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    Sat Oct 01 2011

    This company totally victimized my family..... please don't use them!!! they picked us up in New York and were going to take everything we cherished and owned to Georgia. They told us 3-5 days guaranteed !!! So on day five my wife and I sat on the porch waiting for them....... they never showed or called. it took us 2 more days to finally get a answer which was we don't no where your stuff is...... 10 days later a atlas truck showed up and had our goods stuffed in a area 1/3 the size it started out in..... 32 boxes were missing!! all my expensive canon cameras missing... all of my shotguns and rifles missing.. all of my software missing... they went shopping on our goods!!!! all of my wifes antiques are broken!!!all of our beautiful furniture was destroyed..... $20,000 worth of damaged and missing items. their claims department is a joke and totally unprofessional.. this company has made my credit bad by making use all our savings to live which was going to be used to help pay our bill... Read more

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    Fri Aug 19 2011

    All I want to say is, be very careful if you hire them. I found expensive jewelry missing-I forgot to write down-but they knew I did not write it down and decided to pocket it. So be careful and make sure you check your stuff over and over again. I also gave them a $150.00 tip, my loss.

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    Fri Feb 18 2011

    I hired Atlas Van Lines to move me from Kansas to Georgia for a new job. This was easily the worst move of my life. I have lived in 8 different places over the last 8 years and never experienced service this horrible. I scheduled my household goods to be delivered on JAN 30th 2011. I even made it clear to them that this was a Sunday and asked them if that would be an issue. I was told it wasn't. My goods where picked up without any issue and things started off pretty good. On JAN 28th I received a phone call from Meier's Moving and Storage (the agent Atlas used in Kansas) telling me my goods where on schedule and would be delivered on time. They informed me within 24 hours of the driver arriving at my destination I would receive a phone call from him to coordinate the final arrival time. I waited all day Sunday. My goods did not arrive. No one answered the phones at Meier's moving or Atlas. The next day I received a phone call from the driver telling me he was told my good were schedu... Read more

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    Sat Dec 18 2010

    They STOLE over $20,000 worth of goods from us in a recent large moving project. Currently in arbitration, which is going to cost us more in attorney fees to settle. AVOID.

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    My husband and I moved from the Cincinnati area Aug. 13, 2010, with our belongings arriving 25 days later at our new destination in Cody, WY. All our household goods were held long term beyond our control at the Shetler Moving & Storage warehouse in West Chester, OH. Four other loads were eventually attached to ours on a truck going from Bedford Heights, OH, to Fountain, CO, Dayton, OH, to Cheyenne WY, West Chester, OH, to Cody, WY, West Chester, OH, to Boulder, CO, and Rolla, MO, to Tacoma, WA. Shetler warehouse does not have a good method of accountability for what goes in and out of their warehouse. If anyone had goods going in or out of the Shetler warehouse in West Chester, OH, or the places mentioned above between Aug. 13, 2010, and Sept. 20, 2010, would you kindly check for my missing recipe files (collected from my familes dating back to the 1800's). It broke my heart. One is in a 4x6 medium gray desk file box, and one in a 4x6 light gray plastic file box. This box may... Read more

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    Sat Oct 16 2010

    We hired Atlas Van Lines to move our property from Pittsburgh to Atlanta in Aug 2010. Our stuffs were picked up a week ahead of time and was moved from place to plce before we finally received them a week later. Our stuffs were moved with other people's belongings because they said that our shipment was small and the distance was very long. Well, we agreed only to find our belongings infested with bed bugs once we slept on the beds. It has been a very traumatic experience for us as we have spent $4000 taking care of the problem. We threw all our mattresses, paid to clean up the new apartment we just moved in and so much more. The worst part is that the company could not even own up to their negligence and inefficiency for the way they handled our stuffs. The other big problem was that they promised to have 3 or more people to move our stuffs but sent 2 men and a truck. They damaged everything they handled. All our stuffs had scratches and dents and most need to be replaced. It was suc... Read more

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    Tue Oct 12 2010

    This company employs people with anger issues. You would expect excellent customer service given the nature of this work...but not with this company. The moving men were vile individuals who used profane language. All in a day's work, I suppose. I watched them throw the contents of the moving van to the ground and scrape items alongside a building. I don't recommend Atlas. You would be better off doing the move yourself with a blind horse and cart.

