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    Sat May 23 2009

    ugly, just ugly.

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    Wear the black pants with the white jerseys.They look nice also with the red jerseys,because they match the helemet.I would like to see them actually go to red pants with the white jerseys,and go back to red helmets.

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    Mon May 28 2007

    Couldn't agree more about how the uni's have a collegiate look...Love the color scheme but hate the striping patterns. I absolutely loved the old falcon logo before they switched to this big bulky, fat taloned bird. Overall, the red jersey w/ the black pants are their best look.

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    Wed Sep 06 2006

    I love the red jerseys. They should not wear the black jersey with the black pant. They should wear red sock with the black pants.

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    Sun Aug 13 2006

    Disclosure - I am not a Michael Vick Hater. However, he is playing in the wrong offense. The coaching staff is screwing up trying to run a bastardized West Coast Offense with Vick. Vick's arm is a howitzer, but his accuracy is spotty at times. Trying to make him fit into a timing scheme that depends on accuracy is insane. Let the guy drop back, go deep, and if it isn't there take off. I have been a Warrick Dunn fan since he was at Florida State. I was pissed when Tampa Bay let him go. TJ Duckett is insanely inconsistent, and at times soft. I think his days are numbered in Atlanta. The defense was at times terrible last year, but they should be much better this year. They'll go through the NFC South 3-3, end up at 8-8 or 9-7 and miss the playoffs due to the division they play in.

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    Wed Nov 30 2005

    Falcons are the Best. Warrick Dunn is the man.

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    Tue Nov 29 2005

    Being from Georgia i guess im just a natural Falcons fan, They are the best team in the NFL in my book. Big UPS!! to my boy Alge Crumpler #83 GO FALCONS!!! Super Bowl 40....Were There for sure baby!!

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    Tue Nov 29 2005

    hahaha Lions my @** 37-7. Take that and Stuf it ;) 12 points and we'd be 10-1... the Refs blew two of those games.... We're Back now tho boyyyyeeeeeeeeeee, and yeah keep downing us. Thats what we want. Every year the media jumps on the panthers bandwagon, and every year, the falcons break the wheels of that bandwagon. ;)

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    Tue Oct 11 2005

    One of the best helmet logos in ANY football sport. I don't like the white pants though. The best combo is their red jersey over black pants, but the all black is ok. Buy some white shoes.

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    Mon Oct 10 2005

    The classic old red uniforms were cool. The newer black were nice too. The new uniform tries to get the best of both and fails miserably.

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    Fri Sep 30 2005

    The NFL jersey equivalent of the black Pontiac Trans Am - a little gaudy with a lot of cladding, but deep down many of us think they are cool.

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    Tue Sep 27 2005

    the falons meight not be that good but they should be down this far. vick is the best QB as running is goes and he is pretty good throwing the balls!!!! playoff here we come

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    Sat Mar 05 2005

    These are great uniforms

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    Mon Feb 28 2005

    I liked the old silver pants/black jersey look with just a touch of red. I thought those were among the best unis in the league. The uniforms they were today are too modern (I hate the sleaves) but I do like the use of the shirt at home instead of all black!

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    Sat Feb 05 2005

    I like more the red helments, but the new black helmet is certainly better than the last black helmet.

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    Thu Feb 03 2005

    They get some credit for switching to red jerseys from black last year, and the new logo is fine, but the striping pattern on this uniform is abominable. I could have dealt with the black helmets if they'd gone back to their traditional red jerseys, or the original 1966 look with black jerseys and red helmets (sans gold stripes to appease Tech fans).

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    what the hell. fairly hideous. the only thing saving them is the fact that michael vick looks good in anything. bring back the red helmets

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    Mon Dec 27 2004

    They went from mediocre to terrible. Go back to the red jerseys,red helmets and grey pants of the 1980'

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    Fri Dec 10 2004

    Nice uniforms, but need to get a new logo. They just doctored up the old logo , but should get a new logo, like the Eagles screaming bird head or maybe the Raven head.

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    Wed Dec 08 2004

    Gotta love my birdz!

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    Tue Nov 30 2004

    Not too bad.

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    Sun Nov 28 2004

    Totaaly agree about the 80's era Bartkowski days being a MUCH better look than the Mike Vick era 'hodge podge' That red helmet made the Falcon Logo look Great!! Also matching jersey with the white pants was a potential classic!!

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    Wed Nov 24 2004

    The falcons black, red and white combo is the best they ever had. How can you argue when they get into the playoofs with these new digs. Sure #7 has alot to do with it too.

