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    Thu May 27 2010

    My first impression of Dr. Delvecchio was when I entered his office- which was small, disorganized not what I expected for a Newbury Street surgeon. I also noticed that Dr. DelVecchio comes out to get his own patients. I assumed like many I’m sure; that because he has an office on Newbury Street in Boston, that he must be an amazing surgeon. Well I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that he IS NOT an amazing surgeon and the location of the doctor’s office means NOTHING. After surgery on my way home, I looked at my breasts. To my horror I saw my skin/nipple was at the bottom. I called his office the next evening and his “assistant” Dawn called me back. I asked for Dr. DelVecchio to call me back and I told her what was going on- she said that Dr. Delvecchio was at a funeral and it was not a medical emergency, it was an “esthetic” issue. Dr. Delvecchio did end up returning my call and he told me that he was out purchasing a new ski jacket because he was going to Aspen. I fel... Read more

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    Wed May 26 2010

    Dr. D has an awful bed-side manner. I will look for another plastic surgeon for my breast augmentation.

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    Wed Jan 27 2010

    Dr. Daniel Delvechio is an outstanding Plastic Surgeon. After the birth of my two kids, my body features drastically changed not to the best, but sagging. I wanted breast augmentation but was scared because I did not trust any surgeon. But fortunately I came accross DR. Delvechio's website. When I read his background and saw before and after pictures, I immediately decided to book an appointment. The moment I walked into his office,I had a good feel. The staff are wondeful, welcoming and excellent in all the explanations they gave me. The moment DR. Delvechio did my consult, on the spot I made up my mind to do my breast augmentation. He is patient and will explain things over and over until one understands.I consulted with three Doctors before him and he was the best. The night before my surgery, I was so anxious that I could not sleep, sent him an email at midnight, and he responded at 5:01AM, I was so impressed and that just gave me more confidence. My results are amazing, I never d... Read more

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    Sat Jan 09 2010

    I followed Dr. Del Vecchio's instructions to a "T". I accepted his advice that aesthetics were more important than size, leaving size to be determined by my body shape and posture. I asked lots of questions, got full answers and let him be the surgeon. From the discussion forums I expected a long and difficult recovery. I still participate in the forums and share my experiences with others but I am way ahead of their progress in every respect. I am amazed at how quickly I was able to get back into action. I attribute the shape, look and feel of my breasts and my excellent recovery to Dr. Del Vecchio's fabulous work! Initially my intent was to have saline implants via transaxial approach. I needed a lift but was afraid of scars. Dr. Del Vecchio told me I needed a lift and I tried to minimize that. Ultimately I recognized that he was right and that my breasts would look more natural, be more comfortable and conform better to my body habitus with silicone breast implants along... Read more

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    I made the decision to have my breat augmentation after years of careful consideration. Like many women, I never thought I could actually go through with it until I saw Dr. Del Vecchio's work with my brother's girlfriend. I was amazed that he took this patient from basically nothing to a full, natural-looking D cup. From that moment on, I was sold. Seeing how wonderful she felt and the confidence she had in Back Bay Plastic Surgery gave me the courage to move forward with my decision. I can guarantee that had I not seen her results, I would still be wearing my padded bras, sitting around forever wondering "what if..." Being from NJ, there are plenty of competent surgeons to choose from in the metropolitan area. None of the results I had researched - from even some of the most prominent doctors - impressed me as much as Dr. D's, especially considering the value of the quailty of service and safety that I was treated with. I knew the trip up to Boston was worth it; I had to make sure th... Read more

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    Mon Nov 02 2009

    Dr. Del Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery is the best in Boston!! I conducted months of research and had multiple consultations, also with highly recommended surgeons, before deciding to have my breast augmentation done by Dr. Del Vecchio. Based on his educational background, client recommendations, personal references, and before / after results on the Back Bay Plastic Surgery web site, I knew that he was the perfect surgeon for me. In addition to his written resume, multiple contacts of mine in the medical field also recommended his work stating it’s “exceptional”. After a serious review, I booked a consultation. The office was able to book my consult within a few days. It’s conveniently located in a private building on Newbury Street. The entire staff is beyond excellent!! My consult consisted of an exam then personal conversation with the doctor to review his opinion, process, and costs. I knew right there and then that I wanted to book my procedure with him. However, m... Read more