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    Mon Aug 30 2010

    i would give it 0 stars if i could. they told us it would take 3 weeks MAX to get it to us. 3 weeks later they havent even moved it. they say it will take just 3 more days to move it. 3 days later they say its gonna take even longer because their driver decided to go somewhere else.......idiots. over 3 weeks without anything

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    Mon Aug 16 2010

    We will not be booking through Atlas ever again. First off, we specifically asked if there would be any fees additional to the quoted price that were not related to the weight of our items. We were assured that there were no additional costs. Then, two days before the movers were to arrive we were informed that there would be a $900.00 "origin fee" above and beyond the quoted price. We were unable to book a different company on such short notice so we were forced to bite the bullet and pay the $900.00. Then, some of our furniture arrived severely damaged. Specifically, the cabinet door of an antique vanity was smashed in half and the glass doors on a custom made hutch were shattered. When we contacted the local office we were assured that Atlas would pay to have our furniture repaired. We filled out the required paperwork and a couple weeks later received a cheque for $84.00 as settlement, which would cover what we paid to have them move the specific pieces that were broken...n... Read more

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    Mon Aug 02 2010

    Most terrible company that I know of. We are Military and you would think that we would be treated with respect, not just as another job. Atlas was late to deliver our goods, most of our furniture was broken,cracked, or scuffed up. No one called me to notify that they were running late by a few days. But the worst part is they puffed the weight they were bringing accross state. I did a partial ditty move where I get paid to move the poundage that I can fit in my truck and U-Haul trailer. I have around 9,000lbs in house hold goods. I moved about 2k myself. But Atlas said they moved 9,000lbs on the dot, so in turn I will not be paid for my 2,300 mile road trip home because the driver lied and said he moved exactly what a Sgt is allowed to ship, and it so happens to be 9k on the dot. His weights ticket said 9k, not 8,999lbs or 9,002lbs. That should be a red flag to his highter ups when its a whole number. And in order to make a claim about them puffing the weight(more they carry more mon... Read more

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    If i could give a negavtive star I would. First off my husband is in the military, the military told us our things would be to our new home by the 15th of july they picked it up july 1st. So before we start our drive we get a letter stating from atlas van lines that they wont have our things until the 29th of july. We were upset but we understood. It is now the 30th of july and they called to let us know (july 28th day before we get our things) that they truck has not left our home town. We were very upset so we called the company, and they told us there was no driver scheduled, no delievery date, nothing! my husband had the paperwork filled out in may! It's a complete mess and they havn't contacted us to let us know when it gets here, so who knows! I would never recommend this company to anyone and i hope the military will never use them again. could have moved it ourselves! very upset

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    Tue Jul 27 2010

    My husband and I just moved 1500 km with Atlas Van Lines. When the movers showed up at our house they moved quickly and we were surprised at how efficient they were. It wasn't until we arrived at our destination that we realized how careless they were with our stuff. I don't know how they managed, but they turned some of our furniture into kindling, and broke a lot of glass items. When making the claim they denied half of our items and what they did accept they only gave us haft of the value for. Now we live in a small town and have to buy new stuff, only hitch is the stores here are much more expensive and the moving company "doesn't pay for upgrades", even though there are only a few store here to pick furniture from and what they have is all that's available to us. I will never go with Atlas again. If you have to make a settlement claim with them, be sure to say you have really expensive furniture or you will not get what you deserve for your belongings. I had a terrible expe... Read more

