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    Wed May 04 2011

    I absolutely LOVE BE! It has completely transformed my skin. For all these people claiming that bismuth oxychloride is causing the rash, do your research properly. Real hair brushes which are designed for mineral makeup are more likely to be causing the irritation, not a foundation which is 100 % natural with no oils or chemicals in it. You can get around this by using synthetic brushes still suitable for mineral makeup. I suffer from a form of dermatitus on my face as well as several other skin problems and be is the only makeup that stops my skin from reacting as well as stopping the flaking patches. The key with this product is LESS is MORE! and BUFF BUFF BUFF!!! without the buffing you will find it sits like a powder as it hasn't had time to cream up into a lovely texture. For really oily skins steer clear of the original foundation and try the matte. There is no bismuth oxychloride in this foundation and will actually help with breakouts as well as staying shine free all day. ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 20 2010

    I just started using this product again to see if I had a better turn out than the first time. At first it is great until you start looking like an oil factory. Then about a week into using the product a rash breaks out under your skin. Its awful I have never had oily skin or any form of acne until I used this product. BEWARE OF BE!!!

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    Mon Aug 02 2010

    My opinion of this product is that its pretty pricey, but only when you first buy it either with the kit or the makeup alone. Over all its worth it. this stuff is amazing. I dont think it matters how the customer service deals. its the makeup it self that shines! This stuff gives you the most amazing coverage. Thinking its powder, it wouldnt give u much coverage or cover your flaws. BE does everything! Maybe it doesnt work for everyone but it works for me and i love this stuff!

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    Sun Apr 25 2010

    I've been using BE for about 4 months now. Initially I thought the makeup was amazing. I could get modest coverage by not applying a lot or I could get full coverage by layering it. In addition, it covered up my redness better than other foundations. After about 2 months of using it though I began to notice my skin looking terribly dry around my T zone. Considering I typically have oily skin I was surprised to see my skin looking so parched. In order to counteract this I purchased an oil free moisturizer to wear underneath my makeup by Stila. After wearing this moisturizer for about a month I noticed the dryness continue. So, for the last month I've experimented with different moisturizers, different primers, and different face washes in an attempt to remedy this issue. Unfortunately nothing has worked and I've now returned to liquid foundations. Recently I'm using Origins line and so far it works great. Pros: looks great in photos/reflects light really well can build cover... Read more

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    I am glad I am not the only one who thinks BE customer service is terrible. They have no clue where my package is (it's been 2 weeks since it shipped), and they refuse to give me additional information or a refund. They first said it would arrive yesterday, then today, now in two days. it's like they are trying to buy time because they are so clueless. The best part about my interactions with these lovely people is that the one customer service representative really wanted to complain about me to her friends at work, I guess, and she forgot to put me on hold while saying nasty things. That was pretty ridiculous. I called her out on it, and she didn't even apologize. Nice customer service training, guys. While I like the make up, there's no way I can support a company that mocks its customers. They fail to provide service and cannot deal with unhappy customers. I feel personally insulted.

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    Fri Feb 12 2010

    My eyese usually start stingging by the midle of the day. No matter what brand I use, I would always be crying by the end of the day. Except with this brand. The only trouble is that they are really hard to find.

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    Thu Feb 11 2010

    I absolutly love this make-up! It is so light and it feels great. I can sleep in it and not even wash my face for like 2 days and my face looks better than it did 2 days ago. My husband even loves this make-up and uses it when he needs a confidence buster, well he could only use the warmth because hes african american and its kind of hard to find the right color for him in foundation and I use the light foundation. But hopefully Bare Escentual fixes that for all the darker women out there, I will sure write to them and let them know what they can improve on because no company is perfect. I have only gotten to use the foundation and everything else in just the beginners kit and I have absolutly fallen in love with Bare Minerals, and I can't wait to try everything else they have to offer. TO ANYBODY ACCTUALLY READING THIS TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT AND MAYBE EVEN LOVE IT LIKE ME. DON'T TRY IT IF YOU HAVE SKIN ALLERGIES.