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    Thu Sep 03 2009

    This was my first surgery. Had lost about l70 lbs and had a lot of loose skin. Had a tummy tuck and a thigh plasty. My confidence level has had an absolute change for the better. For the first time I wore a bathing suit without a wrap to cover my legs which were pleated and hanging. What a gift. At age 66 I look and feel like a 50 year old. Thank you Dr D for my new fountain of youth. Am looking forward to my next body improvement. lol Mimi

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    Mon Mar 02 2009

    This was my 2nd surgery. The first time I had breast augmentation was in California. For the most part I was happy with my results but I wanted more cleavage as my breasts acted as opposing forces never to touch for fear of who knows what (looking good?!?!)! Additionally, part of my ribcage protrudes unilaterally... so without any cleavage to cover this, it looked funny (even with big breasts). Dr. Del Vecchio did an amazing job! My breasts actually touch now when I wear a push-up bra AND he recommended I switch from saline to silicone so -bonus!- my breasts feel 100% more natural than before. I am very pleased with this procedure (as is my hubby!). You can't see my deformity anymore and I'm loving it! The office on Newbury is very nice and the staff is professional and discreet. Dr. Del Vecchio spent a lot of time during my consultation and took careful note of my special situation. He came up with several ideas on how to achieve a satisfactory end result and never hesitated to assur... Read more

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    Wed Feb 18 2009

    I'am so glad I picked Dr del vecchio as my sergeon. He gave me a breast lift and the results were amazing!After so much research and so many consultations I knew he was the doctor for me. From the moment I went to his office I felt comfortable, the receptionist was so nice to me, I was a half hour late because of a storm and besides the doctors busy schedule he took the time to see me.the staff was very helpful with questions and appointments. when I finally meet Dr del vecchio I felt comfortable. He was very professional and listened to my concerns and explained all my options. He used a technique with the brest lift called auto augumentaion (uses your own brest tissue to give you fullness were you need it.) Dr del vecchio is very informed and experinced with breast sergury. He is also very confident, witch helped me trust that he would do a good job. My sergury was at North Shore medical the OR team was so nice to me and made me feel calm. The night of the surgery Dr del vecchio even... Read more

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    Tue Feb 03 2009

    I had an amazing experience at Back Bay Plastic Surgery! Dr. Del Vecchio is a perfectionist and was very reassuring with my decisions for my breast enhancement. The surgery itself went perfectly and the staff was extremely helpful with making calls before and after my surgery to make sure I was in good health. I was very specific with appointment times due to my hectic schedule and I felt the receptionist was always professional and accommodating. The results were better than I could have imagined! My breasts look natural and are the perfect size for my frame! Thank you, Dr. Del Vecchio for the time and precision you put into your work! I would tell anyone looking for breast enhancement surgery to go to Dr. Del Vecchio!!

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    Sun Oct 26 2008

    After many years of having uneven breasts I decided to start going to some plastic surgery consults to see what my options were. When I went to see Dr. DelVecchio he had been in surgery all day and still managed to spend a significant amount of time with me explaining the details regarding a breast augmentation. I tried on three different sets of sizers and explained I was interested in the armpit incision because I did not want any scars on my breasts. Dr. D specializes in this incision and explained the procedure as well as answered my entire list of questions and concerns that may have seemed silly, but were important to me. He made me feel completely calm and I felt he was extremely conservative on both the size and procedure options. He listened to what I had to say and did not give me false hope that they would turn out to be perfectly even and that was not my expectation. If they turned out to be closer in size and fuller that would meet my expectations. I went for a preop appt ... Read more

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    Fri Sep 05 2008

    I went to Dr. Del Vecchio to have my breast implants replaced. I work hard to keep my body in shape and, although there was nothing "wrong", the implants I had done ten years ago were becoming uneven and just looked fake. Talking about breast implants for me feels vain, embarrassing, and uncomfortable - Dr. Del Vecchio made me feel relaxed and justified in my concerns. Most importantly, this doctor listens - he didn't brag about what he could do (as was the case with a couple of other surgeons I interviewed) rather, he addressed my concerns and made several suggestions that made sense. The preparation for the procedure was very thorough (plenty of literature / doctor and staff answered and encouraged questions and concerns). The doctor's staff is very friendly and hard-working. In particular I was comforted that Dr. Del Vecchio requires a mammogram (if you are over 30) prior to performing the surgery. My expectations were actually exceeded - my breasts feel and look natural and beauti... Read more

