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    Wed Oct 14 2009

    Ape Escape is pretty fun. I ordered it for my boyfriend because he is in LOVE with it. The graphics are kind of lacking, but it's good game play =]

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    Sat Mar 28 2009

    the original Ape Escape set the standard for all that followed. Great entertainment, games, and movies are embedded. Fun, fun, fun.

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    Mon Jan 05 2009

    Ah, the year was 1999. While Sony and Nintendo were clashing, people thought that 2000 would be the end or at least the end of their computers. SpongeBob SquarePants began to reign to over kids, along with Pokemon. And some people were wondering why their Ape Escape game wouldn't work as they threw their non-Dualshock controllers down on the floor, while I was hating the game for not knowing how to play it. However, when I got it together, it became one of my favorites until its demise in 2008, when, wanting to make an ISO of my aging disc, I found it with a huge crack on it, under unknown circumstances. So, now that I've got a little of my nostalgia out, onto my review of this unique little game. GRAPHICS: Blocky, polygonal, and furthermore, colorful. In other words, it is the typical PS1 game. Nothing like a PS3's, but who cares? MUSIC: A big kudos to the people who composed to the music, because even after ten years it is still fun to listen to. Catchy, synth-like riffs... Read more

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    Mon Sep 15 2008

    Ape Escape is a very VERY fun game. I mean, how many games can you think of that let you hit monkeys WITH A LIGHTSABER? The real fun of Ape Escape comes with just how easy it is. A seasoned platform gamer can blow through the story of this game with just catching the bear minimum of monkeys in about a weekend. Going back and using all the gadgets that you get to capture tougher monkeys is where the game gets its longevity. If I had to be picky about some things in this game it would have to be the controls. While they were innovative for there time and still are innovative, it will take you a while to get used to using that second analog stick to use your gadgets and R1 to jump. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun game that isn't full of blood and gore, swearing or decapitations, etc. Ape Escape would get a 9 out of 10. And now there is no excuse not to buy it since you can get it for less than [...]bucks.

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    Thu May 31 2007

    This game was fun for my kids for a little while, but they quickly grew bored with it.

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    Tue Jan 24 2006

    one of the greatest ps1 games ever.the graphics are good but the gameplay is just so addictive.

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