says to test these spirits and any one that doesn't recognize Jesus as the son of God is false, of course i was paraphrasing there. Now i could say that you are a false prophet, but i would have nothing to back that up, you have absolutely nothing to back up your argument so please don't trash a good person because you're on some sort of quest to sound knowledgable. Please don't make such accusations.

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    Sat Jan 28 2006

    Jesus is Coming Soon Yes,But Be Wary of anyone claiming to have the answers,As Bayless Conley tells everyone , through his television show. I honestly believe Bayless Conley is A False Prophet. He preaches the "Name it and Claim it, Faith Message, THE SAME THAT IS TAUGHT BY "Kenneth Hagin" It is WRITTEN in 2 Peter 2:2 "Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute.IN THEIR GREED THESE TEACHERS WILL EXPLOIT YOU WITH STORIES THEY HAVE MADE UP. It is WRITTEN IN 2 Peter 2:18 " FOR THEY MOUTH EMPTY, "BOASTFUL" WORDS AND,BY APPEALING TO THE LUSTFUL DESIRES SINFUL HUMAN NATURE,THEY ENTICE PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST ESCAPING FROM THOSE WHO LIVE IN "ERROR" THIS IS pastor Bayless Conley's Behavior and Conduct! DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PREACHER, IN THE LAST DAYS THERE WILL BE FALSE PROPHETS AND THIS PASTOR IS ONE OF THEM "TELL US ALL PASTOR BAYLESS AND "PASTOR JANET" CONLEY WHY YOU HAVE A $4.5 TO $ 5 million dollar house on Huntington Harbor, Gilbert Island Dri... Read more

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    Fri Jan 27 2006

    Jesus IS comming SOON! Be Ready!

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    Thu Nov 10 2005

    yeah the dude rocks for sure!! it sais here to place a comment,...but i got none!!

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    Sun Oct 09 2005

    A wonderful man, a down to earth preacher who is eay to listen to,and preaches the gospel I rate him above all the other TV preachers. Keep at it Conley David Morgan

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    Wed Jun 29 2005

    We can all sit here and post our opinions on what kind of a man Pastor Bayless is,but for what. The real truth is God is working in this man and he shares the word of God to all who is willing to listen. He wears his heart on his sleeve and what you see is what you get. We need to fix our eyes on the word and believe that our Lord and Savior will guide us through any doubts that this world may put into our heads. Bayless teaches on having a real life relationship with our Creator

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    Fri May 27 2005

    He's Good, He stays with what the bible says.

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    Sun Apr 24 2005

    Boring, Boring Boring All he wants is your MONEY!!!!!

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    Wed Mar 30 2005

    Another of the Word of Faith gurus just waiting for you to speak things into existence.

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    Sun Jan 30 2005

    There may be those who enjoy listening to Bayless Conley,but I do not.When He speaks into the camera and says,God really has you watching for a reason. It just makes me want to throw up.I regard him as being very phony.He just wants to be like Dr. Robert Schuller, or Dr.Fred Price, or Dr. Charles Stanley or even Benny Hinn.There is no where on his web site that states where he received his theological trainig.And certainly he does not have adoctorate. Maybe he's trying to hide something? Remember Jim and Tammy Baker? They turned out to be pretty phony too. And they used all that money to buy themselves nice, fancy houses.Just something to ponder.Good Luck Bayless, but I wont be sending you any money soon

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    Fri Jan 28 2005

    This pastor claims to have all the answers.When you watch him its always about bayless.I have watched many Pastors on television and he is the ONLY ONE THAT DOES NOT HAVE A BEST SELLING BOOK.Anyone with the money can buy air time on television.So basickly his program entitled answers with Bayless,is an INFO-MERCIAL.AND I DONT BUY IT pastor blameless.Your ministry is centered on bayless being on tv. It is centered on bayless having all the answers.Bayless is only interested in the monetary, NOT the MINISTRY.How do I know these things.Because I knew bayless,being a very active member in his church.I go to a church now that has 15-20 exmembers of Cottonwood.And we all left because of the church being centered on bayless conley,and not Jesus Christ.bayless recently changed his web site because of the arrogence of someone claming to have all wisdom and all answers.In The Last Days,there will be teachers professing to have the signs and lying wonders.It fits pastor care-less to a tee.

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