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    Mon Jul 28 2008

    I initially went to see Dr. DelVecchio because i was so tired of feeling bad about my breasts. I suffered from deflated breasts. My breast looked like I was ninety years old, and I'm only twenty eight. I was born with fabulous, full 34 D breasts, but my four children sucked the life out of them. I waited eight years to get breast augmentation, because I didn't have the money, and I was scared. All I could think about was; what if one nipple is pointing up and the other is pointing down, and what if one breast is larger than the other? What If I have hideious scars? Well ladies and gentlemen, had I known that i would end up with these beautiful breasts; I would have done it eight years ago. I had a full lift and 300 cc implants. I love my breasts. My breasts look exactly the same as they did when I was sixteen years old. What more could I ask for. Dr. Delvecchio always lets you know that if you don't like something about his work he'll fix it ,until it's right. You don't get that to of... Read more

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    Sun Jun 08 2008

    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all you have done for me. I couldn't be more pleased with my results! You are an excellent surgeon Dr. Del Vecchio who is also very personable, remarkable profesional, and you really seem to care all health concerns. Having the kind of procedure done that I had is so incredibly personal and at times somewhat less embarrassing to me. However you and your excellent office and medical staff made me feel very comfortable, I have referred my closet friends, family members and peers to Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio as the best of best and will continue to be his biggest and best fan! Thank you so much Sincerely, A.Montoya.

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    Mon May 26 2008

    I am actually really surprised to see negative ratings for Dr. D. After a mass amount of research, he was 1 of the 3 doctors that I chose to consult with and he was the one I chose. The staff is very nice, friendly and EXTREMELY helpful. The feel of the office is great: very clean and the atmosphere made me feel at ease. I initially came for breast augmentation, but since he performs other plastic surgeries, I thought I'd ask him about my lip (It was scarred from a car accident). I had so many questions and I can be SO long winded, but he was very helpful, friendly and most of all patient. Knowing his background and given my experience from the consultation, I felt he was the right doctor for me. The hospital that he used was FANTASTIC!! The staff were ALL SO great! I was actually happy instead of nervous. They pampered me and catered to my needs. He did both surgeries at the same time. PERFECT results! I referred two friends and they also love their results. I HIGHLY recommend him!! ... Read more

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    Tue Jan 01 2008

    Dr. Del Vecchio recently performed an umbilicoplasty on my protruding navel that I've had since birth (which was made even worse by surgery in '06 to repair an umbilical hernia). Simply put, the result is awesome. I highly doubt that I could have found a better surgeon. In fact, I was so impressed with Dr. Del Vecchio's knowledge and insight into my case just from an initial exam that I didn't even bother consulting with any other surgeons. Furthermore, the confidence he exuded put any fears I had to rest. All in all, I have no regrets and am very excited to be able to finally go to the beach once summer comes (a place I haven't been in years for obvious reasons). The customer service, so to say, was also excellent. The day I had the surgery, he called me that night to check on me and I also received a call from his office manager a day or two later. I recommend Dr. Del Vecchio to anybody looking for a skilled plastic surgeon and a great result and would undoubtedly use him again if ne... Read more

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    Tue Sep 25 2007

    My surgery involved the removal of two ruptured implants.I was undecided as to whether I would have them replaced. I had consultations with several plastic surgeons, but I did not feel comfortable with their recommendations nor their manner of handling my medical issue. Upon my first consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio, I knew he was the surgeion I had been looking for. He listened to my concerns, answered my questions and asked me many questions before he carefully explained my options. His expertise and demeanor helped me make my decision to have the surgery, and I could not be happier with the results and the care I received from him, Quincy Medical Hospital, and Dr. Del Vecchio's wonderful staff. He phoned the night of the surgery and asked how I was doing. His friendly and experienced staff were always available if I had any questions. This was such a positive experience that Dr. Del Vecchio performed a blepharoplasty months after my breast surgery. Once again, the experience and ... Read more

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    Mon Aug 13 2007

    I recently had breast augmentation with Dr. Del Vecchio, and I am extremely pleased with the results. Another reviewer said that Dr. Del Vecchio is only interested in doing large implants, but I have to disagree, as I went quite small in order to match my petite frame. I had my size in mind and was never challenged by the doctor on my opinion. He definitely encouraged me to go with underarm incisions and saline, but those were choices I had no problem with. I felt quite sure that if I had wanted to go an alternative route, Dr. Del Vecchio would have been open to discussing my options. Dr. Del Vecchio definitely has a confident air that can border on arrogance, particularly if he is in a rush. For example, I came in very soon after surgery for a follow up, but it turned out there was a misunderstanding and I wasn't supposed to come in for another week. During this appointment I felt completely rushed and as if my concerns were dismissed. It did turn out that I was just fine, but when yo... Read more