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    I love Bare Escentuals. I have been using it for about 9 years now and have nothing but good things to say about it. It did take a bit of adjustment, as I was used to liquid foundation and pencil eyeliner. etc... but now that I have figured out how to correctly apply it I would never go back! I haven't had any breakout issues. If anything my face has become flawless because of this product. Several of my co-workers have asked what I used, and bought it based on my recommendations and they all totally love it. It is expensive but you have to keep in mind a little bit goes a long ways so a foundation, or eye shadow, etc. will last a long while. I go through about 2 foundations a year..which is pretty good. As far as the brushes go, you really get what you pay for. They are top of the line and don't shed or fray like the cheap ones. I haven't had to replace any of the brushes I have. I haven't directly ordered from Bare Escentuals so cant' comment on that. My mother in law gets ... Read more

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    Fri Jan 29 2010

    I have had problem skin all my life, both consistent breakouts and cystic acne. My face was always in a breakout cycle. I started using Bare Minerals three years ago, and I absolutely love it. It takes some trial and error to see what will work the best for your particular skin, but it's the best makeup that I've used. I was really hesitant because I wanted to try it first. I would break out within 24 hours after trying something new, and I didn't want to dump money into something that didn't work. So I went to a local salon that carried Bare Minerals and had them do a makeover for me so I could see how it worked for my skin. I was just so tired of wearing a mask of makeup to cover my bad skin! Bare Minerals was lightweight and didn't feel like I was wearing anything on my face. I hadn't ever been able to wear moisturizer because everything broke out my face, but their skin rev-er upper didn't break me out. My skin actually cleared up over time, and is better at age 40 than it has be... Read more

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    Sun Jan 03 2010

    I used to love bare minerals and felt it gave great coverage! I never had a problem with it until a few days ago. I don't know why but it gave me a horrible allergic reaction! My face started burning, was red and I even noticed these horrible little bumps, kind of like a heat rash. Perhaps this was my fault though since I have always known I have a allergic reaction to alloys but I continued to use BE anyways because I never had a problem with it before. Well now I know that there are certain ingredients in the product that I should probably stay away from. I just hope this rash goes away soon.

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    Wed Dec 23 2009

    I have to disagree with all of the people on here who are speaking out so harshly against Bare Escentuals. There really isn't anything in this stuff that would be likely to cause a breakout; I would look first towards the other products you may be using such as your cleanser, moisturizer, or hair care products. I have very sensitive skin and have been using Bare Escentuals now for several years. It is by far the most gentle and natural looking makeup I've ever used. Their kits and detailed application guides make learning to apply the product quick and easy. I've always found their store based reps to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable and would highly recommend seeking them out if you are new to the line or to mineral makeup in general. I typically buy from either a mall location or a trusted online retailer such as Sephora to avoid any purchasing mishaps. Great line of products and I give them an enthusiastic five stars!

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    Terrible! Considering I never received the mineral makeup. If I had read the reviews on here I never would have ordered it in the first place. I ordered it in NOVEMBER and spoke to customer service to ask them what happened to my order. They never received it back and it is just 'lost' somewhere! They said they have to wait a full billing cycle until they can give me my money back. Told me that will be around the END OF JANUARY! Now I am out all of this money and don't know when I will get credited back!

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    I have read the previous reviews on this product and have to say that the experience I have had with this product is much different. I will admit that there is a learning curve to this product if you have not had much experience with this type of make-up, but if you watch the DVD included with your shipment you should be able to apply it with confidence. I too have had very sensitive skin throughout my life and was afraid of even trying BE after reading these reviews. But a friend encouraged me to give a try and see what happens. I can't even use facial washes or many moisturizers without breaking out or experiencing a burning sensation so I thought maybe the abrasion from the brushes during the application might cause the same problems. Much to my surprise that is not the case at all! Not only does this make-up have some great coverage without looking caked on, but it lasts all day. I did have to use a little extra facial lotion to keep from feeling dry after the application an... Read more

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    Thu Dec 10 2009

    I have to add my opinion to the ones here. While I loved the coverage, the no-hands-touching-my-face application and the look of it (and got many compliments)...unfortunately, it broke me out, too. From all I've read, I have to chalk it up to the bismuth in the product. Many, MANY women have had the exact same experience. I tried the philosophy version of mineral makeup, and it did the exact same thing. Normally, I have an occasional, mostly hormonal breakout. With this stuff, it was full-on severe acne within a matter of days. Such a shame, because I really do love all the color selections, the kits and the appearance of it. But I just cannot use it.

