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    Sat Dec 25 2010

    i have verizon (see review) and att i recentley purchased a iphone 3gs i love the phone minus texting. i hate the 1g service att has in alabama 1g heck it sure aint 3g in tennessee att is good they have 3g in the midddle of nowhere in marshall count alabama they dont have any 3g . I wish att would upgrade they may think they have gotten their old ma bell status back but really they suck here my phone wil barely send a pic by text or email. that is how bad it is

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    Sat Dec 11 2010

    No problems with them at all.

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    Sat Oct 23 2010

    AT&T Wireless is horrible in so many ways-wireless service, customer service, technology, coverage, etc. I travel in the Cincinnati, Ohio area for business (pharmaceutical rep) and their 3G service here is really bad. You can’t make a phone call that is actually clear-you always hear static, interference and crackling in the line. About half of my calls are always dropped no matter where I am in the city or what time of the day it is, coverage is spotty in many areas, there are many times I don’t receive voice or text messages for several hours, and the 3G network is constantly going down. Heck, sometimes, my phone won't even ring when someone tries to call me and I have full reception! AT&T's 3G network is very unreliable. Calling customer service is a waste of time, and they never fix or report the problems to technical support. Avoid them at all costs, you will have nothing but problems. It's very obvious AT&T Wireless does not care about its customers or fixing their network proble... Read more

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    Tue Sep 28 2010

    I worked here for 6 years. I saw a few things! But first, I find it strange that so many people complaining about horrible cell service would log in as "cell phone guy" or "hometown cell phone". Seem like plants to me! I don't call myself "OcalaHotRod' when I drive a busted Sunbird, just sayin. Anyway, the job sucks. Everytime a new call comes in your headset beeps irritatingly, and usually its someone with a problem resulting from a known issue or they've driven their car into a metal barn, the other group of calls you get are from people that do not understand their bill or plan and have a mailbox full of pain in the form of a 120 page bill for 10,000.00. One woman who I worked with for 5 years would make up her own rules on every call, credit whatever it took to make the person happy, and go on to the next caller. She apparently believed that magic elves would fix what ever was wrong with the billing, even if it really boiled down to the customer thinking he was ok to roam in puer... Read more

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    Sat Sep 04 2010

    My guess would be that if people didn't want the IPhone so bad they would be in trouble. Their coverage is horrible at best and from what a few people have told me their plans aren't so good either.

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    Fri Aug 06 2010

    AT&T were the very first one to service my area

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    Sat May 08 2010

    I would rate AT&T zero stars if I could. The service at this company is horrible at best-customer service and wireless service. Especially in major cities. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and have a new Nokia 3G phone. I have had problems with it from the start. After numerous calls to tech support, I am still getting a lot of dropped calls everyday, a lot of picture, text, and voice messages that don't come through to me, very slow internet, poor voice quality where there is echoing, fading, and static on the line, and poor reception. I've called and called customer/tech support and they always say there are no problems in my area. No problems?? I guess they consider all of these things normal happenings on their network. I'm tired of paying 100+ dollars a month for this kind of poor service. They obviously don't care about customers and refuse to fix the 3G problems in the Cincinnati area. A few of my friends have AT&T Wireless and they are having these problems here too. Whatever ... Read more

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    I rarely get dropped calls, and my rates are very good. The sound is very clear and the plan they have is great.

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    I do not write long reviews because they take up too much time. However, I have an issue here, and you all should know about it. I had been with AT&T Wireless for a few years. A few years too many that was! My first issue was when I was upgrading my plan to include a wider unlimited calling plan. I asked the representative about how the minutes were used, and if I called during their nights and weekends minutes, would it use up my limited minutes, or my unlimited. She told me that it would be unlimited because the other number was a mobile to mobile number(which it was). I got excited and told her to go ahead and upgrade my plan(which forced another 2 years on my contract). When I received my first bill, I noticed I went over my minutes. Then I realized that she had told me wrong information. The M2M calls DID use up my minutes. I immediately called ATT(first I was placed on hold forever). Then, someone took the call. After I had explained the situation, he told me, (QUOTIN... Read more

