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    Fri Jul 18 2008

    Very Beautiful!

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    Sun Apr 13 2008

    Maybe more like 3.5 stars. I like her, but I don't think her acting is the best. Sometimes I really enjoy her performance.

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    Sun Jun 18 2006

    Ashley Judd is a striking woman. She has a wholesome, sensual, audacious look. She has a rare combination of a elf-like inocense and feline, somewhat animalistic dominance. She has a very comanding and confident aura about her, which is very hypnotizing. She has a natural and God-given talent even though her roles somewhat repititious, but Alas, even if she was demon herself she is still exquisite.

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    Tue Feb 14 2006

    I am soooo in love with this woman. Easily the best looking woman on the planet. Mix that with her intellect and she embodies perfection.

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    Sat Feb 11 2006

    Sort of a lefty on some issues....not a strident America hater.Seems bright,pretty and is a decent actress.

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    Wed Feb 08 2006

    She's kind of cute but I take a look at her mom - a frightening plastic-surgeried Barbie Doll - and I see Ashley in a few years. Oh, she's an actress too? I wouldn't have know, certainly that obtuse soulless bumbling she demonstrates on screen isn't "acting", is it?

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    Thu Sep 01 2005

    I love Ashley Judd. She's a rare beauty who reminds me of a cross between Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy - a role I would love to see her play and bet she could pull off with ease. Her acting is surperb and her contributions and hard work to the Youth Aids Foundation are incredible. I could do without some of the arrogance and vulgarity, but looking beyond that, I think she's great.

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    Sun Aug 14 2005

    One of the best actress out there today. Smart, gorgeous, and particular about her roles. What's not to like. I'm surprised she's not rated higher.

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    Sun Aug 14 2005

    I love Ashley, she is only one of the most down to earth, natural, sexy as all get out, and beautiful ladies I have ever seen. She is a great actress too. I'll never forget seeing her sweat in that southern movie. I forgot the name. I love her!

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    Thu Aug 11 2005

    very sexy woman

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    Wed Jul 20 2005

    Ashley Judd is a great actress. She is also beautiful, intelligent, and obviously has a heart of gold underneath her seemingly arrogant persona. Any young woman who would turn down hollywood to pursue the Youth Aids Foundation in Africa, and leave the comforts of home for weeks on end to live in and round the squander many of these people do is a class act. Read her travel journals and you'll read her heart. She desrves a 10 star rating.

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    Sun Mar 13 2005

    Ashley is stunningly beautiful, and I love almost all of her work. Her first movie Ruby in Paradise is still one of my all time favorites, and her range since then shows her talent.

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    Wed Mar 02 2005

    She is an incredibly beautiful woman with tremendous style. She is an accomplished actres who takes full command of any role she plays. I admire her hard work and dedication to the Youth Aids Foundation. But her trashy mouth and penchant for spewing comments for the purpose of shock value serves no purpose but to distract from the class act she really is. Intelligence, confidence, and a wide-randge vocabulary are all wonderful attributes, but can be equally disastrous to one's reputation if not used wisely. If she will channel those attributes in a more understated and graceful manner, she'll have the whole package.

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    Tue Feb 15 2005

    She's becoming increasingly liberal on abortion and feminist issues, considering her family is conservative. The way she dresses as a feminist, HOT! You don't always have to be bare-legged to be sexy.

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    Sat Feb 12 2005

    Great actress, was wonderful in Ruby in Paradise and Frida.

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    Tue Feb 01 2005

    I think she is beautiful and a good actress. I've liked most of the movies I've seen her in; however, she does tend to be a little full of herself. She's intelligent, yes, but she seems to eager to fluant her intelligence instead of wearing it gracefully. If she can outgrow this, onscreen and off, I'll enjoy her work alot more.

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    Fri Jan 21 2005

    She is a cool lady one of the best!

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    Sun Dec 05 2004

    Great actress. The best!!. Forum's moderators should delete all the negative posts from the funtamental-right-wing-intolerant individuals that post here. This site is about her ACTING, not here political activism. Give it a rest!

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    Sat Dec 04 2004

    Love her, great actress and she seems like a really nice person.

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    She is just one sexy Southern chick. And imagine this...there are a lot more like her south of the Mason-Dixon line. Not only is she hot, she loves Basketball as well. This is just the type of girl you marry.

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    Fri Nov 26 2004

    Cool indie actress at first with movies like Ruby in Paradise. Then she got too mainstream in movies with Morgan Freedom and other movies. After that I didn't care for her anymore.

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    Fri Nov 12 2004

    Very nice, wholesome, & great actress.

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    Tue Aug 17 2004

    Great actress and one hot tamale!

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    Tue Aug 10 2004

    When I think of Ashley Judd I can't help but think of Tommy Lee Jones or Morgan Freeman since she seems to have successively made more films with these two actors than anyone else I can think of. She might have alreday typecast herself in Hollywood by playing one too many a victim of a serial killer and perhaps needs to diversify a bit. She has the talent which can be seen in her small role opposite Salma Hayek in Frida Carlo, but at the moment I think most people see her acting ability as a bit one dimensional.

