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    Fri Sep 12 2008

    I grew up watching Agassi play. I always appreciated his rebellious style and his amazingly fast serves. When they told him he had to wear only white for Wimbledon, he showed up with a very cool totally embossed white shirt, you can't top this guy! When he started losing his hair, he just shaved it off, that is what a truly cool guy does, you don't want to look like Gallagher!  This guy played with more heart than anyone I have ever seen play tennis. Truly a world class person and world class tennis star.

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    Sun Jun 10 2007

    dominant but not the best of all time.....sampras dominated him in the Slams

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    Fri Jun 08 2007


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    Fri May 11 2007

    Sampras Federer Laver Borg Agassi That's how it goes.

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    Wed Mar 28 2007

    the biggest G in all of tennis.

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    Wed Jan 31 2007

    Decent player but, on balance, an overrated pretty boy wanna-be. His career spanned 20 years, so I hope he won a few tournaments. Eight in 20 years? Let's see, Borg won 11 in a six-year period before a very early retirement. Federer has won ten since 2003, and apparently is just getting started. Agassi is not even close to the best.

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    Tue Jul 11 2006

    I got to watch my first tennis game (on t.v.) when i was about 8 or 9 years old. It was a match b/w sampras and agassi. My twp uncles who are both amateur players of the game. They were rooting for (obviously) Sampras. Because for my empathy for underdogs, I took Andre's side. Even though he didn't won in that game, I saw in him a very patient and determined player. From that time onwards, i would follow all his games. And I can proudly say that in all the years of his career as a tennis player, he became amazing and admirable in all his achievements but gracious in his defeats. What's really important is how you stand up and pick up the pieces after every fall. And I really admire him for that. Now that he's finally pulling the curtains down in his glorious career, I can say that he will be forever the greatest tennis player for me-he definitely got the looks, the talents, and the atitude. He got it all...

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    Sat Mar 04 2006

    One of just a few to win all Grand Slam Tournaments - this makes him special... Neither the great Sampras nor Becker, Edberg, Lendl, McEnroe, Connors, Borg and many others ever achieved this!

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    Tue Aug 16 2005

    No matter where he plays on the globe, he has a knack for attracting wide TV ratings and ticket sales that other male tennis stars of the past five years haven't come close to matching. He's also a very solid second in terms of athletes who raise money for charitable foundations. (Lance Armstrong is first, and Tiger Woods is a very distant third.) Aside from his public appeal, he's been rewriting the rules on how many years a tennis ace can stay dominant. He is still winning tennis titles at age 35, when all of his peers have been physically and mentally ravaged by age 30 by the sport's grueling calendar years. One of the few male tennis stars who has dominated on every type of tennis surface, with the long resumé to prove it.

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    Sat Jun 18 2005

    he is one of the best.

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    Sun Jun 12 2005

    Overrated pretty boy.

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    Thu Jun 02 2005


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    Sat Mar 26 2005

    i like andre and he is a good tennis player.

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    Thu Feb 17 2005

    in my opinion a bit too inconsistant to be really under the greatest 5. on the other side: winning a carear grand slam in the modern times is extraordinary. surely a revolutioner of the game. was hitting as hard groundstrokes as nobody for. also a genius in returning unreturnable services. so: great. but bit behind the all time legends.

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    Sat Jul 31 2004

    Is Andre Agassi the best player of all time. At this point, I would have to say no. However, he is without a doubt in the top 5. You have to give Sampras the nod at #1. He has the most Grand Slams. I would place Rod Lever second, then Jimmy Conners #3. Andre is #4 followed by Borg. Andre may have less Grand Slams that Borg, but Borg never won all of them. Either did Conners, but the fact that he did win the U.S. open on all three surface does mean something. I know that there were a lot of great tennis players before 1960. However, the game of Tennis became an international sport in the 90s and 2000s that you can not compare modern tennis with the past. Everybody in the top 100 (in the mens game) can play. Something also to consider about Agassi. He has won pratically every major tennis tournament in the work. Not only all of the Slams, but he has won a record 16 Master Series tournaments, including 7 of the 9 (he has never won in Hamburg or Monte Carlo). He is also the only player eve... Read more

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    Sat Jul 03 2004

    Andre has been a super player in long and rewarding career. He possesses the most sublime groundstrokes and an excellent allcourt game. He played against champs from all generations and proved himself to be the most exciting player to watch. He was the first player I saw who hit the ball on he rise off both wings.His ability to hit th lines was uncanny. his return of serve is the best I hav seeen. andre was able to neutralise big servers so effectively and punch holes in the net-rusher's volleys. this vegas kid is truly worth a mention. He men's ircuit will sorly miss this legend when he bows out.

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    Sat Jun 05 2004

    The best play I ever saw. He had the ability to dominate all surfaces, and consider how great he would be without all the technology that is ruining the men's game. Take away the huge serves of Sampras and others, Agassi wins 15 slams. He was that talented.

