Balvenie Doublewood (12 year)

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    Wed Sep 30 2009

    WoWoWoW! I cant believe this is only 30 dollars a bottle. Better than most 18+ year bottles I've been buying... Be careful Scotch Drinkers, this stuff is addictive!

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    Mon Aug 03 2009

    First single malt I ever bought. Thought it was very good. Went on to others that I didn't like as much. Thusly and therefore I avoided scotch for many years. Recently brought back into the fold by an excellent scotch. Please don't make the same mistake I did! Doublewood could be priced double what it is and still be worth the money. Gave it to a scotch drinker who scoffed at the 35$ price tag and had never tried it. Went to his house 2 weeks later and found a bottle of it on his bar. Should have told me something at the time! Cheers!

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    Thu Jul 30 2009

    The Balvenie Doublewood Beats Macallan 18y in Taste and Budget. I sweet oaky finish. I've tried many a Scotch and have to say Balvenie is my absolute favorite now.

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    Thu Jul 30 2009

    There are people who like Burning Peaty Scotch and there are People who like Warm Honey and Sherry. Balvenie Doublewood is a very flavorful Scotch that. Its Oak and Sherry! Balvenie is the best alternate cask single malt. Macallan 18y has a bite that prevents you from enjoying the taste beyond 2-3 seconds before your forced to swallow. Balvenie being 40% alc, I'll drink neat and swirl around my mouth for 5 or so seconds and enjoy. I cant recomend it enough to Scotch Drinkers. It sweet after taste also makes it a good beginner scotch for those wanting to make the leap from Blend to Single Malt.

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    Tue Jul 14 2009

    My favorites are Balvenie Doublewood and Glenfiddich 15 which I find very similar with a very soft touch due to long aging and a subtle sweet overtone from aging in used sherry or port casks. Plus, both are from the same distillery, but different stills.

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    Sat Feb 07 2009

    This whisky is very good. I like its warmth, sweetness, and flavor. Not harsh. Easy to savor neat. Will buy again.

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    Thu Oct 16 2008

    Good, very warming. Nice body and bite at the end. Good value for money.

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    Thu Apr 24 2008

    My current favorite, hands down.

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    Sun Mar 02 2008

    I have a mixed relationship with this scotch; its smooth, sweet and it has some very nice qualities; I still feel like there is something missing in the flavor when I drink it, though. Its a very good scotch for the price, and drinks well, but it will never be one of my favorites. Maybe my islay/island bias is shining through.

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    Sun Feb 24 2008

    I recently purchased a bottle because I really wanted to see what the sherry cask finish would do to it. It does add the unique finish I expected and I can happily give it a 4. Clean and tasty, not too much of an edge even for a newbie.

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    Thu Feb 07 2008

    A smoky, delicious scotch. My current favorite.

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    Wed Jan 23 2008

    Great single malt. I first tasted this wonderful scotch at a Pub that specialized in Scotch. I tried a couple of my old favorites and then tried the Balenie DoubleWood 12 and was blown away. The flavor that results from the combined aging in oak and then sherry casks makes it special. Smooth, velvety yet complex with toasty vanilla aftertones. Its my NEW FAVORITE!

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    Tue Nov 13 2007

    The sherry oak gives lends it a very round feeling. Exceptionally smooth for such a young scotch. Hard to beat for under $50.

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    Wed May 16 2007

    Smooth, not much oak/peat.  Not a really challenging scotch, but it's tasty and good for sipping.

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    Thu Feb 15 2007

    My younger brother, Attila the Hun, XXXIV, was over and Martha let him scarf up my Balvenie. It is one of my favorites and I immediately had to replenish and hide the product! It is smooth and full bodied.

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    Wed Feb 14 2007

    Wow! I'm surfing around trying to confirm that I'm NOT insane beacause I am not loving my 2nd evening with the bottle of Doublewood that I bought for $30 last week yet instead I find nothing but high praise. What's up? I'll admit that I'm a rookie but I find myself put off by a glycerin-like coating this stuff puts on the front of my mouth. It seems like all the good flavors are buried. I enjoy much more any age Macallan's or the Dalwhinnie 15 yr that preceeded this bottle. Can you pros tell me if this is my amatuer status shining through or my preferences just are what they are? Thanks!

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    Mon Nov 20 2006

    I've tried two Balvenie scotches. One was the widely available Doublewood, which matures first in oak barrels and then in used sherry barrels. It was a delectable whiskey, with a soft sherry flavor. I personally didn't pull much of the oak out of the experience, but that's ok as I have a great love for sherry-finished scotch. Or sherry in general, for that matter. The other Balvenie I've enjoyed was a 1989 Portwood that a friend poured for me. I figured I was essentially in for a novelty experience, since I don't know of any other distillery using port casks to finish scotch in, and yes, it's a novelty but one that certainly works. I got a very soft, long finish with the taste of raisins that I'd attribute to the port barrels. I understand there's a 21 year version of the portwood, and I aim to buy a bottle if I happen upon one someday.

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    Thu Oct 19 2006

    I'm not an expert, but one of the best I had to date, very smooth and flavorful with a nice sweetness.

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    Sun Oct 01 2006

    No complaints at all here. Balvenie has a great smell and a great taste. Definitely a great sipping Scotch.

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    Sun Feb 19 2006

    one of the only single malts I drink,great flavor, have to hide it from the friends, give them the glenlivet!

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    Tue Jan 31 2006

    Best Single Malt I've had. It's got a beautiful flavor and everything one could ask for out of a Highland.

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    Tue Mar 15 2005

    smell is perfect, but the taste is not that enirely mothfilling that you would expect from an exceptional whisky, rather dull acually.

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    Wed Nov 24 2004

    Beyond excellent. Very smooth with a strong, full body feel with a sweetness that only a sherry cask can bring. For the price, it is cheap.

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    Sun May 09 2004

    Yummy! The sherry adds excellent flavor and smoothness. One of the best $40 bottles of scotch you can find.

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    Mon May 03 2004

    A most excellent scotch to sip and savor.

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    Sat Mar 06 2004

    Best Speyside single malt in my humble opinion!

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    Sat Jun 14 2003

    One of the greatest Speyside single malts