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    Mon Nov 23 2009

    I hired Atlas Van Lines to facilitate a local move on 11/21. The drivers showed up late, did not follow direction, moved extremely slow, and the foreman was constantly on the phone. I hired the company for three hours, so every minute was precious to me. I prepared for the move by putting a large amount of the boxes outside, and the remainder in the front room, by the door. Everything was labeled and ready to go. I was in another room getting some things together when the foreman asked me to enter the room he was working in. He put shrink wrap around my couches, cushioned ottoman table & side table, & book case. He then proceeded to tell me how much each item cost for wrapping. I did not authorize him to wrap these items and no where in my contract did it state that these items needed to be wrapped. I asked the foreman to continue with loading the truck and to not wrap any other items with out my consent. I left the room and called the company to inquire about the items the fo... Read more

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    Thu Oct 15 2009

    I was in the moving business for 21 years owned my own trucks, ive worked for almost all major moving companies in the US. It takes a special person to use the TLC it takes to move peoples lives and belongings Don't allow a few bad apples spoil the whole bundle...

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    I just finished a cross-country move with Atlas/JBL. It was terrible from the first moment, and just got worse from there. If you POSSIBLY can, save yourself the trouble, the money, the aggravation and move yourself. I would have been happier had I done it myself (with only local help) and could have saved myself around $5000. First off, my driver was instantly aggravated the moment he walked in my door and saw that my house wasn't "packed up" and ready to go. True, my computer station, TV, coffee maker, and beds weren't packed, but what are you supposed to do the night before a move? Spend more money on staying in a hotel? No way! And every other LOCAL move I've done, the stuff gets packed in the first hour the movers get there. The Atlas/JBL guy spent a couple of hours whining, complaining, griping, and calling his office to say that we weren't ready. (When I booked my move, I told the agent that I was very familiar with hiring local movers and paying professionals to mov... Read more

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    Fri May 22 2009

    While it's true that every agent is different, we used Read's out of Jacksonville, FL for a move to WI. We have moved several times with different companies, and this was by far, the best move. The driver kept us up-to-date on every step of the move. They changed delivery date for us because we had an emergency. They handled all of our belongings with kid gloves, and they were the nicest, most professional people we have ever dealt with. We will probably be moving again, and I wish that we could use Read's again. True professionals!

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    I do not recommend Atlas. We hired the Peabody, Massachusetts carrier to move us from New England to Florida and they added $500 in extra charges that were NOT on the original estimate and not related to extra weight or packing. They added these charge without explanation and without our authorization. The Peabody dispatcher/manager is rude and dishonest and threatened to not deliver my goods when I disputed the charges. Although my goods were delievered safe and sound, I am continuing my over charge dispute with the Atlas corporate office in Illinois with minimal success. I say AVOID Atlas and look elsewhere.

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    Wed Jan 21 2009

    It seems that this company feels it is within their rights to deliver whenever they feel like, including on dates you absolutely tell them you cannot accommodate. Then they try to strong-arm you into accepting delivery or they charge you for storage. Avoid at every cost.

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    Thu Nov 06 2008

    My husband and I just relocated from Calgary, AB to Toronto, ON (Canada) and we are in the process of making a claim for damaged/ lost items! We had ALL our belongings stored with one of their agents, namely Jay's Moving & Storage in Calgary for 2 years & when we moved back to Toronto and had all our stuff delivered, we only received 2 out of the 3 crates (1,900 sq ft home). They claim that the 3rd crate is missing and although they are looking for it, they seem to have no explanation for the disappearance!! We are prepared to go to the media as well as sue should our claim not be settled (as per replacement value) as most of the items were either custom made furniture or wedding gifts! I would NOT recommend Atlas Van Lines of any of their agents ever!! Unfortunately, Atlas was recommended by the company we work for as they had used their services in the past with respect to a corporate move! It doesn't matter how well known they are...their negative reputation precedes them...and for ... Read more