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    Thu Mar 25 2010

    AT&T is the worst wireless provider around. Where do I begin? I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and am on my third new 3G phone. I'm STILL having a lot of problems with dropped calls, poor voice quality with crackling and static, missed text and voice messages, network busy messages, unreliable 3G Summary: AT&T Wireless does not care about it's customers at all. Obviously, I'm not the only one who feels this way. I have called customer and tech support at least 3 times each and have gotten nowhere. They always submit a "trouble ticket" but yet nothing is ever fixed. It's either that or they blame my phone for the problems. They just don't want to spend any money or care enough to help you or to upgrade their crappy 3G network. I have a ton of dropped calls everyday, terrible voice quality where there is crackling and static in the line when I make a call, network busy messages, text, voice, and picture messages that I don't receive for hours, if at all, and poor reception. A lot of times cal... Read more

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    Mon Mar 01 2010

    I don't appreciate being lied to, we called last May 2009 to end our contract with AT&T, they quickly transferred our call to the Retention Dept where they made us a great deal, well as you can tell. AT&T NEVER honored any of the deals that were made! After a number of complaints and phone calls, my girlfriend was offered $200 credit to fix this.. NOT GOOD ENOUGH> Our monthly bill should only be $100 as one of the AT&T reps told us, then we get bills that all $180 a month. This has been 8 months now and well, lets do the math on this one..$80 X 10= $ wow, really! $200 to settle this.. I don't think so. Anyone else out there who has been lied to and sign a new 2 year contract? lets all get together and file a class action against AT&T for Deceptive practices and make them honor the deals that they offered us!

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    I have a contract with at&t and that makes me sad. Not only is the service at the stores rude, but the phones wear out rather quickly, mine LG Neon is less than a year old and on it's way to being useless. I went to Europe last year and the coverage was total crap. I ended up having to get a T-Mobile prepaid phone just to be able to make emergency calls and send out text messages. When my contract is up, so is my time with at&t.

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    Mon Jan 11 2010

    AT@T was having a massive problem with broadband customers for its supported IPHONE in Manhattan, naturally an Upton Sinclair Jungle anyway when my mother died in her sleep in her apartment on the Upper West Side. She was 95 and fought her way through the Holocaust to Paris and took the big boat to Ellis Island with $80 and a bag of grapefruits as her only possession. As executor to her estate, I felt that it was my initial obligation to simply have AT&T disconnect her phone to prevent misuse as a live line unsupervised in an empty apartment. After 3 days of fencing with e-mails to AT&T customer service and hanging on the phone for so long that I would have to hang up so that I could continue the grieving process with my family there is nothing I can accomplish with the platitude corporate speak I received, the forwarding to other departments and finally receiving a long convoluted email that finalized in a wrong number to call.This is America in the post 911 Electronic Age. Both citiz... Read more

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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    I have had a good experience with at&t customer service. It's not that I am happy with at&t in general, but the service provided today by the representative has been very satisfying. I subscribed, by mistake, to a stupid service from a 3rd company (Amazing Facts) that once in a while sends messages to my phone about amazing facts. I have found out about the subscription this morning, when I received the monthly bill. They have charged $10 to my account without my consent. I have called at&t customer service, and in 10 minutes the subscription has been removed and they will credit my account with the $10 they charged. I am in California, and because my first language is Spanish I opted for a Spanish speaker representative (In case I have to argue, I feel more comfortable doing so in Spanish). The representative was placed in Monterrey, Mexico and she was very friendly, diligent and effective. As a funny side note, the call with the representative "surprisingly" dropped in the midd... Read more

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    Sun Oct 25 2009

    AT & T WIRELESS SUCKS! they robbed me and their customer service is horrible. I would not recommend it to anyone.

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    Mon Oct 05 2009

    The lady has endured customer 'service' at the hands of this company that defies my ability to accurately describe the nightmare that ensues. Words really fail me. . . One time she was treated so terribly I envisioned how a prison inmate would be treated if he complained of a splinter in his pinky. Not. . .very. . .well. . .