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    Fri Dec 04 2009

    I had heard about BE and how 'good' it was for problematic skin, or just generally as a foundation that looked supernatural. I purchased a starter kit and started to use it in summer and wasn't 100% thrilled but stuck with it. The coverage - you have to just keep building and building and ..... ugh! . Now, before i used this i had very clear skin - i used to suffer from occasional cystic acne which i do blame on hormones/stress etc but it wasn't red or irritated when started using BE. Now, i noticed i would break out whenever i had used BE, and especially if i had used it with the concealer brush. Those brushes just LOOK like like a breeding ground for bacteria and i guess the constant covering up was just worsening my now 'returning' acne. It was horrible! tiny red bumps would appear after i used this. No matter how often or well i brushed my brushes, i just kept breaking out and i wouldn't blame it on the BE because i thought - it cant be, its supposed to be GOOD for acne ! but hey,... Read more

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    Mon Nov 09 2009

    Horrible customer service!! First of all the guy I orderd on the phone with gave me the wrong info and said I would be getting a free compact. I called and they said someone will have to listen to the conversation and get back to me. She calls me back and said yes he said that...but he didn't say you get a brush though. You'd think they would throw that on for me!! Then I place an order for brushes...a special they were having. I waited and waited until finally I call and they say they were out of stock. Then one of the customer service reps said I would get refund on shipping which I never did. Oh I forgot to mention the first order they sent me the wrong color! So...they had to replace all these items..the compact, the right color etc...and the customer service girl mentioned I was getting alot of "free items"..I said what!! Are you kidding me! Those were replacements... So I returned everything out of sheer frustration. I will NOT pay money to a company who treats customers this wa... Read more

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    Sat Nov 07 2009

    I have sensitive skin and definitely would NOT recommend this product. I have battled break-outs all my life, but before trying this product, I had pretty much gotten my skin under control. After only 1 day of trying BE, my skin immediately started breaking out (and not just small pimples, the BIG ones!). Not to mention, it left a burning sensation on my skin after a messy application. I decided to use it 1 more day and then switched back to my old routine. Within 2 days, my skin cleared up and felt back to normal. A week later I decided to give it one more try (I felt wasteful for dismissing the product so quickly), and, much to my dismay, had the very same exact reaction - red/stinging skin and a broken out face. I hope I can return this product.. I wish I would have tested it before purchasing. Either way, I will NOT use this product again. I would have given it 0 stars, if possible.

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    Sun Oct 25 2009

    I was excited about trying something new and had my eye on this product. Fortunately, I tested it before investing. The concept sounds great, but the reality is dissapointing. The Pros: Has some nice colors to choose from. The Cons (and there are many): Surprisingly, this product accentuates pores and flaws, making them stand out. Not what you want in a make-up. Maybe ok for people with nearly perfect skin to begin with. Additionally, after about 1/2 hour of having these products on, my face began to itch and burn. I washed it off immediately when I got home and got some relief. Over the next couple of days my skin broke out as a result of trying these products. So - I definitely don't recommend unless you have flawless and very sturdy skin. Try it before buying to make sure your skin doesn't have a bad reaction! Too expensive for the quality of the product. I'll continue with my tried and true products.

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    Mon Sep 07 2009

    I've been reading through a lot of the reviews and hear people discussing acne and oily skin and how BE doesn't cover it up so they immediately want to return the make up. If you would give BE a chance you would find that it actually helps to repair your skin and get rid of the acne. They have a bisque that is good for covering up acned and red spots and they have a new heal and conceal cover up. A liquid foundation is probably the reason the acne is so bad in the first place. I think BE is great until, like every make up, I get really hot and start to sweat. It comes off pretty easily. I have spent about $500 on stuff from BE and love it all.