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    Tue Apr 13 2004

    the greatest player of all time because he is quick fast strong and he could tire out other tennis players so my opinion the best!

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    Mon Jan 26 2004

    an excellent player. an amazin effort winning all four grand slams. truly a great player

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    Thu Oct 09 2003

    I am positive that it isn't politically correct to be rating Andre on his looks. But he is so hot, who cares how good he is at tennis? He can play tennis anyday in my hometown and you won't hear me complaining ! woo hoo !

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    Thu Oct 09 2003

    I was born and raised in Las Vegas, so I have to root for our most famous native son, who in spite of the temptations offered by early fame and wealth has turned into a gentleman and a noted philanthropist. Andre doesn't need any more glory, but I would still like to see him win Wimbledon again. He would be so filled with joy and appreciation if he could raise that trophy once more. It would be a great thing to see.

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    Wed Oct 08 2003

    Well, he is the only player in modern tennis to have won the four major title. His longevity is also something to take into account.

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    Wed Sep 24 2003

    Agassi is the LUCKIEST athlete in the history of sports. Actually, Agassi is a team, not an individual.

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    Wed May 28 2003

    Without doubt, one of the best ever, even if his numbers and stats still aren't comparable to players such as Connors or Lendl. When he first came on tour I thought that he was just a cocky 'wannabe' who was very single-dimensioned and probably wouldn't be a great player. I had never seen anyone hit the ball as hard as he did. This alone (not to mention his bleached denim shorts and long blond-bleached hair and jewelry) made him one of the more exciting players to watch. Never could I guess that by the early '90s he was THE BEST tennis player I was watching with a complete all-around game. Sampras soon became the best tennis player ever but even Sampras called Andre Agassi "his only true rival" and in my opinion -mainly because athletes become better every subsequent decade- though Laver, Ashe, McEnroe and Connors were the best in their era, they would've been no match for Sampras or Agassi. Along with Sampras, Agassi is more athletic and hit the ball much harder. Agassi's had... Read more

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    Tue May 27 2003

    a great player for several reasons although he will never be considered the greatest. History will remember him for 3 seperate decades of top level playing. Quite probably the greatest return of serve the sport has ever seen. Possibly the flattest head the sport has ever seen as well.

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    Tue May 06 2003

    Ok, he gets five stars because I like him so much. He's probably not in the top 5 or so best players (I say probably because he still might have several years left to play), but he has achieved some amazing things. The career grand slam, the #1 ranking at the age of 33. And he's just so much fun to watch. I can't believe how quickly after the bounce he hits the ball; it's like every shot is a half-volley. His longevitity is his most impressive characteristic, though. He's in the best shape of his life at age 33, and I hope he has several years left in him.

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    Fri Apr 11 2003

    Greatest and Best player and future Hall of Famer.

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    Sat Mar 15 2003

    He's a great player, but clearly not the second best of all time.

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    Mon Feb 10 2003

    Andre is one of the greatest...and could have been #1 but he faded in a few years...for reasons he alone knows/ But that is what makes the King of Sports...consistency! The reason i got here..was to ask Andre's advice on what to do/see with family (nine adults and four grandchildren). I look forward to Andre setting new standards in the game of tennis...and I wish he and Stefi the happy 50 years I have had with the same spouse.

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    Sun Jan 05 2003

    Pete is a wannabe adn Andre Agassi owns him

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    Sun Nov 03 2002

    By far the most accurate hitter of all time. Did not run much on the court because of accuracy. The best serve returner in history. Truly the most talented and exciting player to ever set foot on a tennis court.

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    Fri Jan 25 2002

    Anyone to have dorked Ms. Brooke Shields...what a legend, oh my god. And Stefi Graf now too. Two of the most incredible women. Top marks! But he brought far too many people to the bald side. And shouldnt be doing Mach3 ads. Lame.

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    Tue Dec 07 1999

    Andre Agassi just won the US Open and French Open in the same year, he;s the man!

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    Wed Nov 10 1999

    A very good player-- but come on-- he is not the best player of all time.

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    Wed Nov 10 1999

    You gotta love the hairline.

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    Tue Nov 09 1999

    Plays aggresively and entertaining

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    Sun Nov 07 1999

    Andre is by far the most enigmatic player of his generation.

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    Sat Nov 06 1999

    Seeing him play is always exciting and entertaining.

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    Thu Nov 04 1999

    My favorite and crowd favorite

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    Wed Nov 03 1999

    I've heard people say that Pete Sampras is without any worthy nemisis, I disagree. I believe Andre Agassi is more then a worthy oppenent and his win at the US Open supports that.

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    Tue Oct 26 1999

    Agassi is back in action after winning the US Open. At 29 he has many years left to play.