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    Tue Sep 08 2009

    AT&T wireless is awful and getting worse. You can say what you want about all the iPhones eating up the bandwidth, but its simply not true at 3am to 6am when I do a great deal of my calling (I work at night). When driving, the dead spots are the same as during peak time, both with my iPhone and my friends flip phone. There is an entire swath of lower Manhattan where AT&T has little or no service, and if you stand on 17th street a few feet from the AT&T store on the corner of 6th Avenue you'll find NO SERVICE there - standing outside of their store! I was trying to console a friend who called me during my drive home, something very bad had happened, and in a six mile drive the call dropped 12 times - TWELVE TIMES AT 5AM. This destroyed the last of my patience with AT&T and I'm deciding which company to move to. Probably Verizon, they have the best service. I love the iPhone but I just can't continue giving AT&T $120+ a month for their degrading service. As if this isn't bad enou... Read more

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    I dont like this company at all....the customer service is the bill is consistently incorrect... I have many dropped calls...they certainly dont "raise the bars" because the reception sucks...the only reason I am with them is because of the Iphone and I am about to say the hell with that

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    Tue Mar 31 2009

    I think At&T Wireless has very good service. I had them for a three months now,and I get reception in my house as well in the building I work in. I live in Chicago and I think they coverage is solid here. I cant say for other states and that being the reason I dont travel often. But if I ever do get the chance to travel to another state I will be giving and update to let everyone know my experience. I had Verizon Wireless and I couldnt get reception in some places and they phones and service was terrible! Like when I made a couple of calls I got echos in the background had to stop my conversation and turn off my phone and turn it back on and that part was pissing me off! With AT & T I dont have that problem, I love they roll over minute plan because im true chatter box and those unused minutes really comes in handy, and they just keep adding up! and oh far as dropped calls I havent experienced any as of yet. Customer Service I really cant say anything bad about them that is because I h... Read more

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    Fri Mar 20 2009

    AT&T MAKES ME WANT TO SHOOT MY SELF IN THE HEAD IT SOUNDs BAD BUT THE COMPANY TRULY SUCKS BIG **** The plans suck in my eyes I joined the service when it was cingular and it was by far way better. With way better service plans that let you customize the way you talk now with at&terrible I get to choose from a plan with 450 min for $50 something or the next plan above that which is $70 something for 900 min Thoes choices suck. When it was cingular you could have 700 min with text and pic message for $55. The whole company sucks in general bad customer services, bad services plans, bad insuranse plans. I mean come on you pay an extra $6 a month for insurance, use your phone for a whole year need a replacement and they want to charge you an additional $50 and they make you keep the same style phone you orginaly got, no switching phones for the newest modle they give you back your new outdated old A** version phone that looks like a F****** brick. I have 3 word for AT&T SUCK MY D***. Do... Read more

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    Tue Feb 24 2009

    Horrible! That is the only way to describe AT&T.If you ever need help with something or want to talk with someone about your bill GOOD LUCK! Service is awful!

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    For the past year before Cingular became At&t; Ive had pick your plan. Went with it for the no contract after being screwed and over charged with sprint. And here in Vegas I have had absolutely no problems with this phone, reception or cs. and has been fine when Ive went out of town to L.A. Only thing that would make this better for me is if they started to make plans that included text messages because I dont like having to pay $20 a mo. for unlimited text.  They change that itd be perfect to me.

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    Sat Jul 05 2008

    I've being complaining to att customer service for two years about thier bad service and dead zone. They have done nothing but try and blame it on my phone!!

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    Mon Nov 19 2007

    How about.0001 star if that! Ever since Att took over cingular the greedy bastards have milked 100s of millions of dollars off unsuspecting clueless customers. I have one line with T-mobile and they are great and they treat you like a real human not a pod sucker from the movie Matrix. As soon as the contract is up at ATT that number goes to t-mobile. Att is the scum of the earth, stay away!!!!!!!!!

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    Continuous dropped calls and dead spots.

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    Wed Oct 10 2007

    I wish I had known earlier that the service was so bad compared to my current carrier T-Mobil. After cancelling my account 5 months ago, they would never send me a final itemized bill. Despite being told by reps & supervisors that the problem was fixed, & late fees, etc. would be waived, got turned over to collections. At this point, cust. serv. became rude, telling me that I had lied about not receiving the bills and told me that to pull my acct. from collections, I would have to pay them an extra 18% on top of what I owed. Said that there was no one else I could speak to about the issue, & can't get an address to mail complaints ANYWHERE. What a way to treat a 5-year customer.

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    Sat Dec 23 2006

    AT&T; Wireless Services, they are the coolest company ever!! and i don't care if this comment doesn't help you