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    Sun Aug 23 2009

    The customer service is bad. I ordered it on the phone several weeks ago. The phone clerk made a typo in my address. When I received my confirmation of my order, I called within an hour to correct it. They said they can't correct it, and they will have to ship it to the wrong address and wait for it to be returned. So, I'm still waiting for it. To placate me, a clerk lied to me and told me that they could correct my address if I called back once I received my tracking number. So, I did, and they said, "We are sorry you were provided with wrong information, but we cannot correct your address." They won't give me a refund, either. They also won't reship to the correct address until they receive the original shipment back. What if the person that gets it won't ship it back to them? Then I just paid for something I will never get. What a mess!!! They are overpriced, too. You know that when you order the starter kit, you pay a good $50 for a pack of powder only a little bigger... Read more

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    Sat Aug 15 2009

    I think BE is great! One must keep in mind that a little goes a long way. I'm 56, have some freckles, and some spots, so...I use the concealor on them, and then put a small amount of foundation over that. If you are older woman like me, less is more, if you put too much on it will accentuate your lines/wrinkles. After the foundation, I apply a very small amount of the new hydrating face setting powder. A tip...after all your makeup is on, spray your face lightly with a misting spray to give you face a glow. Over's better than using the liquid or cream foundations that are very messy and get all over your hands, and clothes.

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    Sun Aug 09 2009

    I tried this a few years ago and fell in love! It was sorta expensive for me, so I tried to cheaper brand that just never gave such great results, so I switched back. Bare Escentuals has been my dream come true!

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    Sat Mar 21 2009

    I am 25 and i LOVE bare minerals. It works great for me and I will continue to use it. (Ive used it for over a year). I would suggest buying a starter kit and if it doesnt work for you, just return it. ( they sell the product at Ulta and Sephora...if you dont want to buy it online from bare minerals). Both of those stores will let you return the product if you dont like it. At least try it if you are curious. I think its amazing.

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    Sat Mar 14 2009

    it works wonders for teenage skin however not so much for adult skin. i should know, my mother and i tried this product together cause were like bestfriends(: haa so i was like woahh baby this workkss greattt! and she was like not so much for me it didnt cover a darn thing :l but yeauhhh so good for teenagers bad for adults ! :D ps: merle norman, perscriptives and mac is great for adults!

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    Mon Feb 16 2009

    I was super excited to use BE; I have suffered with an oily t-zone, acne, cystic acne and scarring since I was 12. Well, unfortunately it does not work well for my skin. I bought this on Friday because I dropped my entire bottle of foundation on my bathroom floor...and thought it was a good opportunity to try BE. I had seen all the infomercials and some friends of mine use it and love it. I went to Sephora and got the starter kit. The girl covered some pimples for me and sold me. Yeah well...I got it home and have been using it for the past 3 days. I cannot get it to really cover anything; I put it on, put it does nothing. And on the second day, then again face has this weird burning sensation. I researched the product more (googled reviews) and found out about the minerals and how they can cause different irritations, etc. I am very disappointed and feel quite fooled. I am not sure if I can return this, as I threw the box and DVD away...but I do not want to ... Read more

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    Fri Jan 16 2009

    Like other people, if I could give it no or half-stars, I would. I used BE about 5 years ago, and was fooled by the packaging and its promise of breathable makeup. I have had rosacea since 19, relatively mild but pretty well managed without the meds. That was until I started using BE. I couldn't figure out why I was constantly itchy, my face looked and felt like I had sunburn and my eyes were always feeling like I had sand in them.... Turns out it was the BE! I stopped using BE 2 years ago and the scars have finally gone away (Light therapy helped considerably). I did my own research and found out that the bismuth oxycholoride is a known irritant. Such a shame.... Anyway, I would strongly caution anyone who has reactive or sensitive skin to stay away from this product. You'll be grateful you did!