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    Thu Aug 05 2004

    I used to be a big fan of Ashley Judd. I find something in her personality in interviews ...somewhat pretentious. I also do NOT agree with her ultra-liberal get your hands of- my body abortion stance. I know this is about her acting but what I know of her personally translates to how I view her in her roles..she is a beautiful women who traded in her southern small town charm and values for left wing Hollywood

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    Thu Jul 22 2004

    beautiful,talented and loves the wildcats

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    Fri Jun 18 2004

    Highly overrated as an actress. Is lower than trailer park trash. Her political views are extreme and she comes across as not educated. How did she get to be so popular? Can't stand her ignorance and arrogaqnce.

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    Thu Jun 03 2004

    No taste people....Her acting sucks

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    Thu May 13 2004

    Ashley Judd is a rare beauty. Her sexy poster with nothing on but a U. of Kentucky Hockey shirt made me exclaim: Jeez, I didn't know they played hockey in Kentucky. Her movies are not all time great cinema. But at least they are always good suspense stories that both me and my wife enjoy. She's a very good actress. I slept through most of that stinker of a movie Someone Like You. But seeing her leap in the air in those scanty panties was awesome.

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    Thu May 13 2004

    Any over-paid woman who screams her support at pro killing rallies looses me as a fan! Hey Ashley - half of murdered babies are female you know!!!

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    Tue May 11 2004

    This woman is not only a great actress, she gives me a silent pleasure everytime I watch one of her movies. She is absolutely beautiful. I especially like when she has her hair tucked in behind those cute little ears of hers. Her husband is a very lucky man. I wish her all the sucess in the world. :))

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    Mon May 03 2004

    gee, ashley, was your t-shirt at the pro abortion march meant to insult the thousands of ugly women surrounding you?

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    Wed Apr 28 2004

    Most overlooked beauty in movieworld today. And she can act to whit 'Double Jeopardy' and 'Kiss the girls'.

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    Sat Apr 24 2004

    Seems like a bitch in real life, but who isn't. She's a relatively good actress, but most of the movies she has been in are terrible.

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    Thu Apr 15 2004

    Beautiful! I loved Double Jeopardy.

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    Thu Apr 15 2004

    I agree she is extremely beautiful - shame about the plastic surgery that leaves her looking like a cat if the latest photos are anything to go by. Sexy husky voice. Not sure how I rate her as an actress, she's one of those actresses that is very watchable and you end up just watching her rather than her acting...jury still out, can she come up with a winning movie?

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    Sun Apr 11 2004

    Ashley Judd is where she is because of the Judds.She tries to use big words like she is some genius.I have an above average intelligence,but I ,also,have some tact.Her mother slept her way to the top.I doubt she was even sick.The only one with the talent is Wy,but bless her heart,she compares her looks to her mom's and Ashley's.Wy is the only real deal of the three.

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    Wed Apr 07 2004

    she's definitely showed her success in movies more than decades. pretty impressive compared to actresses that just come and go. still looking good in top of her age, still acting good for detective movies. certainly a lot of other actresses would look up for her

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    Wed Mar 31 2004

    One of the most annoying, egotistical actors I have ever seen. If you listen to an interview with her, you will see she honestly thinks she is smarter than any one else. I heard her make a comment on The Tonight Show once that most people in mid-America wouldn't be able to follow what she was talking about. What an ego!

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    Tue Mar 30 2004

    Flat out HOT

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    Thu Mar 25 2004

    Ashley Judd is talented and beautiful. Has great range as an actress and could easily carry a movie.

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    Thu Dec 11 2003

    She is one of our better actresses. I look forward to seeing her in future films. Talented and beautiful.

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    Tue Dec 02 2003

    One of the best actors alive. And the insanely beautiful part don't hurt either!

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    Thu Oct 30 2003

    go steal some more clothes

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    Sat Oct 18 2003

    Ashley Judd is the best actress out there. She is beautiful, smart, and always gives a great performance.

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    Mon Sep 08 2003

    classic beauty... very sweet... cute actress... wonderful in where the heart is!

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    Fri Aug 08 2003

    Her acting is OK, but who's kidding. Get naked Ashley!

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    Wed Aug 06 2003

    Ashley Judd has always been a little overrated. She isn't bad, but she isn't good either. A little inbetween. But I will agree that she is pretty.

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    Mon Jul 14 2003

    She is ok, I guess. I just think that her characters never change from movie to movie. It is like watching the same movie (different monologue) over and over.

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    Thu Jun 12 2003

    Smart, tough and vastly underrated. SHe's the girl you call when you need someone sexy but could still look like she could kick your ass. She has made a good living working in the midst of the Hollywood studio machine. I just wish she would strechherself and do a challanging role like her first triumph in Ruby in Paradise.