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    Sun Aug 12 2007

    I've been treated by several cosmetic surgeons and highly recommend Dr. Del Vecchio. Originally, I had a dermabrasion for the treatment of acne scarring in my early 20s. I was very happy with the results, but knew there was room for improvement. 15 years had passed, and I felt the time was right to seek further improvement. I interviewed several dermatologists/cosmetic surgeons, and opted to be treated with a Cool Touch laser. The results were not very impressive. I was left with three choices. Either, I could accept my results, be treated with an aggressive CO2 laser, or try an entirely new category of laser called Fraxel. Luckily, I found Dr. Del Vecchio. Dr Del Vecchio explained why he felt Fraxel was the right approach. I couldn't be more satisfied, and feel my results speak for themselves.

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    Fri Aug 10 2007

    Dr. Delvecchio and his staff were excellent to work with. They are very professional and make you feel very comfortable from the start. Dr. D did an amazing job at giving me a beautiful pair of breasts!! I could not have hoped for anything more. They are great!! I had heard that he did excellent work but now I know . I am 100% satisfied with my results and I highly recommend anyone in the market for plastic surgery to go to Back Bay Plastic Surgery.

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    Mon Jul 02 2007

    My wife and I are both in the health care field. 1 yr ago she had breast augmentation therapy with Dr Del Vecchio. We were both very pleased with his description of various technique and informed consent. The procedure I believe was done @ Quincy Hospital. The staff was most attentive and as OR schedules can be disrupted, made every attempt to facilitate our comfort. We are both very happy with the results and I have recommended other patients to the practice.

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    Tue Jan 02 2007

    I had a nose reduction on dec 15 and recently removed my splint. Dr Delvechio performed the surgery and I have to say the results are great after 2 weeks. I had absolutely no marks on my face or around my eyes, except for some minor swelling. His service was excellent, good personality and interactive conversation. If you want natural but dramatic results I would highly recomend this doctor. His staff was also helpful and very reassuring at the hospital. His assistant is also friendly and very knowledgeable and you can call the office anytime she will answer any questions for you.

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    Mon Jan 01 2007

    Dr. Del Vecchio is very professional and works with you to get the desired result. Excellent experience!

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    Mon Jan 01 2007

    On Dec. 26, 2006 I had rhinoplasty (nose job) at Quincy Medical Center by Dr. Del Vecchio. Today, Jan. 2, 2006, I had the splint removed. Even though I am still a bit swollen and a little black and blue, I have to say that I am thrilled with my new nose!!! I love the result!!! I did alot of research and asked around in order to find a good surgeon. Dr. Del Vecchio was a referral from one of my best friends co-worker. After talking to this co-worker and finding out she was thrilled with her new nose, I made the decision to see Dr. Del Vecchio myself. During my first visit, Dr. Del Vecchio took a photo of my nose (prior to the surgery) and then the two of us sat down and Dr. Del Vecchio was able to do a computer image of what we both agreed would look best for my face. A side by side comparrison was then done so I could see the before and the anticipated result after surgery. I have to say that Dr. Del Vecchio was right on target and my new nose looks exectly as I had hoped for!!... Read more

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    Mon May 22 2006

    I had a breast aug, lift & tummy tuck in March 2006. Dr. Delvecchio was & is brilliant. He knew exactly what would & would not work for me & made his recommendations accordingly (he was right on the money). My lift & breast aug were worst case scenario & I look fabulous - completely natural looking. Dr. Delvecchio spent over 8 hours in surgery on me until I looked perfect. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Delvecchio. Not only is he a great Dr., but he also has a great personality & bed side manner. His staff was there for me 24 hours a day & very knowledgeable about any questions I had after my surgery. Dr. Delvecchio is very confident, but not arrogant...I don't know about other people, but I would prefer a Dr. who is confident in what he/she does.

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    Thu Jun 09 2005

    Specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery, with interactive patient care and consultation, popular Boston practice also offers microdermabrasion and laser treatments.

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