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    Sat Dec 13 2008

    12/13/08 - It's been almost five months and I  can honestly say my face is 95% clear.  I am not on any medicine and I rarely have a pimple.  My skin tone has evened out and the only thing I've changed is to not use BE.  Hooray!Update 8/12/08 - My face is clearing up slowly but surely.  I still have some redness and flakiness, but I think that is my skin trying to recover from all the terrible BE I used for so long.  It's amazing to see my pores shrink in size and my skin is becoming more vibrant.  Anyone who is suffering from the BE - hang in there.  Get off the product immediately and let your face heal.  As humilitating as it will be - try to go makeup free.  This will truly allow your face a chance to breathe and get all of the BE toxins out of your skin (mica, bismuth oxychloride).  Just wanted to update all of the people that have had a bad experience with BE.  It will get better once you throw it in the trash......Thanks!7/22/08 - Here's my story after reading multiple BE blogs t... Read more

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    Mon Nov 03 2008

    I have pretty bad rosacea and I tend to blush a lot in public. It got pretty bad that my friends would be embarrassed to be seen around me. I thought I would have to live like this the rest of my life until I found BE. Not only does it cover my rosacea but it's so sheer that I forget I'm wearing makeup and it hides my blushing. BE has totally changed my life and I have already got 6 people hooked on it. I cannot walk out of the house without BE. It has become a part of my life

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    Sun Sep 07 2008

    First off I would like to say that no two people have the same skin types. I have to keep that in mind as I read all the bad reviews on this product because I am absolutely addicted to Bare Escentuals. The only negative thing I could possibly write about this product would be that it being in a powder form can be somewhat messy from time to time. I was a Merle Norman user since the age of 14 and I used this product one time and our relationship was over. It covers up any blemish or redness that I may have on my face. I simply grab by maximum coverage concealer brush, dab it in my foundation, and touch up anything that needs extra coverage and then apply the foundation which my buki brush. It looks so natural and is absolutely amazing. I received many complements and now have co-workers wearing it. My advice to give people who perhaps don't take to it like I did would be that unlike what we are use to, there is brushes, powders, and buffing that goes into it which can be somewhat frust... Read more

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    Sun Sep 07 2008

    This product only works for a select few. I got a BE makeover in a store at a mall, some light itching, but no other problems that I could recall. I don't really have problematic skin, I don't really wear make up, I love eye shadows and glosses and the shade they picked was pretty. I bought the gloss, I'm cheap so that was it. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I gave it one star because I couldn't post a negative, at least a sad face. It's the Lip Guard w/spf. It even says on the label "The Lip-Life Preserver" not my lips, they were peeling in layers. The instructions said to apply frequently, worst mistake of my make up life. You could see the color in between the chapped pieces of skin. I got a regular old chap-stick, to reverse the painful damage, they sting right now and my lips look so swollen. When I put on chap-stick's Lip butter (which I recommend if you're like me) on, my lips feel calmer and cool, but when I press them together it's like a clear puss {I know it's gross}. I have to app... Read more

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    I decided to try bare minerals because it seemed like the miracle makeup. I suffer from acne and oily skin and was very disappointed when i first put on bare minerals. It did NOTHING to cover up my redness and scars. It looked like i didn't have any make-up on and it made me look like ive been out in the sun all day . This gets a 1 star rating from me only because i love the brushes. Unfortunatley i have to return those along with the make-up in order to receive a refund.=( Not to be offensive to the older crowd but i'm in my early 20s and feel like this makeup would only work for those who are trying to cover up wrinkles and age spots and not designed for someone with my skin type. Very disappointed because this makeup was expensive. i thought it was better because the brand. I switched back to using sheer cover which i would recommend for people with oily skin and scarring.

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    Sun Aug 24 2008

    I will have to say, for me, this product works great! I am reading some of your reviews and my opinion, everyones skin is diffrent so it will not work for everyone just like any other make-up product. If you have high hopes of coving aging spots, have freckles, sensitive skin or acne problems (very bad oily skin as well) then don't use this product! I don't wear make-up everyday though, I only use this product when I need to such as work or going out on a night on the town and no problems. If you wear it 24/7 I can see how it will leave masks and redness because you need to give your skin a break once in awhile.

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    Sat Aug 16 2008

    I started using BE three weeks ago on Monday and every day since I started, I have had a headache. Coincidence or bismuth oxychloride? Anyone else experience increase in headaches since applying BE? Thanks, all.