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    Tue Nov 16 2004

    UPDATE: Their new unis are not attractive at all. Better than the Seahawks and Bills, but that is not saying much. Their all-black look is not good. I liked their throw-back look with the red helmet, white face mask, and white pants.

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    Wed Nov 10 2004

    haha, my lions beat you guys. these guys play football like jamaicans play hockey......BAAAAD

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    Sun Oct 03 2004

    I feel more like I'm rating a player here than a team. Remember the Broncos of the 80's? Now Atlanta just needs to hope for a #30 to go with there #7.

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    Sun Aug 29 2004

    horrible uni's- liked their uni's from the 1980's. the Steve Bartkowski days!

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    Fri Aug 20 2004

    Black jersies are god aweful, red jersies are better but not great. New logo looks like an arena football logo. They should've kept their old helmets and logo, wore red jersies that were the same model as the recent black ones, and white pants. That've been nice.

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    Thu Aug 12 2004

    Not bad. Stripes are different and not overbearing. Like red jerseys better than black. Need to lose the black pants.

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    Sat Aug 07 2004

    not only do they have the best player in football but the best jerseys, coach, fans, and everything else important to. the best team ever to play football by far

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    Fri Jul 09 2004

    love the new uniforms

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    Fri Jul 09 2004

    nice new look

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    Fri Jul 09 2004

    the new ones are excellent

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    Thu Jul 08 2004


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    Fri May 21 2004

    As with the Seahawks, why the uniform change? The worst sin was getting rid of one of the best pair of pants (the greys) with the new ones with piping. This team did no need a baseball look.

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    Wed May 12 2004

    Way too much black. Boring. The red alternate jerseys are nice,though. I prefer the red, silver,and black the Falcons had in the 1980's - I still think they had the best uniforms in the league back then.

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    Mon Apr 19 2004

    And now introducing the Atlanta Falcons Michael Vick. That is the team but he could take them all the way.

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    Thu Apr 15 2004

    Pro football is a flashy game which means I generally prefer the flashier uniforms. As a result the uniforms worn by the Atlanta Falcons land around the middle of my preference list. The black and white uniforms are aggressive but just okay, trying to copy the Raiders. I liked the older red uniforms better. The team's black helmet with the falcon profile works well.

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    Sat Nov 08 2003

    It's fricking funny how a good team led by a bad-ass q.b. can regress into a 1-7 joke led by some 5th-string middle school guy named Shit Shittner or something when the other useless tool, Doug Johnson, goes down or is pulled because he sucks so bad. Wow what a difference Peerless Price has made on this offense. I think we found out he has plenty of peers... called DEFENSIVE BACKS. Poor old Dan Reeves will probably need yet another bypass after this humiliating season. Michael Vick will probably stay 'injured' until he gets traded to a real team with a chance to win more than one game per year.

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    Fri Aug 01 2003

    my hometown team go falcons maybe only deserve a 4 but will givea 5 cause i think they are becoming one of the best teams in football and they will improve over last year

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    Thu Jun 26 2003

    BAD QB!

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    Wed Jun 18 2003

    Is Price a legit #1 WR or was Moulds' back sore from carrying him?

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    Sun May 11 2003

    Michael Vick is going to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Anybody how doubts me...just watch...And the Addition of Price in the offseason watch out NFL...Atlanta might be a contender soon...if not this year...very soon

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    Sun May 04 2003

    an over rated team..but peerless should improve this team alot...

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    Tue Apr 22 2003

    Dirty Birds who leave dirty Turds

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    Wed Apr 09 2003

    I wish they had a 3 1/2, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. True Tampa shut Vick down, but Tampa pretty much shut everyone down. Add in free agent acquisition Price at receiver, and suddenly Vick has a huge downfield target. Tampa shut Vick down due to speed, but NOBODY in the NFL has neer the team speed Tampa does. Their defense statistically ranked as average, but look at their points per game. It was in the top quarter of the NFL. That's more important than how many yards they allow. Bend but don't break defense shows how much heart this young team really has.

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    Fri Apr 04 2003

    I'm not as impressed with vick as the rest of the world is. Let's not forget thatthe Bucs shut him down easily both times they played the Falcons. Vick is good and will be great but he's not as good as McNabb by a long shot. Falcons had a young fast defense last year but they are only average.

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    Thu Apr 03 2003

    On the rise...they'll go as far as Mike Vick can take them.

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    Sun Feb 23 2003

    With the feet and arm of Michael Vick, they'll be a force to contend with for years to come!

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    Sat Feb 22 2003

    what are these guys doing at #27!?