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    Tue Mar 18 2008

    there are problems in every moving company, regardless of what they say or what you see. i have moved many times with many companies. atlas has moved me a few times and were great in almost every aspect. everyone seems to jump on a company for one bad experience written about by someone they never met. on the whole, movers are'nt appreciated like they should be. give your movers a chance, talk to them like they are people, not just hired help. always read your paperwork closely, and always check off numbers when they bring your possessions in the house. treat them well and they will do everything they can to treat your stuff well. maybe offer lunch if the job is going well, tip at least a little, it will be appreciated. we tip the waitress $20 for bringing us a nice dinner, yet many people i talk to wont tip the guys who moved their possessions hundreds of miles, just think about it. most movers are professionaly trained and they are worth much more than they are paid. try to do their ... Read more

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    Mon Nov 19 2007

    I would not recommend Atlas Van Lines. First of all the estimate that was given doubled in price when we arrived at our destination. We had to help move our belongings and then they lost some of our cartons. I even contacted the president by email with no response. We were also offered an item that did not belong to us by the driver. We received an item that did not belong to us and when we informed Atlas they told us just to dispose of it. We moved from Ontario to Alberta and we would never use Atlas again!!!

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    Sat Aug 11 2007

    When we moved with Atlas they forgot our pick up date, did not deliver our furniture for three weeks, and when they did deliver, they only had two people to move the furniture. My knee was in a soft cast and I had to be in the truck unloading it and my wife ended up moving a lions share of the items into the house. Then they sent us a bill for an extra $400 saying they underestimated. Needless to say they rescinded that after they received our 6 page complaint. I would never use Atla again.

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    Thu May 17 2007

    If anyone has used atlas or any other moving van line, check your bill to see if  there was a sir charge added, pay close attention to the gas portion of the bill, this violates some state and federal law, we are invertigating how pervasive this practice is . If you find a sir charge on your bill please respond to my email asap

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    Tue Jan 16 2007

    I unfortunately used Atlas (also known as Philpot in Atlanta) for a move from Atlanta to Charlotte, storing my possessions with Atlas for three months between move out in Atlanta and move-in in Charlotte. During the time in storage and when we were trying to arrange for the move in at Charlotte, Atlas/Philpot representatives would go long periods of time without returning our calls. Logistics were all but impossible to arrange with these unresponsive people. When the shipment finally arrived in Charlotte, we discovered that Atlas "lost" a computer, expensive table, and other items. Atlas damaged numerous other items, including a Weber grill (which we watched the movers drop off of the back of the truck, and which the movers admitted they damaged) and a glass-paneled china cabinet that was not packaged properly. In addition, unknown movers wrote offensive grafiti over the boxes, maligning us personally. Two movers arrived in Charlotte to do a job that took three men much of the day ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 19 2005

    This concerns my move from North Carolina to New Hampshire. The short story is that Atlas Van Lines sent only one (overweight, out-of-shape, bow-legged, old) mover for the move-in at New Hampshire. Because of the mover's condition I helped him move my own stuff in. If I hadn't, the job would likely have taken him at least two days total. I paid over 2200 dollars for Atlas' service, and I had to move my own stuff. If you like to pay lots of money to some company so that you can haul your own things yourself, then hire Atlas. I will never use them again. The long story: I should start by stating that the North Carolina side of the move was very professional. When my wife and I were moving out, Atlas sent three very professional movers. Two of them were huge body builders and the third guy was smaller, but he was fit enough to carry my queen sized mattress down two flights of stairs by himself. They were very efficient and hard workers. I was looking forward to the experience.... Read more

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    I used these guys about a decade ago. They were a little pricey, but the service and competence was great. If I was making a major move, I'd certainly get them to quote on the job.

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    Sat Jul 31 2004


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    Tue Jun 27 2000

    I worked for Atlas for a while, and one thing that you should know about them is that they are very decentralized - one Atlas franchise might be very good, while another might be horrible. The one I worked for was pretty bad. The management team was usually intoxicated, and the drivers were pretty erratic as well. Because of this uncertainty about individual franchises, when I myself moved across the country, I gave my business to Bekins.

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