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    Mon Aug 11 2008

    It saddens me to read the reviews below regarding BE and its relationship to perioral dermatitus! I too have been suffering from this horrible "disease". I went from crystal clear skin to this sore, red, scaly mess. My doctor prescribed me Doxycycline and I started the process of elimination with my products. After getting rid of all of the bad stuff (or so I thought) my face continued to get worse especially after the meds ended. I never though it would be BE until I started looking for the ingre. list for BE on sephora....NOT LISTED. That sparked my curiosity even more and then I found this site!! I am so angry. Never would I have thought this perfect all natural make-up would do this. Thank you so much for sharing and today starts a new day without bismuth oxychloride. BE shold be required to put the effects of such an fake "natural" substance. My face is literally ruin. I have no idea how I'll go about repairing the scars (or divots) all of the bumps have created!

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    Tue Jul 01 2008

    i got this stuff on e-bay with super high hopes. 34 with freckled skin, some menstrual breakouts and just obnoxious acting skin. So i put in on right quick. Very little dabbed the brush. It put a spotlight on my wrinkles around my eyes and made my pores look huger than ever. The tin reflection i had also made me appear like bender on Futurama. Well i put the mineral veili guessed iy all covered my freckles but was very noticable. Also i kept using this who knows why. After 2 weeks i had cystic acen, weird breakouts that i have never ever had since a teen. My skin was left with the after effects of pimples, you know those red marks and i was MAD as HELL. Stay away if you have sensitive skin. Last wonderful side effect when you have the stuff on you feel like darth vader cause it feels like you are wearing a mask. I will stick to anything else but this.

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    I used it for a year and was pretty happy with it, until I noticed the foundation gave me a mask-like appearance. It did cover my rosacea, but like most mineral makeups it wears off after a few hours. Then there's the mess the loose powder makes on your bathroom counter. I switched to Laura Mercier because it looks more natural. Also their foundation has a sifter, so you are not getting it all over the bathroom counter or wasting it. I still use the Well-Rested concealer because it is a good product.

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    Wed May 28 2008

    Im IN LOVE with bare minerals. After seeing the commercial about a year ago my first thought was psshh yeah right and change the channel. But I do have terrible acne and I usually buy pschicians formula makeup , typical liquid foundation followed by loose powder and a concealer stick, So while my face appears kinda natual I was actually quite a bit of face paint as far as makeup goes. By the end of the day my face was terribly shiny and greasy and I just couldn't wait to get home from work to wash it off. So I started thinking  hell why not give it a try. Seeing the cost mt thought was it better fold my laundry for that price too but I actually ended up getting the starter kit from Sephora because of free shipping. (saved like $7-8, yeah im a penny pincher lol) Well I didn't need the vdv that came with it, I think the hour long infomercials on every channel pretty much summed it up , and I thought too that the size of the cosmetics where pretty dainty. I really liked the brushes that c... Read more

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    Tue May 27 2008

    I heard all the hype and all the glowing remarks on this product, so I purchased it to see for myself. It may be fine for some people BUT not for people like me with sensitive skin. It left a burning sensation. I felt like I had severe sunburn and my eyes were swollen the next morning. Sensitive skin buyer..... BEWARE!

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    Thu May 15 2008

    I would rather give this half a star but since that isn't an option, one will have to do. After approximately a month of using Bare Escentuals I started breaking out. My skin started clearing up immediately after I stopped this product. It's no better than the makeup you can buy at Drug Stores (ironically, I think they now sell it at Drug Stores).

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    Tue May 06 2008

    I like the overall coverage I get from Bare Escentuals but it itched after a while. I tried Laura Mercier which is more powdery but doesnt cover the rosacea like BE. I sampled signature minerals and everyday minerals as they dont have Bismuth Oxychloride - even though it doesnt itch like BE - it looks quite chalky and more suited for a younger skin. A close match to BE and has wonderful coverage is Buff'd Cosmetics. I was pleasantly surprised how natural it looks. it's not as luminous as BE and can look flat but I used a BE face highlighter and the overall effect looked nice. Mineral concealers are a waste of time around the eyes if youre an older woman like me - it only makes the lines more apparent. A better choice is Jane iredale active light which softens the lines and brightens the appearance.

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    Wed Apr 16 2008

    I first started using bare minerals about two years ago, and I've used it off and on since. When I first purchased the starter kit, I was initially not all that impressed because the sizes seemed small and I didn't feel that the brushes were all that soft... But after a couple days of using it, the brushes became softer and I realized that I was very pleased with the appearance of my skin with BE on. My skin is oily in parts, and has some scars because I scar extremely easily. I did find that I had to apply a bit more makeup than the commercials advertised to cover up my blemishes, but hey, that's advertising for you... even though more makeup needed to be applied to achieve the "flawless" effect, I have never seen my face look better than when I'm wearing Bare Minerals. I've stopped using it for a few months at a time after I run out, because it is expensive... but I end up spending the same amount of money on drugstore products that really aren't THAT much cheaper and don't last as l... Read more

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    Sat Apr 12 2008

    This product simply doesn't work as well as people claim it to. The advertisment of the creamy foundation is a load of crap. The minerals are nothing more than some loose powder you would get at the drugstore. It makes no effort to cover blemishes or imperfections, and if anything, highlights them. For the price of this product, it is terrible that the manufacturers would produce something so useless. Now that other brands are making mineral make-up, somebody needs to find a way to improve it.

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    Tue Apr 08 2008

    i've been using bare escensuals i.d. and rare minerals for a month now. i've spent a total of $200 on this stuff and it doesn't even cover my pores. i'm 29 and have struggled w/ pimples since i was 12. i have an oily face and i think BE is exacerbating it. i see no benefits to using this product other than hoping to believe the hype that it's better for your skin than drug-store makeup. i honestly believed this product would be what i've been looking for for years, after trying OTC products, pro activ and some rx remedies. i think you have to have flawless skin for BE to be beneficial to you, unfortunately i have small blackheads, large pores and sporadic pimples as well as tiny bumps on my forehead. BE hasn't treated or even cover those. very disappointing. i gave it 1 star b/c you have to give it something.

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    Tue Mar 25 2008

    about 2 years ago when i started using BE i would have definitely given it a 5!! great coverage, pretty light, easy to use. plus, i felt good about putting it onto my skin because it was the only "natural" line i knew of out there. but, 2 years later now, i am giving it only 1 star.. i was completely unaware of the effects of the bismuth oxychloride. over the past 2 years i have slowly gotten many little bumps underneath my skin. my complexion was not perfect before, but i had never had these scar-causing bumps. if i am not mistaken, this is cystic acne caused by the b.c. in BE. if someone would have told me i would have the scars i have now from this, i definitely would have been more careful... hope this helps :(

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    Tue Feb 19 2008

    I love the wide array of colors and the ability to mix and customize colors.

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    Thu Jan 31 2008

    Beware when purchaseing this product... I have the starter kit, this product was a huge waste of money for me. I can't even use it. I break out in a red, itchy, bumpy rash that dries out my skin and causes my cheeks to swell a bit.

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    Sat Jan 26 2008

    I rated this line a 1, because I feel that this line is being led by false advertising. I have sensitive skin that is breakout prone. I have purchased produxts from this line on and off over the last 10 years. My main reason for always going back to this line was due to all of the exciting things that Leslie mentions about the BE products on infomercials and on QVC. However, I am tired of all the buffing required to get the foundation to look decent on my face. I have grown quite leary of the bismuth that are in the BE products. And, the products are way to pricey for the small amounts that you get.

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    Sat Jan 05 2008

    I have used this product for about 5 years. I love it! I have rosacea, but no one knows. I am always told I have beautiful skin (not really), but it's due to Bare Minerals.

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    Thu Sep 27 2007

    I love it. Simply love it. It doesn't get cakey during the day, I just get a little shine in my nose because it's very very oily, but I put a little bit of Mineral Veil and tada! it's wonderful! I have serious acne problems in my cheeks, and while it doesn't cover them all (I have to use a little bit of liquid concealer) my acne is getting so much better. My face just glows and people say I look more beautiful and natural, before I had to wear very heavy makeup that was like a mask in my face, now people just look at my skin and think that's my real skin!